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The Laughing Rogue
When I entered my game, I mentioned here, I'd be impressed if it made top half. At this point, I'll be impressed if it even makes upper two-thirds, lol. $E^ b

Thanks for clearing some stuff up, @ParodyKnaveBob. Does this mean you want a retry?
Eh, I mean, if you think you didn't give it a fair shake before, then by all means, go ahead, but I understand where the review and vote are coming from based on what you had at the time. $:^ J


It wasn't supposed to rain. it did.
We were supposed to get snow. we didn't.
It wasn't supposed to freeze overnight. it did...

It wasn't supposed to be slippery outside. it was.
I was supposed to have crampons. I didn't.
I wasn't supposed to slip on the ice while on my way hope from the liquor-store, fall in the most awkward and hilarious way possible, only to break my tibia in 3 PLACES! I did...

I was supposed to get drunk. I didn't.
I was supposed to do a review the games. I didn't.
I was supposed to vote on the games. I didn't.

Next time, I guess?


Wow, I just realized the voting phase ends sooner than I thought. I wrongly remembered '18 days' as the '18th', but it's the 15th. So, even if I hadn't gotten sick, I might not have been able to play and vote on everything. I shouldn't have put it off until the end, but I was too excited and caught up in my own programming before. Well, next jam, I plan to play and rate ASAP.

I don't see myself being able to play and rate very many games this time around. I'm almost out of the woods, but still got a pretty nasty aching in the head when staring at a screen for more than a few minutes. Can't really play anything atm and focus properly. I might get a chance to play some on the 14th, but there's no way I could play all 61 games, and I hate the idea of rating only a few games. To me, that feels a bit too unfair and luck-based since most games would get no points from me because I didn't even play them, but the first to randomly be chosen would get points. So I could play the worst games and they'd get points, yet miss all the best and they'd get none, if I understand how the points work in the voting system. I might not. But that's why I don't want to vote if I can't vote on them all. That said, I could still review a couple games and just skip voting I guess.
Let me second what @Micah_DS said. Same thing with my votes. Though I don't have nearly as many good excuses. Honestly, I was just lazy. I played Mario Maker instead of reviewing the game on the weekend like I planned too.

My post has a couple of games with feedback and ratings. If anyone particularly wants to see my thoughts on their game, PM me, and I will make sure to send you feedback. But I won't be voting at all. Sorry. In a way, I feel kind of guilty and I hardly feel like I deserve the kind and helpful reviews that other people wrote when I didn't play their games. :)

The games I did play were quite fun and interesting, good job to everybody.


The Laughing Rogue
Only six hours left for voting!
A whole thirty-eight games left for playing!

(I had stuff come up for awhile, including computer problems. Back on track now, though!)


The Laughing Rogue
I hate the idea of rating only a few games. To me, that feels a bit too unfair and luck-based since most games would get no points from me because I didn't even play them, but the first to randomly be chosen would get points
Let me second what @Micah_DS said. Same thing with my votes.
If it makes you feel better, that's why it's randomized, and why everyone's only required to rank the top three -- the idea is it'll all come out in the wash. I mean, last I checked, chance only voted for three! Go ahead, peeps, cast in your votes, too! $:^ ]

Only 1.5 hours left, and I've gotten my red ink pen and ballots on 29 entries so far. Let's see if I can get at least halfway before the deadline. $E^ b


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Ah, yeah, I noticed that when watching ghandpivot's video on that. Apparently there's some obscure bug that causes the scoreboard to disappear when entering fullscreen mode through Alt+Enter so that the game is begun? I dunno. ^^'


The Laughing Rogue
Bah, I tried submitting my final votes over 10 minutes ago, but the GMC's not letting me. I'm trying to break up my post now...
I'll make two posts here in this thread and leave them unedited forever and ever.

EDIT: My second post will now annoy me "forever and ever" because I meant to write 50,000+ with a plus sign. $F^ }
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The Laughing Rogue
The GMC does not allow posts with more than 50,000 characters. Therefore, I'm linking my comments here to my votes.

Comments (part 1):

A Head's Start by Ghandpivot

Loading tried to freeze on me. Black screen for awhile. Music finally started (after I tried to Alt+F4, Alt+Tab, Alt+Space, something). Stuck on a white screen, though. Gonna try again.

Hm. Stayed on black screen with music. Being patient this time, but tried pressing a few buttons, mouse clicks... When the music track looped for a second run, I quit.

Sorry, unplayable for me. $:^ | Nice choice of intro music, though.

Asteroids Converge by Aegirbard

Oo, neatly formatted Readme. ... Lol @ Star Trek + GMC parody. Very nice. $E^ D ... "It is an acceptable loss if you lose the moon." More wit. Love it. $:^ P Hey, seriously, nice touch adding your dev log to your Readme. Frankly? That makes me want to go read it afterward -- meaning it'd be the only one I'd actually read -- and, frankly, incorporating the dev log in some way into your entry at all? Yeah, I've no problem declaring you my Best Devlog then by default, except it's you-made-a-decision-making-it-better-than-merely-by-default. $E^ D Nice work, there. (Unless there's something bad there I wouldn't want to promote. The verdict? ~reading afterward~ Whoa!! And it's your first GameMaker game, too?? Rock on! Ha ha! Yep, Best Devlog, lol.)

Uh-oh. On my second playthrough:
action number 1
of Step Eventobj_moon
for object obj_enemy_simple:

Unable to find any instance for object index '1' name 'obj_satellite'
at gml_Object_obj_enemy_simple_Collision_2
The game's so tiny! And I can't go fullscreen! $:^ }
The graphics are clean, though. Further parodies Star Trek. Nice little flashy window border thing.
I like how the planet looks almost generic instead of using the "standard photo" position (Western Hemisphere) -- it might even be the Northern Hemisphere, which is pretty cool. $:^ J
Are the sounds supposed to be reminescent of Asteroids from ~40 years ago? Because they are, which further makes sense of course, heheh.

Third time, got 160 points. Did not save my homeworld (what you call Earth).
Controls are kind of tough. I like the must-orbit-at-all-costs-but-fire-best-trajectory-we-can motif, but the sudden 180 way past my own position is kind of jarring.

Mostly consistent overall -- just that 180 thing, plus the title screen saying to press Spacebar, but *pfft* I'm a rebel, I pressed the fire key, which worked. $:^ J
Same goes for not exactly buggy -- just the 180 thing really -- well, and that big crash of course *cough cough.*
Theme's kinda there, yeah. There's a pressing urgency on the fact that convergence is happening for some unearthly reason -- see? I can make horrible, horrible puns, too! lol -- and you's gotsta stop it.

Asymptote by chance

Iiiit's chance! Let's see if this'll be a silent Box2D experiment. $:^ P

Huh! Sound! And a very pretty intro. (Which I keep missing parts of because of it moving on without me while I type. Hm. Restart!)

This. Looks. Hilarious. $E^ b
Awww, my function's slope changed after it left my drawn curve. (Lol.) Let's see...
Awww, I hit no points on my fourth launch. $F^ J
Interesting, fifth launch, my curve had a tiny bounce on the way down, messing up my acceleration. I guess it is a Box2D experiment -- just not silent this time. $F^ b
Awww, sixth launch was accidental because I was merely adjusting my curve way up high on the y (close to the y axis).
Is that particle physics usage for the neat interactive "font"? Hm. $:^ ]

"Now these points of data make a beautiful line..."
"When the [data] doesn't fit the [curve], [ignore] the [data]." - Albert Einstein, clearly

All right. All five levels. That was actually pretty neat. Returned to the first level, but still missed two points after all my launches. Overall, it had a consistent feel. Besides the unfinished room thing, the only bug I saw was the first level not connecting "1 jump remaining" with a final launch. The theme? Very technical, very funny -- and yet with all the mathematical converging that was going on, the title (and presumably that curve near the y axis) can't truly converge! It's very sad.

The self-deprecating humor was ridiculous. You make fine toys, that's clear, whether or not you make games out of them. Lol. $E^ b
I'm givin' ya some extra points as it were (and data pun unintended) for originality. (I once made an interactive math toy for a student using GMS. Yours is fun stuff heheh!)

AtomiConverge by Sohom Sahaun, Enrique

Pretty music. $:^ ]
Neat atoms which eventually appear...
Simple controls, float like Kirby because out in space apparently... Oh... No, just that weird unexplained double jump that everyone does for some reason...
So far, I like how your jump "becomes whole" (improves) after converging. $:^ J Same with the neat colored block puzzles -- although losing double jump by "standing in air/space" (ontop colored blocks) is unintuitive.
Neat keep-everyone-in-view camera... (Well, except when it hides the ground and makes me paranoid about landing from above or merely walking across it...)
Even without text, the "story" draws you in a bit -- gotta become whole (..every level, heheh).

The puzzles are "easy to learn, hard to master," in the sense that I can spatially figure out where to go no problem, but ugh at actually getting the right ones to move to the right places when I want.

All right, this was fun enough. And no bugs, that's a plus.

Attract/Repel by Cat

I must say, the title screen, despite its utter simplicity, looks nice. It intrigues -- and it feels like a hint of gameplay to come. Good job there.

Mouse play... Level select, 'kay...
Oh ho, level two looks nice already. $}^ b Oh, oh, much easier when I know I can touch the white walls, okidoky.
(Blue+red level.) Oh ho ho, very nice, I'm gonna like. $:^ b
(Blue + red wall.) Ah! There we go now.
"The solution will not always be immediately apparent." - Actually, I beat this the exact same way as the first blue+red level. ~shrug~
Hints? Huh. You suddenly have me curious to replay and look at all the .. hints .. ohhhhh, n/m, the tutorial stuff is the hints I bet, okay. Incidentally, this is the first blue+red level I've used right click, heheh. ... What?! My red particle tried to go through the red wall but got destroyed? $:^ [ Went through all right that time. Weird. Maybe I barely clipped a corner or something.
Wowee, the 6-blue-6-red room looks pretty -- and tough. Lol. Let's see if I can get it on my first try like all the others. $F^ b I'm enjoying this. ~nodnod~ ...but wow, this level looks, like, "where to begin?" lol - Okay, okay, right, right, just do one color group at a time, simple. ~ Ah, makes sense to be your grand finale.

You're welcome[, Mario]. $:^ P
Press spacebar .. to get back to the level select screen maybe? 'Cause pressing spacebar on the level select screen did nothing discernable. (Tutorial text turned off, though, thus definitely New Game+ so to speak.)

All right! Consistent feel throughout, no bugs to speak of other than the spacebar thing (which could've been a typo or even a language barrier thing for all I know), and a surprisingly great take on the theme (especially when so many particles are converging on the mouse's point with a goal for everything to eventually converge on the white point). Solid entry, despite lack of sound. Good stuff. $:^ ]

Fwiw, I could see this on Kongregate and/or mobile with some additions -- sound of course, probably better visuals because audiences, more levels most likely, and maybe star/medal/badge things for completing challenges without destroying particles or other stuff (e.g. ~shudder~ under a bonus time limit).

Blob by Weerdoh

Lots of Readme stuff, cool, 'kay.
...b- but- but why does my spider shoot eggs? My poor spider... My poor eggs... Of course, my spider's dead anyway, so um hm. $:^ }
No bat action (e.g. sonar), 'kay. Probably flies.
And my eggs kill me? My poor me... $:^ P
Let's start.

Well, looks pretty. $:^ ] I'd wondered why it was "Blob by Weerdoh" despite Weerdoh only being art and OverLogicOL being coder, but I figured great art might be the reason. Heh, look at that.
(Good thing the Readme said use R to restart a room so that I'd know how to get out of the credits screen...)
Wow, yeah, it does look really pretty. (Too bad you probably didn't have time to parallax scroll the background. That'd be sweet here.)
Ant killed me. Also, maybe a good idea to put a death pit right at the beginning so as to let it be known, "these are death pits!" $:^ P
Spider killed me. I apparently don't get how to affect these creatures.
Oh! Accidentally found the pressure plate for the spike -- just as the ant was accidentally crossing it. All righty then, works for me.
Ohhhhhh man, that's was sweet/creeptastic Blob-Ant. $:^ D ~smashes spider's guts to the ground~ ~depossesses creepy blob-ant state~ ~♫happy little blob, doot-do-doot-do-doo♪~
Oh. I guess I need both rocks down here to continue. Restart. $:^ [
Oh. I can get two rocks stuck up in the air (before getting them to the lower part). Restart. $:^ [
Oh. There's no way to pass one rock with another. Restart. $F^ [
Okay. Got it. Which, that was accidentally level 2 apparently anyway. Let's try level 1.

Ah, I see, this was supposed to train me on the spike pressure plate.

~siiiigh~ Not only do you mix keyboard and mouse controls (menu + shooting), but you don't mention this in the Readme? ~re-reads~ Yeah, no mention of mouse nor aim. Took me a a few tries to figure out why I was launching a stream of eggs at about 255°. But all right, continuing. ........... Wow, that kills the motivation so very much to know I have to use WASD and P (which is fine) and mouse aiming, for which I just don't have a third hand...
Oh. I guess I need to not shoot down the bat to get across. (For future reference, consistency would be the bat carcass falls, and you jell into it like the others. I know the readme recommended not killing a bat with a rock, and it was fairly clear a bat had to be alive to get merged, but I didn't know I'd need the bat and just shot it down out of fear for my safety.) Restart. $:^ |
Oh. Pressing U while on the ground near the bat gets me stuck in the ground, and pressing U again doesn't separate us. Restart. $F^ o
Oh. Can't restart room, either. Also can't do the glitchy merge-with-spider-at-same-time just for kicks. Restarting game. $:^ [ Hooray for level select! $:^ }
~once again clicks after aiming with mouse only to be reminded it's P~
Next level.

Ah, so bats don't hurt me. After the ant and spider (consistency $:^ ] ) that would've been nice to know (e.g. in Readme since I know setting up that kind of tutorial takes precious time -- although in my 20/20 hindsight, lol, having a bat in the first level might've helped establish things).
Oh. Flying up out of the room restarts the room. 'Kay.
~tries to figure out why room restarted that time~ Ah. Pressure plate right next to a spike while I'm trying to look at lever and such. Got it.

Hoping for a nice puzzle on level 5, I sat on the pressure plate for a few seconds and returned to the ant, only to see it alive and kicking. Okidoky, oh well. So then, I returned and couldn't walk past the spike on the ground for some invisible block stopping me. Upon trying to jump over it, I could, but I don't know much after that because I once again messed up my plate-spike-puzzle-trap jump and died.
Try after try, I can't seem to get past that anymore. Maybe something's bugged here? Restarting game.
Well, I don't know if it's bugged, per se, but I can't make that jump anymore.

I kind of hate to use this entry as an example of this, but it is perfect: great graphics don't make a great game.
It's pretty! It is. $:^ ]
You can probably see, I'm really patient when it comes to this stuff, but the game isn't merely "incomplete" -- it's buggy (and inconsistently designed) in a variety of ways that actually cause the gameplay a lot of harm.
That said! You have a nice concept going here. Kind of reminds me of Wario Land 2 for Game Boy (or was it 3? the one where Wario doesn't die but rather changes shape, form, etc.) despite the fact I never got to play it. If not the best use of theme, it's still plenty evident, very nice.
Weerdoh, you keep crankin' out those pleasant graphics. OverLogicOL, you keep working on your programming skills. $E^ ][/I]

Boxbuddy Monsters by lazertrax

Well, for some reason, your Readme has my attention. Let's see how it goes. $:^ J

$:^ b Title screen's definitely gripping my attention here, yep. Hopefully the rest lives up to it! Lol.
Ohhh, okay, I don't have to touch it for it to chase. Got it.
Level 1 is "Babysteps" and I'm literally not even seeing how this should be possible... OOHHHHH maybe I'm supposed to get the character I'm controlling to the goal... Yeah, that was it, okay. That was "Babysteps," and then Level 2 tells you more how to play. Eh...

Ha ha ha ha @ Level 3's name. $E^ b
Huh. $:^ \ Getting to the goal while they see me won't let me through the goal -- but also won't get them to chase after I step again. Design flaw or bug, I don't know. ... Ah, they won't enter the goal (at least from above) -- but now they'll enter from the side, baaaah. Yeah, including my entering the goal and getting the white happy screen at the same time as the red box crushing me for a room restart. Hm.
Oh. And my entering from above while they're above will let them come into the goal and crush me, too, then. $:^ |

I probably won't play this much longer if I can't get past 3/10 due to inconsistent/buggy mechanics...
Huh, accidentally won Level 3. Got into the goal from the side (with three of them above me), and when I stepped to the side again out of the goal, poof, magic, next room.

~whew~ 'Kay, Level 4 was a much more traditional go-in-and-win kind of block puzzle level.
Same with 5/10.
Okay, 6/10 definitely shows them stopped vertically at the goal, but passing through it horizontally. Hm. Got through, though.
Okay, looks like I'm surviving 7/10 by accident. Wait, nevermind, can't move for some reason. (Just as well, should've died anyway.)
Funny, I tried making 9/10 work by getting the two to engage with each other (judging by the level name), but finally, I found skipping one monster altogether made it simple. $F^ b

Okay, that was cute. Nice choices of audio. Great graphics. Simple controls and apparent design. Almost too buggy to play, though.
Consistent feel throughout. Hit the theme decently enough, yep. Very nice for 37 hours!
I could see this on Kongregate or mobile fwiw, after getting cleaned up, and of course maybe add some levels with all that more-than-a-jam-weekend free time. $:^ P

Dungeon Crush by Micah DS

The README_PLEASE tells me this is more demo than game, or maybe it's a pretend game heheh. Thanks for the heads-up.

All right, looks neat. You understand being ranked low for it, but I've gotta say, if you'd implemented the concept, this looks like it would've been great. $E^ J

Consistent styling. The Link look-alike was a bit off-putting, but w/e I guess. Your character is generic enough to be safe I guess. Reminded me of Eagle Tower in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, though, heh.

Theme was spot-on; addendum: you held my best of theme until Attract/Repel, despite having such an incomplete game -- just good job on that, yeah.
Marked you high for concept, too, despite application of concept being nearly non-existent. $E^ b


README. You've created a story, that's nice. A little shoehorned apparently, but w/e, looks like this game will be on par with Atari 2600 / NES stuff. ~shrug~ $E^ J

Controls. Weird unexplained double-jump that's popular for some reason. All right! Time to start the game...

Sweet choice of title music. $:^ P
Made it to Wave 4.
(Despite losing and what the README said, only one of me went died. The other stayed until getting hit, heheh. Then, while typing this, and investigating further dying sounds (from my not-exactly-gone-echoes), I made it to Wave 10, lol.)
Hm, had to find the undocumented Esc to return to the title screen. Wanna try again.
Got ambushed on Wave 2.

Okay, quaint game. Kind of hard (due to fast-paced multi-character management), and a bit buggy, but no bugs detrimental to the gameplay at least. Felt pretty consistent at least. Not really my style of game I guess since I found it harder than fun, but the presentation was clean anyway. $:^ ]

Read the AFTERWORD just now. Ah, one day, that certainly explains some things. $:^ ] The resource finder of the team made good choices, heheh.

The convergence kind of existed via pre-game story. ~shrug~

Extreme Quilting by speedchuck

Music's kinda neat.
Saw no obvious way to go fullscreen, thus I hit Alt+Enter .. aaand missed some text flash before the game started. Mm. Restarting!

UGH, Alt+Tabbing between the GMC Jam Player and your game's not gonna work, apparently. Gotta watch those <Any Key> bindings... Restarting!

The title's hilarious. $}^ J
And okay, music, dropping down a well, gonna be a fun Tetris-inspired game, clearly.

Well. I played for quite awhile. Managed to sew 2.x quilts together. My quick thoughts...
Please, please, never, ever again do the eye-killing changing background. Please?
Fun concept! It winds up being a lot slower than anticipated, which actually hurts it despite my liking slower paced games -- after all, I do love a riveting level 9+ Tetris round, too. $}^ b
The darkened squares are so dark, it's easy to place the same squares with them, not even realizing. $:^ | Mm.
Have you ever played Tetris, Dr. Mario, Kirby's Avalanche, etc. etc.? Thank you for supplying rotate clockwise and counterclockwise buttons, but please, make A counterclockwise and S clockwise! $E^ b So very disorienting, having to very specifically remember which backward way it's going to go when in the thick of things.

The feel is overall consistent, though, which is nice. You do have a bug, though: squares were sometimes ditching their timetable long before they hit 0, and squares leaving would often drop columns below the bottom. Converging is sorta barely there, thematically -- don't let like squares converge, do converge entire rows of sewn quilt, etc. ~shrug~

No story to speak of, although making a game out of quilting? Genius. I'm 100% sure I've never seen that before! $:^ D Good job on wacky innovation.
You're right. It can be pretty hard to recover from mistakes. Oof. Heheheheh.

I never saw what it looked like to lose because it would clearly take me ages to get there. Hm. Lemme RUN it again and just lose right quickly then... Okidoky.

It'd be interesting to see this developed more. Depending how it's done, I could see it on Kongregate or mobile maybe. ~nod~
I wonder if shrinking the well any would help the feeling of "my glacial demise will never come." Lol. $:^ b

Falloff Brawl Arena by Misty

Fascinating music choice! I like. (We'll see how well it jells with the rest.) Title and credits insinuate I'm in for a 3D ride here.

First thought: Ah, no, just a 2D game after all.
Some while later: ~watches the trees while walkign~ Ohh, neat, 3D-sprucing-up a 2D game.
Still later: So it seems the 3D's only really used for the trees (since the falling and parallax could've been done with mere scaling). Unless the characters are 3D, too? Looked like sprites to me.

Anyway, gameplay's kind of frenetic. Kinda cute to mimic an online battle, even though that's like the opposite of my cup of tea. (I prefer my multiplayer to feel like an extension of singleplayer -- not the other way around. I'm sure there are people raised on this kind of game setup, though, thus I'm sure it works for you for someone out there. The AOL nod was cute, though, heheheheh.) No story, just "go get points."

One little bit of the arena looked like a hint to try jumping a tiny gap; nope, just got a "BONZAI!" message. ~shrug~
I didn't do too badly my first go -- lost in 4th-or-so place with 700-800 points.
Second time around, I stayed at the bottom with 200-300 points and eventually resigned "early" after enough respawns from gunfire -- although being unarmed and knocking out an armed opponent was a nice, satisfying ending for me. $}^ J
But yeah, I don't know if the modern game is "go in a-blazing expecting to last no more than 2-3 seconds in the fray," but that was my experience here, and I couldn't enjoy that really.

I did not in the least bit enjoy my framerate showing a perfectly fine 40+ and being yelled at to go fullscreen (which I already was) or get a better computer (because of course that's going to happen, right? ... and I tried to imagine it being intended as a joke, which I guess it still could've been one, but the tone of it and the tone of the game didn't strike me as trying to be funny, but rather just a slap in the face, especially since things ran smoothly enough, I imagine you worked around FPS via delta timing anyway).

Everything felt a tad under the mark for consistency, but only a tad at least. There were no glaring bugs I met, which is great for a jam game. And, I guess all the "players" converged on the same spot? -- although your text made it more like, "you 'converge' with .. the .. arena" or something -- thus not strongly themed at all. Clearly, though, a lot of work went into this. ~nodnod~ You have some reasonable AI; that's pretty great by itself, actually; yeah, come to think of it, that'll bump you up a rank, good job there.

FleitGeist by Sinaz20, FredFredrickson

~reads README~
I don't have a gamepad. Choosing to block out players won't bode well for your rating.

~starts game to try to give other aspects a fair shake~
Neat arcade feel with the colors and short overmodulated sound clip.
Ah, can't even progress past the title screen.

~trying to decide whether to rate you higher or lower than the game that crashes upon asking your name ... the crash seems an accident ... preventing me from playing seems a decision ... hmmm~
~reloads game~

Ah $:^ ] the FBI arcade parody I didn't see the first time somehow. Okay, better than the game that crashes on asking your name. $E^ }

Fusionman: Criminal Convergence by Yal

Ho boy, a Yal game. Hopefully you will have pretty things (like that underwater game years ago) and nothing that'll burn my eyes out (lol). Thanks for caring about IP in your Readme, btw. $;^ J

Lol. I love how the title screen + info just screams, "bad 80's / early 90's sci-fi-cop-action-hero + Mega Man." $:^ b
But ugh, mouse + keyboard controls. $:^ \ We'll see.

I became a gigantic ~looks up the danmaku-something term online~ danmaku boss. $:^ P
Score: 1,506,733

Reading the Afterword...
eldritch abomination of bodies glued together
Yeah. That's the term I was looking for. ~nodnod~

All right, you said you were sick. I'm glad you submitted something anyway, ha ha ha.

Feel was consitent, even if not top-notch quality or anything. No bugs I noticed. Definitely (hilariously) on-theme, lol.

Oh, and in hindsight, now I recall you saying and then disclaiming "generic AI" -- yeah, if by "generic AI," you mean move_towards_point(inst_player.x, inst_player.y), lol. $E^ P Sorry for not doubting you, lol.

Gather 'Round by The M

LOL!! @ This game was made in less than 72 minutes. Lol! $X^ D

Okay! Let's a-go.

All righty then!
Took me until 30ish seconds remained before I realized you probably meant planets -- not plants. (Re-reads Readme. Ah! It was planets all along. Lol. And whoops! I somehow glossed over the fact I wasn't supposed to suck them in. I had 900 points and only let one get by me at the very end.) And then .. oh no! the (pretty) spinning vortex of DOOM comes after me!! $:^ P

(Ha ha. That's a great title...)
Well. It's funny how game design and balance go, eh? This time, knowiing what I was supposed to do, I got only 750 points.

Anyway, it's cute, it's pretty. Good job. $:^ J
Consistent feel, what with its minimalistic, white planets, particles, and score matching, and its cool-hued, textured background and spinning vortext of DOOM matching. ~nodnod~ No bugs that I saw, which is pretty sweet for an hour and a quarter. $;^ P Kinda fit the theme, but not really? You want to sorta converge, but not entirely, and ~shrug~ I don't know, it's "OK" in that department. $;^ J

Get Together by rio-85

Okay, played it, cute. $:^ J

Sprites are nice, and match the background at least.
Hit detection is way off: In the future, you might want to manually change your sprite masks to be more isometric -- that is, make the bounding box top not include the person's head since it's slightly overhead view.

My guy had 60 bucks left, my girl had 20. (Game only showed my 60 at the end, though.) We had a really good time together. $E^ J Despite cracking our heads open all over the slippery streets and getting mugged every time we turned around. Lol. $:^ b Quaint concept and gameplay -- felt like an Atari 2600 game. Starts at 10 mins for some reason. Hm. Anyway, my girl finally got there 1:20 mins in. Y'know what? Short enough game, and I think I can do better; gonna go again... Okay, 70 and 30 bucks in 50 seconds. Having to press the go button again after standing up slowed me down, but oh well. $:^ J

I don't know how many games you've made, but keep at it! $:^ J

Hold fire! by andev

Pretty info screen. ~nod~ I'm uh cuttin' my eyes at that "theme implementation" attempt as written, though... $F^ ,
Yay, online scores? Let's see if my Internet holds up. $:^ ,
I tried to mention it's brake in the discussion thread. Hopefully my ship doesn't break instead, lol. $¦^ b
Not a fan of mouse+keyboard, though; we'll see how it goes.

~gets confused as to why I would name your online scoreboard~
Ohhhhh, right, my name for (appearing on) your scoreboard, got it. $:^ P Sorry.
(Oh good, fullscreen works. My meters were getting blocked by my taskbar.)
Hm. Got shot down while typing that. Ha. Okay, trying now.
Whoo! I scored 2! (hoo boy)
Ah, so I can hit my own projectiles. Hm.
I can't seem to aim where I want to go at all. I'll try out of fullscreen.
Okay, yeah, that works. Got 8 that time. Feels respectable considering I don't feel at home with those controls or the frantic tap-tap-tap blow-up-everything motif.

Everything looks great. No music, but not really necessary? and the sound effects are fine. It's all very consistent feeling.
Fullscreen bug hurts gameplay -- and I don't know if those meters even do anything or are just for show.
Convergence? ♪No.♪ Lol. Frankly, I got more out of players "converging" via online highscores than "bullets stay in the arena," sorry. $:^ P

But! On a more serious note, the online highscore thing in a mere jam game is pretty cool. Kudos there. $:^ ]

Howler Monkey by Ninety

What a title. And this is by Ninety? ~braces self for wonkiness~

~three lines of text in~ Well, that escalated quickly.
Interesting little intro text, even with the "Look, ma! It has convergence!" bit...

Very pretty. Very solid feeling. (Weird unexplained double-jump that's popular for whatever reason. Well, at least this is a little supernatural-ish little creature, I guess?)
Ha ha: "wall jump by meadering your fingers all over the buttons!" ~just holds right and jumps repeatedly~ $:^ P
Odd little cross out of nowhere. Visual-shortcut gravemarker?

Brilliant level design so far. (Ancient civilization with lasers? Sure! Or maybe they're just super-refracted sunbeams. Heheh. Anyway. Level design.) Like the laser spinning safely to get you concerned, followed two levels later by the laser that gets interrupted when above you which doesn't matter just to hint that you should watch its interruption pattern at the top of the level when you're jumping back across it. Like, built-in Miyamoto-style tutorials. Thank you.

Btw, I should break down the "very pretty." Graphics look like an SNES classic; music sounds superb, just full and tense and interesting (preventing "too repetitive" despite its repetitive-by-design nature!); attention to detail, such as screen shake that doesn't feel inserted because that's just what makes a game anymore but because it really delivers impact in the couple times it's used, feeling needed almost.

Ha ha, getting past the little walker-blaster-thingy in the short tunnel was fun. $E^ b
Seeing this was made in GMS2, I looked around, and I'm guessing you're super enjoying the new tile mechanism? It appears this game's totally built on it. Pretty neat. (I haven't really gotten to use GMS2 yet.)
Weird to see a wall jump hint so late in the game, heh. $F^ b
Okay!! Into creepy creeptastic land all of a sudden! $8^ ` ~drops down the hole~
Oh. Simultaneously relieved and disappointed (ha). With the ominous intro and three presumed grave markers, I expected some crazy boss protecting souls below. Instead, I got a story-satisfying ending of "you win .. you mass-soul-consuming monster, you." $:^ P
And oh, the game window dropped without my pressing anything. $:^ \ Anyway, I think my time was 18:22 with 29 deaths.

Great stuff! Consistent through and through; I mean, this .. this felt like a finished game one could play on Kongregate or something, no problem. ~nodnod~ That's crazy talk for a jam game. Ontop that, bug-free that I could tell; I'm even guessing you left that one jump marker as a hint because you thought the area might be too difficult without it, and you wanted reviewers to finish when so close -- as opposed to something silly like, whoops, this was going to be an early level, but I changed stuff around and forgot; it's easy to give you that benefit of the doubt because the rest of the game felt so entirely deliberate. Excellent job there. Theme? Eh. (heheheh)

Since "concept" for whatever reason deals with mechanics in our reviewing, I'll say everything you did was spot-on -- but it wasn't anything new or innovative per se. Just excellently executed clichés, I suppose. ~nodnod~


Me and Amy had the day off today and were hoping to get through all the games, unfortunately some issues cropped up and we only managed to get through about half. Apologies to those we missed.


The Laughing Rogue
Again, because the GMC does not allow 50,000 character posts, this is an extension of my voting post and my previous post with comments.

Comments (part 2):

HUGS by Nallebeorn

Modified "Charge" music. Cute. $}^ J
Yep, whole thing exudes cute, from the choice of sound effects and music, to the primary and pastel palette. I like. $:^ J
(Oh, and mouse wheel works in the level select screen?! Nice, small touch, there...)

The controls are really, really hard for me (so far -- just finished level 2). I've never been a fan of mixing keyboard and mouse controls. Ah, level 3, I've figured out I can fire the grapple while hanging -- that I don't have to unhook first -- that's nice. Ha ha, level 4, I accidentally learned I can grapple my comrade there. $E^ J Level 5, just noticed the backgrounds moving, cute; also, continuing to forget I can walk (since it divides my mouse and keyboard usage). $F^ | Level 9, oh, I can pull the yellow keys out of the locks (instead of anchoring from them), hm. Well, I completed the game; I went back to level 1 and tried several times and finally got a star; I tried a few times with level 2, too, but once I got under 8 seconds a couple times, I was satisfied enough to let it go. Seems fun, but beyond my skill level.

Contrary to your README, I thought this rode the theme nicely. The grappler, the yellow thingies, the goal, the fact that you walk both comrades into each other, etc. Pretty nice. $:^ J

Consistent feel, even if that means unweildy was the feel. No bugs blowing up in my face -- just a difficult control scheme to overcome, which I didn't feel I did. Okay fun, when the ending asked if I could get all the stars, I literally laughed and answered aloud, "No." $:^ P

HYPERSPACE by Cloaked Games, Barvix and HayManMarc

Neat look, but busy looking (so far). Pressing "Back" from "How to Play" creates a graphical glitch.
~sigh~ Keyboard and mouse; hopefully I'll be all right.

Score: 4; Distance: 0 Lightyears; Hyper Loops: crashed into side of shrinking tunnel at full speed because momentum when releasing button. $F^ }

Score: 154; Distance: 12 Lightyears: Hyper Loops: 3 Loops

I don't know if there's too much dissonance in the music, or the laser sound clashes with it, or what exactly, but the audio is (I'm really sorry to say!) headache-inducing. The music by itself is interesting, though. Gonna try again in silence, as much as I hate to do that.

Score: 162; Distance: 15 Lightyears: Hyper Loops: 3 Loops

That's pretty awesome and unexpected to see the powerups mconverge. $}^ P Triple Seeking Lasers? Don't mind if I do!

It's okay, but Nintendo Hard, and it's difficult for me to move with the keyboard and aim with the mouse. I mostly wound up doing only one or the other.

"Converging with" the .. ~quits and restarts game to see what it's called again~ .. er, reaching the "Convergence Point"? Nice try. $;^ P
(Really, I thought you were going to say something about the hyperspace technobabble converging on you. ~shrug~ Either way, eh, lol...)

Was my laser bouncing off a regular ship a bug? Neat shielded ships, btw.
Graphics are pretty standard HayManMarc fare, which is simple, silly, and works just fine. $E^ J
Oh, lemme read the AFTERWORD...
Yeah, sure, I'll go for it...
Whoops, forgot... Score: 246, Distance: 15 Lightyears, Hyper Loops: 3 Loops... got nothing but Repairs the whole time! ha ha ha
Neat, beat it -- and died at the same time. (Mega Laser blowing through shields for the win!) One more go...
Beat it with nothing but regular laser. Got Seeking Mega Laser and Plasma Shield after taking it down, ha ha ha.
(Interesting, music and sound went okay for me that time.)

I like the AI, btw.

Interceptor by Shadow_Lancer

Nice intro music. Clean looking title screen. (Heeheehee, typo on "Credts" $:^ P heheh. .. Oh, Missile, too. Issues with i's? heheh)

Lol, first I've played this Jam to explicitly mention Alice Mode. Lol. $E^ b

Read the instructions. Went to first level. Got so amazingly confused just looking at it, I hit Esc to reread. Okaaay... Maybe the enemy-danger-looking red missile thing is the end of path then, and I need to stop the neutral-looking black missile along the neutral-looking dotted path? ~tries~ Right, moving the blue target-thing makes the red target-thing much clearer, despite being red vs. all the rest of the apparent enemy stuff looking black like all the things I'm supposed to keep safe. ~actually tries~

Nice, got level 1 on first try.
Aw, got level 2 on second try after exploding a town. $F^ ,
Hm, too close to the castle on level 3... 'Kay, got it.
Level 4 looks exactly like level 3 in distance etc. ... Yep, got it.
Funny, the resulting explosion on level 5 caused a town collateral damage. $F^ J ... Hm, this one's an actual challenge. I've retried a few times. ... Wow, I'm skipping 5 for now. I just can't get the flawless, unforgiving angle there, hm.
Okay, 6 is too unforgiving, too. Like, I'm literally adjusting a pixel at a time (afaik) and still getting nowhere.
I'm trying to fathom how 7 is even possible. $:^ |
Wow, 8 looked super simple until I saw the collateral damage was way too unforgiving again.
Level 9. I guess I'm just not cut out for frame-perfect Kaizo Mario. $}^ J
Like 7, I'm trying to fathom how level 10 is even possible. $:^ [

(Noticed around level 5...) The exact same sound for Launch and Reset? Not the best choice -- but don't worry, we all know time constraints. $E^ J

Sorry, I'm not sure what went wrong, but this goes from no-difficulty casual game to "cranked up to 11" across one level jump, no transition at all. (I did try other things besides what the instructions said, just in case.) And then, a couple levels seeming 100% unbeatable, I'm more apt to call that a bug than a difficulty.

Very consistent style, though. Well-chosen audio and video to match the casual, abstracted-war-tech, thinking-mini-game motif. The only real lack in consistency there was the black enemy missile (and its path probably).

Converging paths, okidoky. ~shrug~

LoCommotion by RealBadHombre

The README is an HTML file. Neat? I'd totally prefer this myself, but since the rules said do a TXT file, I just figured that's all the GMC Jam Player could handle... Hm. Anyway. Looks like I'm in for a treat, concept-wise. Let's see. $E^ }

That title screen picture is really sad. ~nod~
Ah, neat, you did this in GMS2. Okidoky. $:^ J

I like the tutorial screen. It looks like a busy mess, but it soon becomes clear it's perfectly safe, and interactively illustrative. Very nice.
... Oh. Um. Ha. ... While typing this, I got a "Victory!" popup. $F^ ,
Anyway, I found it video-game-logic-hilarious that some levels might actually limt the number of death-and-mayhem, iron-mangling literal trainwrecks before replacing the player's sorry carcass. Lol.

All right. Won. That was quaint. Fun. I liked. $:^ J

Seemed pretty consistent overall. The only certain "bug" was getting kicked to the desktop on popup messages, but that's not even a bug, and you do what you must on limited time; I thought I had one train explode at an empty intersection once, but I could've been mistaken. In a way, you're trying to prevent convergence, which is fine, plus the tracks shifting and all ... yeah, it's okay-ish on theme.

The README gave me a gameplay feeling reminescent of Pipe Dream (on NES). Playing maybe kinda sorta did? But it defintely felt like its own original, thing, too. Haven't seen anything quite like this before -- directing traffic (aside from Lemmings maybe ha ha), and train traffic in particular. Good job, there.

Where was this game during the GMC Jam with the handicap, "the game must include a train in it"? BWAH HA HA ha ha, .. don't mind me. Lol.

Magnet Man by MakSM

Seems to have simple controls. Let's a-go!

New to GameMaker? $:^ }
Magnet Man himself has really nice, smooth animation.
You might've centered the x origin on the little red box so that you could mirror the x scale when it's walking back and forth. $;^ J
The sound effects work.
The controls, however, don't apparently. Sorry 'bout that, but besides the pretty nice, smooth walking and jumping, I could only attract myself onto the second platform (with a hang-in-mid-air glitch), and apparently only attract the metal box into myself for a restart. Q didn't repel for me. Oooohhhh, R, my mistake. Retrying! (I'm used to people using Q and E to wrap around the WASD. My mistake.)

Okay, I got a few levels in, then couldn't get past a level sometime after the red+blue box. Neat puzzle action overall, although I might recommend different controls. (Arrow Keys + ZX is pretty popular, or XC if you hope the German layout (Z/Y swapped) won't bite you.) You have some skill in level layout and difficulty curve. Good job. $:^ ]

MobVergence by RargraveEntertainment

Hm. Your Readme actually gets my hopes up some. $:^ J Let's find out.

...Random pink blob. More-randomness-invoking dissonate nigh-atonal music. And cute graphics with a frolicking sheep and dancingish tree. Ooookidoky. Here we go.

Nice. Got 1,235 my first go. I like this. It's an interesting concept I haven't seen before. It reminds me of Zoop from decades ago, but I never played it, and I think it had totally different mechanics other than the approach-the-center-grid thing; also reminds me of QBeez (I think was the title -- a family member played it a lot) with its cute puzzle block characters. Anyway, this is neat. Gonna try again. (Muah ha ha ha, built up to 1,325 using the Esc glitch. Okay, restarting!)

Oh ho, unlocking a bomb, and continuing... $E^ b
All right, got to 1,990 that time. One more 'gain! heheh
(Well... Actually... I'm short on time. Trying Casual mode now.)
Oh ho, over 3,000, and now I have a blue block. This thing just keeps going. I'm seriously impressed. $:^ o $:^ ] $:^ ]
13,560, and there's no end in sight.

This could totally be a full game on Kongregate, mobile, etc. With enough content, I don't know, maybe even Steam players would go for it. This just feels so polished already, and it's its own awesome concept. Good stuff here. $:^ b

Very consistent feel, through and through. I already mentioned the bug, although the undocumented Spacebar reset (and Esc semi-pause-toggle) is kind of weird, too; oh, Spacebar only resets the Slide and not the Casual? Hm. Anyway, this hits the theme pretty spot on -- everything's converging to the center, sure, but then your goal is to merge like-blocks and eventually get them off the board permanently. Overall, good stuff here.

Using the GMC Jam Player, you got "Great" in every category but Story ("OK"), which is the highest anyone got from me oddly enough; the only reason I bumped others above you is that your fellow-top-tier competitors also made their own graphics; it's cool that you modified stuff, and you did choose resources well; not knocking you down, just raising them up. $;^ D (However, clearly, you put a lot of your own effort into the audio. ~nodnod~)

MOTHERSEA by mimusic

My brain keeps wanting to misread your title. $:^ P
But okay, time to hit RUN.

$|^ o
Oh. Wow. The game starts. And. I'm impressed all over the place.
The music is fantastic. You know the tweening's nice. $E^ b The graphics and apparent interface are super pleasing. (Now let's push some buttons.)

(Aw, kinda hoped fullscreen would fill my screen. Oh well!)
Controls are neat. Very relaxed feeling. Responsive, though. (However, I'm having trouble pulling in this 6th-or-so egg "baby"...)
Okay, now I'm lost. I guess these little globules aren't babies? (not eggs?) But .. power pellet thingies I launch? Hm. 'Kay.
Yeah, I guess the fish are the babies then. Whoops. Heh. $F^ b
Interesting. I tried cycling to the fish to attack the urchins, but I found simply bubbling them as the squid is easier. $E^ b
Interesting. Just learned I don't have to right-click on anything, but rather RMB while LMBing around works fine...
OH!! My fish doesn't attack with the little globules, but lights the way! Cute, but needless so far. $:^ P

Weellll... I have a school of fish around me. I've been bubbling around, downward, for quite awhile. I'm wondering if I went somewhere out of bounds, because I haven't seen anything reachable in awhile. Oh! And I just realized I can use the keyboard to move, too!
.... Yaaaay, finally came back up high enough to find coral-or-rock-or-what-have-you. (Strange that one can RMB the fish through the walls...)
Yeah, I guess I'm still on the outside. (I'll provide a screenshot. Did you intend for this not to happen?) I'll go ahead and restart. $:^ \ (It's fun, and I enjoy the slow pace, but trying to squeeze in last-minute jam votes since my computer's finally cooperating doesn't bode well with slow gameplay, unfortunately. Bah.)

(Q lets the Guide of Light light up the place, eh? heheh Undocumented, though. I wonder if this were for debugging...)
Whoa! Pressing C gave me the controls for just playing with the keyboard, which is what I prefer anyway! Nice.
Bah, nevermind, attacking with C is erratic. Still gotta mix my keyboard and mouse controls...
Aw, sad that bubbling in the opposite direction that you're travelling doesn't speed you up. $;^ J

Victory. I totally understand "this is the end" messages, ha ha ha ha. Great game, thank you for it.

Very consistent feel, through and through -- the graphics, the sounds, the music, everything screamed "low-fi" and yet clearly wasn't! $:^ } The one bug-apparent isn't very nice, though. Also, the pairing of the two sea creatures, and the drawing in of light and of fishy babies, yeah, it's kiiind of converge-y, but not super-thematic. $F^ J

Yes, do keep working on this. $:^ ]

Reverse Asteroids! by Dwojityv

The title already impresses me. $}^ J
Oh ho, man, that README's killing me, in a good way, lol. $E^ b

Got 1,145 on my first go. That was pretty funny. Superb mimicry of Asteroids where the parody needed to be similar (sound, graphics, controls, overall feel), and nice divergence from Asteroids where wanting to do things better (like the kinder physics and hit detection).

I guess the only thing that really let me down (no bugs hit me in the face, yay,) was that firing off chunks of yourself never shrunk you (endangering yourself). You could just go around collecting little bits here and there, then throw ten times that much back, ha. (I only tried the unlimited bodily ammo near the end of my run. I might've gotten a higher score hammering away at the spacebar, but oh well.)

Look at my username. Look what you did. You know I enjoyed it. $}^ b

Shootin Your Goo by Powerdrive

Title.. I dunno. Pretty plain README. Let's see how the game goes.

Cute artwork, I like.
Having to click the title screen, but the game is played with the keyboard? Eek.
Music is quite nice, I like. $:^ ]

Okay, it took me several minutes to figure out the following:
A and D move left and right.
Spacebar jumps. The smaller you are, the higher you jump.
Z .. I think makes you invulnerable for a moment, but I basically found it impossible on (what I presume is) Stage 2 to get past the monsters, even putting my right hand directly underneath my left hand to try to push the crazy combination of buttons to move and jump and become presumably invulnerable. (Yeah, later tested in acid pool, invulnerable for a moment.)
P, thankfully, skips to the next level. I wouldn't have gotten past Stage 1 nor 2 without it.
Ah, R restarts a level. I only found that while writing this up. Didn't notice before somehow.

Beat the remaining levels only to find some weird message that reminds me how the title has so little to do with the actual game.

Other than some weirdness including the random click-instead-of-keyboard screens and meaningless(?) title, everything seemed pretty consistent. First stage seemed bugged, though, passable only by presumed debug code. Converging with your goo (?) and being literally more massive because of it fit the theme in a neat way, although the opportunity for any puzzle based on that got missed; also, I found no way to shoot said goo. Importantly, controls were rough, even if they had been documented, but you'll get some extra points in my mind for the original visuals and music.

Starlight Convergence by FrostyCat

Very pretty visuals and choice of music. Sounds is minimalistic, but the mere clicks for most everything might've gone too far -- yet the subtlety that lended to the pitch-dropping drawing was great. $:^ J

Completed 8 rounds with 13,926 points. I didn't feel skilled at your game at all. It took me 30 seconds before I completed my first loop. I just kept overshooting everything with my apparently poor mouse control. Never mind high score, I just tried to take advantage of convergence freezes to survive, heheheh.

Overall, everything had a consistent feel (important!), nothing seemed buggy (great for a Jam, and expected due to your history of attention to detail and standards), and it was fun enough $:^ ] -- like you said, a mini-game.

Terestria by 2DKnights

Woo wee, you wrote a full-blown introductory story for this. More than anything else I've seen so far, nice. $:^ ] Music's great, btw. Typos (including for your own game title) aren't as nice, though. $F^ }

~reads Controls~ Do I .. use arrow keys? or no movement? Let's find out.
~first area~ All right. Yes. I do like the concept. This'll probably be too hard for me to keep up with, though. We'll see.
~second~ Oh good. Puzzles. I can do puzzles. $:^ }
~third~ Ah. Hear come the monsters... And yeah, the C switching is quite disorienting. I know you show which is which, and I know there are time limits, but oof, some other visual representation of the switch would be nice. $E^ J What? I can't shoot the monsters? Or do I need to match the element to the nearest color here, too? ... Nope. Just gotta time around it somehow. $:^ \ Awesome, good, I can get rid of it after all. ~nodnod~ Of course, I died once or twice due to tapping C instead of the proper action button... Hm...
~fourth~ Aw, had to stop. And I was getting into it. $E^ J Lemme try again, seeing if there's a way to complete this room... Nah, I guess that's just the end. Okay.

Made in GMS2, eh? I'm guessing you used the new tile system? You enjoying that? Looked like it anyway. $:^ J

Everything felt pretty consistent. No bugs to speak of -- just an apparently unbeatable final room is all, which you yourself also-apparently alerted. Converging to a point, kinda sorta thematic -- at least the goal is to get all your characters to the same point. ~nodnod~ Nothing spectacularly new nor innovative in the "teamwork puzzle" department, but it's enjoyable with plenty of fun potential. Overall, neat. $:^ J

The Converging by Reign, YCCCM7, Shwee

I like the README setup. Cute.

I can already tell I'll want to enjoy playing but will hate the controls. I'd love to be proven wrong, though. Let's see. ~RUNs game~
Hm. Tried E at the weird green thing. Nothing. Tried E at the other thing in my starting area. Ah, there's the Replicator. ... Can't find any way to select Replicator items! Meanwhile, several seconds into trying things, oh, aliens come and destroy everything. ~sigh~ Mm, maybe I can use 1-9 at it? Nope.

Sorry, but I'm going to have to mark this one as mostly unplayable for me. $:^ [
Well, lemme see if Build Mode will help. Mm. No, not the Replicator, but at least I can build turrets.... whiiiiich... fire bullets less powerful than my knife. $:^ |
Okay, got to the wave where robots start firing back at me.
(And my two turrets keep wiping out robots long after I'm dead, ha ha ha.)

Well, things felt generally consistent, which is nice. The apparent bug for not getting to use the replicator is a deal-breaker, though. Also, I suppose you decided to not use the theme, which is fine of course. ~nod~ Oh, nevermind, your title reminded me... So I guess .. the robots converge on your spot? and the portals? Mm, sorry, not feeling it. Anyway! At least your story blurb made me feel something for the poor little one-man army; that's good. $:^ J

TW0 by CardinalCoder64

Neat. Difficult.

The first windmill took me out many a time.
The double windmill (with key and gate) took me out so many times, I finally gave up.

TW0 itself was cute. $:^ J
The automatic path-following only when touched was a pretty neat mechanic! $:^ ]
I don't know if you hoped the theme would be present in the fact that once you touch the little thing, you can't untouch it for too long. Not reeaally strong on the theme, no, sorry. $F^ J

Simple, consistent graphics. Only sound was the default Windows popup. No bugs that I saw -- just touchy controls and unforgiving timing.

Untitled by Master Maker

What's your name?
action number 1
of Async Event: Dialog
for object obj_input:

File is not opened for reading.
at gml_Script_scr_load_game
stack frame is
gml_Script_scr_load_game (line 0)

...hit Ignore twice, getting more errors; final error had no Ignore button.
Tried with "George" but same result.
Tried cancelling. No crash, but no gameplay, either -- just silently stuck on the wintery trees and grass.

Sorry, unplayable for me. $:^ | Nice choice of wintery graphics, though.

Untitled by notcreativeEnuf4_1

Well, at least you submitted something. $:^ ]

Parts of it look pretty neat. Really buggy. No game to speak of (no challenge, no reward). Kind of a partly working mechanical demo. (Found it a little funny when I jumped off the end and my reflection and self passed through each other. $E^ b )

Hopefully next time, you'll be able to submit a game. Looking forward to it. $E^ ]


predictably random
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@Alice said:
I kinda wonder how a game would work where one would need to define a polynomial to match given points instead...
That's brilliant! Best suggestion I've received so far. Always looking for ways to make math/science games, and this would be a great idea. Of course, the gameplay might still suck. But I'll have lots of fun creating this. :)


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The results are out!

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Score breakdown spreadsheet

  1. HUGS by @Nallebeorn
  2. MOTHERSEA by @mimusic
  3. Boxbuddy Monsters by @lazertrax, Riolite
  4. Convergence by @Dr. Wolf
  5. Nom Nom Chameleon by @JackTurbo, Amy
  6. Howler Monkey by @Ninety
  7. Convergence: Falloff Brawl Arena by @Misty
  8. Converging Lanes by @Kodiqi
  9. A Head's Start by @ghandpivot
  10. Brain Dash by @CamperLv, @Kepons
  11. Attract/Repel by @Cat
  12. AtomiConverge by @Sohom Sahaun, Enrique
  13. Starlight Convergence by @FrostyCat
  14. Interceptor by @Shadow_Lancer
  15. Spacial Convergence by The Feather Friends
  16. Hold fire! by @andev
  17. Terestria by @2DKnights
  18. Dungeon Crush by @Micah_DS
  19. Incursion by @Siolfor the Jackal
  20. LoCommotion by @RealBadHombre
  21. Reverse Asteroids! by @Dwojityv
  22. Cardvergence by @Joh
  23. CMYK by @NightOwl35
  24. Brush+Paper by @FadedSketch
  25. Convergence by @Ragarnak, @JackOatley
  26. Fusionman: Criminal Convergence by @Yal
  27. Asymptote by @chance
  28. ECHO by @K3TCH_P, @MARN
  29. HYPERSPACE by @Cloaked Games, @Barvix, @HayManMarc
  30. Tech Jack by @Bingdom, @KrotoR
  31. Colorvergence by BumiBomber
  32. TW0 by @CardinalCoder64
  33. Colour along the lines by @Vyking
  34. MobVergence by @RargraveEntertainment
  35. Gather 'Round by @The M
  36. Extreme Quilting by @speedchuck
  37. Epic Cool Cookie Bakery by @SweetCelestia, @r0wan
  38. Blob by @Weerdoh, @OverLogic
  39. Simon's Escape by Purple Games Studios
  40. The Converging by @Reign, @YCCCM7, Shwee
  41. Asteroids Converge by @Aegirbard
  42. Shootin Your Goo by Powerdrive
  43. Magnet Man by @MakSM
  44. Worlds in Collision by @trg601, moon489
  45. Reunion by @lolslayer, Kazemir, Philipp
  46. Meta by @Alice
  47. FleitGeist by @Sinaz20, @FredFredrickson
  48. FlyTrap by TotallyAverageGames
  49. Flood Control by @Tyche
  50. Zombie's Party by @Yotzer
  51. The Brawler by @UnknownDevil666
  52. Kidnapped Kingdom by @Lt. Farfetch'd, @Noah4DeWin
  53. Yum! by @Mahdarah
  54. GMC Jammin' by @ParodyKnaveBob
  55. Zombie Convergence by @NickKall
  56. Get Together by @rio-85
  57. Potatoes of DOOOOOOM by @Lukan
  58. Convergence - Right to Left by ColtonPhilips
  59. Untitled by @Master Maker
  60. Untitled by @notcreativeEnuf4_1
The entry Palette Swapper by @IcyPenguin_ was unfortunately disqualified and has not been considered for the final ranking, since it violated the rule which required each entry to be made specifically for the Jam during the Jam timeframe.


Best use of CONVERGENCE: Converging Lanes by @Kodiqi
Best Concept: Attract/Repel by @Cat; Brain Dash by @CamperLv, @Kepons
Best Presentation: MOTHERSEA by @mimusic
Best Story: Convergence by @Dr. Wolf
Best Devlog: Asteroids Converge by @Aegirbard

Best reviewer: @FrostyCat

Other Jam prizes

The top 3 entrants and best-of winners will be featured in the Hall of Fame.
Furthermore, @Nallebeorn will choose the theme for the next Jam.
The creators of top 3 games will also receive a GMS2 Desktop license each from YoYo Games. (Instructions and more information on this will follow in the next couple of days, so please be patient.)

Community prizes

Please don't forget to check if you are eligible for one of community prizes contributed to this Jam's pool, and poke the prize givers if necessary~!
(if you are the one giving away the prize, especially the one for specific entries, please contact those who should receive the prize)

The GMC Jam is officially finished!


Good job to everyone. Sorry I was dumb. :(
I mean, no harm done except for yourself. Just read the rules more carefully next time :p
Your game was actually really good (just... not a jam game). Do you have a forum topic or GameJolt page or something of it? I'd really want to play a more polished version of it in the future.

Also: The overall quality of the games was *really* high this time! Which makes me more happy that I managed to come in first place (finally! :p). Excellent job, everybody!

The M

Congratulations to the winners!

Given how little time I had available for the jam (literally only the last hour, plus a few minutes that I cheated deadline ;)) I'm surprised how many enjoyed the game. Hope I can join for real next time though!


Toolmaker of Bucuresti
Forum Staff
46th out of 60? For an entry with no interaction whatsoever, I'll take it.

Also, congratulations to everyone who participated, especially the top 3. And remember, Nallebeorn, with great theme comes great responsibility!


Thanks for the positive reception <3 This was my first jam of any sort (and the first game I've ever released publicly) so I'm glad it was well received. I personally still have a lot of problems with my game and the final vision I have for it, so I'll continue to work on it, but I'm glad that it's off to a good start. Congrats to all the ranking and best-of winners, and great job to everybody who participated!


I'm deeply honoured, thank you very much. The jam was my first experience and certainly something I am looking forward to entering again.

I have been thinking lately about revisiting the game to improve those off angle torpedoes and add some other improvements. But I'm not sure if it would be a better use of my time to do so, or to make a second game for the experience.

A huge congratulations to everyone who entered, winning or not. It's not tough and the biggest thing I learned was to not worry about competing with others and only compete against myself. Well done all!
I forgot to post screen caps of the errors I had:

@2DKnights - Terestria - After beating the last level

@Bingdom, @KrotoR - Tech Jack - On Load

@Master Maker - Untitled - On Load

@mimusic - MOTHERSEA - On load

@Lt. Farfetch'd, @Noah4DeWin - Kidnapped Kingdom - When talking to my citizens

@Tyche - Flood Control - When pressing space after placing the last hole.

@Lukan - Potatoes of Doom - When talking to a guy.


I forgot to post screen caps of the errors I had:

@mimusic - MOTHERSEA - On load
Looks like you might be missing the directx runtime. Not 100% sure on that, but that seems to be the typical cause of this error. hadn't occured to me to include it with my game, thanks for sharing the error!


So I missed my last chance to play and rate because I passed out after being sick had weakened me to that point, and on my way down to the floor I hit the edge of my desk (I think?) which cut open my chin (just needed 4 stitches), and got a mild concussion when I hit the floor, etc... so that only solidified the lesson I learned this time around after procrastinating, then getting sick during the time I had planned to play and rate. You never know what'll happen, so - as I said before, next time I'm definitely not putting the playing and rating off at all.

But anyway, congrats to everyone on your accomplishments! I hope everyone has grown from this experience and will come back stronger next jam. :)

Dr. Wolf

Great jam everyone, and congrats to the top three, the other winners, and everyone who managed to put together an entry and/or review! It's great to hear that some of you enjoyed my weird little narrative game. See you all next time! :)


Congratulations to everyone! I am happy and a little bummed my game came in 24th place. So close to the goodies from yoyo! :D all in all, not too shabby for my first game jam. Thank you to everyone who played + rated it!
(And sorry I never got around to voting... ^^; )
And it starts again. Did you ever consider I might not be ready for another jam? But if there is one, I have to do it! Gah!

No, I'm curious too. :) Can't wait. It is possible I will not participate this time around though.. doing 4 jams in a row gets a bit tough. I have other things to work on too! On the other hand, I'd hate to loose a streak like that...


Hey, thanks for your support.

Fred and I are working on a new version of Fleitgeist in another engine.
Np :)

And NICE! If there is somewhere I can find news about it please tell me where, I'm really interested in what this can be turned into :D
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