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A few low-sleep nights won't hurt going into classes, now will it?

People expecting another Everything's Gone to Hell might be disappointed by this one, but I'm happy with most of my graphical work and the fact I successfully pulled off an isometric game for the first time ever.

Plus @TheFugue makes a kick-butt soundtrack, as always.

The M

I've got a title screen. It's nothing fancy but it gets the job done!

So that's the beginning, time to start working on the ending.


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Under 3 hours to go! Floating around 60 entries! Wonder how many more we'll get in the last minute scramble!


I'm cutting it close, but I'm actually kind of sort of making mine into a legitimate game with a way to fail and to win! But I may be speaking too soon.

The demo I currently have up for download is pretty old, so if anyone did play that by chance, please give my final version a go (assuming I get it done in time), because it will be much more fun. Er, I should say, it may actually BE fun, unlike my current demo, haha.:p


Post-jam edit: Got the game done in time and removed that lame old download. I didn't get in the candy or a hero to stop you, but I did get in the 'slap houses to make them explode' mechanic, so I'm satisfied. ^^
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Guess it's done?! Counting around 40 download links, but perhaps more will appear?

I edited my entry to contain a devlog for those interested.

Was fun to do even though I didn't have much time for this, looking forward to all the games made here and rating them!
Finished with an hour and a half to spare.
Next time I'll aim lower, this was rough. I haven't slept in over 28 hours, so I hope at least one person likes my game.


I had a great time. It's a very good theme.

I'll try to find time to review them all.
Good job to all of you.
I am done :) After 3 days of intense programming, the first chaptrr of the weekly game is out! Stay tuned for upcoming chapters. BTW it's multiplayer, you can try playing with friends!
Very excited to take a break in coding and try out other people's games now.
It's so hard being efficient at coding in these jams while being a perfectionist at the same time... I want to just make something quick but I end up spending way too long nitpicking tiny details. Eh, at least it works and looks really nice. I guess when I'm programming, my brain works in a mindset where visuals > gameplay. Gotta learn to work with that!

Thanks for another awesome jam everyone! I didn't get much sleep over the last few days, so now its time to begin my post-jam hibernation :)

PS: Guess which character I'm controlling here? ;)

Here's a link to my post in the Games Topic:


My game is "done" now :) This wasn't a very good jam for me personally, but I'm looking forward to playing every body else's games!

You can download it, if you want. Now let's make a games topic post, I haven't done that yet...


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Well... I won't say I finished. But I couldn't bear dropping out without posting something, at least. So I finished a short 3-level "tech demo" showing some of the movement mechanics, animations, puzzle ideas, etc. Not much gameplay to speak of -- but maybe I'll get some feedback on ways to finish the game.

Here's a GIF of the entry screen:
700 KB

(Download links in the games topic.)


BOOYAH! My game is done ! 24 hour crunch success~!

And here's my game entry page as well, in case anyone wants to read my mediocre devlog or something.

A couple screens:
zScreenie01.png zScreenie02.png
It may not be what I intended, but it has gameplay that has a goal. However lame it is, it is a goal, and it's at least somewhat fun to play.
Gonna maybe try to write up a little readme though cuz I realized I didn't mention the ability to change the game resolution in-game.

EDIT: Updated the link with the latest version of the game. I re-uploaded it a few minutes before time got cut. Whew!
The changes are just that it includes a readme file along with being renamed and put inside of a folder with the 'Game Title by Creator', trying to go by the guidelines as much as I can, because I expect it's more helpful that way?
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Feh, I had six minutes to spare. Cakewalk. Most valuable lesson learned? Hide for three days. I would have gotten a lot more done in isolation.


And it's done! Phew... Made the music, graphics, programming.... one-man teaming these jams really leaves me beyond exhausted :(

The M

So after doing one final test run I can proudly say the only bug I've caused during the last hour of intense crunching seems to be a missing sound effect! I can barely remember last time there wasn't a game breaking bug in there somewhere. :)


I was so focused on making my game that I didn't get a chance to properly look at everyone else's games. And now I'm probably going to take a break, so I still won't be looking over the games just yet.

That said, I did notice a few games that really blew me away, even with a mere quick glance. There are some interesting ideas and mechanics and it also looks like there are some fairly involved and complex things in some games. I really look forward to playing all of them.


Congrats to everyone who successfully completed a game!

I'm happy to say that this is the first game jam I entered in which I was able to complete a game. It was my third attempt, so I guess the third time really is a charm. :p


Ack, didn't put my game into its own folder! (It's still only 2 files with a different name for the readme, but...)
So Alice, can you make a folder for my game and readme when they're all put into Da Jam Zip please?
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@Mocgames998: Yeah, it's just a little bit of hassle rather than something to disqualify about.


The games topic has been locked! If you want to send your entry, now is your last chance!
Send me a message to send last minute pre-ZIP compilation entries.
Once voting topic is created (right after ZIP is compiled; not necessarily uploaded due to sheer size it takes sometimes) no more entries can be added to regular Jam batch.

And so on, and so forth.
I think I will go eat some breakfast now...


Dang! I've just realized i forgot to update some code, so the game doesn't work as intended. *facepalm -.-

So... if anybody tries it, just keep in mind it's bugged, so there's no goal and no proper game over (only a game_end() in a particular condition, which was there just for debugging purposes) :p

I had a big fun playing with pixels, though (especially drawing characters), and i will probably continue to work on this little game. And, of course, i will join the next jams too (this is my first one, aside the OSG Jam).

Aside this, i'm pretty curious to try your games: i've seen interesting things around :)


Sweet stuff guys, cheers for the programming part of the jam!
When the zip comes up, try to play and review as many games as you can, after all that is what half the jam is about and it helps us thrive as a community :)

Now to pick a review format...


I really need to get in a team next time XD My "art" is awful and it's so much easier to procrastinate when you don't have a team.


I love how @TehPilot tells you to use Alt + F4 to go fullscreen in the text file. Wasn't it supposed to be Alt + Enter instead? Either way, your game looks great. So far, I've reached the castle and dealt with the $12 guy. But it seems I would have to get used to the game more, I'm kinda stuck at the next area which is full of spikes.

@The M: Your game is fun. But I would have liked it a bit more if the text wasn't messed up due to the small font size. Some of the letters appear stuck to each other. It gets kinda unreadable at times. Also, I don't understand why you chose a soft font for the instructions. It looks out of the place.

@ghandpivot: Dunno why but your game fails to run for me. The screen is white for a few seconds, then the game ends. I'll try it on a different machine and see if I can get it working.

@JackOatley: I love the music that you've used. I'm currently stuck at level 4, but it seems that I'll be able to make it to the next level after a number of attempts. Great entry nevertheless!

@Mercerenies: I liked the game concept. The only thing that troubled me was the directions. I had to test each button to see where it would take me. Not sure if I'd want that when the game requires me to stay focused on the gameplay. Also, "New Game" doesn't really start a new game. It's quite interesting anyways.


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The voting topic is now officially open, ultimately closing the time for sending and updating Jam entries!

In total, 49 entries have been sent.

The ZIP should appear in a matter of minutes. This time, it's 500-ish MB instead of 800-ish, so it should be easier to upload as well as download~!

Also, in the ZIP there's a slightly updated Jam player - now the interface elements scale indefinitely, and there's an autosave feature (toggled by clicking next to the "Save" button. I didn't have time to implement more advanced features, though (such as custom rating criteria). Maybe in a matter of a few days, or maybe for the next Jam? I *am* kinda worn out at the moment...


Alice are we able to edit our game entry's text? I was just too tired yesterday to properly write the description ...
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Here's one last GIF...

I don't know if I got my README and CREDITS in the zip for my game, CRANKY FRANK. If not, here they are:

"Cranky Frank"

A game by Marc "HayManMarc" Hickey for the GMC Jam 2 (Oct 2016).


Arrow keys ---- move left and right.
NO JUMPING ---- Frankenstein can't jump.
"C" key ------- Fart.

ALT + ENTER --- toggle fullscreen.

(mouse controls somewhat -- didn't have time to finish them.  I just wouldn't use the mouse for controls in this version.)


Survive to reach level 15, or as long as possible.  Try to get more candy than the kids.


You beat the game if you reach level 15.

Game play:

Collect the candy.  Frank thinks it's yummy.  Don't let the kids get any because you're no hero.

Car Battery
Don't touch the battery or it will explode and zap you.  You lose a life when you get zapped.  Get close to the battery (without touching it) to charge up your Speed Boost.  Batteries are overloading and will turn red and blow up if they're not drained for Speed Boost in time.  Don't be nearby when they do or you will get zapped.

Speed Boost
You can move faster when you've got a charge on your Speed Boost meter.  Invigorating!

Fart Bean
If you have any Fart Beans, you can use one (by pressing "c") to release a cloud of noxious gas in the opposite direction you are facing.  When kids contact the cloud, they stop collecting candy and retreat from the area.

Extra Life
Collect these to gain extra lives. (Duh)

I hope you enjoy the game.  I may try to finish this up with some polish post jam.  Or, I may not.  :P



Marc Hickey

"The Mountain King Remix" by Father-of-Death (
Used with permission.

"Voltaic" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

falling battery  84340__sandyrb__grainy-sting-001
Altered by Marc Hickey

battery sparks  363131__shannonahoniball__fly-zapper
(attribution non-commercial license)

battery explosion  341626__projectsu012__small-boom

battery thud  150490__djouppi10__heavy-battery-thud-in-grass

(part 1)  326984__zetauri__zetauri-darkambienceloop-1496110c
(attribution non-commercial license)
(part 2)  charging__361335__spoonsandlessspoons__charge-up-element
Combining of these two separate sounds by Marc Hickey

kid running  257700__vmgraw__running-1
Altered by Marc Hickey

fart noises  83644__grim13__sfx-2-04

bean grab  170155__timgormly__8-bit-powerup1

coin grab  341695__projectsu012__coins-1

game over groan  253478__thatguywiththebeard__death-i

extra life  253177__suntemple__retro-accomplished-sfx

kid coin grab  154953__keykrusher__microwave-beep
Altered by Marc Hickey

bonk  219161__jagadamba__frogblock01

kid 'ew' sounds  
Altered by Marc Hickey

footsteps  205817__yuval__footsteps-pavement-street
Altered by Marc Hickey

zap noise  315918__benjaminharveydesign__electric-zap
Altered by Marc Hickey


Kaiju Monster G by Goma Shin

pixellife by William Clifford


GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763 (r41504)


Particle Designer by POSVA


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I just hope there will be more people willing to score all entries and review them all for this jam voting phase. I hate seeing people place only the top three or do very few reviews


@ghandpivot: Dunno why but your game fails to run for me. The screen is white for a few seconds, then the game ends. I'll try it on a different machine and see if I can get it working.
Ooh, that sucks. Did you try it 2-3 times? It crashed on launch for me once during development, and that was when I clicked a lot during the loading of the game. Try it again just launching the exe and then waiting without input at all. If that doesn't work I'm out of ideas :/

Are you running a system that supports shaders? If not that could be an issue too as they're pretty much just loaded in no matter if they're supported or not.

By the way, I'll seed the torrent 1gbit/s for a day so feel free to download it early for extra speed :)


Welp, i'm back, just started downloading the jam file and it says it's gonna take 2 hours... oh boy.


One thing that gave us this Jam was the possibility to experiment with spine for the fist time :)

I wish we had more time to develop in the characters history, Mr. Dad would be very happy is totally no that guy from those star movies

Mr. Wall just wanted to get rest... but those neighbors!!

Mr. Excelent just want to throw winged monkeys at people

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