Steam The Fishery - A 2D Fishing Simulator

The Fishery is now available to purchase on Steam Early Access!

After around 3 months of constant development and hard work, I think The Fishery is ready for it's public Early Access Steam launch!

I'd like to thank everybody who has supported and continues to support The Fishery, you guys are awesome and I appreciate every kind word, message and reaction!
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I'm currently working on V0.1 - but if you'd like to test the most recent build of The Fishery (v0.07) please click the link above and try it out! It's free :D

I've updated the thread to include the STEAM prefix! If you guys would like to check out the Steam page and add it to your wishlist, feel free to do so here:

ALSO on the link on the main thread content, you are able (only if you'd like to) purchase a supporter pack and receive access to the development via Steam!