Windows The last song in the Void



Happy to show you the first alpha version of a horror space/ground exploration and combat game I started two month ago.
It's a huge project for me and I would like to have some new player's impressions.

Gameplay description :
Scan around the ship, find locations, explore and fight with the ship and visit asteroid surface and ennemis ship, and multiple differents locations with randomized zones and handmade zones.
Find and mine ressource to upgrade you character and ship.

Sans titre.png
screen01 (2).png

done :
you can go in the 5 "spaceship 2de wave" (scan, click to lock, and go elevator to shuttle)
you can go on certain random mining asteroid (scan click etc same but you need to craft GRIPP skill for hero to explore(find on spaceship 2de)) (astero ground random generated)
you can go inside certain ennemi ships (the little shooters) after their death (scan, click to lock, and go elevator to shuttle)
you can be "boarding" by ennemis.
and some locations to visit outside and visit a little on ground for some, work in progress!

SKILLS and weapons
Hero : double jump, DASH, grab surface,rifle, rifle shield mod, shotgun (+mod : sniper), MK rifle, 2 first microships
Ship : rifle, multiple mini missile skill (unlock at same time than missile launcher inside spaceship 2de), 2 first drones, skins

gameplay tips :
=> go first to "spaceship 2de wave 01" to unlock missiles, and the schema to craft GRIPP
be curious to scan things
use backpack : click on it (change weapon, use medics and use microchips)
when a destination is locked, right click to unlock
disable scanner, mining, ship shoots cursor : right click
use hero weapon modification : right click (example shotgun to sniper)
manual save for the moment
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