GMC Jam Discussion The Extremely Aestival GMC Jam #5 Discussion Thread

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Guys, when's the next jam going to be?
The next Jam should occur around the last week of November, probably between 24th and 27th.
PM me for dates
Why should someone PM the dates to you? Unless you have signed up for the News Feed, nobody is obliged to PM you anything regarding the timings of future Jams.

That aside, I'm pretty excited about holding the GMC Jam from now on. Kudos to @Alice for all of her undeniable hard work and utmost dedication. I'll be trying my best to meet everybody's expectations after the benchmark she has set. Hopefully the next Jam would be a blast of fun for you guys.


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I missed this Jam (too much real life stuff in the way) but I'll definitely be back next time!

Alice, you did a fine job of captaining the Jam-ship these last few Jams.
I was particularly impressed by how consistent everything was, how well organised, and by your Jam badges, and how amazingly fast you complied and got Jam zips out there, and how fast Jam results were revealed!
Thank you!
*hats off*

We've had a lot of different people, with a lot of different personalities and styles shining through in the Jam handling...
it's always interesting seeing the different approaches.
My greatest hope going forward is that we can bump the participation and review numbers up.

Looking forward to seeing what direction Ragnarak steers us!
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