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Unfortunately I have stuff to do overnight, which is just great. I doubt I'll be able to add anything, I'm already very behind, but at least I have something this time.

So yeah, here's what I got so far, not even gonna bother posting it in the games topic:

cya again in like a year lol


I was able to start some arrays and implement gun positions on cars. Time's up, for now. I'll get 45 minutes on lunch (maybe), then about 8 hours after work. So much to do! I seriously have my doubts about finishing.


almost a proper game on my end! just have to create a sprite for the generator, add some GUI elements, then the rest is for looks and story, and if there is time left I can add more to gameplay! ^_^


aka fel666
@Fel666 so if I understand, you made the model in blender,
then in game maker you used the normals to set the lightning in the shader?
Yeah. I export a normal map from blender.

in game, there are no 3d models. Just 2d planes.
The level itself is two asset layers. But the camera is set to perspective.
Also I dont rotate any of the assets. Instead, i rotate the camera around. It gives the reflections a much more dynamic look.


Hey guys, I just saw that countdown timer says the Theme is optional. Is that true?
Yes—highly recommended, but optional:
  • the Jam has a theme picked by the previous winner - a general idea around which the entry can be built
  • while incorporating the theme in the entry is not mandatory, participants are strongly encouraged to do so
  • the entry that uses the theme in the most interesting way can win best use of theme award; if the Jam has two themes, there is one award for each theme


I got my weapon placement arrays done on my lunch break! WooHoo! Now I have LESS than a million more things to do in order to have something playable. (tee hee) :p


The speed at which everyone on my team worked has been blisteringly fast. We have gotten so much done, it's almost hard to believe.
I for one am exhausted, but absolutely cannot wait to show you what we've got.


Well, I'll basically be doing the whole thing tonight, so I probably won't finish, but I'm excited to see what this theme brings about!
Well, I'm back to implement sounds, fix bugs, add a little bit more content, and then publish it when I'm too tired to keep making it bigger.
I didnt finish my game the way I wanted it to,I dont know if I have 5 posts so Im going to try and share what I could do in the short amount of time I could put it together.The character only moves with the up,right,left key. The game has only a start menu,I put in a restart option when the player crashes into the enemy. The player is supposed to move down but for some reason and due to being busy I did what I could.

My game is called Coin project Bro! its an executable file!.exe

Matthew Brown

Game is almost done! Well, kinda. There were a few things that would have been nice to include that I didn't get to, but it's actually fully functional as a game this time!

Also. That shoehorned theme inclusion. :p


I put up the link for me and my wifes game. Appologies to everyone who likes to look at devlogs since there was no time for all that.

we didnt get to put all of the different gameplay elements or all of the visuals, such as health bars, but if I didnt have to work this weekend the game would be mostly animated.... speaking of which we did manage to get a fair amount of animation and even an opening scene!

my wife really likes how it turned out, even with the shortage of game elements.

OH YEAH, the game has SOUND this time! (just not on the title, the credits, or the opening scene)

wouldnt mind spending the last 6 hours of jam time finishing, but I gotta work tomorrow DX

Dr. Wolf

All right, just packaging the submission now...

Aside from obvious things built into the scope-- I'm sure you'll see what I mean-- time constraints did force a few compromises. There are lots of secondary mechanics in terms of obstacle types that would have been cool to have, but weren't they got cut. There are also far fewer levels than I'd normally have liked, which, in turn, means the difficulty curve ramps up fast. Ah well. If people like it enough to make it worth coming back to, those are things that could be addressed. All in all, I don't think it's half bad.



Click the logo to go to the game thread post!

PHEW. That was one hell of a crunch to get this game done. But I did it, I submitted. I'm pretty proud of some of the systems / legwork done for this game, and I've been playing with the idea of cleaning it up and open sourcing it for the hell of it. We'll see.

@TheFugue didn't make the music during the jam this time, but rather I picked up some unused tracks from another, non-submitted game jam entry instead. Hope you all still appreciate the sick beats.


First time this happens to me, but game fails to compile... (stand alone)
Any idea what can cause that?

"Unable to open report file"


Afro Ditus:

Note. I had trouble downloading this on firefox, it saved it as an html file. Maybe try a different browser if that happens. I downloaded it using internet explorer and it opens fine.

Here is a pic of the menu (don't want to give away the spoilers.)
If anyone is stuck in a level, let me know in a PM.
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Wow, just no luck...
First my game wont compile as an stand alone exe.
Then my dropbox just dies for no reason... (and I cant even relaunch it!)
Everything to stop me!!!

Fortunately I learned I was off by one hour! I even got some extra polish in. My only regret is the Ai is a bit too ruthless. Its really hard to get a special move.
(but if I made it too easy, you would crush them)

Hope its enjoyable!



Hey, I finally finished a game for a jam! Here I was thinking I couldn't even finish it or get motivated enough to do it, but I went through with it ^_^
It's not good but I still finished it :|

Congratulations everybody for participating, hope you also had fun!


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Alright, the games topic is closed. I will compile the games ZIP in the following hours. If there's something super-important you want to add, please send me a message, as I can start uploading any minute now.
Hmm, this time I did not submit any readme or anything, just the game files in a zip. Is that fine?
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