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Welcome to the GMC Jam #5 Games Topic!

The theme is...



  • any GMC member is welcome to participate in GMC Jam and submit their entry
  • each entry must be made by a single GMC member or a team of up to 3 people; people outside GMC can be in the team, as long as at least one GMC member is in that team
  • each participant can make or contribute to as many entries as they want, but they can only claim rewards for one of them (unless the reward is given specifically for the entry)
  • each entry must have a single post in this Jam's games topic (opened once the Jam officially starts), and no two entries can share the same post
  • the Games topic post can be used to present the entry progress; it can also contain a devlog
  • by the time the Jam ends, each Games topic post must contain a valid link to the entry downloadable file

  • each entry must have a single, its own post in this very topic; no two entries can share the same post
  • each post in this topic must be related to a single entry; the place for discussion is the discussion thread, not the games topic
  • the entry post can be used to present the entry progress, as well as a devlog
  • you are free to use any devlog format as long as you can make it work in a forum post
  • by the time the Jam ends, the entry post must contain a valid link to entry files to qualify
  • if you find this topic is closed and you cannot edit your entry anymore, DO PANIC because it means Jamming time ended and I started wrapping up the ZIP; also, send me a message as soon as possible with a valid link to the entry

  • the entry must be an original creation made in GameMaker specifically for the Jam, within the Jam timeframe
  • the entry might use assets (graphics, audio, scripts, extensions, Marketplace resources etc.) created before the Jam, whether by team members or someone else; however, the credits should make clear where the assets come from and which were made before the Jam
  • the creators of the entry must have rights to all of the assets; unlicensed use of resources is not allowed
  • the entry must be available as a Windows executable file, exported as a stand-alone file or as a ZIP; installers are not allowed
  • the entry might be exported to other platforms as well (such as HTML5 or Android), but the Windows executable must be available
  • the entry must not require admin privileges to run or mess with the system in any other way

Remember, as everywhere else, general Community Guidelines apply.

Recommended format

To make things easier for both participants and Jam host, guidelines about entry post and file structure has been prepared. It's not mandatory to follow, but it's recommended, as it keeps things organised and makes wrapping up entries easier.

The template in the spoiler below is suggested for entry post. If you have your own creative idea about it, by all means go for it, but please do include:
  • the game title
  • the list of team members and a team name; or just your own username if you go solo
  • the download link, clearly labeled as "DOWNLOAD"

[center][size=7]The Best Game Title in the World[/size]
[size=5]by [b]My Username[/b][/size]                        // if the game is made by one person
[size=5]by [b]Team XYZ[/b] (Xerxes, Yeti, Zed)[/size]       // if the game is made by the team
[size=5]by [b]Xerxes[/b], [b]Yeti[/b], [b]Zed[/b][/size]                         // if the team has no official name

[img][/img]           // if you have a screenshot
<no screenshot yet>                                 // if you don't

[size=6][url=]DOWNLOAD[/url][/size]        // if you have a playable version
<no download yet>                                                   // if you don't yet
    // you might also include additional download mirror links
    // or e.g. link to the game page or topic in Made with GameMaker
    // but the download should be the first link of all

// after that, present the devlog however you like, within rules

Additionally, when you wrap up entry files to download, it is suggested that you:
  • make sure it's not an installer
  • make a folder called "Entry Title by Author", or "Entry Title by Team Name", or "Entry Title by Comma, Separated, Authors", put unpacked game file(s) directly in that folder, and ZIP the whole folder
  • add a 120x120px thumbnail that will be displayed by Jam Player, so that your game is recognised more easily
  • make a README file with credits, especially if you used external assets; files with README in name are recognized by Jam Player
  • if your README file is necessary to play the game (e.g. it includes the instructions not available in the game), call it README_PLEASE; if README is not required to play the game, please use the regular README
  • if there's some additional information you need the voter to know after they play the game, but before they vote, you might make an AFTERWORD file (also recognized by Jam Player); there you might mention cheat codes, explain the use of theme if it's not obvious or revealed at the late point in the game etc.
  • if you still have some time, playtest the game and send it to your little dog, too; there are few things ruining the experience more effectively than crashes!
  • make sure it's not an installer, just once again for a good measure

Once again, following these guidelines is not obligatory, but it'll be appreciated.

Now let the Jamming commence!
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bandicam 2017-08-26 07-22-35-725.jpg

Current Published Version: DOWNLOAD AT ITCH.IO
Official Jam Version: DIRECT DOWNLOAD

A simple rouge-like where you search for the coin of Janus. If you manage to get the coin you can flip it to have Janus increase your wealth and luck beyond all compare or... Janus might not like you and you end up ruined.

Move into an empty space with WASD or the arrow keys. Move toward an occupied space to attack enemies, break walls, and opens chests. Left click to select an item and right click to destroy/consume that item and gain bonus xp. Your ultimate goal is to find the spinning Coin of Janus. See how many levels you can make it before the enemies out-maneuver you and you die!

Runner 2017-08-26 07-41-27-665.jpg Runner 2017-08-26 07-44-18-796.jpg Runner 2017-08-26 07-47-26-674.jpg Runner 2017-08-26 05-54-10-528.jpg

Total time spend programming: About 22 hours.
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The M

Veiled in Shadows
Power corrupts


~ 72 hours left ~
It's a tricky theme so it's a good thing we had some time to think about it before the jam starts. I know what I want to do but I'm not sure I'll make it in time. Naturally, I'll still go for it!

~ 71 hours left ~
Done! Eating lunch that is. Time to actually start working. :rolleyes:

~ 69 hours left ~
I'm drawing the player character, Veil, and have made a basic movement system for her. She comes in several versions: a weak form, a strong one and then one that pretty much nightmare fuel (or, you know, inverted colors). I've been running around the flat with an empty paper roll, the closest thing I've got to mimic a sword, in order to better understand the animations.

The game is drawn from a top-down perspective but I draw slanted characters for a little more detail and not just hair. I just have to be careful when they turn around as I have no intention of drawing directional sprites (too much work, too little time).

~ 68 hours left ~
I've taken a short break from animations to code a light engine. Now, I've used one before in the first new GMC jam but that one was never very good (and came with a huge performance cost). This time I intend to use a lot more static lighting and will cover up the limitations with level layout instead. It should be fairly straightforward.

~ 67 hours left ~
In shadows you grow stronger but when you step into the light the shadows drain away and you're left powerless.

~ 66 hours left ~
We've got a set of basic idle animations!

Now to improve that light engine to take corners into account...

~ 64 hours left ~
Ahh~ it doesn't really work yet I'm afraid but I don't want to spend more time on it now. Better to do it when I feel less tired and take some time to create the intro stage instead! Onward to graphics galore!

~ 60 hours left ~
Oh man, the tiles never end. Add some rain and this street will be a decent start for the game. The red roof fades away when you enter the house (through fancy doors that the roof kind of hides...). You can also see some light shining out through the left and right wall but that's a small thing.

Tomorrow I'll add some dialogue and finish this screen. Then I'll get on to gameplay!

~ 51 hours left ~
Alright, let's get the party started! I'll ignore that there is a severe lack of props and keep building on the story part of the game. I'll probably add a few things to the environments as I go but I figure it's best not to get stuck on that for too long.

~ 50 hours left ~
I added some color to the lights (just a smaller sphere with additive blend) and it's a world of difference. I'm also adding rain but am having a bit of trouble getting it to not rain indoors. More rain looks better but they can't be particles so I'll try to be a bit conservative with the object count.

~ 48 hours left ~
The intro sequence is almost done, which means I'll start making the first level soon. I want to add some polish to the intro but again, that can be done later if I have time left.

~ 43 hours left ~
The first level is slowly taking shape. It seems like each level will be a lot of work. I had initially planned on four with some interludes in between but now we'll see. I've drawn a guard but he doesn't do anything at the moment. It also seems like I've broken my light detection so you're constantly in shadow mode. I'm really not if I can make all this in time.

~ 40 hours left ~
The guards can shoot and give chase. Their eyesight is really terrible but at least they can hear you if you get too close. Naturally, bullets do nothing at the moment.

~ 39 hours left ~
I ignored the more pressing issues and added a trail to the player's sword instead. I even synced the offset to the different animations so that it would match properly. Fun times!

~ 37 hours left ~
Enemies die, you die, everybody dies! I had a ridiculous amount of trouble with the guards. First they wanted to warp around when they couldn't get to you and then they refused to stop desecrating your corpse by walking all over it as the death animation played. Also: the first level still isn't done and neither the light engine nor light detection works as of now. Hooray!

~ 36 hours left ~
There is a target to kill and a fancy animation for when you do it. I've begun drafting the second level (only on paper so far) and I accidentally began on an interlude level which I'll keep in reserve for now. Tomorrow will be hectic, especially since I'm not sure I can get anything done on Monday given that the next semester starts then. We'll see. Three or four levels should be possible I think. Probably anyways.

~ 27 hours left ~
I spent the morning plotting out a third level on paper. It's neat but making it will have to wait. First task on the list is fixing the shadow casters to cast proper shadows, then I'll see what I can do about light sampling for the player.

~ 26 hours left ~
I "fixed" the light engine but it now requires a lot of manual work when placing the shadow casters as I have to make sure they have at least one corner within the light source to be registered. This means I have to do a lot of cutting and joining smaller pieces instead which on one hand lowers performance but on the other doesn't really matter since it's only done once.

What's worse is the light "highlight" I added because that doesn't take walls into account and gladly shines right through them. I can't fix that easily (or quickly) so I just have to take care when placing the lights.

~ 25 hours left ~
For light intensity checking I tried several approaches: first I tried to create a grid map with sample points but because they still had to be created by sampling pixel values that failed. Then I tried to manually add to those values by for each point going through the lights and see how much of the light reached them. This didn't account for walls though, so it also failed. Finally I figured I might just do it just for the player so each frame if the player collides with a light and there is no obstacle in between them I calculate its intensity. It seems to work. :)

Next: a darkness meter!

~ 21 hours left ~
The darkness meter is done and the second level is almost done. Making levels take hours which is a problem since there isn't all that many of those left, especially since I most likely won't be able to work tomorrow. I'll make sure I've got three levels before I move on to sound/music and a menu screen. Then there's a good amount of polishing to do, including level transitions and dialogue.

Also, here's a sneak peek of level 2.

~ 19 hours left ~
Level 2 is done. While testing I realized that guards can see through doors, well no more! Now on to level 3...

~ 15 hours left ~
And level 3 is done. I won't, unfortunately, have much more time to work (a few hours at most) and while I know that a few hours are what some people have at all, for me it's enough to justify panicking. There's just so much left to do!

I will start with finishing up the transition between levels and dialogue so that the game can progress. Then it's music time. Then we'll see about an ending (forget about a title screen or checkpoints).

~ 13 hours left ~
2 am is my deadline. That way I'll still get some sleep while able to squeeze in a little more work tomorrow if I cut down on said sleep. That's about an hour from now and I'm still working on the sound effects. There's no music...

~ 11 hours left ~
Yep, 3 am. I'll call the game done now. Some of the sound effects are pretty lacking but I'm too tired. I won't do anything more with the game tomorrow so this is it and I'm happy with it. Thanks for a great and fun jam everyone! :D
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Side By Side
by Dalesome


Well here we go again ^w^
yip.. i have no clue what I'm doing

Wait! i have an idea!
and now, i need to find game play to go with this idea
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Coded Games

by Robert

Games by Robert is an interactive autobiography about video game design. The game focuses on the question "Why do I make video games?" and the two sides of this metaphorical coin.

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By Wraithious


A small quiet town
...Untill the shadow of night falls
how to play:
Arrow keys- move character.
Z key- Search/action
X key- Use item/weapon
P key- Enter/exit the menu.
Left mouse- Select menu items.
Right mouse- hold to see discription of items in equip menu

You wander into a quiet little town, the people all seem nice, but when darkness falls you must
find out who these people really are, there really is 2 sides to every coin so figure out what is
going on and prepare yourself for the chilling truth behind the Nightsideslide!

Equip things in the equip menu
Check the check list in the menu for quest info
if a vampire catches you you die
the silver stake is the only weapon that kills vampires
the vampire king can only be killed by sunlight
talk to everyone to advance the game and get hints, male and females say different things and arn't both allways in a room, revisit the room to talk to both! (the mansion, far right, only has 1 person in it)
treasures can be found by there sparkle
daytime is safe mostly everywhere except the mansion (far right) to view the game clock click the check list button in the menu

Garlic neclass- vampires can't touch you if equipped
Flash cam- stun vampires for a while (press X key)
Silver spoon- use when at a certain dinner table
Holy water- stun vampires for a while (press X key)
Silver stake- kill vampires, see your check list menu for # of vampires slain
Time dialator- use to turn night time into day, also the only item that can kill the vampire king

Credits: Techno song created by me with Greencube techno music creator. Thanks to microsoft's new paint3d program for my character models.
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"""""4D""""" Viking Warfare
By Mocgames998

Also, it's my first game made with GMS2...

You're a Viking that has get to the top of a tall tower structure, entering doors sorta sends you to alternate versions of the same stage, aka two sided levels, fitting with the "two sides of one coin" theme of the jam. (Except for one part of the game, with spooky ghosts)


Devlog incoming:

Day -2:
-Music, along with near properly looping music tracks with compressed streams instead of uncompressed at start streams.

Day 1:
-11:21 AM: Designing sprites for the game.
-2:00 PM: Forget Designing sprites, I'll use pre-made ones again.
-8:02 PM: Using Zack Bell's platformer tutorials as a guide once again (Minus walljumping and slopes), so there's proper platformer physics, somewhat modified to be kinda like Castlevania. Also, screen transitions are pretty much in place.
-9:20 PM: Here's a screenshot. Also, some Easter eggs have been placed on certain keyboard keys...

Day 2:
-1:00 PM: Ladders are mostly implemented, along with room transitions.
-10:35 PM: Added a third room area thing (it's complicated), also the game is now pretty much a jukebox of songs from my previous Jam games, and Supershot 3D from 2013. Use the number keys, R and T to select music tracks. 0 is the main default song. There's also some unused songs too! Also, gamepad support

Day 3:
2:40 PM: Added enemies, some SFX, and tweaks to the deactivation system of objects.
4:00 PM: Ninjaz, more SFX, and enemy and player collision with each other.
7:30 PM: Close enough to finished, placed download link in description above. Also, added spooky ghosts, and a quickly put together final boss.
7:45 PM: Noticed that Ninja Shurikens don't hurt you. Well, they don't anymore!
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Tutorial Guy
YYG Staff

Shawn Basnett


This is a short but fun game. I had this idea long ago, of creating a game that starred GMC members, and now finally I got a chance of making it!


Two friends take off on an adventure. One readily, one hesitantly - but they both want the same end. Will they be able to achieve it?


Everything has been made from scratch. I started 4 hours after the jam had begun. Except the music and sound effects, of course, which I found from the internet, all free stuff, no unlicensed usage.


WASD/Arrow keys for movement, and Space for all the action.
You can skip dialogue by pressing Enter - you might want to do that if you decide to play again. If you do that in your first playthrough, you will break the immersion.

Download Link
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Snail Man


Day 1
4:13 into the jam: I've suspected this theme for a while; unfortunately I'm still not entirely sure how to work it into my game (since my idea doesn't have a lot of room for story before you get blown up and/or run out of air), but I'll figure it out. Working title = Hunted

Did some physics experiments before the jam began and concluded using Box2D wasn't going to happen, so I'll try to make my own native physics.

5:46 into the jam: Got some basic collisions and physics working, but programming AI to follow in zero gravity without completely overshooting is more difficult than I'd anticipated. I might take a break soon, but I'd like to get space battling physics done within the first few hours so I can focus on the gameplay more later.

9:33 into the jam: Finally getting back to work after my break -- still debugging enemy spaceship movement, but I think I'm on the right track and just need to do a bit of debugging. Collisions are still a little iffy (they don't have a whole lot of impact right now), but I'm hoping I can tweak that to just keep things simple so I don't have to resort to using box2d.

Sprites are still horrible/terrible.

13:42 into the jam: I worked out the following physics, added collisions, slo-mo, shields, fuel, and I'm working now on shooting. Hoping to have on-board physics done before the end of tonight so I can get to the meat of the gameplay tomorrow. Still not sure how I'll tie in the theme, but I'll probably end some front-end story that will explain it.

15:27 into the jam: I rewrote all my movement code so the universe actually moves around you: This solves several lingering high-speed collision bugs. Now I'm probably going to sign off for the night, although might do more later. Peace

Day 2
27:50 into the jam: Just woke up and I'm getting back to work right away; lots to do! Gonna start with the on-board mechanics, then hopefully have a basic concept full enough to balance for fun and other stuff. Then I start adding in mechanics, and think about a theme tie in.
And sprites. Because the ones I have are bad.

30:01 into the jam: Finished with human moving around inside spaceships physics, switching between entities, and controlling/uncontrolling a spaceship. I also added a 10 second countdown between being fatally damaged and dying, so that you don't just get mobbed and explode right away. Gonna take a break now, but next up is clinging to the outside of ships, ship hopping, and flying through the deep dark night of space

34:37 into the jam: Took a break. Clinging to the outside of ships is nearly done, just need to tweak some graphical parts so it looks better (which is funny because I'm still using garbage sprites. Not sure I'll be able to make better ones either, because I'd rather have a nice gameplay, but we'll see.
Gonna finish clinging and hopping, maybe implement NPC pilots, then see what I can do from there. Goal is to get all that finished by tonight and use tomorrow for balance and fleshing out gameplay. I have some ideas of how to implement the theme, other than how it is implicitly in gameplay (Being on the inside vs outside of space ships, being chased vs chasing the treasure in other's ships, etc.)

Day 3
53:21 into the jam: I worked pretty late yesterday (such that I couldn't update this before bed.) Clinging is finally reliably done, as is hopping between ships. I'm at a point where when I'm testing now, it's pretty fun and I end up spending a bunch of extra time beyond what I have to, but it is still very sparse with no real goal, no way to die, and only one type of ship. The art is also still a joke, and I don't see it getting any better.
Right now I'm just trying to track down a couple of bugs: Sometimes when you cling to a ship, the camera spins around one or 250,000 times, and sometimes consoles of hijacked ships don't work. I'll try to solve both those best I can before moving forward.

54:41 into the jam: I fixed a load of the bugs I had, and I think I only have the one where you punch in the wrong direction now. I'm gonna take another break because I'm not really feelin' it right now. Need to think hard about loss conditions and goals. I feel like I should encourage people should stay with the same spaceship for a while, because spaceship hopping when you're not invested just isn't all that fun, but idk how to encourage that. Lose condition could be as simple as dying in a massive explosion, but I don't know if that's too harsh because I tend to die in a LOT of fireballs. We'll see

59:16 into the jam: Finally getting back to work with some idea of what I'm doing: I'm going to add in large treasure ships that it is your goal to attack, and have extra tough shields and weaponry, etc. It's a big job so wish me luck

62:55 into the jam: I added big ships that are worth 3x the score as regular ships. Although the graphics and stuff are all bad, I think it has a fun core gameplay mechanic and I've fixed all the bugs, so I'll probably just throw together an expository tutorial screen and maybe a little theme tie in. I think I'll definitely work on this more after the jam is over because I really enjoy the core concept but I didn't have quite enough time to flesh out all the mechanics I wanted to.

68:00 into the jam:
Done! Sprites still bad, help rushed, game rushed, but done.
Download coming soon
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Unable to finish.

Didn't even come close to having any game play. Not worth submitting. I'll be continuing to work on it, though. WIP topic forthcoming. :)


Log 1
I made a logo. (See above.)

Then I needed some menu buttons to match the logo. I whipped up some down and dirty backgrounds and told 'em to parallax. Then I got the menu working. Here's a big ol' gif...

I've been working on sprites, too. But, still no game yet. lol
Log 2
Before work (and last night), I finished up 6 different vehicle sprites for my game this morning. I still want to make one more. Next, I need to make a few buildings to go with the game play I have in mind.
Log 3
I was able to get about 45 minutes worth of coding done on my lunch break. Got the basics of car speed (with parallax adjustments), complete with a "full stop" function and direction facing.
Log 4
I made the 7th vehicle. Also made a building and coded it to move according to player's position. Still need to do a LOT more coding.
I need to sleep now. I'll code some more in the morning before work, then on lunch break. After work, I can stay up all night and try to finish. I seriously doubt I'll finish in time.
Here's a screen snippet...
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🐧 *penguin noises*
GMC Elder
My entry for GMC Jam #5, a 72-hour jam with the theme TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN. In Twowt, you navigate a maze on a coin. Stuck somewhere? Just flip the coin around and try the other side. Your lateral thinking will be challenged as you try to piece together how to get to the goal. Or maybe you'll just use trial and error, I won't judge.

The game was made in less than 24 hours, so it's very short and disappointing and more of a prototype than a finished product. With that in mind, hopefully you'll get a nice puzzling distraction for around 15 minutes playing it!


Download link:
Also a mirror here so there's a more direct download link so Alice won't punish me for being naughty again:


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Deleted member 467

SOUL CATCHERS (Plus version and Minus version)
Creator: Barvix

Yeah, how about that plot twist. Attempted to make two games in one, but they're basically the same and are different by two levels and a few monsters... so like Pokemon. All the info you need to know is in the readme files.

Things that are bugs: collisions, when you die and lose the mana and health potions you used during that fight. Not sure if I should mark that one as a bug or not.
Things that are not bugs: when your health and mana restores at the start of each room. I left it that way because to me the character rested enough to heal - and I wanted to make it somewhat easy.

Also I know the ending is stupid - and I was running out of time. So I thought of something real quick that I could do that didn't require a ton of effort, so that was the result.

Here is some art:

Opening a chest

Entering a battle

First design doc

Map designs for Plus (can see some differences and other plans I had)
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RulesQuest 2: Oxymoron

Made by Adrien Dittrick
Game can be played in browser (and downlaoded) here:

120X120 thumbnail:


Due to unforseen circumstances, I have lost 2 entire days of coding. So i'll probably finish this on monday instead.
I will have something playable on sunday though!
There are 3 games. Red, Blue, and purple.

Here's a little video of Red game:
And here is one for Blue game:

So this game is called Oxymoron. It is about two beings with opposed views of life, who fight together to find the truth.

26/08/2017, 11:15
Just finished a theme for my game. The attack theme. very simple:

27/08/2017: VERY LATE. Here is a video though:

27/08/2017 18h04
Made another theme. This one is for the boss fight:

27/08/2017 19h23
Here is a third theme. I belive I've done enough themees, i will now focus in the game :)

28/08/2017 10:13
A few hours remain, so i'm drawing a sprite for the second game.
derpwalk part 2.png
derpwalk part 3.png

28/08/2017 11:37
2 hours left. Making the second game: Blue game.


Post-deadline stuff:

28/08/2017 15:20

Added a zip file with a readme and a 120X120 thumbnail.
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by @Bingdom, @Iodinex64, @KrotoR

Note: Press F1 to go to fullscreen.
Day 1
Development was slow at the start, finally did get a solid idea on what we're doing.
Implemented character mechanics.
Added AI. Animations implemented.
Some tilesets were done.
Completed Collisions.
Day 2
Character death animation
Finished music
Audio adjustments
Some basic puzzle mechanics implemented
Procedural Background implemented
New AI states
Bug fixes
Character animation improvements
Death animation/scene
Added some enemy SFX
Added line of sight
Completed menu and title
Added stamina bar
Completed ability to go to different rooms
Hazards for ghost form
Day 3
Fake lighting
Death sound effects
Doors, switches and light sound effects
More rooms
Added switch highlight
Added auto-tiling for the rooms
Bug fixes
Added death screen
Improved escape animation and added its sfx
Added end scene
Added "Press space to start"
Added fullscreen (Press F1)
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The House at Two Dogs Lake
a game by Storyteller

Day One, had other obligations, mostly just brainstormed and figured out what I was doing, and roughed out my ideas in the resource tree.

I had some things come up, I was a couple of days late on something else because of a communication mix up. I wont be able to work on this until after the deadline, so here is where I was going, maybe a good idea, but I couldn't execute on it. Sometimes you have to be willing to let an idea go. I will use these images in other things Im sure, as paintings, book covers etc.
Awesome stuff from a lot of people I look forward to trying some out and seeing what people were able to get together.

Maybe I should have partnered with someone?


//west path

west_cop_1_speech_1 = "I just got here, seems there was a break in sir.";

butler_speech_1 = "take your coat there sir";
butler_speech_2 = "i was in the study sir";
butler_speech_3 = "just after eleven sir, I turned in for the night.";
butler_speech_4 = "I was heard a window break and woke up, I got dressed and went to look."
butler_speech_5 = "The maid was going downstairs, I heard her scream right after that.";    //

west_cop_2_speech_1 = "there is broken glass upstairs";
west_cop_2_speech_2 = "we got the call around 1:00 am";

//upstairs west end

west_cop_4_speech_1 = "it looks like the theif entered through here.";
west_cop_4_speech_2 = "The safe was open, we think the theif went right to it.";
west_cop_4_speech_3 = "The maid is crying in her room down the hall, if you ask me I think she is in one it.";

//east path

east_cop_2_speech_1 = "Good evening detective. There was a murder sir, quite gruesome really.";
east_cop_2_speech_2 = "I got here around 1:06, that was a little over an hour ago now.";

east_cop_3_speech_1 = "The maid is in her room crying, its upstairs on the right.";
east_cop_3_speech_2 = "The maid called at 12:45, I was first on scene with my partner outside.";

//upstairs east end
east_cop_4_speech_1 = "the window upstairs was broken from the outside."; 
east_cop_4_speech_2 = "we think someone climbed up to the balcony from the patio below.";

east_cop_5_speech_1 = "the room with the broken glass is at the end of the hall on the west side of the house.";

//maid's quarters
maid_speech_1 = "\<sobbing\> I am so sad, how could this happen?";
maid_speech_2 = "I was in the kitchen when I heard glass break, I went upstairs to check on it.";
maid_speech_3 = "It was just after 12:30."
maid_speech_4 = "I went back downstairs and heard a struggle, I found the Master dead on the floor. I screamed and ran here sir.";


poolside_cop_speech_1 = "We found the body here sir, quite a mess.";
poolside_cop_speech_2 = "The coroner says he was killed between midnight and one a.m.";
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Who is actually hitting who?


Score and combo as many points as you can while avoiding getting slammed out of bounds.

I squeezed this game out in roughly 5-6 hours, putting a lot of that time into making the online highscores work. I wanted them to be shown in the actual game rather than having to show them in-browser, but I didn't quite have the time to work that out.

The game was first about knocking the balls out before they knocked you out, receiving score for every time you did so, but I found it to be a bit better having to actually aim your shots.

I'm satisfied with the project and it feels like there is a lot of potential to flesh it out and make it into something that's actually quite interesting.

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So, the moment I saw the theme I immediately thought of the game "Pong" and how it could be fun to play BOTH sides of the playing field... After a few hours work (approximately six) I can present to you:


The game is simple and can be played using either keyboard or gamepad, but I recommend that you play with the gamepad as using two thumbsticks is much easier than trying to use keyboard. Basically, the left stick controls the left paddle and the right stick controls the right paddle, and you have to try and keep the ball within the playing area.

The game can also be played in 2 Player mode, where the player with the highest score after all the lives are lost wins. In two player mode, you play side by side with your opponent and both gain points for every hit of the ball... so strategy is required to try and ensure that the ball only travels between the two paddles each player controls!


Ping_ScreenShot_1.png Ping_ScreenShot_2.png Ping_ScreenShot_3.png Ping_ScreenShot_4.png



by DocNogloff


Nothing special. Just two reflectonauts trying to meet each other in the middle and not bump into everything on the way.
Only 5 levels because due to time zones, I only really have about just over 2 days of work available. Still, I'm quite happy with how this turned out!

NO PAZ is a revisionist western video game made by Freedom2Fight.

Rather than make a game about coins and sh*t, I wanted to make a western. Hopefully the theme can be gathered in the very short story instead.

Set in the hostile frontier in a world much like ours, where the distinction between protagonists and villains are blurred.
Where there is no black and white morality, just shades of gray.​


Devlog :

Day 1: Watch the Dollars Trilogy. Practiced squinting like Clint Eastwood.
Day 2: Replay Red Dead Redemption and Wild Arms 3.
Day 3: Miraculously got myself a project. Done.

Matthew Brown

Mirror Image
by BionicFrog


Controls: Arrow keys and spacebar, details in the readme xD
Wooo! I think this is the game I'm the most content with of all my jam entries yet. There's some things I'd have liked to add, like collectible power ups, but overall I'm happy with what I got done. Fair warning though, this is probably among if not the hardest game this jam. If anyone manages to beat it let me know. :p


Lost The Bet
Coin Flipping Simulator

Become a professional coin flipper in this brand new clicker game! Flip your coins to get money, buy more coins, hire helping hands to flip your coins for you, use powerful abilities to flip many coins! The possibilities are endless quite limited for now because I only had 72 hours to make this!


End-game content:
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Bumi Satria Pandawa

Verizon Horizon
by Team JBOMB (Bumi "Bomber" Satria Pandawa, Jacob Bjoerklund

In a world of two sides, two alternate realities share the same power source. A power source of immense energy. However, one reality learned how to harvest it, making their world flourish, at the cost of destroying their counterpart. After years of damages, through fate, a whole has passed through, allowing those from the weakened, scavenged reality, to enter into the prosperous one. This marks their, Verizon Horizon.

A class based platformer shooter fighter with multiple abilities and fast paced gameplay. Also there is a penguin in a mech suit and laser farting dolphin.

Controls :

Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Jump
X - Primary
C - Secondary
V- Mover

WASD - Move
Y - Jump
U - Primary
I - Secondary
O - Mover

Jump keys are used to proceed in the menus
Primaries are used to step back in the menus

Controller and gamepads are supported



Time Spent Total :

BumiBomber :
Art :

Day 1 - 9 hours
Day 2 - 13 hours
Day 3 - 2 hours

Programming :

Day 1 - 2 hours
Day 2 - 2 hours
Day 3 - 4 hours

Jacob :
Programming :

Day 1 - 3 hours
Day 2 - 10 hours
Day 3 - 11 hours
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