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I'm guessing the next Jam dates will be February 23rd - 26th
tho I don't know that for sure, and it would be good if Rag or Alice chimed in with definite dates...
Ha, that's right at the end of my midwinter break. I hope so. If I'm productive enough the rest of the time I may be able to participate. Not sure though since three days could be a lot of work on my main project.


The Laughing Rogue
I'm almost always busy on the weekends of the Jams. I'll likely try again this time, and likely will have little to show for it again. $E^ J


I'll likely be busy for the first 2 of the 3 days, and for the first part of the 3rd too. So I'll probably try to join up with someone to make music for them. All my nice music production equipment and software is being used so little these days, I'd love to do more with it. This seems like it could be a good opportunity to use it. Almost every time I entered a game jam solo, I didn't finish my game and I almost never got to the music aspect because I'm too slow at the other things.

Lord Undead

last time I participated was on the old forums, I think I'll be free for those days too... I think I should put an alarm or something
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