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The Converging
by Reign, YCCCM7, Schwee


The controls are in the README.

Unfortunately, some things came up during the 72 hours, so we were not all able to allocate the time we had planned to invest, but did manage to get the first stage together for the most part. We wanted to balance it better, represent things on the hud more clearly, add music, 4 more stages, a final boss and get all the animations working, but we just didn't have the time.

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A game by Lt. Farfetch'd and Noah4DeWin

Note: DropBox is the bane of my existence (technical difficulties suffered getting link)
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Bumi Satria Pandawa

by BumiBomber

Converge with your enemies!

as you absorb their powers and use it against them.
In this timed-arcade platformer, control a super powered anime girl
with a slap that can absorb enemies and use their powers against one another!
As she platforms and makes her way through the castle.


Z -
X - Swing
C - Dash
C + Down - Ground Pound
Arrow Keys - Move + Aim Swing

Dev Log

Can't recall timestamps, will go by general idea for time instead

Jam started at midnight here, got hooked on two cups of coffee and a small dosage of paracetamol. Spent the night working on the player sprites, stayed up till about 2 AM if I recal l correctly. The jam started at 10 PM for me, and by the time I had fallen asleep, I had gotten most of the player sprites done; with the main exception of her sword swings and special attacks


Slept late and woke up early, probably a sign that I'll die rather young, but also a sign of a somewhat productive day. Woke up and finished the swinging and ability sprites by 8 AM, and continued to work on tilesets and enemies till roughly 12 PM, all with an unhealthy dosage of caffiene rushing through my blood. I finished spriting at about 4 PM sharp, and proceeded on actually programming the game till about 8 PM before I finally gave up out of sheer exhaustion.


In the morning I realized I hadn't done much coding yet; all I had was the basic platformer engine, no gimmicks, and nothing built on top of the foundation. Hell, even animations and the camera weren't working properly yet. I continued working purely on programming till the afternoon, where I had to run some errands before I came back to deving later in the evening. By night fall the gimmicks were in but the game was an unpolished mess, and no levels were even designed yet. On top of that, I had 20 pages of homework stacked up in front of me. I ended up pulling an almost all nighter, with the exception of me falling asleep in a sitting position for about 40 minutes that gave me an insane sense of rejuvination. By 4 AM, I was done polishing most of the glitches, yet hadn't finished the menu, nor the save system, nor the levels.


Got to work for 2 hours in school and managed to finish up the menus there. Ended up working on all the levels in under 3 hours. Feeling tired and anxious even typing this right now but I'm glad I think I've made something I can be proud of.​
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