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Welcome to the GMC Jam #6 Games Topic!



  • any GMC member is welcome to participate in GMC Jam and submit their entry
  • each entry must be made by a single GMC member or a team of up to 3 people; people outside GMC can be in the team, as long as at least one GMC member is in that team
  • any version of GameMaker can be used to create an entry; you may also claim a free GMS2 Desktop license for yourself and use that to create your entry while also trying out all of its wonderful functionality at the same time
  • each participant can make or contribute to as many entries as they want, but they can only claim rewards for one of them (unless the reward is given specifically for the entry)
  • each entry must have a single post in this Jam's games topic (opened once the Jam officially starts), and no two entries can share the same post
  • the Games topic post can be used to present the entry progress; it can also contain a devlog
  • by the time the Jam ends, each Games topic post must contain a valid link to the entry downloadable file

  • each entry must have a single, its own post in this very topic; no two entries can share the same post
  • each post in this topic must be related to a single entry; the place for discussion is the discussion thread, not the games topic
  • the entry post can be used to present the entry progress, as well as a devlog
  • you are free to use any devlog format as long as you can make it work in a forum post
  • by the time the Jam ends, the entry post must contain a valid link to entry files to qualify
  • if you find this topic is closed and you cannot edit your entry anymore, DO PANIC because it means Jamming time ended and we have started wrapping up the ZIP; also, send me a message as soon as possible with a valid link to the entry, but chances are it will only make it into the late entries patch, not into the main ZIP, so please try your best to put up a download link on time

  • the entry must be an original creation made in GameMaker (any version) specifically for the Jam, within the Jam timeframe
  • the entry might use assets (graphics, audio, scripts, extensions, Marketplace resources etc.) created before the Jam, whether by team members or someone else; however, the credits should make clear where the assets come from and which were made before the Jam
  • the creators of the entry must have rights to all of the assets; unlicensed use of resources is not allowed
  • the entry must be available as a Windows executable file, exported as a stand-alone file or as a ZIP; installers are not allowed
  • the entry might be exported to other platforms as well (such as HTML5 or Android), but the Windows executable must be available
  • the entry must not require admin privileges to run or mess with the system in any other way

Remember, as everywhere else, general Community Guidelines apply.

Recommended format

To make things easier for participants, Jam host and the person who compiles the ZIP, guidelines about entry post and file structure has been prepared. It's not mandatory to follow, but it's recommended, as it keeps things organised and makes wrapping up entries easier.

The template in the spoiler below is suggested for entry post. If you have your own creative idea about it, by all means go for it, but please do include:
  • the game title
  • the list of team members and a team name; or just your own username if you go solo
  • the download link, clearly labeled as "DOWNLOAD"

[center][size=7]The Best Game Title in the World[/size]
[size=5]by [b]My Username[/b][/size]                        // if the game is made by one person
[size=5]by [b]Team XYZ[/b] (Xerxes, Yeti, Zed)[/size]       // if the game is made by a team
[size=5]by [b]Xerxes[/b], [b]Yeti[/b], [b]Zed[/b][/size]                         // if the team has no official name

[img][/img]           // if you have a screenshot
<no screenshot yet>                                 // if you don't

[size=6][url=]DOWNLOAD[/url][/size]        // if you have a playable version
<no download yet>                                                   // if you don't yet
    // you might also include additional download mirror links
    // or e.g. link to the game page or topic in Made with GameMaker
    // but the download should be the first link of all

// after that, present the devlog however you like, within rules

Additionally, when you wrap up entry files to download, it is suggested that you:
  • make sure it's not an installer
  • make a folder called "Entry Title by Author", or "Entry Title by Team Name", or "Entry Title by Comma, Separated, Authors", put unpacked game file(s) directly in that folder, and ZIP the whole folder
  • add a 120x120px thumbnail that will be displayed by Jam Player, so that your game is recognised more easily
  • make a README file with credits, especially if you used external assets; files with README in name are recognized by Jam Player
  • if your README file is necessary to play the game (e.g. it includes the instructions not available in the game), call it README_PLEASE; if README is not required to play the game, please use the regular README
  • if there's some additional information you need the voter to know after they play the game, but before they vote, you might make an AFTERWORD file (also recognized by Jam Player); there you might mention cheat codes, explain the use of theme if it's not obvious or revealed at the late point in the game etc.
  • if you still have some time, playtest the game and send it to your little dog, too; there are few things ruining the experience more effectively than crashes!
  • make sure it's not an installer, just once again for a good measure

Once again, following these guidelines is not obligatory, but it'll be appreciated.

Now let the Jamming commence!


I give you
by Ghandpivot


The game is DONE

The game has been one big tracing adventure. I first sketch the layout of the map and put out all collision blocks. Then I printscreen that and paste it into photoshop where I can draw the map, trying to keep the collision places as simple as possible while drawing random stuff at places you'll never reach, making it simple to code.

One of the 3 worlds in the game features physics. Here collisions handle themselves pretty well (or at least they should) and that made everything somewhat easier. Here's what the first level looks like in the editor.

The game has the same art style that I've been using for all my games for the past few years. That is, very simple drawings with some complex, limb-based animations. These sprites are all rigged and animated in Spriter, it's a free tool that I can't praise enough as it's changed everything for someone like me who can't really draw. I like to think that anything can look amazing as long as it's been animated well, so I use these jams to learn animation rather than to improve the quality of my drawings. However, I feel like I'm inevitably improving both, which is great!

The game is an adventure. It's not long but hopefully it's kind of sweet. I do hope you enjoy!
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Nom Nom Chameleon

by JackTurbo & Amy



You play as NomNom the Chameleon, who is a very hungry lizard. You control each eye and must find his favorite food (caterpillars) , while avoiding his most hated (wasps). Once you've located some food you must focus on it with both eyes so that he can grab it with his tongue! Fill Nom Nom's hunger bar and you win, let it deplete though and you lose!

With the theme of Convergence we researched the term and found the definition bellow in natural science.
In ophthalmology, convergence is the simultaneous inward movement of both eyes toward each other, usually in an effort to maintain single binocular vision when viewing an object.
This lead us to come up with the idea of playing as a chameleon and independently controlling each eye, but only being able to score when you converge both eyes on a single point. Thus Nom Nom Chameleon was born.

Read more on wikipedia

I coded everything, while Amy did most of the art and recorded the sound fx. The only asset that wasn't created by us this weekend was the background music, which already existed and is licensed under creative commons.

Friday: 14:30 - Idea settled upon. Basic player prototype in game.

Friday, 20:00 - Got the most basic gameplay elements coded. Gif with awful programmer art:

Saturday, 09:26
- Starting work again. I'm about to start coding our 2 main progress systems, Health and Hunger, while my girlfriend Amy has started work on the artwork. I'm looking forward to getting that in.

Saturday, 17:00 - we've had a productive day, most gameplay elements are in. Lots of the art is in and so is all the sound. Polish and game feel is most of what weve got left to do.

Sunday, 11:25am - We've had a slow start to the day, but the game is coming along nicely. I'm glad we picked something with a relatively small scope. Here's a gif of where we're at now:

Sunday, 14:30 - were out for a family lunch now so a bit of a break. The core game is done. Most the updated UI stuff and how to play screen is implemented. Just got polish and some game feel improvements to do this eve/tomorrow.
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Asteroids Converge
by Aegirbard

You are the flagship, GMC Jammerprize.

You have been recalled to Earth because a terrible accident in the Oort Belt has resulted in ALL the asteroids converging on your home world.

Using your plasma torpedoes you must destroy as many asteroids as possible. It is an acceptable loss if you lose the moon.

1st Hour:
Fleshed out my idea into a game concept. Downloaded the software for taking screenshots and making gif videos (woops, forgot that!). Set up my GameMaker project. Created dummy sprites for prototyping.

4 hours in:

My prototype is (not) going well. I am sure I could figure out how to make this work exactly how I want, but I am not sure I can do so in the time allotted. I'm going to work on a prototype of another game rather than waste time on glitchy AI.

10 hours in:

Life gets in the way, but otherwise.. Prototype 2 was a good idea, but I didn't feel it was what I wanted to produce.

So on to Prototype 3, and I now at last I feel I'm heading in the right direction.. Or maybe I'll do a 360..

End of Day 1:

A huge chunk of the day dedicated to family affairs; but a lot of progress made "behind the scenes". It is looking and behaving more like a game now. I hope by the end of the day I can have the majority of development work done, then dedicate tomorrow to art and sound.

The GMC Jam discord really helps with keeping up motivation and sharing frustrations. Thanks guys, you are amazing.

End of Day:
Much progress made; all the fundamentals of a game are in place, including pause and menu / game over. Tomorrow is all about polishing; improving art, adding animations, etc. It's not the game I started out wanting to build, but it is a complete game!

The game is fully functional; complete. It doesn't have any nasty bugs and can be played well. I'm very happy with the state it is in now. Hopefully I will have time today to add some animations and/or effects. But at least I now have something I would be happy to submit to the jam.

Oh, and I made my player object (spaceship) a little more sensible..

Submitted! It's Live! Go Play!
I have added a few effects, such as red and yellow alert flashes, and explosions on impact. Suitable sounds made in Bfxr and implemented. Overall, I am happy with this being my first GameMaker game and first jam game.

If I had more time and continued working on the game, I would look to add progression to a second level where you control two ships around two planets. I imagine that would require quite a lot of practice to master!

I'm really happy with what I have learned, and it will all help towards future projects.

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Flood Control
by Tyche


After the first few hours I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted the game to look like and how it would work. I started off by creating some sprites, then put the first level together.

The idea is to dig channels from any water sources, and have them converge with the main river before they cause a flood.

I wanted the placement of dug channels to be accurate and not overlap, so I learnt how to use ds grids and came up with this.

more to do tomorrow!

Well, day 2 is over and I have not made anywhere near as much progress as I hoped.

I had a serious cpu utilisation issue to deal with so that the game wouldn't grind to a halt after placing a few tiles. Fortunately I did figure it out in the end, and I've made it so that the tiles show as full when connecting to a water source.

So this is where I am at now. I have a lot to do tomorrow including adding a time limit, creating a animated sprite for the player, more levels, sound etc!

Day 3 consisted of getting a timer working, new levels, and generally turning what I had into a game.

My intention was to create a little guy with a shovel and have him animated, add sounds, and I also wanted the water sources to spawn in random places, getting harder the longer a player lasted in the game. I found this too difficult to figure out in the time I had, so I went with a simpler approach of multiple levels with a shorter countdown each time.

All in all I feel this could have been much better/more fun. On the other hand this is the first game I make in game maker, and my first jam, and I enjoyed the challange :)
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This is a 3D puzzle game, where 2 players try to reunite with eachother using basic interaction with the enviroment.

There is only 1 level for 2 players because of that I didn't have time to make more, there are 3 tutorial levels for 1 player tho so play that for the best experience.

Download link:

Programmers: Lolslayer
Designers: Lolslayer, Kazemir, Philipp
Artists: Lolslayer (placeholders, but many of them are still in the game), Kazemir
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BoxBuddy Monsters!
by Lazertrax, Riolite


Boxbuddy Monsters is a puzzle game about convergence. Help little Boxbuddy to pass 10 increasingly challenging puzzles. Don't let those monsters converge on BoxBuddy!

We Hope You All Enjoy Playing It !

Final Notes: We thought we could make use of the full 72 hours developing this game, but real life got in the way. We ended up working around 37 hours in total. Overall We're happy with the end result for the jam. But that's not the end of it, We plan to improve this game and add new features in our free time!​

Timezone: UTC/GMT +2 hours

[7:51 pm] Almost 6 Hours in, I have a basic prototype working... decided to start a dev log :D
[12:55 am] Too much time was wasted yesterday. Time to focus!
[2:24 am] Got caught up in development and forgot to log! :(
[4:11 am]I consider the game finished as far as the Jam goes, but I'll definitely continue working on this game and add all my ideas in. Hope you guys like it!
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by Cloaked Games, Barvix, HayManMarc

Official Jam Version: DIRECT DOWNLOAD

You must travel through hyperspace, and it is not going to be a peaceful ride. Strange and aggressive alien ships fly among the light and seek to destroy you. Worse, their presence is destroying the hyperspace tunnel, making it collapse inward, until it vaporizes you. Your only hope is to reach the convergence point, where the walls of hyperspace collide, and use the excess energy to start a new warp jump. How far can you get until you are incinerated, crushed or blown up?

This game features fast paced, scrolling combat with lots of lasers. Move with WASD and aim and shoot with the mouse. Left click is a regular laser, and right click unleashes special lasers that are made more dangerous by powerups you collect. Powerups buff your special laser for three shots. There is a boss if you reach phase 5. Good luck.
Runner 2017-11-26 21-22-30-477.jpg Runner 2017-11-26 21-22-06-152.jpg Runner 2017-11-26 21-20-26-687.jpg
Total time spent programming: about 27 hours
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Dr. Wolf


A minimalist narrative.

by Dr. Wolf

Download here.

<tape recorder playback begins with a click and a hiss of static>

Day 1, 9:48 p.m.

Okay, cool. So there's this game jam. It's during November, which can be rather busy time for those of us who are doing that silly thing where we blast out the draft of a short novel over the course of the month, but that's okay. It's during Thanksgiving weekend, so some time has to be set aside for dealing with family; that's okay too. We can do this.

It's 9:48 p.m., or it was when I started writing this, at any rate. The day's 1,666 words are officially in the file. Familial obligations have been discharged, at least for the time being. Now it's time to make a game.

Only, what sort of game?

Sometimes, when I make a game, I plan. I write descriptive documents, narrative components, mood pieces; I create spreadsheets, throw some formulas in them to do the math; I make mockups; I program a whole slew of different systems tests and mechanic prototypes. I plan and plan, until I have a veritable sea of plans in which to practice my backstroke.

Other times, I do none of those things. You know what? I'm not sure it really makes any difference. I'm now 40,000 words into a novel that I started with no planning whatsoever, and it might even be somewhat coherent. I'm pretty sure I haven't killed off any characters more than once, at any rate.

So, you know what? The theme of this jam is "convergence," and I'm going to take it to heart. I'm going to start creating, and trust that it will come together. And maybe the result will be weird, and actually okay to play, and maybe, if I somehow pull a whole bunch of skill that I don't really have out of my posterior, just a little bit sad-but-beautiful, in that way for which English doesn't quite have a good word.

Or maybe it'll just be a mess. We'll see.

Day 3, 11:01 a.m.

...and now it's time for things to get bad.

It's Sunday. I'm behind in my word count, and the game needs work. A lot of work. More than a day's worth, but it'll have to happen in a day anyway. Which, for me, is actually possible, but it means I'll be going into Monday way behind on words. And Monday is a gym day, which always puts me further behind. I might not get to sleep until December.

I mean, sure, with a few modifications, the scope of the game could be cut quite massively. I could wrap it up, make my word count (if not catch up), and maybe even get a little sleep. But, you know what? I'm not going to do that. This game is weird and minimal but it deserves better than to have most of itself amputated for the sake of my comfort. we go, I guess.

Anyhow, the first stage seems functional, or functional enough. The second stage doesn't quite look how I envisioned it, and needs to be made to, y'know, actually operate, but it'll do. Everything else? Only time will tell.

Day 3. 9:13 p.m.


Yeah, that.

Day 4. 3:51 a.m.

You know, this is very me. By "this," I mean cutting the deadline super close-- which I'll be doing, since I've got around three hours left, and a whole bunch of game to make.

Could be possible, though. I just hope it doesn't turn into some stupid situation where the game is done, and then some kind of problem with the uploading, or perhaps the post formatting, means I miss the deadline.
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WORLDS IN COLLISION - Made by Tyler and Emily Garman (trg601 and moon489)

Download (.zip) @
Indirect mediafire link

Worlds in Collision is an infinite runner game with the premise of two multiverses converging at an increasingly fast pace. Run as long as you can before the worlds become one.
This jam we stuck with a retro pixel art look (unlike our usual larger spine animations), and I think it turned out pretty well. I do realize that it has some stranger things influence, especially the music... but whatever...


More screenshots:

(So happy with the transition effect, it's so awesome)
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Ey guys, I'm back, ready to commit like 6 hours total to this project. I might even devlog.

Prototype name: Tetrisuyop
Tetris and Puyo Puyo backwards.

1 hour in, here's my first screenie:

Another 45 minutes of work. Here's some background stuff:

1 hour later: Actual gameplay mechanic included:

Another hour. I fixed the blocks you guys now the game doesn't get unwinnable. Scoreboard prototype being created. That might be all for today!

7 hours later. I CHOSE A NAME!!!!

One day later:
Bugfixes, graphics, tutorial, game over screen, etc. Problem is, to make the game winnable, I think I made it too easy. I'll have to figure out how to balance what I have.

End of day 2. Meh. I'm cutting this short, down from the original vision. Just need to throw in sound effects and I can probably score in the top 2/3. Or 3/4.
Anything but last. XD

Near end of D3. I made some graphical effects, added music. SFX left, then I upload.

SFX in.


gm81 file
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Gay Wizard Freak

Potatoes of DOOOOOOM! is going to be a short rpg with a heroic story!

The "I don't have time to finish, but here it is anyway" edition:

I got a ridiculous idea for the theme, and immediately started work.
I had NO ideas to start with. My fiancé threw some stuff at me and this is what stuck

Working on some basic puzzle pieces before I assemble them into horrific dungeon puzzles OF DOOOOOOM!

The beginning of the "story".

And the entrance to the first palace.

I'm working on some palace puzzles and just got the saving mechanic done!
No screens this time, sorry!

Save totems have fun particles, I'm working on the dungeons too, but I don't want to give too much of them away so less screens of them.

I awake refreshed and ready to start a new day of development!
I am filled with determination!

All of day two was wasted... ;-;

I awake refreshed and ready to start a new day of development!
I am filled with determination!

Electricity puzzles are working!
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Dungeon Crush
by Micah DS (previously known as "K-BitCRUSH)


.:: What Is This? ::.
Crush/converge dungeon rooms together in your favor to live and loot as long as possible.
(it's incomplete, so you can't die... you live forever... congrats)
Note: The jam started at 4 AM on Friday for me. I'm going by my time. Jam ends on Monday at 4 AM.

.:: DAY 1 ::.
  • 7:30 AM
    - Woke up, made waffles and ramen (I… I don't know why this happened, but I made them converge in my stomach just fine).​
  • 8:00 AM
    - Began brainstorming ideas.​
  • 10:45 AM
    - Decided I wanted to crush dungeon rooms together in one central dungeon room.​
  • 12:30 PM
    - After more thought, I decided to set the game resolution to 640x320.
    - After fiddling with the overall layout, I figured I'll try 5 dungeon rooms in total. The player is planned to be in the central room, and outer rooms will merge with the center room.
    - I also got an idea to make the menu use the same layout as the game and to converge when you press start, so even the menu is planned to work according to the theme (because I can)
    ^ Not sure if that pic makes sense to anyone but me, but it should after I get some actual programming in.​
  • 1:00 PM
    - Started coding a bit ago, but I haven't gotten far enough to show anything, and now I need to get ready for work. Still, I've accomplished more than I thought I would. Tomorrow should be my biggest dev day.​
  • 2:00 AM
    - After work was finally over, I realized I had zero food in the house. That == no jam power! Went to buy a ton of food... and some Red Bull energy drinks (I don't usually drink these).​
  • 3:00 AM
    - Finished my resolution scale update script for the game. When given "0" for scaling, it scales the game as much as possible within the user's monitor, keeping the pixel ratio correct. Not difficult to program, but super handy. It's not pretty, but here:
    /// @desc updates the game's resolution, and automatically centers the game window in the process
    /// @arg width   the game's original width
    /// @arg height  the game's original height
    /// @arg scale   how many times the width and height will be multiplied  | use "0" for auto-scaling
    //NOTE! if you use GUI, you'll need to resize that as well  |  modify as needed
    //NOTE!! make sure your game has a borderless window, otherwise it won't scale fullscreen
    var _scale, _width, _height, _xx, _yy;
    _scale = argument2; //if argument2 is "0", this value will be overwritten below with the automatic scaling
    //automatic scale to monitor size
    if (argument2 == 0)
        var _displayWidth, _displayHeight, _gameWidth, _gameHeight;
        _displayWidth  = display_get_width();
        _displayHeight = display_get_height();
        _gameWidth     = argument0;
        _gameHeight    = argument1;
        _scale         = 2;
        while ((_gameWidth*_scale) <= _displayWidth) && ((_gameHeight*_scale) <= _displayHeight)
            _scale += 1;
        _scale -= 1;
    _width  = argument0*_scale;
    _height = argument1*_scale;
    _xx     = (display_get_width()-_width)*0.5;
    _yy     = (display_get_height()-_height)*0.5;
    window_set_rectangle(_xx, _yy, _width, _height);
.:: DAY 2 ::.​
  • 11:50 AM
    - Woke up. Slept reasonably well (for me at least). Currently eating food and catching up on everyone's projects. I'm very far behind most people, but that doesn't matter, as long as I can make my game idea come to fruition. Lezz get it!
  • ???
    - Everything is terrible, LOL. So many issues, so many interruptions. Worse than any previous jam (which is saying something). This day was a sad day.
    - I got this at some point during this day though:
.:: DAY 3 ::.
  • 11:40 AM
    - Woke up, a bit down over my game with so much left to do. Nevertheless, forward it is.
  • 12:00 PM
    - Added screen shake. Now I feel better about the game.
    - Oops! Forgot to eat. Fooooood~!
  • 1:00 PM
    - Started making tweaks with various things to get ready for the new code I was seeing I needed. Most notably, I began changing some things to accommodate better controls, with the plan to get rid of the mouse, as it was surprisingly unintuitive.
    - I also had to re-think my plan, because I'm too far behind to do my original idea.
  • 3:30 PM
    - Got sick of the plain graphics. Began making things somewhat nice to look at.
  • 6:00 PM
    - Graphics are coming along well and I decided on my controls and how to present them.
  • 11:00 PM
    - Spent far too long messing with the graphics. The perfectionist in me is a jerk.
    - I scrapped all mouse input and changed it to keyboard only, implemented it all well enough into the game. It looks like this now:
    - Still have no way to win or lose, player has no graphics, time mechanic isn't implemented, there is only a wall type, lots of gameplay depth is yet to exist because combining different types is supposed to fuse or react in various ways. Currently, walls simply pile up.
    - 5 more hours... let's see if I can crunch...
    - I used the last few hours trying to get the time mechanic right. Things weren't feeling right and it required a lot of playing around and the game feel is still off in various ways.
    - I failed to crunch time, and I used every last minute of it. I just had too much left to do. I still submitted a playable thing, just not a beatable thing...
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The Laughing Rogue
GMC Jammin'
theUndiscovered Software & Entertainment
( @ParodyKnaveBob for purposes of GMC Jam rules )



Day 2
  • Realize, despite earlier setbacks dropping a different game out of the jam, there's still a little chunk of time at the end of Day 3 to make an entry.
  • Formulate a doable idea, start a new Trello board, and start watching the clock until then. $F^ }
Day 3
  • Spend most of the day busy with other things.
  • Try GMS2's My First Game Tutorial to see if my computer can handle it. Disaster. Took over 20 minutes to compile before it even had sound assets. (I assume it eventually gets sound assets. I stopped to go back to GMS1.)
  • Crash together my concept (good). Near the very end, break something important while trying to squeeze in other important stuff. Then, crash software (not good) and wait many minutes for browser and GMS to come back online. (Oh good, GMS is back up. Let's see if I can reload my project I was trying to compile...)
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Brush + Paper
(Possible working title)

By @FadedSketch


Day #1:
  • Accidentally slept in, so lost a few hours! nuuuu! D: But somehow managed to get started before noon.
  • I got a little mockup done and fleshed out the basics of the game on paper. Also took me 2 hours to get basic movement code working. =.= oi, I really need to practice.
  • Making progress! Got movement and collisions done, and the characters' special moves. Already feeling fun!
  • Got a few hazards done. This game is starting to seem doable now. ^^
  • Gonna call it a day, feeling pretty tired and useless. =w=
Day #2:
  • Slept in again, but managed to get a good start on graphics. I'm determined to finish this!!
  • Got player sprites done, and most of the tiles I'll be needing. Very encouraging to see more than boxes on the screen!
  • Most of my graphics are DONE! Whew! I'm sure I'll need a few more here and there, but now I can make things look preeeetyyy~ ;w;
  • Probably should stay up and work some more, buuuut I'm lazy and went to bed. =w=
Day #3
  • I'm now realizing that Time Management is very crucial with these things.
  • Gonna finish up some chores as quickly as possible and then DEV AS LONG AS I CAAAANNNN ;w;
  • after reading others' devlogs and seeing what progress they've made, I feel impeccably slow. XD darn.
  • realizing how much time I've got left, and seeing that 0 levels have been designed. whyamisoslow
  • Oh man this thing is going to need a lot of late-night polishing. :'D
  • Getting too tired to find easy bugs and such, going to have to turn in a very, very unpolished game. ;w; I wish I would've used my time more wisely.
  • Super tired, finally uploaded, and hoping that nothing major goes wrong. ;; I feel like this could have gone better. But at least I submitted a finished game.
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🐧 *penguin noises*
GMC Elder

Fusionman is the superhero that absorbs criminals and uses their bodies as powerups! Shoot enemies, then absorb their bodies to become a hulking behemoth using millions of guns!

WASD to move, mouse to shoot. Controls displayed in-game. Get a high score to feel better about your miserable life! :p

Jam version download here:

Now with a thumbnail, readme and afterword! Don't miss this chance!

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  • Finally have a chance to participate in these again, I'll see what I can do!
  • Decided to do a very simple concept in a very simple style...
  • Setup a bunch of stuff... posting screenshot!
  • Didn't have all that much time... set up all the things I should need to finish on Day 3!
  • Mad scramble to actually make some levels!
  • Scramble completed! With only 2 hours to go! =P

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(working title)
Game by


1) just Planning how game would go and wasting time here typing that XD
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by K3TCH_P

Two of you are concurrently existing in two separate worlds. These worlds have come together at this point due to a glitch in the universe, with meteor showers coming in waves. You're an echo of yourself, with each version depending on the other for survival. How many meteor waves can you survive?

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HOWLER MONKEY is a hard-as-nails action platformer.

Huge thanks to @Roa for the Windows port.

Sat 3:50pm: Still no idea what I'm doing with the theme, but I have some art and a basic platforming engine in.

Sat 4:10pm: Added a spawn effect on the player and slight screen shake when you die. Now I'm officially A Real Indie Developer

Sat 8:30pm: Got one enemy almost working. I slow down a lot when I'm out of my comfort zone. Also, game has a name/logo now.

Sun 10:30am: I suck at coding

Mon 12:30am: Game is starting to shape up! Most of the features are in, now I'm working on levels.

Mon 6pm: Finally got a few hours lined up to work solidly on levels.

Mon 9pm: And the game is done!
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GMCJam Champ
Programming and sound effects by @Ralucipe, graphic resources by @Acr515
Team Name: The Feather Friends
(because Feather Buddies was taken)

You are a spaceship traveling the great depths of space, facing off against immeasurably large hordes of enemy spaceships. Your puny little gun will only hold them off for so long. So what do you do?
Why, converge with the enemy ships, of course! With your handy shockwave weapon, you can stun weakened enemies. Converge with stunned enemies to take over their weapons! Every enemy in the game can be converged with, including the big bad boss. Amass an untouchable conglomeration of ships to show those blue guys who's boss!
Your goal is to survive as many waves as possible. This will ultimately require skill in the forms of quick dodging reflexes, and strategic timing/utilizations of shockwave attacks.

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Palette Swapper
by IcyPenguin_
March 2016 - Made a basic prototype of a rapid-fire platformer to learn GML
June 2016 - Began adding new power-ups and got the idea for a color mixing system.
July-August 2016 - More development and finalized name and music.
September 2016 - Purchased GameMaker: Studio Professional Edition and prepare the game for alpha launch.
November 2, 2017 - Uploaded alpha build to Game Jolt after a long break and some extra preparations.
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Convergence: Right To Left
by ColtonPhillips


Space to Shoot
R to Restart the Room
Escape to Erase Score
Click the Left Mouse Button to tilt bump the machine

Goal: Get as many points as you can.

WR should be measured in how many points the user can get in 1 life, as the score will never reset upon restarting the room.

^ At first this was a known bug, but I soon realized there was no upside for the casual player's score being reset. So I added the feature to reset the score.

If I win anything, contact me at :) and I'll pay attention to my mail on forum :3

Known Issues:
* It looks like it fails under endurance test. If the app runs for a long time it slows down. Restarting with R will fix this.

Update 1: Improved graphics.
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by rio-85


Make player A and B meet at the pub before its doors are closed.


Player A
D : Run
A: Stop
W: Move Up
S: Move Down
Hold left shift : walk

Player B
Left arrow : Run
Right arrow: Stop
Up arrow: Move Up
Down arrow: Move Down
Hold right ctrl : walk

Cops will get you if you are running so use stealth when seeing one.

Win conditions are. The couple must have a totlat of at least 50 bucks and both must arrive before 11 o' clock.

This was my first game jam solo, and I was quite busy this weekend. I Wanted to make something much more polished and complete but anyway I really liked the experience and the community.
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Convergence: The Brawler
by UnknownDevil666

NOTICE: Game uses installer, not zip

Need a little help? :p
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Reverse Asteroids!
by Dwojityv


Tribute to one of the best games ever made!
Pfft. You don't play as a ship this time. How old are you? Seven? YOU ARE PLAYING AS A ROCK!
What? That sounds boring? False! Rocks rock!​

- I made this game during one night, because I was too busy this weekend :(
- Because of said time shortage, I will post a gif and some screenshots instead of writing!
- I can't manage to make gif show up here, so there is a link:

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predictably random
Forum Staff

by chance

A game named after the "asymptotic convergence" toward a goal that gets closer and closer, but is never reached.
A bit like my efforts in the GMC Jams.

3 MB Zip file on

Not a complete game. In fact, barely a game at all. Unfortunately I didn't have time this Jam. And I spent way too much time on some fun graphics effects demonstrating "flocking convergence". I also re-build an adjustable ramp engine from scratch in Studio 2. But I had LOTS of fun. And maybe some of this can be re-used later.

So here's a demo of some effects... and a little gameplay. (very little).

(yeah, I see the spelling error.)



Magnet man
by MakSM​

Spent way too long on this despite it coming out so unpolished and messy. Its 2AM and I need to get up at 7 lol here's my entry

WASD - Move
E - Attract yourself/object
R - Attract yourself/object

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by Siolfor the Jackal


The multiverse is old and dying.
You have discovered a way to save it, by merging universes and reducing the strain.
But your people believe it is unnatural to tamper with such things and have labelled you a heretic, vowing to stop you and let the multiverse return to the void.
You only hope you can merge enough universes before they finally stop you...
by RealBadHombre


I had a ton of fun doing this even though I stayed up way late on the last night (not in the plans). My kids were sick and we had a lot of family obligations this weekend but I was actually able to put together a playable prototype so I'm pretty proud of that! I learned a lot about time management and prioritization. This is my first game jam but I definitely plan on participating in more in the future after this experience. Thanks for reading, thanks for playing, and thank you to the organizers for the fun!
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In Convergence: Falloff Brawl Arena, there is only room for one champion...will you Converge, or will you be left in the dust?

To download this game, click here:

Devlog: Day 1. Can't think of a game, by 4 PM I thought of a game, thought it was brilliant.
It was, a map full of blocks, the blocks start falling, and everyone converges to the blocks that haven't fallen yet. The idea was amazing in my head.
But I tried the idea, turns out it was a stupid idea. A small level of blocks lagged the game even using d3d_models. Also, visually, it looked horrible. The game I had imagined, and the game I was seeing were two different things. So after wasting all day on the project, I took all the textures and made a new map with it.

Day 2. Working on a solid, deathmatch KOH type game where everyone converges to the center. Progress is going smoothly. Tweaking combat and graphics. Have to deal with the TV in the living room distracting me and some other distractions, but I pull through.

Day 3. More progress, more smoothness. Run into some bugs, but fix all of the bugs. Most of the day my diet consists of bread and butter. Game is now complete.
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Hi All,

Zombie Convergence is the fruit of my labour. Top down shoot'em up.

First time in the jam. Im just glad I have finished something.

Day 1: Tried to think of an idea
Day 2: Still couldn't think of an idea. Decided to just do something so I could be involved in the Jam. Made the objects and got the mechanics of the game done. Then had to go out.
Day 3: Made the Sprites and the fake 3d.

Right click on a position on the screen to move there.
Left click to shoot
Stay alive as long as you can

I hope this is a suitable link:

There are some great looking games on here. Good Luck to everyone.
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Starlight Convergence
A Mini-Game Entry for GMC Jam #6 by FrostyCat


Production time: 18 hours
GM Version: 1.4

Draw loops around stars of the same colour to combine them and score. Keep combining stars until you have just one large star of each colour left. Do this before time runs out to keep playing. Survive for as long as you can!



by NightOwl35


All times are from US Eastern Time.
Day 1:
07:30 AM
- Woke up to find the theme was "Convergence", revealed 30 minutes prior. Decided to go sleep for a few more hours before starting work.
09:00 AM - Woke up for real and ran to the store to stock up on snacks and energy drinks to make sure I can get enough work done as need be.
09:30 AM - Finalized my idea for what I wanted to do, wrote down all the details and went to eat breakfast before starting work.
11:00 AM - Got distracted along the way. Started work on some sprites for what I have planned and getting a palette down for the players.
01:20 PM - Some decent progress done with the sprites, almost done with the player characters. Now to implement them into the game and get them moving. Will do the background stuff later.
02:30 PM - Well I thought I had finished all the sprites for the main player characters. Then I looked and realized "I forgot running!" Welp...I'm gonna take a break and eat some food.
03:30 PM - Alright, break over. Time to get back to sprites, specifically the running animations and possibly the last character. It all needs to get done eventually so may as well now.
05:30 PM - Got the running animations done for the 3 starting characters. Have to still sprite the last character and the background stuff, but I can do that later. Going to take a small break then start programming some stuff.
06:45 PM - Well added in the first character's sprites to the game and made an object for him. My chest is hurting though so I'm going to take a small nap for now and get to work in a bit.
08:50 PM - Woke up from the nap. I feel a bit better, but my chest still slight hurts. Gonna put some food in me and then get to work. Want to program at least the first character tonight, and get the general main stuff done. I'm thinking bed early, up early and work my butt off tomorrow.
10:15 PM - Had to run to my sister's to get something. Came back and added in the sprites I have made as well as some quick programmer art for other things. Worked out how to do the camera for the most part. Now to work on the basic Player stuff and get to work on that. Once I get that done, I think I can call day 1 complete and go to bed. Still need to post this devlog up to the forums at some point.
11:35 PM - Got 2 of the 3 starting characters moving around now on small platforms. The third one will take a bit of changing stuff around. Going to make the animations work for the first one now, maybe try and make the third one move and maybe add in the rest of the animations. Want to get some good sleep. Planning to wake up around 8 maybe. So at most I think I'll stay up until 3 maybe. Tomorrow I can work on the rest of the sprites and the game room. That can leave Sunday for the menus, additional stuff for effects, and anything else I may need as well as trying to squash any potential errors. I'm making sure to comment everything I do and attempting to make good programming practices so I have an easier time later on.
12:00 PM - Got the first character fully animated up. May add some stretch/squish to it later on to make it possibly better. Need to add the sprites for the other two, and program the third character since it's a Shouldn't take too long. Then I think I'll be done for the night. All the sprites, and the basics done with.
12:20 PM - Well got the second character fully done. Now to try the third I suppose?
12:30 PM - Ok...lots of issues with the third player. This will be hard to figure out.
12:40 PM - Trying to figure out where I went wrong, and my computer is being dumb.
01:10 AM - the character is stuck in the falling state and I don't know why. I'm probably being dumb but ugh.
01:20 AM - Well I found one place that would cause it issue. Now to find the other? Or maybe I can try something else...
01:45 AM - I seem to be having issues with collisions. If this keeps up, I may just "trick" the game, so I don't have to do this dumb rotation stuff I'm trying. In fact that's what I'm going to do. This is being dumb and I don't have time to be fussing with it. I'm going to fix the room up, program moving for the third character, and move on.
02:00 AM - Ok...I fixed the room up and things are all working now. Instead of rotating the camera, I just have that character off to the side where they won't be seen.
02:15 AM - Looking over everyone else's devlogs and posts in the discussion topic. Going to watch a few youtube videos then head to bed. Tomorrow I'll work on levels and the rest of the sprites needed. If all goes well, then I can use Sunday for extra nice looking stuff and debugging. Already got a few friends who said they'd test it for me. I'm a bit disappointed with how much procrastinating I did today, but I'll have to make it up tomorrow.
02:20 AM - Made a backup of all the work done in Day 1 in case if I need to go back to it.
03:00 AM - Alright time for bed. Have an alarm set for 8. May up it a little bit, we will see. Have a lot to do tomorrow.
Day 2:
11:15 AM
- Woke up a little later than I was wanting to. Wasn't feeling too great. Gonna get some breakfast then immediately start working. No procrastinating or distractions allowed today, only stopping to eat.
11:45 AM - OK, done eating so it's time to start working. Going to work on the level for the first character.
12:30 PM - Started working on the first level, and noticed that my player is getting stuck in the walls. This is an annoying bug. Need to also add a restart the room key so I can stop relaunching it when he falls out of the world.
01:30 PM - Ok well I can't keep dealing with this getting stuck in wall bug. I decided to just make them bounce off of the wall. I'm going to take a small break to eat a bit in a few minutes after I test it a little bit more.
02:00 PM - Well, I worked on a it a slight bit more and made it work well. Well...better than it was haha. There's a SLIGHT bug people can do but I don't have the time or patience to fix it. Off to go eat now.
02:30 PM - Done with eating. Still hungry but there's work to be done!
03:00 PM - The first level's initial layout is done. I just need to play-test to make sure it's possible. Then I'll add in hazards possibly.
04:00 PM - Added in spikes to make the level a bit more challenging. I'm pretty sure it's done at this point after I make it so if you fall out you die. There's no checkpoint system in yet so if you die it's back to the start. Maybe I'll add one in? I don't know though. Going to go get some lunch...dinner...whatever, food. Then I'll be back at it.
04:20 PM - Tried to add something while food was cooling, it didn't work. NOW I go get food.
05:00 PM - Back to the grind. Going to make the other side scrolling level next, then work on the design for the bottom -> up one. Still need to post this devlog as well as a bunch of other things. Wondering how possible it'll be to get most of it done today?
07:00 PM - Ran to the store to get some more snacks and such and just finished up the second level. One more to go for the main three, then the "final" level, art, and adding a finish to the levels.
08:25 PM - I'm instantly regretting having a vertical level. It's a pain to try and figure out a good layout for it.
09:05 PM - Decided to make the level smaller than I was planning to. I don't have enough time to do it fully.
10:30 PM - Finished the "sprite" for the goal and "enemy". Now to implement them into the game, and program what happens when the characters touch it. Then I have to pixel the last character (unless I just change the tint which is lame) and make background tiles and such. Then it's making the menus, effects, sounds, music, the there's a lot left to do. 1 day 8 hours left...
11:30 PM - Added the animation to the goal and enemy. May take like a 30 minute break because my wrist is starting to cramp up. I need to still add the players colliding with it and all the stuff that goes with that. If I can get that done, I THINK I'll be in a good spot for tomorrow. Doesn't mean I'll stop working tonight though.
11:50 PM - Had to scale the goal and enemy down. They were WAAAAAY too big and it was making it impossible to load the game. I fixed it, and added in making it animate for when the players converge. Going to take a short break now and let my wrist rest. Going to try and finish collision with the goal, and then possibly start work on tiles before bed.
12:15 AM - wrist is really starting to cramp, so I'm going to take my short break now. Was busy messing around with variables and such.
01:00 AM - Short break over. Wrist is still kinda sore, but I need to get some more work done. I want to get the collision/player changing done with. Which leaves tomorrow with backgrounds and the rest of the stuff if I don't get some of it done tonight.
02:00 AM - Got a somewhat transition happening now when the first player is done. Gonna add it to the others, maybe make some menu art or something then bed? Depends on how long I take. This time I seriously want to wake up early so I can really polish this and make it look nice as well as debug stuff.
03:00 AM - Ok, got the transition done for the first character to the second. It's not the greatest, but it's working. The next one will need some extra stuff so I can't just copy and paste it. I'll do it tomorrow. I need to get some sleep. Gonna watch some youtube, eat a snack since I'm hungry and then bed. Got A LOT to do tomorrow so it'll be another no distraction, non stop day.
Day 3:
10:30 AM
- Just woke up. 20 hours left on the clock. I'm pretty sure I can work for roughly 17 of them. I have a lot to do so I can't get distracted AT ALL today. Gonna check the forum, eat, and then get started.
11:00 AM - Ok...time to get to work. Thinking I'm going to have to go the "quick" route for some things even though it's not what I'm wanting to do. I just don't think I have the time to do otherwise. Actually...thinking I may take out the final character and level just so that I have time for everything. Get the game to a DONE state, then if I have time quickly add in the final character since it'll just be copy/paste stuff mostly.
12:05 PM - With a little messing around with it, I got the second transition done. Now on to the final one. What took the most time was making the art for it.
01:05 PM - Got myself prepared for making the third transition by fixing up the first one some and making the art necessary for it. Now to implement it and then do art for the backgrounds, add sounds/music, and menus stuff. If I have time I'd rather have the special effects for some added polish then the final level. If I can do it all I'd love to do it all but I don't think there's enough time.
02:30 PM - Got all the transitions done, now I'm working on just fixing up something small with collisions before moving to art for the backgrounds.
02:45 PM - Fixed collisions completely and got everything working and behaving nice! May need to run to the store, but then it's on to backgrounds!
04:30 PM - Made some tiles that I'm not too happy with, but I don't really have time to complain. Adding them into the game and realizing I need more variations...ugh.
06:40 PM - Got all the levels tiled, minus a few variations that I forgot/need to touch up. Need to still add a background but that shouldn't be too hard.
09:20 PM - Took a small break to go to the store with my sister and get some more energy drinks and snacks. Got the foreground tiles all done for the levels. Now to do the background stuff. Then after that, I can make the menus and such as well as the ending image.
10:45 PM - Got almost all the background tiles in. They look like crap but I tried to make them somewhat better. It's going a lot faster once I realized I should change the snap in the room editor. Oops. Work smarter, not harder. My arm is cramping up and my body hurts, but I'm going to finish this thing. After this I have the menus, the ending, special effects, and sounds to do. It doesn't seem like a lot but at the same time it does.
11:00 PM - All of the levels are tiled. I may add one last thing to them, but I need to work on the menus and such first.
11:30 PM - Photoshop keeps freezing on me while making the menu/logo. GREAT!
11:50 PM - Got the logo/title screen look done. Still need to program it in. Gonna make all the other menus first.
12:40 AM - Got all the menu backgrounds looking nice. Now just coding the main menu. 6 hours left crunch time is go.
01:20 AM - Greeeat...working on the menu and I keep getting this weird audio error in my compiler. I don't have any audio or code to call for audio? How odd. Need to fix it though. Opened up another project that had working audio and it's getting the error too. COME ON! Not now! I only have a few hours left! I can't be debugging this!
01:25 AM - Going to restart GMS and hope that solves it.
01:30 AM - For any wondering, the error is an OpenAL error with numbers "40964". Which I find super odd with how I don't have ANY audio in the game anyways. And now my menu is broken. GREAT!
01:35 AM - Everything I'm finding is saying stuff with linux? How is that even possible when I'm on Windows?! Other stuff says run it in compatibility mode and run as administrator. Guess I'll try that since restarting it didn't work. 5 hours left and I still have stuff to do. This is NOT good. I'm not even sure what's causing my issues. If it comes down to it I'll just not add sound!
01:45 AM - Going to try one last thing. If this doesn't work then I'm just going to continue without sound. I want the rest to work right, and I can worry about it if I have the time.
01:50 AM - Yeah that didn't work. Ugh.
02:15 AM - I'm gonna rip my hair out. My menu is being weird.
02:30 AM - Finally made a sprite for the spikes. It's crap cause I'm tired and don't care right now. Just want to get done so I can sleep.
02:35 AM - I'm gonna quickly add some nice particle effects, fix the third character, make the ending image/room, save, restart my computer and if THAT fixes the issue then I'll make sounds, otherwise I'll just compile it and upload.
02:45 AM - Possibly added in a particle effect while running? I'm getting really tired. Still have to make the ending though and restart computer to see if it fixes the audio error. If it does then I can make some quick sounds. If not, then oh well.
03:05 AM - Testing to see if my ending code works. If it does then I'll work on the ending image and then restart my computer.
03:20 AM - I think I got the whole game room done. May add one small thing? Doubt it's worth it. Naaah I won't bother. Just focus on finishing.
03:25 AM - Just looked at the clock...3.5 hours left. I just need an ending image and possibly sounds if I can get it fixed. Should be doable?
03:30 AM - Oh jeez...figured out my audio issue. It was Spotify. Having spotify up was making errors for GM. NOW I CAN DO SOUNDS YAY! Not a lot of time though so just gonna throw stuff together.
04:10 AM - Just grabbed like the first thing from each button on BFXR to get my sounds. Gonna throw a quick song together in FL Studio, put it in and call it finished.
04:50 AM - Made a quick song in FL and yeah. It doesn't fit, doesn't sound good, but it's something. Jam ends in 2 hours, so I don't have time to complain. Still need to get all the stuff set up for the zip.
05:05 AM - Added a few last minute things and made the menu look better. With that, I am...FINISHED!

05:50 AM - Got everything done, uploaded and sorted. Just finished making this post. Not gonna lie, that's cutting it fairly close for me. Getting this all done with only an hour left. Gotta work faster next time! Not sure if I mentioned previously but I DID fix all the bugs/issues I was having. So there SHOULDN'T be any errors or crashes or anything like that, like my previous games!

06:00 AM - UGH! As I was fixing this post and making it look nice, I look in the folder and see I forgot something in my readme file. Had to fix it and re-upload which was a slight pain.
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