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Thursday 27th May, 2020 12:00 UTC

Monday 31st May, 2020 12:00 UTC

  • Any GMC member can take part in the GMC Jam. You must use GameMaker to create your game.​
  • Games must be made between 12:00 UTC on May 27th and 12:00 UTC on May 31st, and posted here in the games topic.​
  • You may use resources such as graphics, sounds and scripts that were made prior to the jam, as long as the bulk of your work takes place during Jam weekend.
    Assets/code created before the Jam should be listed as such, and you must have a license for any assets that aren't yours. (e.g. using royalty free music is fine, but using soundtrack from existing game without permission is not)​
  • You may create one post per entry in the games topic. You may create this post before your game is finished and continue editing that post to update your progress, in fact you are encouraged to write a devlog!​
  • All entries must have a download link in the Games Topic before it closes at 12:00 UTC on May 31st.​
  • All entries must work on Windows as a standalone executable / compressed zip folder. No installers please. Your entry can also work in HTML5 and on other platforms, but most reviewers will only play the Windows entry.​
  • All entries are encouraged to follow the Jam theme. It isn't mandatory to do so, but you'll often get more favourable reviews from your peers!​
  • You may participate alone or in a team. Only one team member creates a post for the game in the topic - do not create multiple posts for the same game.​

Recommended post format:

Game Title
Developer Name / Team Name
DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)

- maybe a screenshot here -

- your devlog here -

You can keep editing your post to write a devlog about your game.
You can also post in the discussion topic as you develop your game.
Do not post more than one post per game in the games topic.

Suggestions - please read!

Some things to note when you're developing your entry:
  • Make sure to explain the controls and mechanics of the game. If you can't introduce mechanics in the game itself, make a README.txt file with explanations instead - Jam Player will detect it automatically
    Note: you can't call it "READ ME", it must contain "README" without spaces. If the file is essential to understanding the game, call it "README PLEASE".​
  • PLEASE, optimize the file size of your game. This is a four day game jam, you don't need 500MB of .wav audio files bulking out your project. Make sure you set your music files to "compressed" in the sound editor in GameMaker, and we'll all be happy.​
  • Make your Games Topic post pretty! We are expecting a lot of entries this time, some reviewers may simply pick the most interesting games from this topic instead of playing every single entry. Spare some time in your jam schedule to make your post here look attractive.​
  • The two consistently most reliable file hosts for uploading your game are and Google Drive. But PLEASE remember to set your game to PUBLIC before the deadline. We have had plenty of cases in the past where people miss out on early votes because they forget to make their game public!​
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Master of Pixel-Fu
A Pinball Game




"Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?" That's what Miss Steak's momma used to say. That's why she's not going to give it up so easily! You're going to have to "moo" her!!!

Farmer Ted wants to milk his favorite cow, Miss Steak. But he left the bullpen open and the bulls got out. What a big mistake THAT was. Get an inside look at the 'UTTER MADNESS' of the dairy business in this action packed pinball game, made for the GMC 41 Game Jam. The goal is to get as many points as possible, (and maybe get a peek at Miss Steak herself!)

Collect Hearts to fill up the 3 keys to unlock Miss Steak's barn. Can you get inside, where you're guaranteed to score? Are you weirded out yet? How do you think I feel? I made the thing.

Spinner - Awards 20 points per animation frame... The faster it goes, the more points you get, so spin it often!
Bumpers - Awards 1000 points. Will knock the ball back whichever direction it is hit from!
Knockouts - Awards 3000 points. These are little squares with hearts on them. Every 3 hearts gets you a key. Get three keys and you get to see Miss Steak!
Bull Heads - Awards 1000 points. Bulls will bump the ball in an upward motion. Sometimes that's a good thing!

Multipliers - Every time you score, your score will be multiplied by the current multiplier. Multipliers can be 1X(inactive) or 2X, 3X, 4X, or 5X. Multipliers work off of momentum. The faster you rack up points, the higher the multiplier gets. If you don't score for too long, the multipliers will get reduced until it is inactive.

Multi-Ball - The white circles will grab your ball, and drop it again, along with 2 other balls. Multi-Ball can only be achieved if your multiplier is at 5X.

Extra Ball - Extra Ball will be awarded for every 1,000,000 points.

L-CTRL - Left Flipper
R-CTRL - Right Flipper

You can also use mouse buttons or arrow keys to control the flippers.

8:30am, Day 1
I'm making some Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) animations for when certain events happen during the pinball game. For those who don't know, Vacuum Fluorescent Displays are those little single color displays that go on the pinball machine somewhere near the scoreboard, and they had flashy little animations that show multipliers happening, or the game character, or logo, things like that. I want to do the milk jug filling animation in this manner. I have a bloom shader effect, but I don't know if I can make the glow only affect the VFD part of it. I hope I can make it look cool. I got some test animations done, need to get them into GMS and see how they look in context.

10:30 AM, Day 1
I got a logo that I'm happy with now (SHOWN ABOVE), and you don't see it here but its going to be against some wood planks that I turned into some tasty pixels. I got my new Pixel-Team logo (Psygnosis style) added to the game, and it gets you to the Title Screen. Next, I'm going to get the menus happening, (There is only START GAME, CREDITS, and EXIT GAME for the menu so that should be a push-over.) Once I can get all the standard stuff knocked out, I'll focus on actual pinball. I only have a ball and flippers drawn for the pinball game so far, and nothing else yet, except Miss Steak of course, and some placeholders for bumpers and knockouts. What I'm going to have to do is draw a pinball board in Photoshop, traced over my physics shapes, which will later be invisible. So it's very important that I'm happy with the board layout, because revisions on physics shape locations will cause photoshop reworks.

I also got the workings of some title screen music. Normally, I'd have some of this prepared ahead of time, but I recently got the Chipsynth SFC by Plogue Technologies, which I am using in Reason 11 as a VST plugin, and I wanted to make some Super Nintendo sounding music with it. It's a short tune, but it sounds like "Leather and Lace" by Fleetwood Mac. I am going for romance here.

12 noon, Day 1
Got the Title Screen music in the game, and it plays an intro part once, then loops a loopable part after. When the game starts, the title music fades out. I'm going to do something creative with the title, maybe just drop it in from the top, with a little bounce at the end. The game is in a great spot for 7 hours of work, and I'm going to pick up some sandwiches now. The VFD animates nicely. Still haven't tested the Bloom, but that's coming.

3:54pm, Day 1
I got the milk jar VFD animation, the Character VFD anim, the Mult-Ball VFD animations implemented with their events. I'm happy with it. I couldn't figure out the bloom glow for the VFD, but I can't spend too much time trying to figure that out, so I'm moving on. Got start button sound in. Starting to feel fatigued. Maybe I just need a break. Lot to do!!!

9:30am, Day 2
Added Extra Ball VFD animation, Added ball dropper sprite, added Key sprites, which need implementation. Added more sounds. I'm going to tackle the pinball board graphic. I'm hoping I can make a generic piece that I can reuse for multiple levels of the board as a whole, and smaller components for paths, walls, etc. Right now I'm going to work on the game over sequence, which will count up your total score with a big font.

11:30, Day 2
Got the graphic for the board made, and I'm happy with it. It's a rush job, but looks good. I got angled bumpers working good, and the spring plunger that pushes the balls. an animation of the balls getting depleted with each launch. I'm feeling good about where the game is at. Gonna take a break here.

5pm, Day 2
Got the credits scroller done, got the keys now activating. Got ball count text drawing. Got particle bursts on the keys when they activate. Got more music made. This time I did a rock and roll music for gameplay. I tried to make it sound sort of like Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar, except it went totally off the rails. No time to fart with it further, need to work on the game over, which I never got to. I also have to end the level if you have the 3 keys. This game is getting INSANE!!

9:55pm, Day 2
Added some high scores to the screen. Added voice overs for extra ball and multi-ball, changed how multi-ball works. If you land in a multiball grabber, the ball will come back out in each multiball grabber, and then the grabbers will be closed until only 1 ball remains on the table. Works better this way. Still need game over!!!! I need a name entry now. Tomorrow, lots to do. I'm stopping. That was about 15 hours today.

10:55am Day 3
I finally got the game over, and the high score entry done. Got levels switching now. So basically you have to collect the keys to complete the level. When a level is complete, your next lost ball will not be lost, but you will move to the next level. I need to come up with some more pinball board features for the starting areas. It's going well!

12:30pm Day 3
I got a green board made for level 2. Got a multiplier system working with "momentum" which controls how high your multiplier gets (up to 5x) I had to make extra balls get added after 500000 points because with multipliers, you can get some sick scores. I'm finally getting my stride...

2:58pm Day 3
I got a spinner! Not THAT kind of spinner, you little sickie! This little baby spins when the ball passes through it. works with both directions. And it adds score according to its spin speed! Outrageous!!!!

4:00pm Day 3

I'm gonna bounce a pinball off a bull's head and make him mad!!! These ideas just get stupider and stupider, but what are you gonna do?

4:58pm, Day 3
I got the bulls in, and they look great! The ball hits them in the head, and then they have a cool off time where they slowly lower their heads. I'm having so much fun with this game.

6:19pm, Day 3
I got the finishing touch on the bull... a VFD animation of an angry bull blowing steam out its nostrils. I used a clip art reference image I found and drew my version of it with pixels. It's just two static images shaken violently. It works really well. To see it, you have to have an active 5X Multiplier and hit a bull. I'm approaching the finish line. I'll need to think about what else this game needs. I have 2 solid levels at this point. It would be the best if I could make a third...

9:13pm, Day 3
Another 14 hours down. I enhanced the multiplier lights to set the 5X on fire when it is active. I also made it where you can't get multi-ball unless the 5x multiplier is active. This makes the game more balanced, instead of destroying a level right off the bat with multi-ball... Other improvements went to the fonts, and the layout of the first level. I'm very pleased with the state of the game, and could easily submit it as is. However, I have 1 more day...

5:55am, Day 4
There's some polish I'd like to take care of before I publish. Nevertheless, I uploaded the game in its current state to this morning. Things I want to get done (but might not get to all) include: put bars behind the hearts on level1, prevent overlapping bull sounds, a "Get Ready" message at the start of the level, floating scores, spice up the bumpers, heart collection sound, heart collection VFD animation, "collect the hearts" VFD animation. Off I go...

10:03am, Day 4
I got a bunch more VFD animations made, to drive the silliness home. I made a Game Logo anim, some utters squirting milk (totally awesome!!!) and one that says "UTTER MADNESS!!!!" I also made sounds for the spinner, the heart collection, got the bars behind the hearts put in, fixed the overlapping bull sounds. I'm going to try to finish strong.

This last bit of polish was the best. I redid the bumpers from the little pink circles (they looked too much like nipples before) to shiny chrome mushroom shaped bumpers that react with bright light rings when they're struck. I'm calling this a game right here and signing off. What a blast working on this game was!!!
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〜Flower Prince〜
Cantavanda's entry, solo developer.

Game title: "I will win the GMC Jam 41. The winner for the worst game. Mark my words!!!"

Concept: A 3D MMORPG

How it fits into the theme: Participating is a huge mistake since I can only work with GM8 and the most basic of basic of features. I'll be using a lot of drag 'n' drop.

DEVLOG (All times in CEST):
2021.05.27 - 14:30 -> 15:00: Made intro screens
2021.05.27 - 15:13 -> 15:38: Made title screens
2021.05.27 - 15:42 -> 16:02: 1st level finished
2021.05.28 - 20:14 -> 21:56: Finished the entire game, but I cannot upload now since it's almost 22:00 my bedtime and mommy is gonna be angry if I stay awake so see you tomorrow.
2021.05.29 - 18:14 -> 18:21: Gameover screen changed a bit, and uploaded to my site!!


Please tell me if you stream or Let's Play the game, I'd love to hear your feedback and see the general reaction!
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By @Bart, shaders by @Xor, additional models by @TheSnidr

<< Download Fjootjah Skate on >>

Nobody ever rides these wooden skateboards anymore in the Fjoo-tjah!
And you most certainly made a big mistake by doing so. Everyone's seen it and now they all want you to do what they ask.
Collect letters, hit the targets, perform tricks right in front op peoples' eyes with your new Hoverboard X-2000 Pro (patent pending).
You'll have to. Since that'll be the one and only way to regain the trust they once had in you.

27/05/2021 15:30 UTC+01:00 - A good afternoon! Here we are again for the next iteration of the Jam.

It's not entirely sure yet to what degree we'll team up this time.
@Xor is going to help out with shaders in these first days and perhaps with some general code too! And @TheSnidr might join on Saturday!

I already have a basic gameplay idea in mind based on my previous attempts at getting Box2D to work for collisions/physics in 3D. Which dates back to that basic skateboarding minigame I added to the post-jam version of Spielcomm 2020. The inspiration will most definitely be the THPS series, the Skate series, ... That kind of game.
With the theme being A BIG MISTAKE, I'll still need to come up with a way to incorporate that. Likely through a backstory or short introduction.
With all that said I can say that the brainstorming is, ehm, officially in progress!

28/05/2021 01:30 UTC+01:30 - We've been making some progress in the past hours of the jam.

Xor has been working on a sky shader and also a disco ball shader.
I've had little time myself today - quite exceptionally - because of an online webinar I had at 19:00 and because of a bit of an off-day.
In the end I did manage to get the projection set correctly and add a player character that uses physics.
Good thing is that the world corresponds to what you see in the Room Editor, with the +z axis pointing out of the screen. Plus it's aligned with Box2D's axes system.
That's something we'll no longer have to worry about for the rest of the jam!

Tomorrow I'm going to look into figuring out a generic way to construct the physics areas/environments in Blender, export them and in GM, connect and disconnect the player using physics joints. That should allow for a seamless 3D world where you go from one physics area right into another. Seemingly all 3D.

Xor's disco ball and sky shader

The basic room setup

28/05/2021 10:45 UTC+01:00 - A good morning! Off to a very quick start today.

I want to get a lot done today. Especially that underlying idea of combining the physics "masks" into a single instance is incredibly important.
To start off this Jam day I made a very simple logo in Inkscape. I still need a lot more practice with this but I'm fairly happy with how it turned out:


Next up are the physics environments. This will require some thinking first, though, using the proven old-fashioned way of pen and paper.

28/05/2021 12:00 UTC+01:00 - The first physics mask is in. This is the topdown mask, as you'd normally use when working with Box2D in 2D.
Here's how the result of that looks:

A bit on the "tech" behind this
The above now gives a nice collision in the xy plane but not yet in the two other planes, xz and yz. So the player's z coordinate doesn't change at the moment but we want to vary that based on collisions of a side projection of the player in those other planes.
So next up is to attach a physics mask for at least one of those planes, or for both. On different collision groups.
Then add one or two instances that represent the player in those views. Obviously, movement will be more limited when more side views are added.
And after that, it's a lot of mechanical wiring to end up with something that looks and feels like 3D collisions.

28/05/2021 12:00 UTC+01:00 - A little update on the progress that we've been making on the second Jam day.

I more or less managed to add a single second dimension to the bowl model that currently acts as the test environment.
The physics setup is fairly complex and works for a limited number of shapes. On the other hand, you get Box2D's built-in physics entirely for free.
Also, Xor made a couple of beautiful lighting shaders that really make the scene shine. Bloom lighting and bar lights are now in!

28/05/2021 23:30 UTC+01:00 - Time for one more devlog update to end this Jam day with.

Xor added even more lighting effects to the project. It now also includes reflective materials! Also, sun color and ambient color can be tweaked, as well as other parameters.
Tonight is the end of his help on this jam game since he has other plans for the weekend. But everything will be put to great use!

Meanwhile I've been breaking my head for a couple of hours in a row to get that third dimension working correctly.
I already figured out how to do that some time ago but back then I used room instances. It's the first time I'm doing this entirely through code for this jam entry and that sure doesn't help to visualize everything that needs to be connected. It should also be possible to quite easily reuse the idea for other instances that have a slightly different shape.
Eventually I managed to figure it out while simplifying the setup that's needed quite a bit. And a couple of hours later the system now also supports dynamically connecting and disconnecting the side views, though very rudimentary...
In the end, all that looks like this:

Looking at what there already is I'm reasonably confident that this entry may turn into a playable one for a change by the time we reach Monday (that clearly hasn't always been the case for most of my previous entries where I did the coding 😅)
Most importantly, I'm feeling comfortable starting out tomorrow knowing that the - not-that-obvious-to-code - foundation is already largely working.
Tomorrow I'll start by creating new models and some corresponding physics shapes and lay out everything in the game world.
And I'd also like to see how to get some nice gameplay out of this. Collect items (e.g. "S", "P", "H", "E", "R", "E"), "hit the cones", perform "tricks", ...
Well... Something like that!

And with that, day 2 of the Jam is over!

29/05/2021 11:00 UTC+01:00 - A good morning! A bit of a late start today since I got a bit overenthusiastic last, uh, night.

As a result of that, the game does have some SPHERE letters floating around now (which may well be familiar from other games 😀):

I also started adding some "world" scenery that will connect the physics constructions visually.
Those are currently only axis-aligned but that's more than enough.

During testing yesterday I discovered that there are ways you can fall through. So it's time to iron out the remaining things with that fake 3D physics system.
If figuring it out takes too long I'll just add a "R to Restart" instruction. I really want this to be in a playable state on Monday!

29/05/2021 17:15 UTC+01:00 - I've been adding loads of new things in the past couple of hours.

First of all, there's now a tiny game world, a very tiny city, which is still a work in progress. I won't be texturing any of the models. That's something I just won't have the time for.
I'll try to use Xor's lighting instead to make things look good.
In the background plays a nice tune to create some atmosphere while you explore the game world.

As basic as it may be, the game world now looks like this:

I also improved the title screen, added a voice that actually says "Fjootjah" (and yes, that's my voice, in a way 😅)
I decided on what the in-game goals will be. These are largely based on the old THPS (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater) games.
You'll have a list of goals to complete the level. I'm not sure if I'm going to add a timer, though.

Despite what I wrote earlier today, I didn't continue the experiments with the physics areas. That's what I'll do next: I'm going to create a new, huge physics area inside the city area. It will become a skate park, appropriately named Sk8 Pa'k. I may also add an animated ferris wheel somewhere. For the simple reason that that would look incredibly neat.

Looks like this jam entry may once more become a victim of overscope. Luckily I have that covered this time simply by adding an Overscope Memorial location in the game world!
Here's how that looks from a distance:

30/05/2021 01:00 UTC+01:00 - I'm wrapping up for today!

As the new screenshot probably shows the game could hardly have changed more compared to yesterday (technically the day before yesterday at the time of writing).
Xor helped out more than a couple of hours although he didn't plan to originally. And it shows! The disco ball now displays correctly (it broke at one point), windows support reflective materials, the letters above the skate bowl have a nice glow and best of all, the game now also has procedural textures!
Snidr also helped out for a while and modeled a couple of very nice models!
I more or less figured out a solution for an issue with that Box2D trickery. The issue was that you could fall down or float in the air unexpectedly when the physics setup was disconnected at the wrong moment. I'm convinced that at one point I'll find a fix for the current flaws in the design and that it will become easily useable. That won't be before the end of this jam, though...

I also started working on the "Skate Park" area of the city. This should become a second area that makes use of those "3D" physics.
It currently looks like this in Blender:

And that's it for today. Tomorrow I'll continue to work on this. I'm already very happy with the result!

30/05/2021 15:00 UTC+01:00 - A good afternoon! I've already been working on the game for a couple hours.

I added a collision mask for the game world, added some more text to give some visual clues about the world you're in.
I also modeled a "Jam Pot" and added it to a hidden, seemingly inaccessible area to the game world.
Another thing is that the trains that pass by were being created above the water. That looked very unrealistic, so I quickly modeled a very basic "train station" that visually hides that.
It's also quite nice that this made up city now has a train station that's standing in the water!
The GMCJAM letters are now also added and can be collected, though I still need to add a proper level controller that handles all that and shows a bit of info in the GUI.
I'm going to take a break now since I could really use one. It's what I'd call that typical GMC Jam phenomenon on Sunday where the energy starts to go down.
And I've already spent an enormous time working on this entry.
Time for a highly needed break first!

31/05/2021 12:00 UTC+01:00 - A good morning! Though a very sleepy morning, still...

The game is as good as done. The game world is more or less finished, all music is in, there's a readme, also 6 goals that you can complete and an ending that works, there is now also a main character, ...
And with that, I still have about 2 hours left for further fine tweaking. I'm exhausted, though. I absolutely pushed it to the limit for this entry.

The game world is as good as done and I'm incredibly happy with how the Sk8 Pa'k area turned out!
It's incredibly satisfying to move around in it. Here's how it looks in-game:

There are now a couple of things that I could tweak further in the remaining hours:
  • Fix that tiny bug where you'll miss a couple of messages in the GUI because one message overwrites another
  • Create a (sufficiently) nice looking Hype meter and animate the colors
  • Crowd the place by adding more of these fancy spherical robots
While I feel incredibly tempted to start with the last, I'll try to get the first two done.
And maybe I can get the last one in very, very quickly. Maybe...

31/05/2021 13:55 UTC+01:00 - I managed to get all the above in! And with that, it's time to submit this entry!

This must be the first time that I pushed a 3D entry for the GMC Jam this far.
Everything works. And there's now also a tiny ending room where four characters await you 😄
I did get a bit of lag here and there on my last playthroughs when running this on my computer with onboard GPU. I hope it's playable enough for most people.

Great thanks go to @Xor for his superb work on the shaders. And to @TheSnidr for his work on the additional models (the ferris wheel didn't make it in though).

It's time to finish it. Build... Create Executable... Package as ZIP... Verify the ZIP to see if it works correctly... Check if game runs... Upload to itch, since I'm still out of space on Dropbox... Download... Unzip ZIP... Click exe... See if it works...
Looks like all is well!

Enjoy playing this entry!
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Mr Magnus

Viking King
Van Helsing's Big Missed Stake
It's a pun, you see.


Now I sleep.

Starring Abraham Van Helsing. He's perfect. I will take no arguments on this point nor on my artistic competence.

A github repository, now with regular commit messages!

A screenshot per hour (until I stop working)
Van Helsing, in the void!
Van Helsing, now on thin grass with a power meter
Van Helsing's stake, now with the one joke.


14:48, 29.5.2021
We have a series of stakes and a store. How exciting.

Git commit log, serving as a kind-of-devlog
May 31, 11:20
The literal rest of development. I got kind of distracted making the stockmarket thing and this one got left at the sidewalk. Sorry. It's functional at least!

May 29, 14:50
A semblence of a game. Vampires, ghosts, treasure chests, a store! All the good stuff that looks like a bad flash game from the early 2000's is starting to take shape in this very not ambitious game

May 27, 16:45
Short break to avoid headaches. Basic generic buttons now exist that can follow other ux elements

May 27, 11:30
A lot of different stakes that all clearly look amazing and exactly like the thing they are pretending to be

Date: Thu May 27 15:14
16:00 - My one joke has been added, a big red chiller-fonted 'you missed, stake' when your stake stops. Harr harr. However we are now monitoring how far you throw your stake, which is nice

Date: Thu May 27 15:03
15:00 - Van Helsing can throw his trusty stake at a suspiciously barren stretch of grass

Date: Thu May 27 14:05
14:05, Van helsing is on the scene and is preparing to throw his stake

Date: Thu May 27 12:49
raw asset folder

Date: Thu May 27 12:48
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Josh Chen



An epic collab between myself, @bandman28, and @Micah_DS


Assuming the theme would be A Big Mistake, we began brainstorming. After throwing a couple of ideas around, we decided on a concept we were all excited about. It involves an evil king, some monsters, a time machine, and a giant baguette!

This is going to be interesting...



- Created a basic 8-directional movement system.
- Started working on the main mechanic of the game, the weapon that happens to be bread.
- Encountered some glitches with the weapon.
- Began making the first monster: a bouncing slime ball of flames.

@Josh Chen
- Picked a nice colour scheme and art style.
- Made the character sprite and animation.
- Created the sprite for the fireball enemy and the evil king.
- Adjusted the code for the baguette, adding an animated, cartoon swishing effect for maximum satisfaction.



- Added and improved combat, player damage, and health.
- Made the fireballs multiply when you attack them!

@Josh Chen
- Made a randomized spawner for the fire monsters.
- Designed the logo/cover screen.
- Lost all progress after forgetting to save...
- Recreated the logo/cover screen!

- Gathered loads of random objects to start recording SFX.
- Recorded a variety of "hits, pops, clicks, and rattles" with them to get some interesting sounds that might be usable.



- Fixed a bunch of minor bugs and glitches
- Added some paths for the player to follow

@Josh Chen
- Coded the camera functions
- Wrote a fairly long draft for the intro and ending stories
- Finished the health system
- Experienced the first jamphobia: the sudden realization that there's a lot more work to do and the jam is almost over.

- Began putting some music together
- Worked on more sound effects
- Stayed up all night working on audio !
- Completed main music loop and got a start on the boss battle track



- Made the final battle against the King
- Lots of bug fixes

@Josh Chen
- Uploaded all the sound effects and audio
- Final touches

- Finished the boss battle track
- Made the rest of the sound effects


We used a script for the typewriter effect and the camera movement that was made prior to the jam. The rest of the code was made by @bandman28 and myself during the timeframe. All art was created by me during the jam, and all audio was mixed by @Micah_DS.

We hope you enjoy what we made!
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A Small Mistake

"There is no such thing as too big of a mistake. No matter the perceived size, it's always just small mistakes and we can always deal with those. Piece by piece, we'll deal with it. "

Download link!


A small mistake - A platformer boss rush style where you're conquering your big mistake, piece by piece, until it's a manageable small mistake.

devblog 1. 5/27 early
Created basics for platformer
Made platforms for tutorial level
Have the "twist" planned
Am entirely overly ambitious over what I can accomplish over next few days
Planned out all levels/bosses for game

Devblog 2. 5/27 late
All standard enemies/hazzards implemented
Coded an incredibly large amount of hit box jank
Considered removing hitbox jank, realized it would probably take a month to properly implement hitboxes for my strange enemies.
First level completed sans dialogue
Just need to make 7 bosses now....

Devblog 3. 5/28 early
2 boss fights done
Questioning the choices that got me this far, since I haven't used GMS in 5 years
For some reason I'm thinking of adding another boss even though I have 7 planned.

devblog 4. 5/28 late
Almost "Done" with all boss fights, will need to string them together and make a menu that controls it once last one is done
I am tired and so have had to search how "hspeed" and "vspeed" works about 40 times
spent an hour trying to remember how to add angles together in a way that makes sense
Do I truly care if some boss fights are way easier than others? Dunno.
Realizing I'll probably have to make cheat codes so reviewers can see the entire game if they get stuck on one of the two harder levels.
Slowly fixing hit boxes as I reuse them, will see how many jank hit boxes are left by release.

devblog 5. 5/29 early
Game is now in a playable state!
remembered that the build in text tools are non existent. Used script from marketplace!
Need to find music
Dialogue done that gives hints for each enemy

Devblog 6. early
Giving up on making the boss fights fair, adding a "walkthrough" section and a cheat menu if anyone wants to skip a specific boss
Debating if I have the energy to give every boss fight a different song.
Grabbing songs from
Added a noise when bouncing off things, debating removing it.

Devblog 5/31 1 hour before deadline
Spent the last 2 hours making tiny changes, and undoing them. The changes I want to make would take too long, the small ones I can do seem overly tinkering.
Wish me luck for my first game jam XD
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When nothing feels like it's working, what keeps you going?
HTML5 / EXE available on
Download the EXE for:
  • Fullscreen (Toggle Fullscreen: F4)
  • Improved graphics: Everything gets a nice drop-shadow
  • Better Performance: No lag on death

I'm using my existing platform engine to build a game around the pursuit of... something ;)

BluishGreenProductions - Twitch
Live 7:30 - 9:30 PM [GMT-4]​
I've offered to play Jam games during my daily streams. If you're able to participate in chat, I'd be happy to try your game! To make it easier to plan whose game I will play when, please use this Google Form;
Day 1 Livestream: Here's the "blueprint" for the level design that I drew during today's livestream.
Screenshot 2021-05-28 204230.png

Day 2 Livestream (Part 1) / (Part 2): Used my blueprint to build the whole thing;
Screenshot 2021-05-29 181741.png
Day 3 Livestream:
  • v0.1.2: General polish & bug-fixing & added SFX for water + Cranium
  • v1.0: Split level up into multiple Rooms to improve performance in HTML5 build
  • v1.1: Fixed controls so both keyboard / gamepad work simultaneously
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Firehammer Games
E.T. 2021
A Jam Entry by Firehammer Games
( link) 56 MB Zip Download

Welcome to E.T. 2021. This is my jam entry for the Fuzzy GMC Jam #41.

Please make sure to check the readme file. I ran out of time and had to skip making proper in-game tutorials, and the readme explains everything.

The jam theme this time was "A BIG MISTAKE." Atari massively over-produced the original E.T. game cartridges for the Atari 2600 and they ended up dumped in a landfill. This was a big mistake. This game is an homage to that in the form of a modern day remake of the game.

E.T. must find the three phone pieces in the holes, while avoiding the baddies. E.T. has a limited amount of energy before it gets sick and dies, and so you must pick up candy pieces and eat them as needed.

There are several "power stations" that let E.T. do different things, such as scaring off the baddies, eating candy, and doing searches for the phone pieces.

There is one known issue. For some reason, the death animation fails to work sometimes. You still die, but the animation simply doesn't animate in those cases.


Screenshots are in the spoiler below.

Screeny Menu.jpgScreeny1.jpgScreeny2.jpgScreeny3.jpgScreeny4.jpg
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Game COLD.

A lot of Art I have previously made but never used.
Music. Credit to Eric Maytas.
7 Levels. Pretty easy so people can get to end and get the story.

Ok Toque making a serious game was a mistake. Haha. Too much work. So little time. When you try and make a good game you really putting your skills out there.........

Ok I have a working game. You know because move left and right and shoot is quite advanced stuff.......

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"Fish Food"
by Ezra (@SoapSud39 )

big debt.jpg

For reasons, John Hoppins decided to take out a loan from the Loan Shark. However, the interest added up and after a few days his debt went up to over a million US Dollars!!
The Loan Shark offered him two options: do some 'jobs' for him, or become FISH FOOD!

As John Hoppins does his jobs for the Loan Shark, complete a series of challenges (which really test your mind) and make sure you don't mess up, or John Hoppins is becoming fish food!


BONUS CHALLENGE: complete the game without making any mistakes, and you'll get a PERFECT rating on the win screen. Do this on hard mode for a real challenge.

I woke up at 9:45-ish, which was a good nearly 5 hours after the jam started. That's fine though, since I wasn't going to try too hard on this jam. Or rather, I don't want to put way too much time in, or I'll die of stress or something. I'm still going to try to make a good game. But I also have a packed schedule today, so I'll only really have three-ish days (I have a bit of free time before class at 2 though, so I'll be working on stuff until then).

I actually came up with the game yesterday, on the assumption that the theme would probably be "A Big Mistake". I haven't created any assets yet. I just drew some concept art earlier.
concept 1.jpg
The premise: a rabbit, for some reason or other, takes out a massive loan from the Loan Shark. Interest builds up, and now the debt is massive!
The Loan Shark makes a proposal for the rabbit: do some odd jobs, and he'll forgive all the loans. Otherwise, the rabbit's fish food.
The jobs? Harvest organs from a cadaver, dispose of the cadaver, and sell the organs on the black market.
Don't mess up: if the rabbit's too slow, the cops will notice something's up. And if the rabbit messes up the job too many times, it's fish food.

For each stage of the task (harvest, dispose, sell), the player goes through three challenges of skill. These are minigames which make use of your memory, mouse skill, and comprehensive ability (there's probably a better word than 'comprehensive', but I'll think about that later). Every time the stage advances, the challenges get more difficult.
I don't think there will be too much artwork, so I could probably finish that today or earlier tomorrow. I'm planning to use Photoshop to make large, hi-res drawings (maybe @Alice will say something about how my game has refreshingly high-res art compared to the other games in the jam this time, lol). I'm thinking the cutscenes (or whatever) will be more cinematic and exciting, so that'll be pretty cool.

The challenge is definitely coding all the minigames, but I'm imagining some pretty simple mechanics, so it shouldn't take way too much time.

Final part would be music/sfx. As usual, sound effects might have to be last priority. Friend K who did music for me last time may or may not be incapacitated this weekend (for reasons pertaining to the second dose of the vaccine), so I'll be making the music. But I have some ideas in mind, so that shouldn't be too terrible.

Wish me luck (or don't; I don't care). I'll add another devlog, probably around 1:30 or 2 PM PST, a bit before class. Maybe I'll have lines done by then.

I spent a good chunk of the past few hours working on lines. I'm looking at around 20 sprites right now; probably around halfway through. Lines are looking pretty clean, and it shouldn't be too much trouble to color everything. I'm thinking solid colors with one level of shading.

cadaver disposal lines.jpg
The rabbit burying a cadaver. Hm... reminds me of a game I made a while back...
I have class at 2 (in about 18 minutes). I'm going to keep working on drawing though. No need for my camera during that class, and I hope the prof doesn't call on me.
Hopefully I can finish lines and maybe a bit of coloring in that time. Otherwise, my schedule's packed from afternoon to night. I also have a short paper due tomorrow night, but I'd like to finish that either today or early tomorrow (i.e. before noon). Fortunately, I don't have class on Fridays this quarter, so I can work on the game all day (or after I turn the paper in, anyway).

Next devlog will be a short status update after class (around 4 PM PST). And then tomorrow.
I kept drawing as I listened to class (don't worry, the prof didn't call on me). I lied about the halfway through part earlier. I had planned to do run animations for two characters, but I decided not to. So now I think I'm down to one character sprite left to draw, and then maybe some miscellaneous sprites. I still need to color, but I'll probably get to that at a later time.

My plans for the rest of the day: do some homework, attend a club meeting, and then another meeting with someone else. Have dinner and shower somewhere in there. Now I could potentially finish the short paper by 7 (when the club meeting is). In which case I could probably get back to working on drawing/coloring around 10. I might decide to take a break though. I'll see.

After I finish the artwork (relatively soon), I need to figure out the graphic design of the minigames (using numbers, letters, and shapes, no sprites), and then try to make said minigames. I'm hoping I have good progress on them (or I might even finish them) by tomorrow night. If that's the case, then I can take Saturday and Sunday to more leisurely write music and put the game together.

Small update at around 10 to talk about how I'm feeling and plans for the rest of the night.
I managed to finish the homework that's due tomorrow earlier, so I can work on the game today and all of tomorrow. I might just finish drawing and then color everything, then call it a night.

Tomorrow, I start making the game.
I'm kinda tired. jk I'm pretty tired. Or I was pretty tired earlier, but I drank a cup of tea and now I'm kind of tired.

I thought coloring would be faster, but I ended up taking the whole 4 hours or so since the last devlog to color everything. But the colors look pretty good.
police chase.jpg
"Get back here, criminal scum!!"
The art looks very decent, if I may say so myself. I've refrained from posting the really good poses, so you'll have to wait until you play the game to see those. Often, when I have something cool, I'm afraid that people won't get there because they're always at the end of the game, and a lot of people don't get to the end. But in this game, all the cool scenes are the loss-condition ones. Now that I think about it, I forgot to do a win-condition scene. I'll have to add that tomorrow.

I kind of wanted to stay up a bit more to export everything, I'm pretty tired and I'd rather export everything together (i.e. with the win scene), so I'll get back to it after I wake up. After saving this post, I'm headed to bed. Hopefully, the caffeine won't keep me up too long.

Coloring the sprites wasn't way too difficult. There were just a good amount of them, and I decided to also do shading. Exporting will actually be more of a pain. I still use Photoshop CS6 (pretty old) since I haven't bothered to try out the current version that my school actually made available for us back in fall quarter. Which means that I'll have to do a save-as for every sprite (that defaults to .psd, so I have to choose .png every time), after cropping the canvas (and making sure to undo without accidentally saving).

Notes: (mostly for me to remember to do things)
- The base resolution will be 1536x864. My screen's not very big, resolution-wise, but I'll probably throw in some resize-at-launch code for those with bigger (or smaller) screens.
- Accessibility options: the player would have the option to disable challenges, e.g. if the harder memory challenges are too much or if they don't have a mouse for the speed-clicking challenges.
- I still need to come up with some non-sprite graphic design.
- Depending on how many soundtracks I can/feel like writing, I'd like to do random/themed bgm per challenge type.
- Custom cursor! (I'll need to draw that too)
- On second thought, I might not make a win-condition scene. (note to self - see notes)

Tomorrow, I'll work on the gameplay. It shouldn't be too complex. I was already having ideas when planning the game earlier this week. It's a few different mechanics and quite a bit of variation, so it shouldn't be too difficult. I do have to think up how I'm going to do the 'comprehensive' challenges though. Those are meant to be challenging (maybe). The most challenging to code will probably be the ones where the player has to click on different selections. I'll find out.

For now, I am tired and feel like sleeping (I've been typing this devlog for a solid half-hour now haha ha). Maybe I'll get up at around 12, or maybe earlier (depending on sunlight or noise). I'll drop a small update when I've gotten up.

Good night (morning, afternoon, etc.)
I just got up, like around 10. You know that feeling when you go to sleep but don't get enough sleep? Me too.
My small headache's gone away now and I don't think I'll need caffeine for a while?? Maybe at lunch, since I'm prone to wanting to take a nap after lunch.

The plan now is to finish up what little I have to draw, and then export everything. Hopefully, it'll only take until 12. Or 11:30, so I can make/have lunch around 12.
I got caught up watching EvanSki's stream for a half-hour or so (whoops), but I got around to exporting everything. As I thought, it's a pain to deal with.
I've got 39 sprites/frames going on for me, which is not a whole lot, but still a good amount. A good amount for a good (???) game, as I like to say.

Next step is making the GMS project and importing everything, but I'll deal with that after lunch.

Hopefully, there will be an update around 4 talking about how good my progress is. Otherwise, I might be coding until well into tomorrow. I do still want to do a lot of music.

I think I've made a mistake. The gameplay's really simple (for the one challenge I've coded, anyway), but it might be too hard. Or at least there's a lot of pressure when playing.

In the one I have so far, you're given 5 or 10 characters; letters, numbers, or mixed; depending on game stage and difficulty, and then you have to type it within the time limit.
I didn't realize how difficult it is to type numbers. Or rather, I already knew, but it's a lot of pressure when you're only given 7 seconds to type 10 mixed characters.
Well, it starts pretty easy and you're allowed two mistakes (3rd one is a fail), so I'm not too worried about chasing players away. I just hope that when I publish this game, I would be able to say that I can actually beat my own game.

I was thinking about my ideas earlier, when I was planning them. The ideas aren't very innovative, and there's no 'exciting new gameplay', but in retrospect, I didn't need to worry. I think what I'm making now is at least engaging and somewhat fun (I hope, but we'll find out).


After getting distracted for a bit, I've managed to code one challenge, but all three stages of it (harvest, dispose, sell), since that's just a matter of string length, etc. Now I just need to duplicate the object and modify the code to get the memory and comprehensive challenges (I wasn't really clear about it, but comprehensive challenges are like getting a hint and then typing out a corresponding word). Hopefully that doesn't take too long. And then I've got to do some clicking and arrow-key challenges, similarly speed, memory, and comprehensive.

I'll probably update with another devlog in about 4 hours (I tend to do it in that interval, so I guess it's normal now). Maybe I'll mess around less and work more on the game until then.
I somehow took all four hours since the last devlog to finish the typing challenges, albeit stopping for dinner. The fonts I chose make it look pretty good, and the code's pretty clean. I did play through them several times each (they're really quick), and they are preettty difficult. For me, anyway, but I'm bad at typing (jk I write papers for breakfast (poorly written ones)).

Anyway, the past few hours have been a blur, but something took up the time, and it wasn't just altering the code a couple of times. Or maybe it was, plus making it look a bit better. On second thought, I suppose I did only really work on it for another two-ish hours, and then I had dinner (after dinner and taking a shower, I started doing some work on the clicking challenges + getting distracted), so that makes sense.

I realized part-way through coming up with the comprehensive typing challenge that GMC is a pretty international forum, so I had best keep away from using words that may be spelled differently between here or there (like colo(u)r and alumin(i)um) (since I had to make up hints and answers for those, they are few enough that they might repeat a bit if you get around to playing the game multiple times).

Anyway, back to working on challenge minigames. It's gonna be a long night.

There might be another update at 10 or 12.

(edit: I've also just realized that I used 'PDT' for the first devlog, but then 'PST' everywhere else; I think I'm just gonna make them all 'PST')
Two hours of work seems about right, I suppose. I've finished the speed and memory clicking minigames. The comprehensive one shouldn't be too much work with the framework already there, just coming up with queries.

I playtested the ones I've finished, and the third stage version of the memory one is so hard that I might actually start crying if I playtest it again.
Here's a gif of me doing the second stage version (with 7 seconds to memorize):
memory clicking sample.gif
Seven seconds to memorize in normal difficulty, 10 in easy, and 5 in hard. I figured 3 was waaay too little time. For this game, anyway, and especially for the 3x4 grid.

The green looks all the same, but it's actually two different brightness levels like the background grids (gif's y'know). Maybe I'll up the contrast anyway.
I'm gonna finish up the clicking ones and then start working on the arrow-key challenges. Those probably won't be too difficult, to code and to play. Let's hope for the best.

Might be back for another update either at 12 or 2. I'll probably be barely done making the first version of the arrow-key challenge by 12, so probably later.

It'll be a long night. It definitely feels worse coding after a long day than coding before a long day. I'll probably call it after finishing the minigames, and then work on the story stuff tomorrow, plus music.

This is the fastest I've made my game so far, of four jams, so that's pretty nice. (or maybe it's just that much smaller this time haha ha)
It took a while to do the comprehensive clicking one, since I had to come up with four choices for ten queries for three stages (ouch, my brain). I was also showing a friend my work so far.

I'm gonna take a break for the rest of the night and finish up the code tomorrow. Hopefully, the arrow-keys portion won't take too long, since I can use the typing challenge as a framework. And then it's on to putting the game together.

Hopefully, I'll be working on music tomorrow afternoon or evening.

I'll probably post another short update in the morning when I've decided to get back to work.
Okay, I'm up now. Got a good(ish) night of rest, around 8 hours (maybe a bit more). I'm gonna do the arrow-keys thing real quick and then maybe it'll take 4 or 5 hours to do the rest of the game.
Then, I can do music.

I might check if Evanski's streaming atm first. But I'll try not to get too distracted. (edit: he wasn't)
I've finished the arrow-key minigames, with a lunch break in between. Which means all minigame versions are complete!

If I may say so myself, the minigames look clean and play quite well. The only issue is that they don't necessarily fit into the story. But I guess the story can just kind-of be a tack-on to the gameplay. idk

Next, I just need to not get distracted and put the whole rest of the game together. It's really just some dialogue and scene sequencing (no sequences though, since I'm still using 2.2), so it should be done in a short-ish time. I'm giving myself until 6, hoping to finish earlier, so I have tonight to work on music (fun).

Hopefully, I'll be done by around then. If not,..... then not.
How do I put this.... I'm not done yet. I didn't think I would spend the whole frickin 3-and-a-half hours just working on the menu. But it looks good, so I guess I've got that going for me.

Hopefully, the rest of the game won't take too long (actually). I might not get to music today, but I'll most probably have a completed game by tonight, and all day to work on music and sounds tomorrow.

Onto the game itself, after dinner. Surely, I wouldn't be only not even half-done by the end of the night.

Things to do:
- code intro sequence (premise), including dialogue
- code outro sequence(s) (lose/win conditions)
- make a game controller object and string minigames

Doesn't look like too much. Or maybe it'll be like the menu all over again.

Hopefully I'll be done by 10 or 12.
It turns out I didn't finish by 10 or 12. And my fingers are sore(??) from typing all day, especially my right pinky finger, for some reason.

But I'm almost done with the non-audio part of the game. I've got everything linked up and working. Now I just need to code in the sprites for the middle part of the game and then make some quick win/lose sequences.

I don't even know why that took so long. It shouldn't have been that difficult to make simple sequences. Or maybe it's because I did trial and error on the positions for all the sprites and lost track of time (well, lose track or not, I still would've spent that long). Thankfully, the remaining sprites are stationary.

I've already stayed up late enough (have to get up early), so I'm keeping this one short. Too bad I wasn't able to get to music tonight, and the rest of the code will (honestly) probably take a couple more hours, plus a lot of time playtesting for hidden bugs. And then after I finish music, I have to code that in too (pain). Sound effects will be easier.

I'll probably update with a longer(??) devlog in the afternoon when I've finished the non-audio portion completely.

Good night.
I've finished the game part of the game, including putting in all graphics. Everything's strung up, sequences properly, looks decent. Except the code. The code's clean for a lot of the game, but there is a chunk where the code looks terrible. But what am I going to do? Go back and make it better? No.

I didn't bump into a whole lot of bugs this jam, just a few syntax errors and typos in the code - quick fixes. Could it be that I have actually gotten better at coding??

Anyway. I haven't had lunch yet, so I'm going to make/have a quick one. And then it's on to music.

I wanted to write a bunch of music, but I don't want to spend too much time on it. If possible, I want to finish by earlier in the night, so that I can playtest and/or have a friend playtest for me. Even if I wrote a lot of soundtracks, the parts of the game I was imagining different songs for are too short, and it would be way too much effort to write code to keep switching music. I think I'm just going to go for my usual approach: menu, intro scene, gameplay, fail scene, and lose and win scenes (wow that's still a lot). I've got some ideas in mind; hopefully, it won't take too long.

Lunch time now. I hope to have good news about finishing music by dinner at the latest.

I've finished the music. Or at least some music. But I don't want to spend way too long. I've got a couple of loops going. For lack of creative juices, one of the soundtracks is a copy of another one but with different sound samples and slightly different notes. And faster.

I think the tracks might fit. Just might. It sounds great, at least. Just gets repetitive after a while. I hope people don't mind too much. At least there is music.

I'm going to record some audio lines and sound effects now, and then I'll probably put everything into the game after dinner.

Hopefully the game's in a complete state, as few bugs as possible, by the next devlog update around maybe 8 or 9 (or 10). And then tonight is just playtesting and adding some polish.
The game is finished. Played through it a few times, no major problems yet (or I've fixed them already). Now, I just need to write a readme file and make an icon for the window and then export. Then it's extensive (maybe) playtesting with a friend.

I also need to find some good screenshots for this forum post. And then I need to write the intro on here too.
After some playtesting, my friend wanted to finish hard mode without making mistakes. So I decided to add a little feature where if you do any difficulty mode without making mistakes, you get a little "PERFECT" when you win.

I also added some info to the top of the post (+ image and Drive download link).
PST is about 7 hours behind UTC.
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"A Tentacle With A Knife!"
A Game by Breakfast Boy
Download Link:

The theme is "A Big Mistake". One of the first things that comes to mind is this video:

This gives me the idea of a simple arcade-style game where a knife-wielding robotic tentacle fends off people trying to turn it off.
I've got weekend plans so I'll only have about 1.5 days to work on it, but maybe that will be enough
Fortunately, I found a neat little tutorial on rope physics that should prove useful when designing the tentacle object

21:36 EST: I got the rope physics down for my tentacle object. Next I'll design the layout of the floors for the room and then I'll call it a night

I've been having some difficulty working with the floor objects. Therefore, I've opted to instead let the player swing the tentacle around by moving it's box freely around a space, rather than have the player control it from the knife end as I originally intended.

I finished creating the knife object, and sprites for the enemies.

Some testing on a stationary target showed that it's rather difficult to get the knife to hit the enemy. I will implement a system where the player can defeat the enemies by either hitting them with the tentacle or the knife. Hits with the knife will be worth more points.

I now have something resembling actual gameplay


The player uses the mouse to move the tentacle box, which swings the tentacle with a knife around
The enemies appear in endless waves and move toward the tentacle's box. If they manage to reach the box, the game restarts
Knocking out enemies with the tentacle arm earns 1 point, while knife wounds are worth 2(also indicated by whether the enemies bleed or not when they are hit).
The more points the player gets, the more enemies will appear in waves.

I now have a brief cutscene that plays before each round.

Due to visiting family friends, I do not think I will have time to work on a title screen or any real polish today.

I'll just try to get the pause and game over screens working, as well as add all the music and sound effects.

I will also create a README once I finish all that.

23:55 EST: Sound effects are complete, made the game more challenging by having more enemies appear and having them go faster after 7 waves. README is finished, link is ready.

High scores do not save. There is no title screen. Had I more time/energy I would try to add both, but I'm spent at the moment.
Also, I'm quite proud of how the game turned out so I'll leave it as is.


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The M

Magic's Final Stand

1 ~ I've decided to make a game about drawing shapes to perform magic. The theme isn't the strongest but it basically boils down to being in the wrong place at the wrong time, which I think is good enough. I want the game to be android compatible and I think the gameplay would fit that well.

I spent the first day coming up with an algorithm that detects basic shapes and after some tweaking I can identify circles, triangles, squares and lightning bolts to a decent degree of accuracy. Hopefully, it will be able to identify them when things get more hectic and you start drawing sloppy shapes, but I'm thinking that's on you if you make them too hard to disambiguate (as long as you can tell it was you who drew it badly and not the game failing to detect it). My algorithm basically works in five steps:
- smooth out all points,
- find sharp angles,
- dismiss corners too close to each others as well as anything too close to the ends,
- count the start as a corner if the ends are relatively close to each others, and finally
- check how many corners there are and which direction they face to decide which shape it is.

There will be one more step and that is checking if the player is covered by this shape or not, as the effect will change accordingly.


2 ~ So it turns out it's hard to draw accurate shapes under pressure. I will have to do more tweaking to the algorithm to make it more reliable. I've found rectangles to be particularly hard because they have four corners and compared to the triangle, the corners are relatively obtuse, making them hard to distinguish from a circle bend. I have some ideas but I feel like I need to prioritize getting the game components in place before I start tweaking things.

Here's how I want spells to work: each spell has a primary effect if used on enemies and an alternate effect if used on the player who stands in the middle of the field. The exception is the lightning spell which can't target the player. Here's a list:
Circle (on enemy) - Explode, damage enemies within the circle. Smaller circles deal more damage.
Circle (on player) - Expel, pushes enemies away. Smaller circle has more push force.
Triangle (on enemy) - Strip, weakens the enemy and increases damage taken.
Triangle (on player) - Strengthen, doubles spell power for a while.
Rectangle (on enemy) - Restrict, freezes enemies in place. Smaller rectangles freeze for longer.
Rectangle (on player) - Restore, heals some health.
Lightning (on ground) - Channel, places a mine that detonates if enemies move onto it.
Pentagram (on player) - Arcana Maxima, a super move I'm considering. It's a complex shape that I haven't tried recognizing yet so it may not be feasible.


3 ~ By now I have some basic graphics and the start of most systems down. I want to add more progression to the night and make harder and harder enemies appear as time goes on, but that's not quite ready yet. Some enemies have armor levels, indicated by red or cyan fire. They take half and 1/3rd of normal damage per attack so weakening them several times is the key to succeed against them. There will be more enemy types too. I've drawn another type but not implemented it yet and I've got ideas for a third.

The pentagram is in place and it charges up as you kill enemies (or boost yourself), with combos increasing the speed. Once the circle's full, you'll be able to draw a pentagram to freeze time and gain a large damage boost, for a short while. It turns out reading a pentagram is comparably easy, as the angles are all very sharp, so that should be no problem. I just have to implement it. As you can see in the gif below, there's still room for improvement to the shape recognizer.

I'm also thinking about scaling up the room size to give you more space to work with without the player getting in the way of your drawing, but we'll see. I think that's something that would have been good to try, except I'm going to ignore it until there's not enough time left to make the change. I'm at least trying to make everything independent of the room size so theoretically, it should be possible to just change the values.


4 ~ I've added the lightning spell. It's visuals are wicked and it's power extreme! I'm a bit scared it might be overpowered, but whatever: as long as it feels good using it. The lightning bolt only targets a single enemy, so while it's very strong against my current enemy types, it will be weaker against groups of enemies (which just so happens to be my next enemy type).

There is now less than 24 hours left of the jam and I have a list of 12 points that needs to be handled before then. We'll see if I can do it or if it ends up being too much.


5 ~ The game is now more or less playable from start to finish, except there is no fail-state. The game starts at dusk and you need to survive until dawn. I've set up levels that introduce new enemies and stronger enemies as time goes on. I've also finished the last spell: Arcana Maxima. The ultimate spell gives you seven seconds with double damage and all enemies frozen in place. Use it wisely!

There are three types in total and they complement each other well. The basic enemy can be seen above. Number two is a worm with several segments. Break a segment and the worm will split and now you have two worms to deal with. The third enemy is the shade of a fallen wizard. Capable of teleporting around and firing salvos of bullets that you need to destroy with spells. They're nasty, but a good freeze target, and if you're fast you can obliterate them with lightning!


6 ~ I've been busy polishing things up. There is now a proper win screen and fail screen, as well as a small tutorial. On top of that, all spells have received a visual boost to make their effects a little more apparent and flashier. When you take damage the screen also starts to fade to black, adding some extra pressure.

I have three major points left on my list: add an intro explaining why there's a mistake involved in this, improve the spell system to parse shapes with higher accuracy, and add audio. If I'm lucky, I might even have time to do a little more balancing, but I'm satisfied enough with the game's current state that I won't be upset if I don't get to that. I do want to complete the first three points though.


7 ~ I spent a few hours drawing a couple of intro slides to give some context to the game. It's not something I would normally do, given my very limited drawing skills, but it felt appropriate. If nothing else, it can never hurt to practice, right? While this should mean I've only two points left on my list. I've got a concern regarding scaling. The game has a very small window and the dimensions aren't great for desktop screens (at least not mine). This means the game gets incredibly blurry if I turn on fullscreen and I want to see if I can do something about that. Problem is, it's getting late and I'm running out of brain power. I'll be giving myself one more hour of coding tonight and then I'll do the audio tomorrow morning. Let's hope I can get these last issues dealt with without too much hassle.


Well, now I feel silly. The solution to having blurry fullscreen was to simply disable interpolation between pixels. At least I get to scrap my custom fullscreen scaling code, so there's that. :)


8 ~ And there we are. I've added a suit of sound effects and some music that fits okay. It's not much, but it's good enough.

I did manage to improve the shape detection a little by removing the smoothing and rewriting the corner deduplication part (basically trying to avoid corners counting more than once). I also added some extra constraints on triangles in an attempt to prevent very stretched-out ellipses from counting as triangles instead of circles. In hindsight, maybe I should have looked at straights instead of corners to parse the shapes?

Either way, the game is finished and it feels good to have a game that's more or less what I envisioned, without having to cut most of it out for once!

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- Countdown -
Fernando G. / Me and my cat

DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)

- maybe a screenshot here -

- Devlog -
As always I already lost a day assuming we started on Friday, so to keep expectations realistic I am going to limit the project to a single idea that fits the theme: Defuse a bomb!


- Connection nodes
- switch node
- breakable node
- Energy flow

Enough for today, I would like to add at least the and / or logic gates and some kind of switch to redirect the flow between two paths



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GMC Elder
I didn't even realize there was a jam this time, geez! Reserved spot for a very rushed entry!!

"Super Ordinary Brothers"

Download link here: Itchio page

The controls and stuff are explained on the title screen, so make sure to read that before you start the game ;)


Day 2, about lunchtime: realize the jam was happening. AAAAAAAAAAAA
Day 2, evening: I just stuck with my original name idea and built a concept around it. It's a Touhou fangame, one of the supporting cast ate a magical strawberry and became giant, now you need to find a bunch of them yourself so you also can become giant, and then go fight her. (You don't actually grow, you just go to a map with tiny houses and trees so it LOOKS LIKE you grew). It's gonna be a 3D collecathon with a bunch of strawberry collectibles, i'mma stick with the old "only half the collectibles is enough to beat the game" approach so people cna go away from it happy.
Day 3, 3:13 AM: I worked all night. Sadly, most of the work was fixing technical issues (animations not loading, the level editor not working, the graphics pipeline being glitched, array data acting weird and corrupting data, my own legacy hacks ruining code i thought were working without changes, etc) and not a lot of it spent on adding actual game bits. I don't think I have enough time to create enough content for the game concept to even work . Might have to throw in the towel on this one.
Day 3, 5:36 PM: Yeah, I just finally sorted out the final technical issue (for now) and have like 95% of my actual feature todo list unscratched.... and that's after accounting for keeping the game small enough in scope to work. Welp, chances are slim this is happening.
Day 3, 21:48: I had an idea for a joke entry, so I made that instead of my original game! It's a mario clone with a twist, which I'm not going to spoil here, but which turned out exactly like I wanted for once. Woo!
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Well, I found out the jam was going late last night and I have until tomorrow morning to get something the fact that I'm trying this at all might be thematic enough. We'll see how it goes!

EDIT: Well, it's a bummer, but no game this time I'm afraid. I bit off far, far more than I could chew for the time I had. Still fun to try though!

The game is supposed to be a space-shooter / strategy sim where you send out drones to mine energy while fighting off waves of enemies. The "Big Mistake" was meant to be evoked through story - your ship ends up falling into a trap if you decide to answer a mysterious distress call.

Day 2.1: We got a ship in space with little drone ships you can send out to mine stuff, and nothing else. Neat.
Day 2.2: Enemies and a laser...but nowhere where it needs to be to be called a game. I'm too slow & bad at programming to do what I want.
Day 2.3: Sadly, this is as far as I got. I won't be able to work on this tomorrow and there's just SO MUCH left to make it even close to playable.
If the "lovely" screenshots in my devlog happen to actually pique any interest, there is a download here but please don't add this to the official entries! It's way too incomplete and terrible.
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So, I decided that it would be a BIG MISTAKE to remake the epic Catch The Clown in GM1. Yes GM1. Not GM1.4 (which is really GM 10...).



And I present to you...


This is an improvement over the original and has the following AMAZING features!


This is fun for ALL the family!


Yes! This game has it ALL and it's a BIG MISTAKE to play it.
It was an even BIGGER MISTAKE to make it.

SOUND EFFECTS: Metrostock99 -
MUSIC: Incompetech -

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Shadow Bouncer
You fiddled with the Boss's new invention and managed to separate yourself from your own shadow.


Using your shadow's insatiable need to copy your every move, trap it next to electric coils and pull the lever to capture it. You can fix this...

Download / Play Here

--Screenshot 2021-05-30 212025.png
(Level 5 just seemed like the right thing to do)


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A game about multitasking to avoid the ever-looming threat of nuclear explosions. Play as a robot with narcolepsy and a bear with anger problems... AT THE SAME TIME.


(Dropbox isn't super intuitive. Click the three dots on the sidebar, there you will find the download button).
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Mr Magnus

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YOYOCOIN MARKET By Mr Magnus, Inspired by @Pelican Police
Is investing a mistake?
DOWNLOAD NOW (or wait for the .zip like everyone else)

I don't know, but I'm sure trying to make this thing for the jam was. Experience all the excitement of the stock market without ever risking a cent of real money. Highest investing profile at the end of the voting period gets a banner.

Has such features as:

* Buying fictional stock
* Selling shares of other people's games without their permission (don't tell anyone)
* Looking at graphs.
* Trying to figure out which red line belongs to which stock
* Numbers going up and down!
* Online capabilities: Everyone has the exact same market to compete in!
* Supply and demand: Buy stock to drive it up, sell it to drop it down!
* 70+ headlines on a nonstop hourly loop!
* And so much (less) more!

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