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Maybe it's the time of year (this is being posted near Christmas, after all), or maybe it's age (I am 43, after all) or maybe it's an excess of alcohol and nostalgia (this is being posted near Christmas and I am getting old after all)... But I think we need a topic where we can say THANK YOU to the users that have helped us on the GMC.

So, here is that thread! Has someone helped you out with a major issue? Has someone constantly popped up in your threads to give you that little nugget of wisdom that always manages to resolve your problem? Has someone been commenting on your WIP game and encouraged you to keep on working on it? Has someone posted an awesome tutorial that jump-started you on the path to GM enlightenment? Is there someone around here that you think is just plain cool?

If the answer to any of those questions is "yes" then please, take a moment to thank them here! You don't have to say much, just "@" them and say thank you! You can write a huge monologue about how much you appreciate them too, if you choose! I don't care as long as your posts follow these two simple rules:

  • Every post must thank someone even if it's replying to a post from someone thanking you.

  • There must be NO negativity in any posts. Any post that has a negative comment or connotation will be removed, so no posts like "even though they can be really rude sometimes, XXX has really helped me..." or "XXX can be really annoying but their advice is awesome" etc...

Note, that just because someone has been thanked already in a post, doesn't mean you can't thank them again if their contribution has helped you!

That said, I guess I better get to thanking a few people to get the ball rolling! I'd like to thank:

  • @TheouAegis , @FrostyCat , @RichHopefulComposer and @GMWolf for being so damned helpful around here! You people are what makes the GMC great!

  • @chance, @Alice and @TsukaYuriko - for being some of the best mods this forum has had and working tirelessly to keep it a great community and make my own job easier.

  • @YellowAfterlife - I would have included YAL in the above mention, but feel he deserves a little extra mention for all the work he does outside the GMC and he's provided me indirectly with a lot of help and inspiration.

  • @xot - for being a true pillar of the GameMaker Community and not just on the GMC, and for creating, as without it I'd have been lost when I was learning to use GameMaker.
I could add more and more names here, as there are so many people that I'd like to thank, but I'll hand this thread over to you all now...

So, go on, BE APPRECIATIVE!!!!!



I cannot describe how helpful and improving this forum is.
@Samuel Venable 's PC extensions!
@TheSnidr 's 3D works are how I started thinking better about 3D at all.
@matharoo for his tutorials and for his accent(Really teaches better with that) :D
Ultimately @Nocturne as he's the one that is always on the frontlines.

Special thanks to Dr. Best for his work Ultimate3D, the thing that really pushed me to learn complicated things about Game Maker (Almost 12 years ago!)


Alright sure!

@Nocturne (Code that I still use every time, liking my wip screenies :p )
@Bearman_18 (For way too much feedback ^_^ )
@HayManMarc (Also for liking my stuff frequently!)
@Cpaz (Also for a lot of feedback! thank you sir!)
@Cloaked Games (For even more feedback! thank you! ^^ )
@Tthecreator (Also for liking my shoddy products :D )
@Joe Ellis (For liking my awful Youtube videos :D thank you buddy!)
@Simon Gust (For even more and more feedback! :))
@Toque (For being the first to leave a response to my game! ^_^ )
@Kezarus (Also for feedback! :) )
@EvanSki (Also feedback and other jazz! )
@Lukasmah (For feeling my presence! )
@KPJ (For immense amounts of detailed feedback, thanks once more!)
@Lukan (For still updating Homestead after 4-5 years, awesome dude!)
@FoxyOfJungle (For providing plenty of feedback and showing love!)

Aaaaand.. I think that was it? I hope :) Thanks again! <3

@RichHopefulComposer is gonna be added to here too! ^_^
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@Misu for being the first GMC user I ever met, and he's been nice and helpful ever since. He redirected me to the old GMC when the YYGF were closing.
@roytheshort for being the funniest member in existence.
@Nocturne for putting up with my immaturity since I was a preteen till now and always being more understanding than he had to.
@matharoo for being awesome and making so much helpful tutorials.


I don't really ask a lot of my own questions on the forum, but I've been helped by, learnt from and made acquaintances with some very cool and talented people since I started using GameMaker just as the GMS2 beta was released.

Some will be aware they helped me and went out of their way to do so - others will have done so via their posts, content, videos, tutorials etc.

So a big thanks to:
@Seabass (The Human)
@Lonewolff (or whatever alt accounts he is posting under now!)

Special mentions and thanks to:
@Nocturne, @TsukaYuriko and @chance for doing a great job modding the forum and always being approachable.
I know there may be others but you three are the ones I see interacting most on a regular basis.

@rwkay, @Jobo, @Mike and the rest of the dev team for the hard work they did (Mike) and continue to do improving GMS2.
Also to @Dan and @rmanthorp for regularly posting here and interacting with the community regarding bugs, updates etc.

Finally to @FrostyCat for keeping me amused with most of his replies.
He's still the only person I've heard use "loosey-goosey" in the last 10yrs and that's worth a thanks all on it's own.
Here's to 2020 and those GML improvements! :banana:


Thank you to everyone who's ever had success with GameMaker and then turned around and gave back to the community. We're all standing on the shoulders of giants, every one of us, but we can only climb up if the giants give us the opportunity.

There's too many of you to name, but you all deserve the gratitude of the thousands of people that you help daily. Thank you.


Love the topic! I belive we should always thank others and say good things and this right here is amazing! Thanks @Nocturne ! =]

The Big Guns: those are the guys that, when I see answering a thread, it's a "Problem Solved" situation. Thanks a lot for your support! You are the best guys! =]

@ShaunJS : for sooo many tutorials. =]

The Moderators: you make our life good, easier and fun here. My thanks to you!

@Xor : for your amazing job at Twitter and Youtube helping us indies to show our work. That's beyond amazing!

The People: for all the good people that is always around and have time to spare a word. My days are funnier thanks to you! =]
@Cloaked Games
@Samuel Venable

@EvanSki : for the guy that always crack me up in a laugher XD

@Zuurix : for giving us Sector Six and for his amazing art style! Kudos to you! =]

And lastly, to my brother. We are meddling with game design and RPG since 1990 and probably before that. For being amazing at math, for finding bugs a mile away, for so much good ideas, for beign as madly organized as I am. Thank you!

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Wow, there's so many. I love this community.
- Huge thanks to the moderators.
- @Xor For Xor things and GMSpotlight
- Folks who helped with The Last Librarian over the last years. Especially @Linkforce @JellyJake112 (And my other alpha testers)
- @matharoo For Matharoo things, and GM Mentors discord server.
- All the other folks in the GM Mentors server.
- Many folks who show support all the time. @Siolfor the Jackal @Coded Games @RichHopefulComposer @MilesThatch @EvanSki @Kezarus
- All the people I've done game jam projects with (many and I can't remember them all)


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I'd like to thank everyone who ever participated in any of the GMC Jams over the years!
Those Jams, and all the back and forth banter and feedback, were a true reflection of the enthusiasm, creative spirit, and camaraderie of this great Community!

In no particular order I'd like to thank:
@Alice - for all your hard work keeping the Jams going, for creating the Jam Player, for all your constructive criticism, and for just generally being a nice person!
@HayManMarc - always happy to see you at the Jams, helping to set a positive tone!
@Nocturne - cos we old farts hafta stick together *come back here with my walking cane damnit!*
@GameDevDan - for all those YoYoHouse memories, coming to my wedding, visiting me in Dublin, and being an all round stand-up guy!
@NAL - for all those BankStreet and YoYoHouse memories, mad Friday night gaming/drinking sessions, and being a super nice person!
@JackOatley - for all those BankStreet and YoYoHouse memories, bar chats, epic plans, and late night stranglings (k, maybe not that last one)
@Mike - for all your little side projects at YoYo, inspiring me to get back into ultra retro gaming (ZX Spectrum FTW!), and just being a generally great guy!
@YoYoGames in general - for the best 5 years of my life to date! Thank you!


I haven't been around for a while (unfortunately) but i wanted to grab this opportunity to send a big "thank you!" to all the amazing people that animate the GMC.
In particular to:

@YellowAfterlife, @GMWolf, @8BitWarrior, @Dragon47, @icuurd12b42, @Pixelated_Pope, @Huder, @ShaunJS, @Xor, @Rui Rosário, @Surgeon_, @RangerX, @TheouAegis, @FrostyCat: for all the things i've discovered and learned reading your posts and checking your tools-engines-assets.
@Roa, @RichHopefulComposer: cause without you the GMC wouldn't be the same.
@Yal: for sharing your (deep) knowledge about game dev (and videogames in general) and for being inspiring.
@TsukaYuriko, @chance, @Alice: cause you're the most brilliant, friendly and helpful mods i've met.
@Nocturne: for all your precious work in guiding the GMC boat (with passion and intellectual honesty, i would add) while curating the tech blog, the manuals, the tutorials etc...

And, of course, a special thank to @Mike and @rwkay for making the world of videogames (and my life) richer: first with DMA Design, and then with GameMaker Studio 1 and 2.

Grazie! =)
I don't have much time these days to make games, but I really appreciate everyone on the game maker forums, because I learned so much.

In particular, I'd give a round of appreciation to these people:

@dadio - For being just a fun person and mod.
@Nocturne - For keeping the community on track and being active.
@Ninety - For the comics that had me laughing on the floor.
@True Valhalla - Just love your style.
@GameDevDan - For making the old Game Jams wonderful.
@Alice - For making the new Game Jams wonderful.
@chance - For inspiring me with your physics experiments.
@2Dcube - For countless hours when I was in high school of playing your games and being inspired.
@HayManMarc - For great Jam times.
@Yal - Being so helpful around the community.
@Lukan - Your commitment to Homestead. It's so very honorable and I'm jealous that you have that focus.
@NAL - So many lovely fonts.
@Xor - For making shaders actually a bit understandable.
@YellowAfterlife - For making 3D camera math actually understandable.

and of course.

@roytheshort for endlessly making content for the GMC comics.


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Not gonna say too much, except a public thanks to @Nocturne, I don't think people realise how much hassle and stress this place can cause, and he's been here on the front lines for a long time, handling everything with his usual good humour. Well done mate, you've done a great job over the years.

And to everyone else. Even if we've had heated words over the years, believe me, I've loved every minute. These forums are always great fun, both in conversation, arguments and little tech talks back and forth. Thanks to everyone who takes part, it's kept me entertained for years.


What a beautiful thought. Such community love. I love it!

I always feel bad about posting in threads like this, because I always feel I'm going to be leaving someone out - but that being said, there's a bunch of lovely people that should definitely get some props.

For being pretty much the coolest admin I've ever seen on any forum I've ever been to (and it's been quite a few over the years). Always so extremely levelheaded and professional, but at the same time not a robot, and can joke around just as much as the next guy (f-ck it, more so). The forum would be a mess without you. Also helped me out numerous times in the past - you know. Just for putting up with all our sh*t and still keeping a straight face - I salute you! (Though honestly you must be facepalming or laughing your ass off every now and then - you hide it well)

For all your excellent tutorials, and for always being there to shoot the sh*t about whatever in the status updates. Also for being a very active helping hand with Q&A.

Also excellent tutorials, fun status update talk, all around good karma vibes, and for all the times you helped me out on Discord with my stupid requests for stuff I probably shouldn't be doing, no matter what ungodly hour I message you, you're somehow always there. Take a break, man!

Once again, always keeping the status talks interesting, cool and friendly - good community vibes man.

For always keeping it interesting in the status update talks and debates, and for being a kindred spirit in the great pursuit of the almighty indie RPG craft.

Seriously guy, you deserve a medal just for your legendary resolution tutorials - but on top of that, I've never seen an uninteresting video of yours, and I somehow end up watching even the ones I don't need, because they're just so good.

For being a damn gatling gun in the help forum, for your advocacy on best practices, your determination in terms of proper tutorial material, and for being a constant critical voice and calling out YYG on any shenanigans - although your tone has a reputation of its own, we need someone with a critical eye, and as long as you're around, I don't feel completely alone in being an angry ranter. :p

@The Reverend
For your excellent work with shader tutorials, and on a more personal note, for the insane amount of help you've provided me with a particularly bothersome project a long time ago. Even when I practically begged to pay you for your time, you were just all like "nah, we gotta help each other out in the community man!" - after having spent so much time on my sh*t. Way cool, I'll never forget your help!

Your blog alone deserves its own trophy, but on top of that, there's all the tools you've built that's used by so many in the community. You extend the very tool we use. That's amazing.

Oh yeah... And a very, very special mention to @rwkay
I've said it before, and I'll say it again - this guy deserves a raise. And then another one.
I know he's probably had it up to here and then some with me, and I really don't blame him. But this is a guy who genuinely goes above and beyond the call of duty. I experienced that personally a few years back - I will never forget the level of dedication I saw from him, and even 30 years from now when all of this is probably long gone, I will still be grateful. I cannot stress this enough. You rock. Should our paths ever cross at GDC or where ever, all the fekin strawbry milkshakes you can drink are on me.
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Joe Ellis

I'd like to thank:

@TheSnidr The guy who made the best all round 3d engine
@flyingsaucerinvasion The best mathematician on the forum
@Bearman_18 For being great
@matharoo For being lovable
@IndianaBones For giving good advice and being a good guy
@Repix For making really cool game stuff with cool graphics and style
@RujiK The best artist and skill mixing programming with art
@JaimitoEs For the mutual appreciation and encouragement with our work
@Kentae For the constant positive feedback with my work
@Micah_DS ^Same as above
@RichHopefulComposer For being funny and a good guy
@Xor For his support with my thread and sharing it on twitter
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Ohhh! Thank you very much for the mention @Joe Ellis!

It's hard to mention so many people that makes this great community possible!

I will honor the people who helped me in the past to improve my skills as a programmer and the interesting people of this forum:

@Joe Ellis and @TheSnidr Pushing Game Maker to the next level.
@Lonewolff Great programmer with a lot of interesting ideas.
@Xor , @xygthop3 and @The Reverend Help me to understand the black magic behind shaders.
@Binsk a great 3d programmer with a big heart.
@Nocturne and @Mike for all the good articles to squeeze all the gamemaker power!
@8BitWarrior Giving us the first and one of the best Tweening engine.
@Juju Giving us one of the best gamemaker game ever made and a fantastic programmer!
I leave many people to mention, there are many talented people from whom I have learned a lot.


Well, this is really nice, I like it! ^^
I would like to thank:

@Joe Ellis (Thanks for mentioning me ^^)

You have all been very helpful in the development of my projects with great posts here on the forum, tutorials and persional conversations ^^

I would also like to thank the rest of the people here on the forum. Because of you I never have to look far for good help end tips to any issue I might run into :)


@JaimitoEs Haha, well dang. I'm flattered. Thanks for the mention, mate.

@Nocturne ,You do an amazing job with these forums. It is ideas like this that make me love these forums so much. Also, you also seems to reply within what, 2 seconds, if you get mentioned in a post asking for help. :p

@Yal , Another awesome person. You've helped me out on numerous occasions in the Q&A and I always see you around helping others as well. You're awesome.

@YellowAfterlife , you done saved my bacon with your GMEdit tool, man. Makes developing on Linux extremely enjoyable. Your work in general is top notch so thanks for making all these amazing tools.

@Samuel Venable , We've had not-so-friendly verbal debates on the forums but he has proven to have a character worth respecting. I'm thankful we had these debates and for your character otherwise I wouldn't have had some important self-reflection moments.

Honestly, I just love these forums in general because we have such outstanding members. These are just four that stood out to me as of late, but you all are awesome!


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@Ninety You're just generally awesome, comics, art, music, you're great at basically everything.
@Detective Pixel and @Repix Both of you just made me cry with happiness for even noticing Homestead after all these years. <3
@Nocturne You do an amazing job here and elsewhere keeping people in line and informed on GM stuffs, please you're a pretty great guy outside of that too.

Sorry I haven't been very active here as a lot if irl stuff is going on for me right now.
I'll edit this post when I remember more people. <3
Oh man, I was totally thinking about starting a thread thanking the YoYo Games staff for Christmas but I forgot and I never check the Community Chat forum so I didn't see this till now. So thanks to @Nocturne for making this!

I know people are waiting on some features and other languages and IDEs have this and that, and it's natural for us to be focused on our immediate needs and expectations...but I think it can be easy to forget that YoYo and the forum staff and tutorial makers and marketplace asset creators etc are all just a normal people like the rest of us with family & friends counting on them that they vent their stressful bug-filled work days to, doing a years-long, seemingly endless, often thankless job that allows the rest of us to do OUR jobs for OUR families & friends counting on us that we vent OUR stressful bug-filled work days to as we work on our sometimes years-long, seemingly endless, often thankless projects, and I'm sure that just like us they're doing the best they can even if we don't see all the behind the scenes inner workings of what's going on and why some things are prioritized or some decisions are made.

And as customers it's totally fair to give feedback or ask questions and it's natural to get frustrated that things aren't always going the way we think would be best, but we're all a part of the same awesome creative industry that a lot of people who aren't in it don't always understand (and probably think we're crazy for trying to make a living in it lol) So I hope the devs and everyone involved in GMS2 in general knows we appreciate what they do. All the devs I've ever known who've worked on long projects and done a ton of crunch mode have agreed that part of the stress is not feeling like their effort is even appreciated, and that if they at least got a thank-you now and then it wouldn't feel as depressing so I'm glad someone made a thread like this.

I don't know the names of people very well because I just pop onto the forums when I'm googling how to solve problems I run into but the community is an amazing one...the amount of good tutorials, quality discussion and friendly help, in-depth YouTube videos, and even the GMS2 documentation have all been such a huge help for just learning on my own.

I grew up with QBasic and I remember back when we didn't have all these awesome tools for gameDev and putting sprites in a game was drawing a bunch of 0,0,0,1,0,0 arrays out on a 320x200 screen with 16 or 256 colors max, having to script out animations manually frame by frame like "then wait 10 frames and move this sprite 3 pixels to the left" and trying to figure out page-flipping and how to get controller input and how to scroll a screen pixel by pixel fast enough to even make something playable was all such a chore...let alone figuring out sound cards and god forbid you want to port your game to something other than DOS lol

So the fact that now I can just draw something with a stylus on a touch-screen, any size and detail and amount of color and transparency levels, take that right into Spine and rig it up to effortlessly make animations that would have been pretty much impossible back in the day, then take that right into GMS2 and with a few commands have it just there in my game instantly working, and I can throw collision boxes on it, drag & drop music in the background, grab input from pretty much anything and port it to multiple platforms, and then put it on an online store like Steam for it to reach gamers around the entire world and maybe sell enough copies to eventually make a living from it...that's a pretty incredible thing. If you handed me all these amazing tools back then my head would have exploded lol

Best of luck to everyone in the New Year whether you're hoping to launch your game, make huge progress on it, participate in some game jams, make some awesome marketplace assets, or just learn the ropes of gameDev and GMS2 so you can take the leap into gameDev and join the fun!


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Big, big thanks to the entire community behind GameMaker that resides not only on these forums but on twitter, on discord and reddit, in the offices and the local communities, and wherever else you are.
I signed up to the GameMaker Community circa 2008 and what an incredible and unpredictable path that put me on.

Thanks to the embracing people everywhere in the GameMaker community, I went from knowing absolutely nothing to knowing how much I absolutely don't know. :rolleyes:

Everyone who dabbles in game development - regardless of how you do it, how skilled you are at it or what you achieve with it - should give themselves a round of applause for exploring and encouraging their creativity through the greatest medium there is - games.
I seriously thank the following people who helped me:

@WarpDogsVG - Huge thanks to WarpDogsVG as he helped me get my feet into GMS2. I saw his game, and got inspired to make my own village monster game but with dating and cute creatures. I worked on the game for about 2-3 months everyday, and I learned *a lot* about GMS2 through it, but I eventually quit making the game. Both his life sim and his successful kickstarter is what motivated and inspired me. I might not even be using GMS2 as a full time job right now if it weren't for him.

@rIKmAN - Helped me when I was a noobie with using Spine for GMS2. He took away *a lot* of my headaches, and I am not sure if I would have figured it out without him. Thank you. :)

@matharoo - Gave me advice on contracting people who I commission.

@sitebender - He has a lawyer and he gave me very good information on contracting my workers. He also gave me other advice.

@IndianaBones - Pretty sure a few years ago he helped me, or we helped each other with using SWF vector graphics for GMS2.

@Pixelated_Pope - I reached out to him about using SWF graphics, and he told me the function to get the SWF graphics looking correct. His resolution tutorials are also extremely helpful. Resolution can be intimidating for a beginner.

@FrostyCat - Helped me with a way to execute a function when a certain line of dialogue appears for a visual novel style of game. I learned a lot from him and he is very valuable to the GMC and to YoYo.

@YellowAfterlife - GMLive is invaluable. You saved me a lot of time with my projects with object/GUI positioning with GMLive.

@True Valhalla - Inspires me and I am sure a lot of others to pursue to become a full time developer. His success is proof that anyone can make it big by using GMS2.

I really appreciate everything. :)
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This forum is an awesome place to hang out, it's like my second virtual home for the past three and a half years. Hands down this is the friendliest, nicest forum on the planet. That's a fact if I do say so myself. It wouldn't be this way if it wasn't for the people who frequent this place, and the mods who run it.

I think I pretty much love everyone on the forum, so please forgive me if I missed mentioning you, you're all part of making this great community and much appreciated.

So, thankyou goes to the following people for....
@Nocturne one of the finest forum mods around.
@Alice @chance for just being also awesome, friendly, helpful mods and active contributors to the forum.
@TsukaYuriko For not only making detailed and helpful posts(and often funny), but for always showing a level-headed calm, and fair approach (as far as I can remember) whenever threads threatened to get out of hand. (And also making sure that this is *not* a dating forum) :)
@Roderick @roytheshort @Ninety for bringing much humour to the forum (among many others, these are the top ones I can recall)
@BattleRifle BR55 For elevating the use of a four letter word into an art
@dadio Potatoes! Need I say more?
@YellowAfterlife for being deeply knowledgeable of Game Maker and sharing that knowledge on the forum and his website. Oh and the brilliant gml syntax highlighter script for this forum, makes the code sections much easier to read.
@Xor For the great introduction and tutorials on shaders in GMS.
@The Reverend for his incredible shader video tutorial series, the step-by-step approach is really helpful as well as the amount of work put in to the demo project that goes with the series, just fantastic.
@TheouAegis for being one of the most patient and helpful posters, with long a detailed replies, breaking down information as needed, and commitment to helping others fully resolve their issues.
@FrostyCat for holding rigorously high standards and attention to detail with regards to proper coding standards and techniques. For pointing people towards solutions that don't just work, but are of a professional level of software engineering. And for creating many forum tutorials that are pretty much the goto articles for many common problems when learning GML.
@sitebender for sharing great dev blogs on his games, and offering support and feedback to other peoples wips.
@icuurd12b42 For the useful gamemaker help system mod, makes searching the online help so much easier.
@RangerX For the clear and easy to understand tutorial on scaling and getting your game to be pixel perfect.
@Pixelated_Pope also for the scaling / resolution and camera tutorials
@Samuel Venable for making the very useful file and window manager extensions.
@flyingsaucerinvasion for the seemingly inexhaustible knowledge and mastery of the black magic that is shaders, matrices, vectors, vertices etc..
@Joe Ellis for the nice comment about me :) and for the cool work being done on your 3d engine.
@Kezarus for calling me a big gun :) I enjoy helping people just for the sake of it, but its nice to get a compliment like that!
@FlameRooster I don't remember if that was actually me, but you're welcome!

And general thanks to all the regulars for all the contributions they make, including @matharoo, @GMWolf , @RichHopefulComposer , @Yal, @rIKmAN among many others!

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
For those of you who don't know, last I checked, @Nocturne writes the YoYo docs, and whether he gets paid to do it or not I dont know, but I do know if he does get paid he isn't getting paid as well as an Apple employee. Apple's developer documentation suffers hundreds if not thousands of pages for Apple product development with either grossly outdated documentation, or no documentation at all, just near-blank pages with a function name and arguments with "no overview available" as the description.

I am in no position to donate to him, or the KDE community, or the FreeBSD team, or the thousands of other people I want to donate huge chunks of cash to, because I am nearly broke thanks to COVID, and my parents are also struggling financially and can't help me give random handouts to people we dont really know or I met online or whatever.

But I would love to do this when I can for Nocturne especially, since he is but one person so it feels like a less wasteful investment, (donating to FOSS communities will end up being split among them broadly until all they get is pocket change, if I had to guess, probably the sad truth)...

So I encourage people who have some money lying around, so much they dont know what to do with it, donate to Nocturne for providing his documentation, or buy some of his games to get something out of it. He provides better documentation than Apple does, despite them having enough money to do a lot better job at this stuff.

Don't take my word for it, just read this article:

I would also like to leave a special thanks to other hard workers who love helping people such as @YellowAfterlife, the creator the GMLive, which I've never used personally but I've head a lot of awesome things about it and it has helped many people create awesome games and save a lot of time doing it. It allows you edit your project while it is running in real time, and when I have the cash, (my job just started back up again), I have that on my wishlist.

Thanks for everything guys!
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I want to express my sincere gratitude to D'Andrëw Box for letting me steal his idea for a node-based dialog scripting utility. Before I do that, I want to apologize for misspelling his name in the end credits of my GMC 40 Jam Entry, Adventures of Robot X. The not-so-carefully chosen Commodore 64 font I use for my end credits scroller doesn't have the little accent mark over the ë. When I realized this, I reasoned within myself that I would rather thank him publicly and misspell his name, than not thank him at all. Being an independent developer means that you have to wear many hats. That doesn't mean you can't be great at everything, but it means that things come harder for you. My game entry is the first game I've written that features NPC character dialog exchanges. This is one of the biggest milestones a game developer can have, because now you can show your writing abilities, where before your game development arsenal was somewhat limited. I discovered D'Andrëw Box's GameFlow Designer on right around Christmas break of 2020. I don't know why I never considered it prior to then that this is how you author gigantic amounts of branching dialog structures before they end up in a videogame. I started tinkering with his program, and quickly got the urge to add a few more useful features, so I decided to write a similar program. Over the next couple months, I made TextMapper, based on D'Andrëw's idea. I can't understate the joy of making a piece of creative work that puts the player into the minds of a couple of characters going back and forth, or being able to choose what to say in a conversation and have that choice steer the direction of a story. Thank you D'Andrëw. You made 2020 mean something for me.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to D'Andrëw Box for letting me steal his idea for a node-based dialog scripting utility. (...)
You made my day with this comment, i also wanna thank you @Pixel-Team, because thanks to the screenshot and the comments you made about Gameflow Designer, i resumed the project after almost 3 months of no work on it. Your progress and motivation made me continue working on the project and not abandon it, thank you very much!

I also wanna thank some other people:
  • @Gizmo199 : Because thanks to him i discovered that sprite stacking was possible, and he's an inspiration for me to be as a fake 3D dev.
  • @xygthop3 , @Xor & @The Reverend : You inspired me to work with shaders and some advanced stuff, you are just awesome on everything you do.
  • @matharoo & @Dragonite : Dudes, thanks to you i literally know how to use buffers and networking, i never though i will be able to do that.
  • And finally @Nocturne : Because of since i have memory working on this engine I have seen stuff about you and your posts to the YoYo community, like 9 years or more ago? You really helped me and a lot others surely!
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