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Welcome to the GMC Jam #2 Games Topic!

Out of possible themes, YOU ARE NOT THE HERO has been chosen!


  • any GMC member is welcome to participate in GMC Jam and submit their entry
  • each entry must be made by a single GMC member or a team of up to 3 people; people outside GMC can be in the team, as long as at least one GMC member is in that team
  • each participant can make or contribute to as many entries as they want, but they can only claim rewards for one of them (unless the reward is given specifically for the entry)
  • each entry must have a single post in this Jam's games topic (opened once the Jam officially starts), and no two entries can share the same post
  • the Games topic post can be used to present the entry progress; it can also contain a devlog
  • by the time the Jam ends, each Games topic post must contain a valid link to the entry downloadable file

  • each entry must have a single, its own post in this very topic; no two entries can share the same post
  • each post in this topic must be related to a single entry; the place for discussion is the discussion thread, not the games topic
  • the entry post can be used to present the entry progress, as well as a devlog
  • you are free to use any devlog format as long as you can make it work in a forum post
  • by the time the Jam ends, the entry post must contain a valid link to entry files to qualify
  • if you find this topic is closed and you cannot edit your entry anymore, DO PANIC because it means Jamming time ended and I started wrapping up the ZIP; also, send me a message as soon as possible with a valid link to the entry

  • the entry must be an original creation made in GameMaker specifically for the Jam, within the Jam timeframe
  • the entry might use assets (graphics, audio, scripts, extensions, Marketplace resources etc.) created before the Jam, whether by team members or someone else; however, the credits should make clear where the assets come from and which were made before the Jam
  • the creators of the entry must have rights to all of the assets; unlicensed use of resources is not allowed
  • the entry must be available as a Windows executable file, exported as a stand-alone file or as a ZIP; installers are not allowed
  • the entry might be exported to other platforms as well (such as HTML5 or Android), but the Windows executable must be available

Remember, as everywhere else, general Community Guidelines apply.

Recommended format

To make things easier for both participants and Jam host, guidelines about entry post and file structure has been prepared. It's not mandatory to follow, but it's recommended, as it keeps things organised and makes wrapping up entries easier.

The template in the spoiler below is suggested for entry post. If you have your own creative idea about it, by all means go for it, but please do include:
  • the game title
  • the list of team members and a team name; or just your own username if you go solo
  • the download link, clearly labeled as "DOWNLOAD"

[center][size=7]The Best Game Title in the World[/size]
[size=5]by [b]My Username[/b][/size]                        // if the game is made by one person
[size=5]by [b]Team XYZ[/b] (Xerxes, Yeti, Zed)[/size]       // if the game is made by the team
[size=5]by [b]Xerxes[/b], [b]Yeti[/b], [b]Zed[/b][/size]                         // if the team has no official name

[img][/img]           // if you have a screenshot
<no screenshot yet>                                 // if you don't

[size=6][url=]DOWNLOAD[/url][/size]        // if you have a playable version
<no download yet>                                                   // if you don't yet
    // you might also include additional download mirror links
    // or e.g. link to the game page or topic in Made with GameMaker
    // but the download should be the first link of all

// after that, present the devlog however you like, within rules

Additionally, when you wrap up entry files to download, it is suggested that you:
  • make sure it's not an installer
  • make a folder called "Entry Title by Author", or "Entry Title by Team Name", or "Entry Title by Comma, Separated, Authors", put unpacked game file(s) directly in that folder, and ZIP the whole folder
  • make a README file with credits, especially if you used external assets; files with README in name are recognized by the application used for voting, and are easily accessible from there
  • if your README file is necessary to play the game (e.g. it includes the instructions not available in the game), call it README_PLEASE; files with both README and PLEASE in name are recognized by the application, and result in highlighting the "Readme" button; if README is not required to play the game, please use the regular README
  • if there's some additional information you need the voter to know after they play the game, but before they vote, you might make an AFTERWORD file (also recognized by the application); there you might mention cheat codes, explain the use of theme if it's not obvious or revealed at the late point in the game etc.; generally, something you would like the person after trying out the game, but before they vote
  • if you still have some time, playtest the game and send it to your little dog, too; there are few things ruining the experience more effectively than crashes!
  • make sure it's not an installer, just once again for a good measure

Once again, following these guidelines is not obligatory, but it'll be appreciated.

Now let the Jamming commence!


By Aura


You are a hero and you have saved princesses numerous times. But not anymore. You have been brainwashed by Eyesore the villain and you'll never do good things again. He persuades you into three different jobs:

  • Hystevil: You have been told to spread the evil around yourself. You have to make sure that the aura falls only onto good men and not onto the evil ones.
  • Crawlive: Roam around in dungeons, collecting gold. At the same time, you have to avoid the hypnotized monsters.
  • Fallon: Collect boxes falling from above in the Transporters by pressing the keys engraved on the boxes. Also, avoid the boxes that have been crossed-out.

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🐧 *penguin noises*
GMC Elder
Princess Simulator 2016

A game where you take on the role of a kidnapped princess. You're angry, so break as much stuff as possible before the hero comes to save you! Trigger chain reactions and break stuff without delay to keep your combo going, letting you rack up score multipliers in the hundreds!

Team members: Yal
Another Download:
A Third Download:
Nah, didn't have energy to make one.
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You have to survive in an underground portion of a research facility.
After a mishap in another lab in the facility, the facility is put into quarantine lockdown.

You and your colleagues escaped lab 31, in search of food, after being trapped there for over 2 days.
Now you're all trapped between the lab entrance and the surface access elevator.
Noone knows how long it is before the quarantine will end.

Scavange what you can, but keep a a vigilant eye on your colleagues;
After lengthy isolation relations deteriorate, and hunger can bring out the worst in people.

Features/what you can do:
Do no everything on this list is factual... I'll put an asterisk behing those that are true...
  • Play one of six characters!*
  • 15 possible endings! *
  • Depressing-survival-action where either all win, some win or noone wins! (Pun intended) *
  • Scavenge like a maniac then get jumped/killed by your colleagues!*
  • Kill your colleagues and take their $#|T!*
  • Be a generous pacifist, and win the game that way!*
  • ...Some more things I can't remember at the moment?*
  • ...Everything in-between all of the above! DISCLAIMER: This is a horrible exaggeration, over-selling the game!

Ingame instructions also available.

[A]     - Move left.
[D]     - Move right.
[W]     - Move up.
[S]     - Move down.
[E]     - Interact (Search/talk, when available).
[M]     - Mute/unmute music.
[RMB]   - (When hovering over a colleague) Action menu.
[LMB]   - Execute action (in action menu), eat/give away food (when you have food in your inventory).
Probably more than what I've encountered and fixed...


I also forgot to mention it in the ingame instructions in addition to forgetting to mention that [E] is the interact key... -__-
I'm way to tired to fix it ATM, so I guess I'll fix it in a Jam patch.

Cheers & enjoy!

All times are in UTC+01:00.

Lines of code count: 3391
Jam ends in:
0d 7h 22m 46s (Game published)
Lines of code calculated by using GMLPal

Day 1:
16:00 - Making sprites.
19:00 - Writing AI. Gonna take some time...
21:25 - Still toiling with AI. Hope I don't waste too much time on it.
00:00 - Now it's day 2! (kinda...)
01:11 - Made me some tacos! :D
02:06 - Taking a break from the AI to work on some more sprites.
03:00 - Just spent the better part of an hour creating a vending machine sprite... I need sleep... :p

Day 2:
12:45 - I woke up, took a dump, then got out of bed! :p
13:00 - After a shower and breakfast, I'm ready to continue on the game! :D
18:45 - Been making great progress. I actually hope to finish in time now! Afterthough; Next time I'll shoot for something a little less ambitious...
02:54 - Been working on miscellaneous aspects of the game. Tomorrow I'll prioritize dialog, AI and sound. Good night!

Day 3:
11:00 - Woke up, going to eat some food. For some reason I don't eat as much as usual when the Jam is on... I wonder why... :p
16:50 - Almost done with AI, soon I'll begin working on dialog.
23:40 - Hard at work with the dialog(ue [:p]); Been so for a while.
05:23 - Finally done... I am VERY SURE that in the next jam, I'll be making a MUCH SIMPLER game... This is tiring...
05:50 - I'm... I'm a' go to bed now...
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The M


A game where the heroic knight tries to rescue the fair princess from the grasp of the evil wizard.
Meanwhile you're busy looting the castle's dungeons.

~ Friday ~
~ 72 hours left ~
The good thing about knowing the theme beforehand is that you can come up with some fun concepts early and have lots of time to make something great when the jam starts. Unfortunately I'll be gone for a few hours before I can join the fun.

~ 69 hours left ~
And we are in! I know what I want to make and I might have enough time to make half of it (which means I'll actually finish a third of it). Now I won't leave this chair for more than bare minimum necessities (maybe I should set up a computer in my bathroom :)) until the jam's over.

~ 68 hours left ~
I've drawn and animated about half a sprite so far. For some reason this is taking forever and I don't like that. Worst part's the animation's not even good! :mad:

~ 67 hours left ~
I added ladders which you can teleport up and down them (and eventually climb as well). I've a knight that just stands around and a thief you can control. I've yet to add the princess and the evil wizard but they're coming later. I'm considering redrawing the characters because they're completely off scale.

~ 64 hours left ~
Should I panic? Things are actually progressing now but drawing takes so much time (I complain about this every jam, guess it's a tradition now). The princess and evil wizard are done and the player (thief) has been redrawn.

~ 63 hours left ~
Come doors, come gates! Doors are opened by hand while gates requires you to find their corresponding button. This marks most of the objects the player can interact with as done. I've got treasure chests and treasure left so I'll get to that. Then I'll implement the hero AI and the game can begin!

~ 62 hours left ~
There is loot! It's not as shiny as it'll be once I get around to add particles (sparkle, sparkle) but it's fun lock picking chests and collecting the jewels.

~ 61 hours left ~
Last update for tonight. And speaking of night, the knight has a new sprite! While he still just stands around doing absolutely nothing I've got animations for walking and running. He just needs an attack animation, death animation and staircase climbing animation and we're pretty much set. The player'll also need a death animation but since you can't die at the moment, it can wait.

Tomorrow I'll finish the level, add win/lose conditions and possibly a GUI and a dialogue system. I'll also have to add some proper backgrounds and fill the levels with decorative objects at some point. Then there're the enemies... Yeah, it'll be fun!

~ Saturday ~
~ 51 hours left ~
Time to start working. Let's get the knight moving!

~ 50 hours left ~
The knight is moving and chases the player. You can't die at the moment but I'll make that happen next. Better watch out now!

I drew a death animation but some weird bug in GMS somehow replaced it with the idle animation (this is why I hate the forced save on test running the game). Fortunately I was lucky enough that windows had decided to show an old screen when you mouse over the toolbar icon (it only does this with GMS too) which amazingly enough pictured the lost animation in the sprite editor form. So I took a screen shot and manually cut the image apart until I had recreated the sprite. Can't wait for GMS2. :p

~ 49 hours left ~
You can die and then the level restarts. I've one other way to kill the player which is if you mess with the wizard. That means another attack animation and some flashy magic's coming!

~ 47 hours left ~
You can climb ladders to change floors. The knight climbs staircases. Why you can't use the stairs I can't really say, maybe it's because it's not sneaky enough? With this you can finish the levels, I just have to add the win condition for when the knight meets the wizard. Then I'll probably spend the rest of the day polishing up the level before I continue to the next stuff.

~ 45 hours left ~
It took a few hours but now I've got dialogue working. The speech bubbles scale dynamically to fit the text and the font was made with a sprite with a sub-image for each character (I couldn't get any font to work well at that tiny size so I had to make a custom font and a custom draw_text function). It works well.

~ 43 hours left ~
I'm working on backgrounds and I've a few different versions which I'm trying to sort through in order to find the best one. Ideally I'll be able to add a lot of clutter objects like drawers and pillars and other decorative things one'd expect to find in a castle.

Also, I just did a modulo 1 test. Turns out that's surprisingly useful. :)

~ 41 hours left ~
The first stage is just about done now and the game progresses to the next room when you beat it (or crashes when it tries to, you know how it is when you haven't made the next stage yet). I want to do some more polishing to the victory screen and add some small effects before I move on to that though.

~ 39 hours left ~
I just spent two hours on the darn victory screen and it's not even that special. Most of the time I spent expanding my font with digits and manually drawing one digit of your score at a time. I'm obviously too tired for this because I had to do a whole ton of debugging to get it to work in the end.

~ 36 hours left ~
I've been pumping out effects to make the game look much more polished. It's awesome and feels much better now (maybe I should add some screen shake?). Tomorrow will be level grind, sound grind and menu grind. Then we'll see about Monday.

~ Sunday ~
~ 25 hours left ~
I've been working for a few hours already and am almost done with the second stage. It features trapdoors, magical crystals and (yet to be made) skeletons! These enemies will attack and kill the player just like the knight does but since they're enemies to the knight he will try to kill them as well so you'll want to trick him into fighting them for you.

~ 22 hours left ~
Stage 2 is done and filled with undead skeleton warrior, ready to kill anything unless it's armed. On to stage 3!

~ 19 hours left ~
Stage 3 is almost done (took almost four hours!? darn!) and once it is, I'll probably start with the next. I want to have at least five stages in the game but at the same time I'll need to make some kind of intro/menu and I definitely want to get sound and music working before I stop for today. It'll be busy, especially if the next level takes as long to make as the last one did.

~ 17 hours left ~
These posts seem to be less frequent today compared to earlier. Maybe it's a good thing that I focus more on getting things done! :p Speaking of things done; stage 4 is among them. It's neat! Onwards to glory and stage 5 and whatnot!

~ 14 hours left ~
Huzzah! The last level is done! All that remains is adding some music and sound effects, an ending, then a title screen, some extra decorations and so on. I'll probably have to sleep at some point too. Tomorrow will be intense!

~ 11 hours left ~
I've got some 25 sound effects in the game now and I need a few more before I'm set. That'll have to wait though because I'm dead tired right now. The final push will be tomorrow when I'll finish the game in more ways than one (gotta get to making that ending :)). Good night!

~ Monday~
~ 5 hours left ~
Time to get to work. I've got to finish everything in these last few hours. Didn't sleep too much but I feel rested enough to continue. :) Let's go!

~ 4 hours left ~
I've added the rest of the sound effects and have made a crude but functioning title screen. All that remains is the ending. That should be feasible in the time remaining.

~ 0 hours left ~
And here we are! All done and ready to go!
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Name: Super Space Bowls
Theme: All 3 of them!

You are a member of a multi-trillion credit galactic conglomerate specializing in deadly space drones, very cool stuff really! For team building exercises your team test these weapons on far-off space stations, full of plebs that no one will miss. The more damage you do with the limited number of drones, the better!

I'm really not bothering too much about this devlog this.
Day 1: Title, background, story/tutorial, concept, gameplay.
Day 2: Main menu, level selection screen, victory/defeat conditions, progression, more levels, new station segment.
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Mocgames998 Presents:



A platformer where you control the enemies instead of the player! =D
(Also, I'm using sprites from the YoYo Marketplace this time, don't feel like spriting right now)
Da Devlog:

Day 1:
-Start with the sprites?
-Idea for sum "variable mix."

1:50 PM:
-Some movement. (Thanks Jordan Robinson!)
-The Title
-Variable Mix Completed

2:18 PM:
-Maybe I'll use premade sprites this time; my art skills aren't exactly the best.

4:50 PM:
-I'm using "Platform Sprite Pack" by Hule Studios for the "hero" sprites, tileset, & background.
(That you don't control)
-Also, Hello Engine's Parallax once again, now with four layers from the resource above!
-More Pseudo indentations on the log.
-Working on pseudo a.i. system based on markers, is pretty much working.
-Maybe I'll post a screenie of my current progress on one of the next devlog updates.

6:05 PM:
-Camera Pan with the mouse + release it to have it refocus on the "hero" you don't control.
-Marker Based AI working.
-"Hero's" sprite changes working.
-Trying to maintain a proper speed for camera usage.
9:26 PM:
-"Hero" will try to jump over enemies.
-I somewhat promised a screenie, so...

Day 2:
-I have a college open house to go to, so there may be less time to work saturday, but I'll still have time.

1:45 PM:
-Okay, got some time to continue working on this thing.

3:10 PM:
-The "Hero" is now affected by the height of an enemy when jumping, and can get hit now.
-Also, The "Hero" and enemies all utilize much of the same coding, btw.
-Also, now using enemy sprites from Crateboy, from "Grab Bag 1".

3:32 PM:
-Now, there's TWO enemies. One of them moonwalks, I guess.

7:20 PM: (?)
-Proper camera switching between objects, I guess.

Day 3:
2:46 PM:
-New Graphics from the "Art Asset Pack" by Isiph Kemban.
-Incompetech music because I don't have much time to make music this time.
-Hold the shift key to increase the camera screen when panning + quickly focus on center object.
-Second level pretty much done.
-Next, time to work on the HUD, hp system, a few more levels, etc. by tomorrow morning!

6:45 PM:
-Wether™ Effects (Now shown at top image)
-First Snow Level
-Tutorial Completed

11:22 PM:
-Kinda Ran out of time?
-First "Castle" Level
-Health Meter (Sorta)
-Turretz ®
-Title Screen
- Some SounDef X ©®™
- Stompable Ghost
-All that's left is the ReadMe File and I'm good to go, I guess.


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Definitely Not the Hero: the Game
By Alice and Mercerenies


(Since we just used our own local timezones last Jam and it worked out okay, I figure we can just do the devlog entries in our local timezone again. So [M] entries are in central time and [A] entries are in <I_FORGET_WHERE_ALICE_IS_FROM> time)

Day 1:
[M] 11:47 AM - We've got a decent game idea going. Alice is working on the interface; I'm working on a world map right now. The game is about a bunch of society's heroes persecuting an innocent woman who is accused of being a witch. She's definitely not the hero, because everyone keeps calling her a witch, even though she is the closest thing this story is going to have to a lawful good.

[M] 1:00 PM - Alice has a pretty neat dialogue system coming along. Also, I have a basic idea of what the map of the game should look like. I probably won't post it just yet in case some things change. But there will be five possible court trials to run through, with two of them being strictly required, as well as four side quests (which improve your standing in court if you complete them). The goal is to win all the trials. In each trial, you're being accused of being a witch by someone, and you have to convince the judge that you're not.

[M] 6:20 PM - The story is fairly fleshed out. As I said before, there will be five trials and four quests. The first quest, as well as the first and final trial, are required. If you lose a trial (other than the last one), you lose the game. If you lose the last trial, you get the "bad ending" to the game (which is about like losing the game). There will be at least four endings: a bad one (you lose the trial and are locked up), an okay one (you lose the trial but manage to get exiled instead of imprisoned), a good one (you win the trial), and a perfect one (you win the trial and completed all of the quests in the game).

[M] 9:02 PM - Got all the world nodes linked up. Now I'm working on the inventory system.

[M] 9:53 PM - The two things I learned just now: (1) "Donut" is not spelled "Donus" (2) The computer works better when you spell things right.

[M] 9:57 PM - I have the best graphics. Nobody can dare question my graphics, for they are the best... at everything.

[M] 11:18 PM - I'm done for the night. Alice will be back in several hours to keep working. But dialogue is running, the map is navigable, and there is a working inventory system now.

Day 2:
[M] 12:16 PM - It occurs to me that I haven't said anything here yet. We're both awake and working on the game. Alice is upgrading the inventory system I started on last night, and I'm designing a few of the simpler quests (the ones that don't depend on the inventory system).

[M] 1:13 PM - Hm... that's odd... that smiley face is moving...

[M] 1:13 PM (addendum) - In other news, the first sidequest (well, chronologically, the third sidequest) is now done.

[M] 3:33 PM - Two quests down. Two more to go.

[M] 6:24 PM - All of the quests are done, including the restriction that you can't leave the entrance area until you've done the required first quest. The other quests are entirely nonlinear and optional. In fact, one thing to note about this game is that immediately after doing the beginner quest, you could choose to go confront the final boss. It's a bad idea, and you'll objectively lose, but you could do so.

[M] 10:17 PM - "I'll have you know, my evil magic is completely kosher!" Ah, coding in silly responses is fun. Protip, if an answer choice sounds incredibly stupid, don't pick it.

[M] 11:15 PM - First confrontation is done. Alice and I decided that the trial system should be a little less formal. The initial four "trials" are really just going to be you and the bad guy yelling at each other in the middle of a street. Only the final one will take place in the courtroom. And I really like the chain of events that Alice has planned out for the courtroom scene. I think you all will too.

[M] 11:19 PM - Ah, questing.

[M] 11:19 PM (addendum) - You know, I still want to write [img=blahblahblah ] instead of the normal img tags since the old GMC did it the weird way.

[M] 12:01 AM - And with that I'm done for the night. I was really hoping to get the priest's confrontation done tonight, but I'm just too exhausted to think straight. So I'm heading to bed.

[A] 2:05 AM - The last 24 hours begin, and I've just done the dialogue portaits. Also, just remembered the devlog exists, too.

[M] 9:19 PM - All the plot is done. But we're feeling the pressure on the graphics.

[M] 9:47 PM - Well, Alice is in bed and I've done all I can do. I can't make graphics like she can, and all the content stuff is done. It's all up to you now, Alice.
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predictably random
Forum Staff
A Spider's Tale
(demo version only)​

(mediafire zip file, about 4 MB)

This will eventually be an exploration-puzzle game, in the style of Limbo. At least the artwork and general atmosphere.

For now, it's a short 3-level demo showing some of the character movement mechanics, art and animation, and some puzzle mechanics. Not much gameplay yet, I'm afraid.

********************* LOG **********************
Friday PM:
No particular good ideas...

But I'm thinking about a game like Limbo. And in keeping with the theme, you'd play from the spider's point-of-view, instead of the hero.

As of Saturday 9 PM GMT:
I've been playing around with my spider animation (and box2D physics, of course). Having lots of fun with my "alternative Limbo-esque" game, where you play as the spider (not the hero).

The animations and physics effects are coming along nicely. Unfortunately, it doesn't have much gameplay... OK, it doesn't have any gameplay. Just walking around. So this might be another "tech demo".

(Full-size is 900 x 500)

Monday morning 2 AM GMT
No time to finish a proper game. The demo shows the basic mechanics and animations, and a few gameplay challenges. It's far from finished, but I hate to just drop out without anything to show. So this is something. I hope people will find it interesting, at least.

Here's a GIF of the entry screen:
700 KB
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Get ready for:

Yellow Ominous Ugly Amorphous Raged Elder Nasty Orcs Taunting Tiny Hackers Easily by Humming Emotional Relaxing Operas

Hey, don't leave yet! I even have a story!

Once upon a time, Orcs were divided into two kingdoms. They leaved there peacefully, until they started a war. A group of dataminers found out that they could stop the war peacefully by inserting wall numbers into the game. The objective is to block the maximum number of projectiles possible putting wall numbers like in a TD game in order to prevent one of the kingdoms winning the war. You are not the hero. Just a dirty hacker

Hey, there's even more! Look inside the spoiler!

Well, I've made some "art". Here's an amorphous orc.

His eyes are bleeding. Yours should too.

Do you want to see the most cruel battle ever? Here you have it!

Do you want to see a devlog?

Then make it yourself. :)
Where's my worst devlog prize?

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The forum's immigrant

- I have no idea what I am going to do. Ill just take a walk and think what to do.
- I finally came up with an idea that is not stolen from someone else and took an hour to draw the banner. Now it is time to work on my entry!
- I changed my mind! I decided to do something else now!
- This is NOT classic pokemon movement mechanism here:

- Procrastinating...

- I will name my entry "Go! Go! Tsuki-chan!: Lunar Eclipse" ... NO! It is not Tsuka! It's Tsuki!
- You guys made me sleepy! Forget all this, I'm going to bed. No no, Im going to bed. Leave me alone!...

DAY 2:
- I woke up.
- This is NOT Pokemon! I swear! Believe me!

Still not pokemon and will never be...

- I swear! That is NOT Tsuka! Her name is Tsuki! Tsuki I tell you!

- Working on cutscenes tonight. Nothing big, really.
- I will finish cutscenes tomorrow along with level advancing system too. Im off to bed.

DAY 3:
- I tried taking a photo of a lemur in my dream but it came out blurry. Oh well... jamming time!
- Finished some scenes and a dialogue box for the game. Lookimg pretty.
- I got abducted by my parents again.
- I am at work and I get out at midnight. I wont be able to work on my entry until midnight so I guess ill be finishing my game till dawn.
- I gathered some music and sounds for the game with my phone. This should help.
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The Best Game in the World! (Maybe not)
by Tango

Download (Mediafire)

Day 1
10:20 - Woke up, just organizing the stuff...
11:40 - Break to go to school, studying is more important than games, you know kids.
18:00 - Got back to work
18:30 - Finished pick some songs to the game
20:00 - Finished half of the main menu
24:00 - Gotta sleep geez

Day 2
08:00 - Woke up
10:00 - Began think some plot while finishing the menu
18:00 - Finished the menu (Believe me, it was the hardest part.)
20:00 - Tried to do something but it don't worked

Day 3:
08:00 - Haha I gonna die c=
10:00 - Gotta go some place
13:00 - Holy Mackerel I need finish this
16:00 - Finished the first level
17:00 - Noticed how make this game was a mistake
17:30 - Crying
17:45 - Got better
18:00 - Finished all the stuff I had to and tested
18:10 - Made the executable
18:15 - Uploaded it to mediafire
18:20 - It wasn't what I supposed to be but it's okay
18:30 - Thinking in make a full, better version another time
21:00 - Since I'll not be awake the time the jam is finished I'll upload it right now.

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Player 2 START!
by GhostlyFeline


Dev Log
8:30 AM - A half hour in, and I have my basic concept. It's going to be a platform game where the level has already been cleared. There's gonna be enemies lying on the ground, a bunch of empty treasure boxes, and bosses that have already been defeated.

10:30 AM - Got basic platform movement working. Also added in a wall jump and a dash attack, because why not? Also have started a basic enemy template.

10:45 AM - And dashing into enemies works. Cool!

11:30 AM - Loot boxes too. I'm gonna go make lunch, and then come up with some boss ideas.

1:00 PM - Coming up with boss ideas and stuff. Think I've got some pretty good ones.
2:00 PM - Got a boss dude up and running.

3:15 PM - Think I've got everything I need for the boss fight itself working. Just need to make some dialogue systems.
4:30 PM - Dialogue is working.

5:15 PM - Made some adjustments to the boss. I think it's time for a break. I'll continue in a few hours.
7:45 PM - On second thought, gonna just chill for the rest of the night. Maybe do some art if I feel like it.
11:45 AM - Had a lot of stuff to do this morning, so I got kind of a late start. My plan for today is to do some art and build the first level.
12:30 PM - Can't decide what I want the player character to look like.
1:45 PM - Started building the first level so I don't waste time figuring out the player character.
6:00 AM - Got up early this morning. Didn't get nearly enough stuff done yesterday, so I'm way behind schedule. Gonna be having a late night tonight.
8:15 AM - Level 2 is halfway built. Think I'm probably gonna end up with 3 levels total. Also came to the realization that I haven't started music or sound yet. I'm probably gonna be cutting it real close to the deadline.
9:00 AM - Level 2 is basically done, I just need to make the boss. Gonna take a break to eat some food.
9:30 AM - Obligatory cute ghosts.

10:15 AM - Level 2 complete.
1:00 PM - Tiles and stuff

3:30 PM - Did some touch-ups on level 2, and got distracted by how fun it is to go fast.

6:30 PM - Just got back from dinner. Time to make level 3.
8:00 PM - Halfway done with level 3.
8:30 PM - ...And done with level 3. Next up, the ending.
9:30 PM - This ending is going to be high quality, I can tell.
10:15 PM - Ending is ready to go. Time for music.
1:00 AM - Music and sound effects are in. Next is the main menu.
2:45 AM - I'm calling it done. Anything else I want to add will happen in the post-jam build, should I choose to make one. It's been a fun jam, and I feel like my game is pretty good.
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Unruly Mind Entertainment first ever game jam!! :) our entry goes here

The team: Makas, Connie and Carlos

Process: we started very late this jam, one day later, but we are a team!! after 3 hours of sketching and proposals, we are ready to begin :D our first game jam ever

Name: Mr. Evils in your neighborhood

Download Link:
Description: this 3 evils guys decided to retire, but when the neighbors started to throw trash at them the decided is time to not be the hero!

Notes: There were a lot of things that we wanted to add and there wasnt enough time, we wanted several levels, bosses, more powers and villians but it was impossible, so at the end I just did an standard mode to get as much points as possible, it was amazingly fun to be part of our first evet game jam!!
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The game can be accessed here:

28/10/2016, 22:53: Finished the main themes for this game. Here is one:

29/10/2016, 9h50: Woke up to see people have been using my chatroom <3

30/10/2016, 10:56: Things are starting to take form

30/10/2016 21:30
Got a few hours left. I drew a few new characters.

31/10/2016, 00:59
State of the game right now: EVERYTHING IS AT 0 PERCENT. Hopefully I will be finished tomorrow.

31/10/2016 09:37: Chapter 1 is now complete! Please play it.

Note: yes I actually plan on making one game per week.
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by zircher

Day 1:
Jammin' to the 80's []
0700 overslept
0800 worked on character scripts
0900 designing characters
1000 breakfast and visiting the library [distraction free zone]
1100 image manipulation for the Humans (four pilots)

1200 designing the aliens
1300 image manipulation for the Aliens (four bosses)

1400 space fighter construction
1500 rendering multiple angles
1600 built a capital ship
1700 modelling rocks and picking through fonts
1800 break for chores and dinner
2100 Well that took longer that I wanted
2200 Did a data backup and transfer. You all are backing up your work, right?
2300 Title screen and menu selection
2400 Sleep!
Day 2:
0900 Life is good, bacon and maple doughnuts for the start
1000 Getting ducks aligned, transferring data, browsing music
1100 Revamped the title screen to allow more animation and address resolution issues
1200 Working on the dialogue system
1300 Dialogue engine and game controller coming along nicely
1400 Had to update transparent colors. Lunch break.
1500 Added missiles and special effects
1600 Debugged missiles and special effects :)
1700 Added smoke and additional dialogue (I have a lot of dialogue and scripted events)
1800 Woot, intro complete! (Todd, where's the game? I'm getting there. I have a script.)
1900 Made it to the actual game play. First wave!
2000 Added more audio and enemy types.
2100 Break time.
2200 Back up and data transfer time. Because stuff happens.
2300 Adding shield and health systems and SFX for it
2400 Adding detail to the first mini-game.
0100 Creating weapons and basic AI for the first mini-game.
0200 Made an enemy kruiser (first boss)
0300 Completed most of the first boss battle, some tweaking needed.
1100 Ugh, got eight hours of sleep whether I wanted it or not, picked up a cold. Crap.
1200 Repaired a vacuum cleaner.
1300 Cringe every time my wife interrupts me. [today is not looking to be productive]
1800 Chores done, domestic bliss restored, let's get coding (or was that codine?)
1900 Added a new swarmer for Kaptain Klurg (he needed the firepower)
2000 Completed new combat interactions
2100 Figured out how to add a new character (not scripted, special event)
2200 First end-game script written and coded.
2300 Realized that I need to take off all three days and not go home.
2400 She's still at it. [groan]
0100 Time to ignore people. :)
0200 Added asteroids (because space is rotten with them.)
0300 Working on collision and mini game mechanics.
0400 Added a new game mode
0500 Great into a problem with a NAN bug that creates 'invisible' instances.
0600 Working on the final battle.
0637 Ding! Done and working on the upload.
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You are not the hero (literally)
by Bingdom



Day 1: Really late, meh.
11PM Event Started, Started to work on character and ground sprites, working on animation.
1AM Got textboxes to work.
3AM More controls to the player, and more animations. NPC knockback and polishing.
12PM Fixed animation issues. Implemented hit messages.
4PM Completed Intro.
5PM Partially implemented score system.
8PM Added 2nd NPC, Combat mechanics.
9PM Worked more on the score system, added hp bar.
11PM Added deathscreen to restart game.

Day 2:
12AM Added new NPC

12PM Sound effects

2PM Worked on extra effects
3PM Worked on tank sprite
4PM Tank animation, ai and sound effects
5PM Sound effect adjustments, balancing, adjusting and testing

7PM Worked on new enemy Helicopter, changing game mechanics

11PM Made the game fullscreen

Day 3:
12AM Made game icon, Made splash screen

Will not have time on Monday, so I would like to submit now. :)
I wonder who will be the first to get to the helicopter?

Game Description:
A challenging beat-em-up game. Get points by killing people, get combos when enemies bounce off each other. Currently there are 5 enemies in the game. Civilian, Cop, Militarian, Tank and Helicopter.

You unlock harder enemies by getting higher points.
Unlock Cop when you kill 5 Civilians
Unlock Militarian when you score more than 10,000 points
Unlock Tank at 30,000 points.
Unlock Helicopter at 100,000 points.

The harder the enemy, the more points you get when you kill them. Combos increase the amount of points you get. 1 Star gives you x2, 2 Stars give you 3x, etc.

Arrow keys for movement
Ctrl for attack

Good Luck! :D
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By Miner7365

d016266edf124872470d7a5568b3a6ba.png By Miner7365.7z?dl=0

Log de da dev

Day 1
1. (2:45) So, i just got back from something and got myself up to speed with everything, so i'm ready to jam, i'm going to start off making the basic A.I. of the enemys.
2. (3:40) Welp, i ended up just setting up the room settings, a shader and i'm now setting up a certain surface, i'll just continue working on that for now.
3. (4:54) Welp, i just experienced shader hell, i'm gonna go back in, wish me luck.
4. (6:53) Idk really know what to say here without writing a 5 page long essay on what i did, so nothing really to say.
5. (7:50) Finally got some progress done, i finished the flashlight system and i'm gonna start on the A.I. for the enemy soon.

Day 2
1. (10:27) There be a monster in these woods (Image on top).
2. (1:21) So, i fixed a graphical bug and i'm now working on the title and game over screen.
3. (1:42) Got the Title and Game Over screen finished, i'm updating the Title now.
4. (4:09) Got the game over mechanic and screen down, gonna implement sounds now and then do some other things.
5. (4:32) Got all the sounds I currently have implemented.
6. (6:00) Now i'm working on the "paper" system, can't really say anything else but that.
7. (8:36) Can't really say i have done anything that productive, i'm just working on various papers... and not the school ones.

Day 3
1. (2:01) Just started working on the game again, i'm working on getting the locked door system working, along with working on polishing up/bugfixing some things.
2. (3:22) Welp, now i have 2 major bugs to get fixed and i need to do it fast, that is just great.
3. (7:01) I CAN'T ESCAPE, HEL!@#$!#!@#$
3. (7:01) Anyways, sorry about not updating this, i basically forgot it existed, i basically have just bug fixed, implemented a bunch of sprites, and now i'm working on HELP ME, THE CODE IS 342 getting the game finished up.
4. (7:06) I was just looking at the dev note, and for some reason, there is this weird... gap? so to say on the last note, i can't fix it, so i guess it is staying that way.
5. (9:06) THE, GAME, IS, OFFICALLY, DONE, i just need to bug fix, god, this is a jam to remember.
6. (9:53) I'm finally done, i'm uploading it right now, this jam was a blast, and i hope you enjoy purgatory.​
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Dungeon Floor Keeper
by McWolke

You are the Keeper of a Floor in a Dungeon, a Hero comes into your Dungeon to Collect your Treasure, the mighty Jam Jar! Upgrade your Dungeon to keep the Hero away from your precious Jar.

Devlog Day 1:
  • Created some Graphics​
  • Made all necessary Rooms​
  • Implemented the Main Menu​
  • Implemented the Hero and some GUI stuff​
  • Implemented the first Defense Weapon: The Arrow. much creative.​
  • Added some Upgrades​
  • Some Eyecandy Added (Halloween Lanterns wooohoo)​
  • BGM Added​
Devlog Day 2:
  • Added new Defense Weapon: The Spikes!
  • Adjusted Prices and removed Max Level
  • Implemented Time
  • Some new Graphics for the UI
  • new Room (Result Screen)
  • Made some new Soundeffects with my Keys, a Knife and a Fork.
  • Added new Defense Weapon: Poison (DoT)
  • Game is now kinda finished, but needs some polish
  • Made a new Sprite for the Hero
  • New Tiles for the Result Screen
  • Added Round/Try Counter at Result Screen
  • Added "Win" Screen
  • Game is finished now, compiling and uploading now
  • Download is ready!
Devlog Day 3:
  • None, Game is finished, gonna do some stuff for college :<
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YYG Staff
Dime Slime: Delux!
by Nux, Nux_ &Nuckles

Ever thought about all those low-level slimes you kill do get money from, or just for fun? Well, now you play as one! You're no longer the hero. You're the slime. Avoid being liquefied by the adventurer while making your way across the landscape.

OLD DOWNLOAD (old version don't use)


(British Standard Time)
Dawn of the first day (not really, i'm late):
22:25 - nothing, dangit
22:49 - movement, no collisions:
23:07 - view movement:
23:29 - collisions:
23:40 - randomised slime colours
23:58 - hopp hopp hopp:
00:00 - sleep

Dawn of the second day (48 hours remain):
07:00 - probably still asleep
10:18 - woke up, slime squishy:
11:40 - jumping:
12:33 - FORGOT I MADE TEA (AAA) also, did some sprites:
14:06 - added dumb AI:
14:21 - pixelated screen when hit by the "hero":
16:03 - title screen:
16:31 - Game over screen:
16:50 - popping slim:
21:24 - I went and watched CA: Civil war, i'm back. Suddenly, a title screen! (woah!):

Dawn of the final day:
13:47 - "finished" the game, lost motivation to finish it completely before the jam, kinda stressing about college and such. so you can download the final version now
23:40 - Made the delux version, which is basically the completed game as I had planned, I FINALLY GOT MOTIVATED AGAIN! Stress sure is a weird emotion.

Note: Okay, I know I said I wasn't gonna try, but I have sudden motivation to, so I'll go for it!
Note#2: I lost motivation half way through, so I chose to just "finish" it with things left out. I'm not really proud of the result; Kinda upset.
Note#3: finished
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Zerb Games


By: Zerb Games


WARNING: This is not a final version, I am posting this quite early... I have school tomorrow!

In FYSTC, you have the ability to warp time. When you warp time, some things rewind, some things become static, other things change as if time were still moving forward There's no one result of rewinding time.

The landscape you play in is incredibly colorful, but at the same time very hostile. Turrets keep you moving at all times. It's a challenge for any hardcore gamer. Once you master the mechanics it's an incredible feeling. What makes this game great is the accomplishment you get when winning, despite overwhelming odds.

Make sure you explore the mechanics, figure out what they truly do. There's never just one way the world changes.

The story is quite neat as well!

I learned to focus on the mechanic that makes my game fun, and to build gameplay around that mechanic. While I didn't do this to the extent that I wish I had, I still would say a fair bit of gameplay is influenced by my main mechanic.

"A good idea is something that does not solve just one single problem, but rather can solve multiple problems at once"
-Shingeru Miyamoto

I really enjoyed this quote, and tried to keep it in my mind while making this. While there wasn't necessarily direct "problems," it did help with the problem in terms of game play. Trying to push a player to play the game as you intended is a difficult thing for any game designer. So making a single action manipulate multiple mechanics was a great way to try to get the player to play how I intended.

Making a world full of detail is f***ing sweet.

12:00 PM:
-Concepts baby!

12:30 PM:
-Movement system done! Shooting done! Adding my main mechanics system.

1:30 PM:
-Got all the sprites done, going with a 10 bit color palette.

2:30 PM:
-Working on all the different weapons and balancing them.

4:30 PM:
-Adding AI for the enemies.

5:30 PM:
-Particles, and polish. No sounds or anything yet!

6:30 PM:
-Turrets. Done with the art style I think!

7:00 PM:
-Break time.

10:30 PM:
-Started work on the sounds!

3:30 AM:
-Polished the hell out of it.
-Finished half of the levels.
-More player friendly, flashing arrows, text that says your low on health and ammo, etc.
-Added an intro.
-50% Added a soundtrack.
-Added a few of the sounds needed. Will be going outside D: tomorrow to capture sounds possibly. We'll see.
11:30 AM:
-Getting some play testers! Tweaking, and bug fixing.

12:30 PM:
-Finishing up noises, added some text to the tutorials.

3:00 PM:

5:00 PM:
-Finished adding an intro, and title screen.
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by NicoDT



What is "the priest"?
It's a short JRPG where you control the priest (duh). You need to aid the hero so he can beat the Dark Knight.

basic drawings
text system (very simple)
battle system (incomplete)

Finished the battle
Finished 5 possible endings

Fixed some bugs
Added sounds and music
Polished some graphics (not much though)
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Doom the GameJam
by sylvain_l

Player is a computer virus with an important mission given to him by the Bytegod, ensure that none of those awful games in creation around the Internet never reach the GMC jam server !

^^ and it mostly worked, at least on me XD ^^!sQEnEQiY!Z83fuvqPz-14d_MocndiqCtMzmNLDvf4tNSqOktH3uU

** not playable, just put my entry for the record. **

Sans-titre-5.png Sans-titre-4.png

How to take the full evening just to found THE idea for my gamejam entry.

~17h back to home.The theme is tada, yep you are not the hero. must be easy to find an idea.
well I posted that suggestion theme "burn da babies" - na too awful X_X
well it's halloween

witch, broom, a side scroller ^^
pumpkin, match 3
oh why not something with candy ... candy? what can be bad with candy.
tooth decay.
. what the hell I'm doing?!

...zombies, na...
zombies tower defense :/
zombi rts. - na

19h fu***ng zombies ! need to change my mind, let's play teeworlds 5min.

1h later: oops time to stop playing
*pause to eat something*
21h some rpg ? team skeleton with a ghoul, and some other dead thing,
or a simple rogue like
what was that game where you are a virus that evolve to doom the earth.
- tada 1h lost on steam -
Plague Inc.
a virus, why not, but which mecanic ???

23h no let's think of something else, some kind of a hacking game...
virus,+ hacking = computer virus ^^
well if player is the bad virus, who's the good guy ??
it's a game jam, the good guy MUST be a game or something to do with game !

ok I have something, let's dig it.

0h15 Well at least I have the most important thing ! the title of my game :D

^^ a 45min to look at GM forum and write my dev log Oo'
time to sleep
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Frank's in a bad mood. He ain't nobody's hero. He'll take all the candy to prove it.
>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

(GIFs in spoilers)

Session 1 (1st 24 hour period)
Work time: 1:00pm - 6:00pm, 10:00pm - 1:00am (8 hours)

So I got this idea:
Frank is trying to take all the Halloween candy, leaving little to none for the kids. Your goal is to take more candy than the kids can get.
The game is loosely inspired by the old Atari game "Kaboom".

I had the Frankenstein sprite, and since it's Halloween time, I decided to use it. I created a basic floor sprite and object and made it non-visible. The actual floor graphic is a repeated 16x16 background. I made a 64x64 bush background image and repeated it behind the ground. I got the Frank character (player) movement working. I added movement to the backgrounds through Frank's movement code to create the parallax backgrounds.
The sky looked really empty so I found the moon sprite from a previous game and plugged it in. Still kinda empty, so I created 100 randomly placed stars.
I made the candy sprite and object and a car battery sprite and object. Added timers to these to have them drop from the sky from random X positions within the room. The car battery's random starting X position is always within 128 pixels of Franks current X position. The battery is heavy and can daze Frank momentarily (not coded yet). The battery will have a few other functions, as well.
Also, added X movement to falling items to match the ground X movement (parallax).

I created a kid idle sprite and 4-frame run animation, then made the kid object. The kid object randomly chooses which side of the screen to start from and dashes to the other side. There's a few more things I did, I'm sure, but I can't think of them.

Still need to code collecting candy for both Frank and Kids. Need to figure out how to balance random creation of items with a growing difficulty level. I'm too tired to think clearly about it, so I'm calling it a night and writing this devlog.

I have all day (mostly) tomorrow, so I hope to get it very close to a finished state by the end of tomorrow. We shall see...


Session 2 (2nd 24 hour period)
Work time: 10:00am - 3:00pm (5 hours)

Added the ability to collect candy for both the kids and Frank.
Added particle effects to car battery.
Changed fall mechanics of battery to allow for bonking Frank on the head.
Added the zap mechanic to Frank when he touches the battery, including sprite work.
Added speed boost to Frank from interaction with battery, including sprite work (glow). (Need to change the way this works a bit.)
Tweaked the movement speeds a bit.
Added some GUI elements.
Cleaned/changed/optimized code in a few various places.

Much left to do.
Next up: Change the Battery mechanics a bit, adding in a charge meter for Frank's speed boost.

The battery is a time bomb and will explode if left unattended. When Frank gets close, but not touching, the battery, his speed boost duration will charge up, draining the battery. If the battery still has power when it's time of life is up, it explodes and zaps Frank. If Frank touches it, it explodes and zaps Frank. After Frank depletes the power from the battery by charging his speed boost, it will disappear.

After that: Add the 'Fart Mechanic'. :D


Session 3 (2nd 24 hour period)
Work time: 4:00am - 1:00pm (9 hours)

So I got those battery mechanics working properly. Probably not quite balanced but what the hay.
Also, yes, I added the fart mechanic. Now you can fart in the opposite direction that you're facing. When a kid runs into a fart, he'll stop collecting candy and run away from Frank. (Still need to code the 'not collect any more candy' bit.)
I randomized the candy drops. Now they drop in random intervals with random fall speeds.
Added level advancing and added difficulty per level. Every 20 candies Frank collects, the level goes up.
I fixed the speed boost mechanic. Now the battery charges your speed boost duration.
Added GUI elements: Speed Boost Meter, Lives, and Fart Beans.
Added random Fart Bean drops. You can't fart without a Fart Bean.
Added level difficulty to kids. As the levels progress, the delay between kid creation becomes shorter.
May have done more, but can't think of any more.

It's really late, and I have work in the morning. Luckily, it's only a 4 hour shift. Then back to coding! (If I can stay awake. I actually nodded off for a couple minutes working on this game tonight. lol)

Need to add sounds and music tomorrow. Intro and menu if time. I need to implement 'lives' or get rid of them - not sure what to do about that.

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Another Castle
by Siolfor the Jackal


Download here

Dawn of
The First Day
-72 Hours Remain-

70 Hours Remain
Thought of an idea,
This one is the best I have,
Let's hope it works out.
62 Hours Remain
A.I. is hard work,
Should have made something simple,
Moderate success.
56 Hours Remain
Unsuccessful sleep,
Five hours is not enough,
Game jam weariness.
53 Hours Remain
I have no art style,
All things are coloured boxes,
An absence of skill.

Dawn of
The Second Day
-48 Hours Remain-

48 Hours Remain
Deadlines are stressful,
Mario Kart and food help,
Take care of yourself.
45 Hours Remain
Collisions are hard,
Z-axis is new for me,
I will keep trying.
43 Hours Remain
A solution found,
Simplicity is the key
Overthinking it.
40 Hours Remain
Some backgrounds are made,
Not great, but will do for now,
Time to sleep again.
33 Hours Remain
Waking up was hard,
I can sleep when it's over,
There's no time to waste.
27 Hours Remain
Backgrounds are improved,
Taking a break for dinner,
Energy restored.

Dawn of
The Final Day
-24 Hours Remain-

24 Hours Remain
Not much time is left,
But progress is being made,
Nearing completion.
20 Hours Remain
Oh no, a problem,
This code was written poorly,
Need to rewrite it.
18 Hours Remain
Three levels is enough,
Puzzles are hard to design,
I need more practice.
14 Hours Remain
Almost out of steam,
Lack of sprites is an issue,
Don't know what to do.
12 Hours Remain
No sleeping today,
There is still more to be done,
9 Hours Remain
Hard to concentrate,
Sprites are among the last things,
Keep myself awake.
5 Hours Remain
Sounds are not working,
Had to restores a backup,
Feeling lucky.
3 Hours Remain
It is almost done,
I should tidy some things up,
Presentation, yo.
2 Hours Remain
I have compiled,
Hoping you liked my haikus,
It is now complete.
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Super! Mummy Bat Batty Bash

Behold! A screeeeeeeenshot:



Use the 'arrow keys' to move
Press 'X' to slash.
Press 'Q' to quit.
You may also use '-' and '+' to change the game's resolution.

Destroy the buildings to win. Watch out for them sad, angry pumpkins!
All your houses are blown up... to us! ... yeah! (let's say that works)
I got an unexpected hour of free time, so I used this time to settle on my game idea and the base mechanics. I even got a little pseudo code written down.

On top of that, I made some graphics. You deserve to observe (I randomly wanted a rhyme):
You are looking at a bodiless mummy riding his batty bat buddy friend.
I know you always wondered what this would look like. You're welcome.​
Oh.... uhhh, I had 20 minutes on this day to do something after I got home from work, so I just decided to sleep a little longer to be better prepared for the following day.
-entry 1-
About 15 hours left and this is where I really start my game. It'll have to do.

-entry 2-
6 hours left and I'm only at the point shown in the video (above). :(
But hey, you know I only did this in under a day though, yeah? So there's that at least. I just wish I had the full time like other people. I'm legit bummed at my worklife blocking me with making games, but I gotta pay the bills. ENOUGH SADNESS. Back to work I go.

-entry 3-
A little under 5 hours left. I uploaded and posted an 'incomplete demo', just in case my internet fails me. I did this because I had a little scare where it went out for a few minutes. Better safe than sorry. I mean, sure, it's a lame demo atm, but it's better to have this than nothing... yes? Maybe?

-entry 4-
Okay, I have a little under 3 hours. I have an idea to add something to make this acceptable. I'm crazy for trying this..

-entry 5-
1 hour left! Just adding in the lose and win screens. I hope that's all that is left...??

-final entry-
DONE! With 15 minutes left to spare..... whooo.... cut it pretty close.
But hey, I got in all the sound effects I needed, the game has a way to win and lose, and I even got some "juice" in there (explooooosions!), though it's not very polished.
The thing I'm mostly sad about is that I couldn't get some music added. But hey, c'mon, not bad for someone who's still very new to gam jams, and who had what was essentially a single day to make a game.
At least, I'm happy, considering all the stuff. It's okay if you're not impressed. Honestly, it's probably not a big deal to anyone except me, lol. I'm pretty happy right now. :D


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Mutiny of Zorex
by Aviox, Dijaguy

A game about helping the hero navigate the world with cleverly placed coin trails and enemies.

I am Zorex, First Mate and overseer to Captain Crossbone's pirate fleet.
With the Captain in command, she is a stagnant fleet no Hero can conquer! It is time for that to change!
With my help, even the most unpromising hero can conquer our ships, eventually gaining enough glory to defeat Crossbone, so I can take charge! With me in charge, our fleet will lift anchor to explore and dominate the seas once again!

Help the hero get to the ship's flag! Place items to guide him and earn more money, Then spend hard-earned cash on buying more place-ables!

Use coins - lure the hero to jump! (+1 silver)
Use Skeletons - to jump off of for extra height! (+3 silver)
Use Magic Blocks - to create new platforms! (+0 silver)

Left Click - place item (buy item in store)
Right Click - remove item
Scroll - change item

Space - start level
R - restart level
W,A,S,D - pan camera


Why are all of Mario's levels so "beat-able"?

Is Bowser stupid, or is someone helping Mario by designing castles that have just the right kind of gaps between pits to help him succeed?

Maybe there's a guy that runs around and puts coins in blocks??

What's that guy's job like? Let's find out . . .
Now we're getting somewhere . . .
Functionality to create coin trails, floating blocks, and enemies.
Plus, the hero can beat levels with some degree of competency!

Time to theme this into something non-Mario. . .
Beginnings of new theme and level generator - haunted ships!
Just some polish, and we should be ready to upload!
ship looks like a ship!
most mechanics in-game and working!
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Boom. Keeping the position, stable and ready to receive the most amazing game that was ever made... ehm ok. You know :p

So... Kyle, Mike, Antony, Vincent and me(John) decided to create a hack n slash(mostly) game, that will fulfil dreams that we all had at some point of our life: to be the bad guy.
It's going to be a pixel art hack n slash co-op game with a focus on defeating the good guy and destroying his sacred artifact that is being well guarded by fanatics, in a city, in the middle of the desert. You're not impressed yet? Wait till you see how bad we can be towards the good guy. JUST YOU WAIT... WE'RE GOING TO SMASH HIS FACE INTO OBLIVION. WE ARE HERE TO PREVAIL. WE ARE HERE TO STAY. WE WILL CONQUER THE LANDS.

Ehm... I seriously dunno why the others allowed me to write the post, or why I am the one doing it... Anyways to the important stuff...
- We woke up.
- We ordered pizza to pick it up afternoon.
- We brainstormed while eating cupcakes.
- We kept eating cupcakes while coding.
- We started pixel art while finishing cupcakes.
- We realised that cupcakes are boring.
- We started eating donuts.
- We finished the movement of the player.
- We still focused on creation of the main movement, buildings and experimenting with character proportions.


- Movement is created.
- Creeps movement(fanatics) is created.
- Pizza slices are gone. We are running out of PIZZA.
- First sprites of the characters are drawn.
- Main Building is ready.
- Environment tests drawing have started.
- A bar of chocolate is being revealed behind a laptop... Aaaand... it's gone!

- We woke up. Again.
- Started working on the environment drawings again.
- Realised that we have more than 140 animation frames to be drawn for all characters.
- Grabbed a chocolate cookie, stood in the corner and cried.
- Found some pizza from yesterday.
- And a cupcake.
- Continue working on mechanics for attack and spawning the enemies.
- Redesigned main building that will include the sacred artifact.
- Advanced research on delivery for food.
- There is no more beer left. Or someone hid it, which is probably very bad move of him.


- Continued working on the characters.
- The environments are almost ready.
- Today it was tacos day. So no pizza.
- Some of us still cry for the non-existing pizza.
- We found a lost donut.
- Kept designing mechanics for AI and creep control.
- The AI is too scared. They are not attacking the player.
- The AI still runs away.
- We managed to make it a bit more brave.
- Oh look, another chocolate bar.
- Ok we will not finish the game with 4 characters.
- But what about the AI, they're still running away!.
- We had fun, lots of it.
- Someone has to upload the .exe.
- They're eating pizza. WHERE DID THEY FIND IT?
- Okay upload started.
- Upload finished.
- Realised we should finish this game.
- Realised we are pretending to be grown-ups who should go to the office tomorrow.
- Grabbed the donut, cried in a corner.
- Hugged a pillow and felt amazing for that gamejam experience.

Please read our devlog, cause a kitten might not get his jetpack if you won't.
Also, the game:

And some fake pic of how we were picturing it(buahahahah - grown ups being idiots ya know...! :) )

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Lost The Bet
A button-mashing and reaction game about trying to save poor slimes mercilessly slaughtered by the Legendary Hero. Better turn on your favorite song while you play this because I didn't have time to include any audio at all.

Latest gif:

Made a bunch of stuff, including 2 minigames and some other basic stuff.
Realized I'm so bad at updating this post. Actually made quite a lot of essential stuff like progressing through floors, tracking score and losing. Also done.
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Commander Invader


Temp/Alternate download on devblog.

-Day 1-
Jam started at 8h00 here.
I had an instant inspiration of doing a Space Invaders clone but playing the Aliens side.
I choose to use 16x16 sprite with a huge color restriction. (Keep it more old looking)
I had a lot of fun and have tons of idea.
Take a couple of notes and go to work.
Start codinng at 21h.
The alien 'factory' for selection we're made. 6 aliens planned with different moves and attack.
The A.I. for the human resistance works 100%.
No difficulty settings.
Sleep at 00h30.

-Day 2-
Wake up at 5:30, coffee+breakfast then coding until 11h. Lunch and coding until 14h30.
Make-up and get dressed for a Halloween party.
Game we're about 80% done. Aliens movements and attacks. Completed backgrounds and sprites.

-Day 3-
Wake up at 8h30. Orange juice and peanut-butter toasts then coffee. Completed the intro and the game end section. Found a bug...obj_ship dispear! How? Damn...
Found the bug and fixed it. place_meeting returns boolean, not an id! My bad. Phew!
Composte a short song and a few sfx.
Added a couple of funny lines.
13h53: Commander is ready to invade. Will test it a couple of time today and upload the game asap.
Great jam, great theme.

\m/ Rock on!

Alternate DOWNLOAD
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by Lemth

DOWNLOAD (press "Take me to the downloads!")

The idea is simple: it's a duckhunt with a 'comedy factor' all while taking the theme very literal: you are the villain; you shoot the heroes (before they finish their standard way-too-long talk about their backstory and how they are going to save the day...)


Made a design doc for a game based on the idea of having only four hours of time.
The design doc looked like this:

Duckhunt with comedy:

The Hero (Hero talk & death animation)
Crosshair sprite
villain face sprite

hero comes on screen; does its talk, you shoot him, more spawn. spawn rate goes up; talk becomes shorter.
villain score on top (get as much score as possible)

Worked out all the main mechanics while using colored blocks for sprites. No code from previous projects; all from my head. (the mechanics weren't that difficult though, so yeah.)
Made a background surface that draws all dead bodies.
Did some cursor wobble.

Time to go back to spending time with my girlfriend.

Polished characters (NOTE: these are hand-drawn; I used existing characters as reference, but kept my own artstyle throughout all of these. Any similarities to other characters is incidental!)

(When seen animated in-game it looks really cool!!)
Polished the player icon; that one has more frames, check it out in the screens above or in-game!
Added custom texts that each hero says.
Added the "You lost screen"
Added sound (licenced free to use)
Changed the difficulty a bit to make it ramp up a bit slower.

(Time to go to bed; work tomorrow.)

Thanks for reading and/or playing the game! <3
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You are a wizard who has set out to kill some humans for your almighty cause. Much to your dismay, the humans have already fled what would have been the site of your ascension. You will never be the hero of your people. There's only one thing to do: Destroy a bunch of their cool robots! Property damage ho!​

Matthew Brown

You Are the Level
by BionicFrog(me xD)

You are not the hero... You Are the Level!
This was fun to make, but my gosh am I tired. xD I'll still be joining the next one for sure though. I love these, as much as I don't feel like it sometimes during the jam time. xD

It's a bit less polished than I'd have liked, but there's just three days, what can you do.

My GF made most of the good art, if anyone wants to see more of it. :p

And the export seems to have messed my the volume level, not sure what that's about. So you might not want your volume too high, it seems a bit loud. xD

Enjoy! :D

/// Devlog

// 11 AM, 10/28/16
// Woke up with an idea and way too little time this weekend.

// Made a room and put some blocks in it. Woo.

// Made a blocky hero dude.

// Made the blocky hero dude move right through the level. Which looks really silly without animations.

// Added a background full of fluffy white clouds.

// Made a spiky enemy dude who hurts the hero upon contact. Those two never have gotten along.

// The hero now flashes when damaged. Must be an awful hard hit to make you go transparent.

// The enemies start unactivated, requiring a mouse click to activate them.

// Added an HP display, and made the hero die if he runs out. Poor hero.

/// 12:15 PM

// I believe I've done all I can do without caffine. Time for a break until my Monster gets cold.

/// 1 PM

// Made the hero able to jump around. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

// The hero is now smart enough to jump over active enemies, instead of just randomly. We're all so pround of him.

/// 4 PM

// Oh god I forgot the Devlog. So much for winning that catagory.

// There's now crushy blocks of doom, and fireballs. The hero isn't very happy about this.

// Oh yeah and there's a view that follows the hero around. Now he can't hide by going off-screen. Mwahahah and stuff.

// And now floor spikies. Poke.

/// 6 PM

// Ran out of time for the day. Stupid real life.

/// 12 PM, 10/29/16

// Our hero got a new suit (new sprite), and new moves (updated positional values) to go along with it. Good for him.

/// 1 PM

// Added a swinging doom axe. DOOM.

/// 3 PM

// The Hero's been reading up on how to dodge stuff. He needed it.

// The hero has decided to obey the rules of gravity. Kinda. He's still being a bit stuborn.

/// 6 PM

// You're now given nice big you did it text for stopping the hero. What did he ever do to you though?

/// 7 PM

// The hero now travels to new lands after each level. HE's much happier about his job now.

/// 12 AM

// The hero has apparently learned to use wall hacks. Oops.

/// 1 PM, 10/30/16

// The hero now moves like a normal human being instead of floating creepily across the ground. Thank gosh.

/// 3 PM

// There's now friendly (or not), super happy cloud monsters that chase the hero when activated. They just want a hug. I'm sure of it.

/// Other time the programmer forgot to track

// The whole land is now far prettier. And our Hero. Everything is so nice now.

// We finally convinced our hero that cheating isn't very heroic, so he no longer uses wall hacks or jumps off of air. Good on him.

// Even more new places! And a special message if you complete them all.
Glorified Tower
(AKA Revenge of the Slimes)
Because that's the only boss I had time to make

Behold, a tower so grand that not a single soul has yet to conquer the powers that lay within... But word has spread recently - and it seems there are plenty of worthy challengers, heroes, and nobleman willing to risk it all for the sake of glory!
Now that's great and all but... this is your tower. You don't want to let those pathetic heroes take over what is rightfully yours!
So instead, you must fight and fend off the intruders with all of the force you have at your disposal! Take on the role of the tower's bosses, engage in battle with those who have challenged you, and vanquish as many foes as you can. You must keep them from being satisfied with their ~titles~ and their ~glory~, and instead show them what it means to be truly glorified!

WASD / Arrow Keys




I'm a bit late (i only had yesterday and this morning), and my game is far from being finished (and it's probably buggy too), but if i'm not too late i would like to join, just for fun (and maybe some feedback on the graphics). =)

I took inspiration from Firelord, an old ZX Spectrum - Commodore 64 game. In Firelord you could steal things in the inhabitants homes, so i thought to make a game in which you control a thief.

It's the first time i play with pixel art for more than half an hour (and i couldn't even finish what i've drawn), so be indulgent, if you try the game :D

Here's the link:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that i've used @ShaunJS code for the camera (
EDIT2: I updated the link, cause i found out i wrote the wrong key in the initial screen (i haven't changed anything else).
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Well here's my entry. It isn't really finished because school and exams coming up and what not. But I did learn a lot as usual! (specifically with data structures and json files)
So without further ado... Here's my entry!

Shifty Business


Its a business simulator of sorts where you cheat your customers who are the heroes that you could never become.
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