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The Fifth GMC Time Machine


The Fifth GMC Time Machine

It's that time of year again. Time to bury a hypothetical box in the hypothetical ground for a hypothetical year.

For those who did this last year, nothing has changed. For those who are new to this, keep reading.

This is the GMC Time Machine. It's sort of a time capsule for GMC members. You can post all sorts of things about yourself in a letter to your future self. After a week (give or take a couple of days, depending on interest), I'll "bury" this topic and we'll all forget about it. Around the same time next year, I'll dig it back up and we can all look back and the kind of people we were and reflect.

Things people commonly post:
* Facts, statistics, and information about your life right now
* Goals, aspirations, and ambitions
* Pictures or memes that are popular right now
* Anything else you want your future self to see
As always, use common sense. The usual forum rules apply, and don't post anything too private; this is a public forum, after all.

If you're feeling particularly nostalgic, you can still go back and read the Fourth GMC Time Machine.

Topic creation date: July 2, 2017
Topic burial date: July 13, 2017
Topic resurrection date: July 13, 2018

This topic has been buried. Please do not post in it until the date listed.
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Lousiest of Potatoes
My message to 2018 me:
Used gamemaker for about 2100 hours now, how many hours have you spent in GM:S?
Have you moved to Unity yet? Or did something change and did you move to GM:S2 anyways?
How's your love life? Too soon? Okay nevermind.
guess what quote I am thinking of:
Books have no covers, just look right in; you're judged by your words not the colour of your skin.
I bet you didn't guess that correctly.
Are you still in that horrible country, or did you finally move back?

Bunker Busters better be selling well.

Or else..

If this seemed unorganised, that's because it is.

I want to be you.


Alright, alright, alright! I think I did this a couple years ago, it was pretty fun(read: sad) to read.

Some stats:
Tinder: No matches
Twitter: 209 following and 263 Followers
Reddit: 66 post Karma and 298 Comment Karma
Soundcloud: 80 Followers, 57 Following, 4583 plays total
GMC: Whatever these numbers mean. I guess the only one that kinda matters is likes received, which still holds no value to me.

Alright that is out of the way, time for some future questions:

  • How is mom's cancer? Did her transplant do good?
  • How is your current relationship status?
  • Have you gotten your AA yet?
  • Any cool new shows you discovered?
  • How's the pets? Specifically Kenny.
  • Guess I better ask . . . How's gamedev? Ever get back to that or still taking a break?
  • How's college life?
  • How much is in the bank? Is it at least more than $0?
  • How bad was Pokemon US/UM?
Alright, and this is what you've been doing recently.

Okay, I'm going to go play Skyrim a bit then watch Breaking Bad some more, get back to whatever it is you're doing. Also a couple months late, but happy 20th.


Ethan L!
Still no progress? Get off your lazy butt and work on things!
Stop being mopey and DO IT.
And you'd better have a six pack when I get back.


The forum's immigrant
I posted this in the other time machine thread by mistake but Ill post it here

If you finally making loads of cash from your back up plan? good job! Keep it up for that no one will hire you anyway...

Team was a failure and now bankrupt still? Leave GMC while you still can and do something else like go to the army. There is no hope living anyway...

Also after reading this, go kill Roytheshort. Go! QUICKLY! Before its too late!!!
Well, good sir, how's it going? Did you actually do your work? Valley of Charon should be finished now and you SHOULD just be doing marketing now. You've only got 3 months! But if you still don't know how to do marketing, I don't blame you. I do blame you if you have a low quality game though. You and I both know perfectly well releasing a poor game will haunt you for the rest of your life. Don't do that to me.

Did you actually write all that music? Or did you pawn it off to someone else. If you did, how could you? If not, is it good? Send me some mp3's so I can listen.

Did you ever find a Nintendo Switch? Did you manage to avoid BotW spoilers until then. Are you a true Zelda master? Or have you still never finished Windwaker?

Are you actually reading this?

How's school going? Where are you going to college? (You can keep that inside your head, find by me.) Is there any space left in your head anyways?


Jack of All Shades
I know what you're thinking. "Aw geez here comes this moron, such an annoying guy, it's why I haven't spoken to him for a year."
I've handled past iterations enough to know how to deal more or less with future me. Maybe I have the introspection needed right now to realize what I'm screwing up at (my) present. I haven't gotten your precious hindsight, but I guess that is why you're here. The format is the same as always, let's delve in.

Seriously though, do you only use the GMC forums for the Time Machines?
At present, my posts are very scarce and the only thing really drawing me here are these. And it so happens to be an annual event. I've got some forum games in mind, including that reboot that's due for what feels like an eternity. Admittedly, even at this point it's a hair strand away from being thrown in the back burner altogether, but y'know... it would be a neat idea.

Other than that, what are your creative endeavours?
Produced any new music? Currently the most recent finished track is Star Bright (I can't link to the Soundcloud page because the GMC system presumes my guilt as a bot, since I haven't posted in the other forum sections, blergh). Also the webcomic, which I'm pretty sure is dead right now. I haven't got much time because of my work, as you know. But I do hope you still delve into creating stuff as a side thing. And that leads neatly into the next question...

Are you working? Are you still studying?
I have no idea what to do after the thesis is over. I guess I'm going with the flow and seeing what falls on my lap. Yes, yes, I know. I should discard this carefree attitude if I want to land something that is worthy and appealing. But y'know me, I'm not a "go-getter." I just hope whatever you are doing right now, it's at least somewhat fulfilling. Oh, and wish me luck for my dissertation defence. If it goes awry, it's your fault for not crossing your fingers hard enough. Figure out that paradox.

Music tastes, what's new?
Right now I am jamming to some awesome new Kirin, a wonderful Tsukasa discovery (plus another one) and the Eshericks remix. Top spot is still ILL. I don't think #1 is changing any time in the foreseeable future. But finding new stuff is getting increasingly arduous.

Love life?
Yeah, that same ol' question. Look, it's been a pretty harsh ride and some really bad experiences, I know. But please don't beat yourself too much, you got to take the bad with stride. And I am really trying to practice what I preach. Maybe you have had something good meanwhile, maybe not. I can admit I haven't done much to reach that special something. I'm getting really close to a point where many options will permanently close in that regard.

Finally, here's what I wish for you and me: have a better perception of yourself as a person. Sometimes you can wander to that dark place where the most valuable thing seems disposable, but hang on to hope. Seeya.


Ahoy there, future Ninety! Do not open these spoilers until July 2018! You have been warned :mad:

Hello, future Ninety. How are things? As usual, I will be writing a letter that's way too long, which reveals way too much personal information.

I've just finished my third semester of uni. It was a really terrible semester, to be honest. Four days uni, two days work, shorter semester but just as much stuff to do, and I stopped hearing from a few friends almost entirely. Kind of sucks when people disappear because of timetables and such. Have you felt that much in the last year?
lmao I have like 3 uni friends tops, my dude

Do you still hang out with J/A/M mostly at uni?
Almost exclusively (I'm so loyal (hold me))

And, um, how are things with you and E? Right now we've stopped talking, she kind of stopped replying over text. We did run into each other in a lecture once, early in the semester, but since then, radio silence. Please tell me you're over her, at least.
One or two more brief meetings but other than that nothing. Which is probably good.

Are you fit? Eating healthily? I'm not.

Got a girlfriend, or a different crush? I tried in that department, but it didn't go so well.
I have a steadily growing dakimakura collection, does that count?

How's your mental health?

Mine's okay, been better but it's good to be on break. Definitely better, overall, then this time last year, I think. Better than it was a month or so ago. But it's up and down, y'know?
Oh, I know.

At home, sister just came back from Seoul a few weeks back. Dad's thinking of moving jobs, maybe doing a cycling trip. Had a birthday party a few months back... Didn't go so great. Work is work. I'm very slowly learning the ropes, trying to memorise all the stuff I need to know, walking on eggshells around my bosses. Are you still at the same job? If so, how's it going?
Still at the same job. Bored out of my mind. We are laughably overstaffed.

Homestead is my major project right now. I estimate I'm about halfway through the art, but I'll probably end up redoing most of it. (Please tell me you've finished by June 2017...)

I'm also going to expand the soundtrack to be much bigger, and I'm getting involved with design and story stuff. Hopefully it goes well.

Do you have a loyal following yet? You need a loyal following.
Not much. A few people on Twitter.

Done any other gamedev stuff?
Yes! (For once!) I made a little jam game for #ResistJam, and I'm working on an experimental art piece in Unity for university. Also just got GMS2 for Mac (eee!!) and have done other bits and pieces here and there. (Worked a bit on This Holy Land, but I think it's dead now.)

Or other music/pixelart stuff? Do a Pixel Dailies. For me.
Fight me

Get to work on that album or Instagram page. Have you taken up photography yet?
Yes, and got off to a decent start on Instagram.

Scored any uni films? Showed your music to anyone IRL?
Check and check. Recently scared Ari with a little ambient effect, lol.

And, of course, the new GMC went up today. What's it like, one year from now? Are you a regular again, or are you more in the background?
More in the background, OT isn't great these days.

I'd be interested to know whether you're still anonymous on the internet. (Right now only Lukan's seen my real face, and he's... weird about it.)
Still anonymous. Still weirded out.

Current things I'm into:
Basically finished that file not long after. Right now it's on 18th of Spring, Year 3, with 225,886g. Actually just started a new file a couple days ago, under "Rae", at 3 Spring Year 1, with 1,120g.
  • Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared 6 was released yesterday. Confusing as all hell, but lots of fun. Have the creators made anything new?
Not as far as I'm aware.
  • Messing around with Logic, like usual. Thinking about investing in NI Massive.
...Still thinking...
  • Been listening to a lot of Sufjan Stevens lately. Radiohead's latest album is also alright. Current favourite songs are Seventeen by Sjowgren, One of Us by Dan Croll, Burn the Witch by Radiohead, I Am The Antichrist To You by Kishi Bashi, maybe Kanye by Bogan Via, Five Minutes by Her, and of course Blue Bucket of Gold (Remix) by Sufjan Stevens. How's my music taste changed?
You're listening to a few of my old favourites.
  • Last movie I watched was John Wick, earlier today. (With pizza!)
...Damn, now I'm jealous of my past self.

Well, that's all from me. See you round, future Ninety.
- Current Ninety xoxo Get outta here, punk.

On the new GMC I have 3 posts, 6 likes, 1 status update, and 9 followers. EDIT: 8 likes, thanks RekNepZ.

I'm inactive on Ask.fm now, but apparently I was very busy in the interim (thanks Insert Name Here for all the spam): 299 answers, up from 59 last year. 8 likes compared to 1, 6 followers from 3.
Logic folder is 1.96GB, up from 1.07 in the last time machine.
GPA is like 3.0 or something. Haven't got most marks back for Autumn.
BMI is like 16.1 apparently. Jeepers.
My favourite picture on the internet is

Oh god why

Hello, future Ninety, or whatever lame-brained noun you’ve roped into being your internet pseudonym. It’s me, past Ninety.

How is everything? What happened after uni finished? What are you doing with yourself this year? (Assuming you’re still alive, of course.) Are your parents disappointed in whatever you chose?

Are you fitter? Healthier? Are you exercising regularly? (Do you have a girlfriend? If so, zero idea how that happened.) Have you gone on any cool holidays? I went to Vietnam earlier this year. Parents are thinking about New Zealand in December, and I want to go to Hong Kong at some point by myself. Hey, you might be in Europe soon! Or now!

Well, I guess I’ll tell you a bit about the here and now. Today’s a Thursday. Yesterday I had work (ugh) and a waffle/board game night with SK et al. Tuesday night was the farewell dinner for a person who is now, presumably, happily married. On the weekend we had the Winter Warmer, which was basically a train wreck in slow motion. How was the aftermath? Is JB still around?

I’m on uni break right now, which isn’t lasting long enough. Got some decent results from last semester (distinction for a hip-hop remix?? WTF). Work’s work. We’ve got the trainee pharmacist, who’s nice but let’s be real, the last thing I need is another person doing my job. Probably got to suck it up for a year or two though.

Tomorrow morning we leave at the crack of dawn for The Northern Beachy Place — just Mum, youngest sister, and I. How was the trip? Other sister’s currently off on a whirlwind camp extravaganza so we won’t be seeing her for a week or so. Dad’s new job is going alright, he’s been there a couple months now. Mum’s back at work for four four-hour days each week. How did the treatment finish up? Is everything back to normal? What about with your grandfather?

What happened to Homestead? Is it… done? Abandoned? Somewhere in the middle?

What about other gamedev stuff? Have you been busy? Have you made your first gamedev dollar yet? C’mon, I have asset pack plans, I really hope something came to fruition.

Made any more music? What about pixel art? And how’s your photography going? Has your Instagram page grown?

How are your friends? Are the local crowd still around? Are you keeping up with the ones from uni? Go organise something with J/A/M. Go on, for me.

Last pixelart I posted on Twitter was this animated weather indicator, but that was a little bit ago. (https://twitter.com/NinetyHere/status/874259487393161216) There’s also this tileset, which I’m hoping to turn into an asset pack (https://twitter.com/NinetyHere/status/872757542996197376). I haven’t been very active lately at all.

I have no idea what your life will look like, but hopefully it’s a good one, future Ninety. Here’s to us.

- Past Ninety xoxo

PS: I actually wrote an extra special secret message for you this time… It’s in the USB folder on Dropbox. The password is the first two letters of your middle name (caps), followed by your birthday in DDMMYYYY, followed by A1934296. It’s not cheery, sorry.

My Twitter as of 6/7/2017, 10:35PM:

On Instagram, I have 72 posts (most recent was the top of the tower composite, my current record for likes at 92). I have 136 followers and am following 486.

I badly need some fresh songs in my Spotify, but I've been listening a lot to the Sufjan Stevens Carrie & Lowell live album, both Glass Animals albums, Planetarium, some D.D Dumbo, a few new alt-J tracks (Deadcrush, In Cold Blood, House of the Rising Sun), Source by Fever the Ghost, Higher by Lemaitre, a few Barns Courtney tracks, Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man, and weirdly, Prisencolinensinainciusol. (Fight me, it's catchy.)

Logic folder is 6.28GB, up from 1.98 in the last one. I think because I did a lot of sample-based work in the last year.

GPA is 3.something. Up from last time, I do know that. Yay!
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This is my first message to myself. Pretty simple stuff.

Sir! I have a few questions for you:
  • Are you still an all A student?
  • How much longer till you graduate now?
  • Have you released a game on steam yet?
  • If not, do you still plan on doing this?
  • If not, why?

John Andrews

Living Enigma
Around this time you started 3 or so games, did you finish any of those? I see...
Do you finally care enough about the GMC to consider it an important thing? Yeah, I thought so...
Hey! How's university going?
How's Venezuela doing? Is your dad ok there? How is the place you actually live in (if you still live there)
Man, did you do that thing with you know who? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You tell me you are working as a dog trainer in the place you went!
Remember that our experiences make us grow as people, mentally and personally, so regret nothing and learn from experiences :)


The Oneirophobe
Hello, future Overloaded.:banana: Here's some questions for thee.
Here's the link to my post from 2016. Make sure to read it too, and do your comparisons.

WAIT NO WRONG LINK. Here it is. https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/the-fourth-gmc-time-machine.222/#post-5019

I should have written a reply to 2016. Oh well. I did it in my head. Laziness wins.

...It's been a while, how do I insert spoiler text, again?
Oh, here it is!
  1. How is Orama Game Studios doing? Right now, I'm reeaaaaallllyyyyy close to finishing Youniverse for Android. Did it do well? Did we manage to get $100 in ad revenue so we will get paid? (Probably not, but no harm in dreaming, eh?) And of course, Oneirophobia. I soon will start developing it. Again. I should have done plenty of work by the time you're reading this. If not, THEN WORK ON IT. NOW. NOWWWWW.
  2. Relationship status. Do not fail me again. Not another year.
  3. On my first message for the future in the new GMC, I asked me how is the blog doing. I stopped writing on the blog when I begun my examinations. Did you continue it, perhaps? Did you also expand your Teachings, and mayyybe shown them to more people? The world isn't going to change by itself, you know. GET TO WORK. -*//*+
  4. Speaking of the examinations, I managed to gather 16436 points, while the university I desired to enter demanded atleast 15114 in 2016. And in 2015. So HOPEFULLY I have indeed entered the university. I'm just waiting to see how many points they demand this year. So, how is university life? Is it hard? Easier than before? Have you found a girlfri-
  5. Are you productive enough? Right now, I feel productive. I have done plenty of work on Youniverse (which, I mean, is a simple game, but the cutscenes man. The cutscenes.) and I feel successful after the examination results.
  6. What. Is. The situation of the world. Greek economy, go. Terrorism, go. Donald Trump, go. North Korea, go. TELL ME EVERYTHING.
  7. Any new games? Any new release dates of long desired games? Did they reveal a KH3 release date yet? I mean, the D23 trailer will arrive in 4 days, so, I'll probably have an answer by then.
  8. Do you, my Futureness, feel like your life has been improved since the time I was writing this?
  9. Are you still wiiiiiseee? And smaaartt?? And handsomeeee? And perfeeectttt?? And modest?
  10. Or are you even better? Have you improved? ARE YOU A BETTER VERSION OF ME???
  11. How do you feel? Right now and in general.
  12. My 2016 self asked my 2017 self whether I hit the gym. The answer is no. Violence is never the answer. (Get it? HIT the gym?) I stopped going to the gym since July to focus on my studies. Are you, my dear 2018 self, going to the gym? Just please, do not hit it. Hit a school instead, they deserve it more.
  13. Are you still funneh like me?
  14. Did you buy anything new? New console? New computer related stuff? New game development related stuff? New game related stuff? Anything? (Yes I copied and pasted this from my 2016 post, deal with it)
  15. Any new hobbies? (I... copied and pasted that as well. Damn I'm lazy)
  16. Have you discovered any new YouTube channels of interest? (Yeah I'm going to keep copying-pasting stuff from 2016, I RUN OUT OF IDEAS OK?)
  17. Are you still worried and feel uncertain about the future?
  18. Do you feel lonely?
  19. Are you healthy?
  20. You are alive... right!?
  21. New memes? (Finally an original question)
  22. Are the people around you okay? (writing this to prove that I'm not a selfish bastard)
  23. Why am I talking to you like you're someone else, while we're literally the same person?
42. What is the answer of the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything?
404. Error: Humor not found. Terminating. Task.
666. Lol j/k, not terminating anything. Except your life :):duck::pickle::squirrel::potato:
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Hi there, future me. (Yo.) I am currently a rising... um, whatever comes after senior, at Tennessee Tech. I have a job as an IT Intern at eviCore Healthcare for the summer. (Oh yeah. Fortunately, this year's internship has kept me busy.) The new GMC just opened up, after an absurd wait. My most recent game was Daron Moore: Private Eye, a detective game which won the Discord Warm-up Jam. (Oh yeah, that game. I remember that. It turned out very well, I think.) My most recent non-Jam game was Endless Rail, a casual strategy game which served as my debut on Google Play. (Still haven't made another mobile game since then.) In real life, I'm dating Emily, going on two and a half years now. I'm still using GM occasionally, although I have switched over to other languages quite a bit more now (thankfully). Also, I have a website! I'm going to post an image of the homepage (http://i.imgur.com/l3Xd7S6.png) so you can see if it's changed at all. (The home page has literally not changed in over a year.) Currently projects are Latitude (a prototype oriented programming language), (I'll get back to that one at some point.) Net Game (a dynamically generated world from parsing Wikipedia), (Still actively working on this one, actually.) and Luminescence 2 (a sequel to the platformer Luminescence, similar in style). (I'd love to finish this one, but I haven't touched Game Maker in so long.) On the back burner are MLSP Lang, Budget Board, and Demensitis 2. (MLSP is mostly vaporware, but the other two might end up finished at some point.) In terms of languages, I most recently picked up Perl, before that I learned Ruby. So yeah, that's about it for me. Now for the usual questions:
(1) Still dating Emily? (Yup.)
(2) Has Net Game gone anywhere? Have you given it a better name than "Net Game" yet? (It's coming along nicely. No new name for it yet, though.)
(3) Are either MLSP or Latitude stable enough to be used for real coding yet? (Latitude is close. It's inefficient but usable. MLSP is mostly vaporware, since I learned that Scala accomplishes most of the design goals I had in mind for it.)
(4) Finished any awesome games lately? (Haven't been doing much game design lately. I made Rocket Science a little while back, as well as Tricks, Traps, and Tower Maps, which I'm very happy with. But mostly I've been focusing on Net Game.)
(5) What are your more recent Jam entries? Managed to one-up the sixth place ranking from Stick and Stone yet? (I worked with Alice for a couple of Jams, making Troubles of Post Mortal Times and Suspicious City of Wonders. Haven't done a Jam in a little while now.)
(6) Minecraft version? It's 1.10 right now. (1.12. That's kind of sad. Only two major version releases in a year.)
(7) You should be starting your final year of undergrad soon. Picked out a grad school yet? What about a thesis, if you're doing one? (Have not picked out a grad school. Not sure about thesis. Will be doing an upper division directed study next semester though.)
(8) Re-taught yourself Latin? Get on that! (..................)
(9) Made Demensitis 2 yet? Get on that too! (I know, I know...)
(10) Have an internship this summer? (Oh yeah. It's awesome. At a university in Indiana working on simulation software.)
(11) As of right now, you have 5 Youtube subscribers and 9 Twitter followers. Are those numbers the same? (Nine Youtube subscribers, which is extraordinary considering I haven't uploaded a video in over a year. My Twitter had a bit of an accident and ended up getting hacked. I reset the account and have exactly one follower now.)
(12) Current forum games? At the moment, I have none on the new forum. (Forum games seem to have fallen a bit out of style on the new forum, sadly. I'm not running any. Wizard Battle died long ago. Aside from a few non-committal games there are really no forum games at all.)
That's about it. Nice talking to you, future Merc. (Nice talking to you, too. I think you'll enjoy the next year.) Hope you're doing well! :) :)

Yo, Mercerenies! It's you from 2017. How are things? I'm working at CREST this summer in Indiana, programming a pretty cool program about particle simulations. I'll be starting my final year at Tennessee Tech next year. I'm still dating Emily, and you better be too. Let's see... haven't done much game design lately. Last Jam entry was Suspicious City of Wonders back in Jam 2. Last non-Jam game was Tricks, Traps, and Tower Maps. Nobody has played it really, but I think it's fun. In terms of less game-design related projects, I'm currently working on Net Game and ShinyLisp, with Latitude taking a bit of a backseat for now. In terms of shows, I'm watching SAO again on Netflix, this time alongside Emily. Relatively recently, I learned Tcl and, before that, Lua and Scala. I also just recently (about a month ago) switched to Ubuntu and have been pleased so far. Now... let's see...
(1) Still dating Emily?
(2) Has Net Game taken the world by storm yet? Why not?
(3) What are you doing this summer?
(4) Where are you going to grad school? You better still be going to grad school.
(5) How are Latitude and ShinyLisp coming along? Using Shiny in any real golf challenges?
(6) Minecraft Version? (Currently 1.12)
(7) Did you do a thesis? Why not?
(8) Relearned Latin yet? Why not?
(9) Dem 2? What about Lum 2? Lots of sequels that seem to be vaporware right now. It would be cool if something came of them.
(10) You have nine Youtube subscribers and one Twitter follower right now. How many do you have in the future?
(11) Current forum games? Right now WUAS is in style, for some reason.
(12) Did Wizard Battle ever come back? I miss that game.
(13) Soo Bin hasn't spoken to you in awhile right now. Did she ever say anything again?
(14) Are you keeping in touch with Ryan? Charlie? Joe? (I made up one of those names; you better be able to tell which one)
(15) What CD is in your car right now? Currently, it's Tunnel of Love.
That's all I can think of right now. Pleasure talking to you, future me. I hope you're having a good time this summer! :)
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Message to future - Be proud of what you have achieved. No more, no less.


I seem to never find these topics until the day they close. Oh well, better than the day after they close.

Hello future me. I hope you still begin your messages with greetings in the far off year of 2018. I have so many questions, but alas, they inevitably devolve into the alphabet soup of the mind.

Are you alive?
That's a good place to start :p
How many Twitter followers do you have?
How many Tweets do you have?
Do you think there might be a connection there?
No comment.
How many people are you following instead of working on your games?
Have you released any non-Jam games?
Have you released any updates to Jam games?
No, but I'm working on one!
How's the pixel art?
Have you learned any new programming languages?
You'd better have.
Have you learned any new languages?
Still just English here.
Are you using any new software?
...not yet?
Have you been enjoying the third album?
...it's not out for another week?
PC specs?
Too lazy to check and I don't know off the top of my head. Besides, they'll change soon. :D
Did you remember to make semlor this year?
I didn't.
Are you still a moth?
I sure am.
Did you seriously just make a cheat sheet in case you forget anything?
So what if I did?
Are you happy?


Alright, let's see who's still around. It's that time of year!

The Fifth GMC Time Machine has been resurrected. Now it's time for you to read what you wrote last year. Feel free to discuss your letter to yourself and comment on it. For those of you who weren't here last year, fret not: there will be a new time machine opening up for 2018 in the next few days.


Lousiest of Potatoes
My message to 2018 me:
Here we go
Used gamemaker for about 2100 hours now, how many hours have you spent in GM:S?
https://lithi.io/file/4711.png (4033 hours) get on my level punk
Have you moved to Unity yet? Or did something change and did you move to GM:S2 anyways?
GMS2 it is pal.
How's your love life? Too soon? Okay nevermind.
Too soon.
Are you still in that horrible country, or did you finally move back?
moved back a while ago.
Bunker Busters better be selling well.
Yeah very funny, I'm glad you no longer exist.
If this seemed unorganised, that's because it is.
I have so much in common with you.
I want to be you.
Goal achieved!
Message to 2019 me: You better have atleast one game done by now

John Andrews

Living Enigma
Around this time you started 3 or so games, did you finish any of those? I see...
Do you finally care enough about the GMC to consider it an important thing? Yeah, I thought so...
Hey! How's university going?
How's Venezuela doing? Is your dad ok there? How is the place you actually live in (if you still live there)
Man, did you do that thing with you know who? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You tell me you are working as a dog trainer in the place you went!
Remember that our experiences make us grow as people, mentally and personally, so regret nothing and learn from experiences :)
Omg so much has changed hahaha! And for the good!!!:D
Some things that happened, I enteref university and I already passed 1st semester with good grades!! I'm not seeking a love life anymore lol, I just wanna study and become the best me there can be! My dad's fine, better now that I can help him more (and the rest of my family), and I LOVE being a dog caretaker and trainer! Yayy :D XD