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Welcome to the GMC Jam #3 Games Topic!

Out of possible themes, TIME LOOP has been chosen!


  • any GMC member is welcome to participate in GMC Jam and submit their entry
  • each entry must be made by a single GMC member or a team of up to 3 people; people outside GMC can be in the team, as long as at least one GMC member is in that team
  • each participant can make or contribute to as many entries as they want, but they can only claim rewards for one of them (unless the reward is given specifically for the entry)
  • each entry must have a single post in this Jam's games topic (opened once the Jam officially starts), and no two entries can share the same post
  • the Games topic post can be used to present the entry progress; it can also contain a devlog
  • by the time the Jam ends, each Games topic post must contain a valid link to the entry downloadable file

  • each entry must have a single, its own post in this very topic; no two entries can share the same post
  • each post in this topic must be related to a single entry; the place for discussion is the discussion thread, not the games topic
  • the entry post can be used to present the entry progress, as well as a devlog
  • you are free to use any devlog format as long as you can make it work in a forum post
  • by the time the Jam ends, the entry post must contain a valid link to entry files to qualify
  • if you find this topic is closed and you cannot edit your entry anymore, DO PANIC because it means Jamming time ended and I started wrapping up the ZIP; also, send me a message as soon as possible with a valid link to the entry

  • the entry must be an original creation made in GameMaker specifically for the Jam, within the Jam timeframe
  • the entry might use assets (graphics, audio, scripts, extensions, Marketplace resources etc.) created before the Jam, whether by team members or someone else; however, the credits should make clear where the assets come from and which were made before the Jam
  • the creators of the entry must have rights to all of the assets; unlicensed use of resources is not allowed
  • the entry must be available as a Windows executable file, exported as a stand-alone file or as a ZIP; installers are not allowed
  • the entry might be exported to other platforms as well (such as HTML5 or Android), but the Windows executable must be available

Remember, as everywhere else, general Community Guidelines apply.

Recommended format

To make things easier for both participants and Jam host, guidelines about entry post and file structure has been prepared. It's not mandatory to follow, but it's recommended, as it keeps things organised and makes wrapping up entries easier.

The template in the spoiler below is suggested for entry post. If you have your own creative idea about it, by all means go for it, but please do include:
  • the game title
  • the list of team members and a team name; or just your own username if you go solo
  • the download link, clearly labeled as "DOWNLOAD"

[center][size=7]The Best Game Title in the World[/size]
[size=5]by [b]My Username[/b][/size]                        // if the game is made by one person
[size=5]by [b]Team XYZ[/b] (Xerxes, Yeti, Zed)[/size]       // if the game is made by the team
[size=5]by [b]Xerxes[/b], [b]Yeti[/b], [b]Zed[/b][/size]                         // if the team has no official name

[img][/img]           // if you have a screenshot
<no screenshot yet>                                 // if you don't

[size=6][url=]DOWNLOAD[/url][/size]        // if you have a playable version
<no download yet>                                                   // if you don't yet
    // you might also include additional download mirror links
    // or e.g. link to the game page or topic in Made with GameMaker
    // but the download should be the first link of all

// after that, present the devlog however you like, within rules

Additionally, when you wrap up entry files to download, it is suggested that you:
  • make sure it's not an installer
  • make a folder called "Entry Title by Author", or "Entry Title by Team Name", or "Entry Title by Comma, Separated, Authors", put unpacked game file(s) directly in that folder, and ZIP the whole folder
  • make a README file with credits, especially if you used external assets; files with README in name are recognized by the application used for voting, and are easily accessible from there
  • if your README file is necessary to play the game (e.g. it includes the instructions not available in the game), call it README_PLEASE; files with both README and PLEASE in name are recognized by the application, and result in highlighting the "Readme" button; if README is not required to play the game, please use the regular README
  • if there's some additional information you need the voter to know after they play the game, but before they vote, you might make an AFTERWORD file (also recognized by the application); there you might mention cheat codes, explain the use of theme if it's not obvious or revealed at the late point in the game etc.; generally, something you would like the person after trying out the game, but before they vote
  • if you still have some time, playtest the game and send it to your little dog, too; there are few things ruining the experience more effectively than crashes!
  • make sure it's not an installer, just once again for a good measure

Once again, following these guidelines is not obligatory, but it'll be appreciated.

Now let the Jamming commence!
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Snekoes of the Past
~ The tale of serpentine phobia of deja vu ~~
by Alice


First Afternoon
15:32 UTC - having done all errands for today, I downloaded and installed the updated version of GameMaker 2; let's see how it works in the Jam conditions...

17:37 UTC - Halp, they are following me!

23:04 UTC - Too difficult? Naaah, it's perfectly fine~!

First Morning
7:33 - woken up, started playing around further; I consider simplifying the original concept, in the end; not that the current one is bad, but seems it will take much more testing and balancing

Second Afternoon
13:04 UTC - nevermind, I'm making a puzzle, dammit!

Second Morning
7:46 UTC - scratch that all, I'm going for snakes!

9:39 UTC - why did it have to be snakes?!?

Last Afternoon
20:35 - there is less and less time, but at least I have some sort of gameplay working...

23:57 - gasp! This thing has some sort of graphics!

Whatever, here is the link: games/Snekoes of the
(also, the game size is massive; sure, I included quite a few soundtracks, but that seems like way too much... o_O')
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The forum's immigrant
Sanji's Time Warp Syndrome


My game is incomplete and you can barely do anything in it since it is missing tons of content but eh.. i am just gonna upload it anyway...
Another retro style gameboy game

8:09am - opened game maker and stared at the screen
8:51am - made movement and collision for the game
9:22am - Did a hug with the timer programmed
9:34am - I got abducted...
1:00pm - still busting my head with collision fixing. Working on ai for a bit.
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Can you live the same day over and over again,and still discover new things?
Try out this small text adveture

A few hours have passed.I've decided on the tipe of game,design looks and how to apply the theme.A lot of work still ahead...

2Days and 14:30 hours left.Things are going pretty well,but I'm afraid the game may be becoming to "graffic" and violent.It is writing him self tho.

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A silly fast-paced physics puzzle platformer.


(Dropbox mirror)

(play the game before watching)

It has begun.

Added full toon shading on everything as well as ropes than you can break and manipulate to your advantage.

The game is done, and it's got a cool desktop icon too

Finished the game of with a level counter and a lot of new mechanics which I don't want to spoil.

I also got a, in my opinion, really nice ending for the game.
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Game Title: Veggie Patch
Team Members: Me - Michael Bateman
Resources Used: All code, images and ideas made from scratch within the Jam timeframe.

DOWNLOAD LINK (Google Drive)

Day 1
12:00 - Checked out theme slyly on my phone at work. Sweet, Time Loop! I voted for that!
12:45 - Lunch time at work. Bashed out some ideas. Realised that original idea isn't that feasible. I have tomorrow and maybe a couple of hours Sunday - that's not that long! So... If anyone wants my original idea please feel free :) It was: You're a patient in a top down mental asylum. Other patients are wandering around on paths throughout the day. You have until the end of the day to kill them all without any other person seeing you committing a single murder. Replay the day time loop to complete. -- It's all yours!! :p
16:45 - Driving back from work and decided on a better game choice, taking into consideration how much time I have and that I am attempting to build a HTML5 portfolio. So new game idea... Veggie Patch!! Got home and thrashed out some ideas for layout and design on a piece of paper. Basic premise: You time loop through a year trying to grow vegetables in your patch. Year repeats, max your growing skills by learning from previous years.
21:50 - Doing life stuff whilst trying to think through the game mechanics. I figure if I have it all perfect in my head, when I come to code it will all fall perfectly into place...
Day 2
09:15 - In bed drawing out the layout whilst trying to keep the wife on side for abandoning her later to furiously code.
13:00 - Finished the household chores and finally sat at desk. Opened computer - aaarrgh GMS 2 new modules available! To make in GMS 2 or to not make in GMS 2...
18:30 - Decided it was safer to work with GMS 1.4. With time off for lunch, I managed to get in about 5 hours coding. Got the very basic shell of the game done, but that's my time over for today. Means that is a lot to do tomorrow to make the game as planned. May have to drop some key features to make it in time to submit. Ho hum, tomorrow is a new day!
Day 3
09:05 - Back on it for the final day. Got work tomorrow so got to finish!
13:10 - Stopped for lunch. Managed to implement pests and created the game loop. After lunch = graphics!
18:30 - Drawn something for everything! My lettuce looks soo bad lol. Ho hum. It's all I got time to do! Also found and fixed about 20 bugs. Realise I haven't got time to add weather and watering the veg which is sad, but I'll add it post jam for the HTML5 version.
20:30 - Had dinner and spent some time with the wife. Figure I've got 1 1/2 hours to do what I can and then upload!
21:55 - And I'm done, hopefully... Download link up, I'm off to bed, stupid real job in the morning. What a weekend!! :)
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Aliens have taken over and have trapped humans in a 10-second time loop using their new invention called "Dimension Locker". Fortunately you found a gun - go use it! Destroy the Dimension Locker and get your time back!

Download Source File (.gmz)
(You are not allowed to redistribute the game in modified form)

Graphics, Programming, Story, Design - All done in the 3-day jam period
Music, Sound Effects- taken from and

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Lost In Time

you somehow managed to break into a lab, when you mess with some stuff and shatter a Loop Stone!
The shards of the stone have spread across the ages and until fixed you are stuck in a void...
Jump across time to rebuild the stone and return to to your timeline.

the graphics are crap but I will polish them if I have time!
(ps I know this is more time travel than time loop but it took me too long to come up with an idea)

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Quick final notes:
Sorry guys, I was unable to go with my original - and far superior - idea, as I had stuff come up on my main dev day and it ruined everything, so instead I blasted this out as fast as possible, because I was determined to submit something.

(which may or may not represent the final art)

This is a game that's all about that high score. If this game is inspired by anything, I'd say it's Tetris. However, it's really nothing like Tetris, except in the fact that you need to think about where things will fit and be quick to think where you want to place things. In that way, it is very much in the spirit of Tetris.

The game consists of a play field that's stuck in a repeating time loop. Your goal is to place moving tiles within the time loop in a way which ensures tiles never collide with one another. If any tiles collide, it's game over.
The player can choose to place the moving tiles at any point within the time loop. The longer a tile exists and the more moves it makes, the higher your score will be. Basically, the gameplay is designed to give incentive to place tiles as early as possible in the time loop, but the earlier you place it, the more you're going to have to use that brain of yours to look ahead mentally to ensure your newly placed tile won't collide with another.

It's rather hard for me to explain this well AND it's probably way more boring to read about it than to play it or see it in action, so I'll just plan to make some gifs (or a video) later. But for now, you get ye olde boring text.

~ 49 Hours Remain ~
Since I had to work today, right at the end of day one, I only have this to show:

~ 26 Hours Remain ~
Got home from work, showered, ate some good food.
I'm really worn out, but I'm going to try to do a little before grabbing a solid night's sleep to prepare for the long haul tomorrow.
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"12:01" (pronounced twelve oh one).

I am the only one working on this project.


1/27, a little after 4 pm: Slow start to the day with responsibilities and distractions. Plus some inefficient time management as I started going a direction that was very time consuming. Feeling the time crunch already.

1/27 11:20 pm. Can't look at screen anymore. Calling it a night. Made some good progress.
It's looking like I may be able to finish this thing on time. Tomorrow will tell a lot. Two days to go and I'm almost where I want to be. Perhaps I can get ahead of myself tomorrow. Ideally I'd like to wrap everything up with time to spare. I've typed this 3 times now because I'm stuck in a time loop.



1/28 9:32 am. Eating a bowl of oatmeal and then going to get my coffee on as I get back to rockin this gem out. I should probably give a little info on the game now. The game is called 12:01 and is based on the short film made in 1990 of the same title. So, the setting is basically 1990 in the middle of a major city. The protagonists character named Myron is stuck in a time loop that begins at 12:01 pm. In the short film his loop lasts an hour, throwing him back to 12:01 when about's 1 o clock hits. His quest is to get to the bottom of what is happening and hopefully solve it.

1/28 2:28 pm. Progress has been good today although I've been halted by a migraine. Going to take a break and see if it'll go please go away.

1/28 3:24 pm. 4 ibuprofen, lots of water, some food and some vitamin d, plus a long break and I'm ready to get back to work. So much to do still. Hope to update the devlog with some screenshots tonight.

1/28 8:00 pm. It's been an exhausting two days so far but I finally have something to show for it. I'm not giving away what kind of trickery I used to render this image but let's just say the rest of you have your work cut out for you. If you're easily intimidated you way not want to click on that link.
Now on to the rest of the game.

1/29 8:46 am. Sitting in bed drinking coffee, recharged from the taxing day I had yesterday. It's going to take a full day of hyper focus to get this wrapped up for the competition but I think I can do it. The good news is the migraine is gone. Going to tile out one more area and add the objects and scripted conversation. Then just add an options menu, credits and finishing touches to whatever still needs it.

1/29 3:42 pm: this game is almost done, pretty soon everything I will be doing will be for polish.

1/29 7:55 pm: The furious battle is finaly over. I stand over the remains of a finished product. Feel free to download below.
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Temporal Turmoil
by @johnwo, Partysofa (Player sprite, various tiles)

Version legend:
: Initial upload Memory leak fixed​

Total dev time: ~36 hours.


You play as Cat, but he's a dude. Cat has a cat named Dude. Dude is a cool cat and Cat is a cool dude.
One day Cat was experimenting with temporal displacement, like everyone does on a tuesday night. By accident, Cat trapped himself in a temporal loop.
Not only that he was also teleported to a facility created by a mentally unstable mastermind with a fetish for puzzles and speedrunning.
As if that wasn't enough, all his money got scattered throughout this facility and Cat needs all of it to pay for his bus fare home!
Every so often Cat is "duplicated" (he's not really duplicated, it's still Cat, only an old version, a CopyCat™; Temporal loops, blah blah blah...) based on a regular interval relative to the room he's in, inside the facility.

Now Cat wants to get back to Dude, and only you can help him!

Use pressure switches, switches triggered by bullets,
dodge the CopyCats™ (your formes selves; Temporal loop, colliding with one self, paradox, universe implodes, very bad, blah blah blah...),
avoid spikes (bad by default) and lava(?) in this fast paced puzzle-platformer.

There is an opportunity to win a free game
in this game, but I'll only give it to the first person
who discovers this easter-egg first and only within the GMCJ voting period.

All times is in UTC+01:00.

Day 1:
[14:10]: Development started. Having a friend of mine do some of the artwork.
[15:12]: Lunch. Food is good!
[17:09]: Base engine finished.
[04:25]: I've eaten, programmed, polished some artwork, created some new music (the soundtrack on the YT video was atrocious...), seen some episodes of "Silicon Vally" (Mike Judge ftw) and now I'm having a nighty-night drink before going to bed... :D

Day 2:
[19:52]: Just remembered that I had a devlog... Damn... Well... I've been doing stuff and working on the game. :p 5 Hours lost because of an audio engineering/editing appointment with a local death-metal band; Gotta make that money...

Day 3:
[22:06]: Basically finished with the game. Gonna spend a few hours playtesting and polishing before upload.
[07:50]: Worst. Devlog. Ever.
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SpaceTime Havoc
by @rui.rosario

<no screenshot yet>

[29.01.2017 23:28] Fixed the bug, but I'm afraid I won't have much time left to dedicate this Jam... All and all it was a good run, for the first time I managed to create a character I was proud of, and managed to gain knowledge on new workflows I'll have to try out later. Gonna wrap things up and I will get back at this

Full timelapse:

[29.01.2017 23:13] Having some hard time with the time loop mechanics...

[29.01.2017 22:06] Took advantage of the lack of motivation to do some other unrelated stuff, but now I'm back to Jamming!

[[29.01.2017 20:53] I hate GameMaker right now... I was finally adding in my Time Loop mechanics when GameMaker tells me to f*** off and decides to give a weird scrollbar out of range error. Basically making me lose my entire script to keep state (which was on the very end).

29.01.2017 18:14] Ok, just got home, gonna start focusing on the new Jam direction! Hopefully I still have enough time left to get the new idea to at least the point I'd like as a Jam submission

In the meantime, a small timelapse about the failed animation process.

[29.01.2017 14:45] Finished architecturing the plans for the new idea. Just have to get back at my development machine. In the meantime, I'll try to advance what I can (sound gathering, graphics creation).

[29.01.2017 13:33] Ok, got a new idea to work on, since this last one was a fluke (it would require to much time in order to find out a way for the animation to import correctly in GameMaker). I'm going to go with an Asteroids inspired arcade game that allows you to loop back time. Since I'm currently away form my development machine and I have little time left in the Jam, I'm going to specify clearly the several levels of development I want to consider, so I can have a more focused approach and end each development sprint with a playable game, albeit probably not fun.

[27.01.2017 23:41] After hours and hours of work... here's c***:
GameMaker does not remove the background correctly, so I'm left with an unusable animation...

[28.01.2017 18:14] So NOT gonna hit the gym... just remember the gym closes at 19h on Saturdays, so I don't have enough time to train. I guess I'll recharge some batteries by formatting my new laptop instead.

[28.01.2017 18:11] Started setting up Blender for animation... noticed I forgot to draw a leg and an arm.... Gonna hit the gym to recharge some energies and then come back and draw the missing pieces / attempt to animate.

[28.01.2017 16:44] Finally finished the character!! Took me a lot longer than I wanted, but I'm pleased with the (static) outcome at least.

Small timelapse!

Outcome (click to enlarge):

[28.01.2017 14:01] Ok! Back on Jamming time! Gonna start creating and animating a character (hopefully). You may ask why I'm doing this after just coding the simplest of movements? Well, I'm trying to make it so that each iteration has a playable demo. So I want to make sure that I have the minimum graphics and sounds before starting to code the rest, as coding is the easiest part for me.
Well, I'll be creating another timelapse again :p

[28.01.2017 00:14] Got a little carried on watching tutorials, but at least I got a grasp of some Inkscape techniques. I'm gonna hit the bed, got some things to take care early tomorrow, but hopefully tomorrow I'll have quite a lot more time to work on this and I'll reach a good playable piece byt the end of the day. Here's hoping.

[27.01.2017 21:57] Finished coding basic platformer movement code. Never was very good at coding platformers, so hope it is bug-free! Or at least bug-free-ish :p

Small timelapse!

Gonna watch a small tutorial in Inkscape to remind myself of it.

[27.01.2017 21:03] Finally at home and ready to start Jamming!

[27.01.2017 13:04] Currently at work. The theme I wanted won so I already know the idea I'm going after: A platformer in which you have different sections (possibly marked by checkpoints). You will have a timeout to complete each section, after which you will go back to the latest checkpoint or start of the level and you'll have to try and clear the section again. The thing is, the last images of yourself keep existing, so you will have to collaborate with past selves in order to clear the sections. The point of the game is to clear the levels with the least amount of respawns possible.
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Wrath of Stars
Programming, Art and Music by, Cloaked Games
Sounds by, Joseph Benedetti

Download : Enjoy playing the game!
WIP Thread : Give me feedback please!

Disclaimer: It is not very optimized. I apologize if it doesn't run very well.

The game premise is that you are a robotics special agent tasked to help destroy the Nox Empire. Your part of this mission is to destroy Nox Time Loop Generators that have been aiding them by repeatably rebuilding their ships when they are destroyed, allowing them to send endless attack waves toward the Gavic Republic.

It features a cool GUI and real time space-ship combat against advanced AIs and unique scenarios. However, your task is very complicated, because the enemies have something called a Time Loop Generator, which allows them loop back time in a certain region. This means their ships are regenerated every time you destroy them, so you must do damage efficiently and effectively or else you will be overrun. Once you destroy the Time Loop Generator though, it's all over for them!

Total time spent programming: About 26 hours.
Screenshot Timeloop.jpg Screenshot.jpg Screenshot overlord (2).jpg Screenshot2.jpg
Nothing here. Jeez. I need to go to bed! The point is, the game is done!
Today I finished the first two full missions, and started on the third, added the beginning of the title screen, finished the GUI, wrote one piece of music and a bunch of other stuff. Too much to summarize completely.

Here is what I have left to do tomorrow:
-Create missions 3, 4 and 5
-Add a free play mode (where ships will spawn over time and you kill them to get points)
-Write (at least) one more song
-Implement sounds (they will be sent to me tomorrow by Joe
-Finish the menu systems and mission selection.
-Add volume settings.

Come to think of it, I think I'm going to stay up for a little while longer... However, that is the absolute complete list. So far there hasn't been any major bugs... (Crossing my fingers)
Today I got the basics of the player movement and controls. The player can shoot lasers, aim the turret, and fly around.

The GUI is still incomplete, however, right now it has the radar which shows where things are relative to the player; health, shields and energy bars; and a controls image to show how to move around. The left side will (tomorrow) have 4 tabs, that will provide the player with information such as mission objectives, transmissions, and currently equipped weapons.

As for enemies, there are training drones (which sit still and do nothing, they're just for practice) and the time loop generators. The time loop generators show a circle on the mini-map and in game, but do not have an effect yet. Sprites for a basic enemy fighter are implemented.

The first things I'm going to do tomorrow is finish the GUI, program basic enemy AI for the fighters, and then start developing missions to play. By the end I want to have at least 5, decent length missions. But I'll make as many as I can in the time.
All times in PST -
--- DAY 3 ---
10:30 pm - Finished and submitted the game. I never got to free play, but I'm still pretty satisfied.
8:30 pm - Build half of the final mission. It's so cool I almost just want to play the game and not actually work.
7:45 pm - Made player turret fire rate faster. Increased maximum energy. Started setting up the final mission.
7:00 pm - Added a proper failure state for missions. It gives you a tip too, hopefully that will prevent some possible confusion. Took a break for dinner.
6:45 pm - Finished the 4th mission. The player's damage now doubles when you've destroyed all of the time loop generators to speed up the aftermath process. Began the 5th and final mission.
6:15 pm - Still working on the 4th mission. There have been a disturbing number of obscure bugs showing up due to overlapping time loop fields and weird death states. I added various fail-safes, but I'm still very uneasy. I'm also trying to decrease the amount of time the player has to spend mopping up after sniping the time loop generators. Trying to add an explosion that deals damage around it when you blow up the time loop generator. Might also increase player damage if time loop generators are all gone, can't decide if that's weird or not.
5:00 pm - Improved the text box functions. Increased maximum energy (again). Fixed an issue (maybe...) that would cause mission three to not finish correctly. Not sure if what I did actually fixed it, but I couldn't replicate the issue so...
4:15 pm - Added the EMP shock-wave introduced in mission 4. It stuns everything "permanently" until they are reset by the time loop generator. You can use it on a cool-down. It will let you shut down an entire flank of a fleet in order to reach the time loop generator, if you use it strategically.
3:25 pm - Added a new download link. (Mission 4 does not work yet)
3:15 pm - Added a bunch more sounds and started working on the 4th level.
2:15 pm - Added proper mission victory, so it progresses to the next level. Started working on mission failure state. Stopped for now to write the second song.
1:50 pm - Finished the third mission and added sounds. Sounds made by (Joseph Benedetti). I had to increase the maximum shields of the player, reduce maximum energy of overlords and generally make a bunch of things easier in order to use any more dangerous setup than the 2nd mission. Apparently, this game is going to be fairly challenging, something I don't mind, as long as it's not frustrating.
11:55 am - Took a break for lunch. I have begun adding the seeker missiles the player can use. I have two more weapons planned as well.
11:20 am - Started working again.
8:30 am - I made a few adjustments to overlord AI and added the mission briefing for the third mission. Ate breakfast and left to go to church.
7:30 am - Woke up and started working. I have a few things planned for today, but I can stay up tonight if I need to finish the game.
--- DAY 2 ---
9:20 pm - Stayed up a bit to finish fixing a few things. Overlord missile launcher is complete, and you can now collide properly with satellites and turrets. Also fixed an issue displaying the mission objective.
8:30 pm - Had to give up on the lasers for the overlord. I have added a missile launcher instead. Going to bed now, so finishing summary for Day 2.
8:00 pm - Added a capital class ship: the Nox Overlord. Trying to get all of the turrets to line up correctly while the ship rotates. (I have code that does this already, the question is reusing it correctly).
6:30 pm - Watched an episode of Phineas and Ferb to clear my head. Then I finished the second mission (minus a few slight changes.) Taking a break for dinner.
5:30 pm - Added Nox satellites, and Nox turrets for use in the second mission. Also, I'm loosing focus. Maybe I should go watch an episode of something on TV to take a break.
4:40 pm - After a break for a snack, I have begun the coding for the second mission. I also added a new logo (thanks to and the main menu screen. In the finished game it will probably still be crude: I prefer to focus on game-play.
3:30 pm - Wrote the first song for the game. Haven't decided on a name yet.
2:30 pm - Did a lot of finishing touches. Actually finished GUI now. Added collisions with space objects that are moving. Added temporary download link and a WIP page.
1:00 pm - Finished lunch. I wrote 1 minute of the music I will use in the game. Started finishing the GUI, for real this time.
12:10 pm - Finished the first mission. Should be smooth sailing from here on out. Every mechanic is in place, I have just to code mission objectives. (Still haven't finished GUI though. Did some more at least).
11:45 am - Added a way for training drones to move around.
11:30 am - Added a transmission log to the GUI. I can display messages during the game. (More limited than my other message function though).
11:00 am - Added the buttons to the GUI.
10:40 am - Finished time loop mechanic. Ships will regenerate if they are destroyed within a time loop periodically. There is an animation of sorts that is truly spectacular while the ships regenerate. Now I really have to finish the GUI! (There's nothing left I can do except that.)
9:10 am - Added death state and explosion animation for Rvex fighters. Next I will add time loop mechanic. Stopped for breakfast.
8:50 am - Finished the Rvex AI in detail. Still will use a little bit of tweaking, but I'm pretty much satisfied with it now. This AI script will be modified for all of the enemies, except a few, so I'm almost ready to start programming missions into the game, I just need to finish the GUI.
8:00 am - Programmed a lot of the AI. Added a targeting system so it will fight anything on a particular team. This will allow me to program allied fighters that use the same AI and they will fight each other!
7:20 am - Woke up and finished explosion animations for time loop generators. Began programming basic fighter.
--- DAY 1 ---
9:40 pm - Got home and added some screen shots and day 1 summary.
7:00 pm - Took a break to go to an event at my church. There was pie there.
6:30 pm - Added shields, health and energy bars.
6:00 pm - Added explosions for training drone and added the time loop generator.
5:00 pm - Made the sprite for the time loop generator. It is totally awesome, can't wait to finish GUI so I can take some screenshots to share!
4:30 pm - Finished programming radar system. Also added training drones that can be destroyed with your lasers.
3:15 pm - Ate a snack. It was delicious. Also started working on the GUI and control tutorial.
2:30 pm - Finished all of player movement and added ability to shoot lasers. Took longer than I wanted it to, but I'm very pleased with the outcome.
1:00 pm - Began programming basic player movement.
12:00 pm - Got home from school after finishing finals. (Went well, thanks for asking.)
7:00 am - I programmed a message display function and added the intro cut-scene.
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Team RedGold

(Temporary Logo)

(when available)

Travel back in time to defeat the fascist onslaught of WWII in order to shape a better future. Beware - your success may trap you in an unforgiving time loop of unintended consequences.

WASD to move, MOUSE to aim and shoot. LMB is the machine gun, RMB is the tank gun.

Pick up powerups along the way to help you complete your mission. Good Luck! You'll need it!

~ ~ ~
Team RedGold is:
Programmer: @HayManMarc
Art: @Rusty

DevLog 1:

Kind of a late start since I had to work during the first 8 hours of the jam. But Rusty was able to start in on some sprites. Luckily, we discussed a game idea the night before and had a direction to go. I suggested we make an arcade-shooter like Ikari Warriors. Rusty suggested we use tanks. The theme choices suggested the story line.

First of all, I'd like to mention...
(Read more)
...that this is a new experience, as it's a role-reversal for me. In a team, I'm usually the art guy while someone else programs. This time I'm programming and not doing any art. (Except, I did the temporary logo up there to highlight this post.) We'll see if I can get a working game finished in time. So far, I'm out 8 hours. I'll be out 3 more hours for day 2, and about 5 hours for day 3. Then there's sleep time, which if I work it, will be about 12 hours. So that's a total of 28 hours lost. So this Jam is actually a 44 hour jam.

In these first 13 hours, I've made movement (WASD), collisions, aiming (mouse), firing, main & secondary weapons (mouse buttons), and enemy tank (sprite set-up only, so far). I don't feel like it's a great start on my part, but I do feel good about what I've been able to accomplish --- especially the movement and collision, since programming 8 directional movement is kinda new for me.

The tanks are made up of 3 layers. Tracks, tank body, and turret. The sprites themselves are 8 separate sprites for the 8 directions of movement. That's a lot of sprites for just one tank. My brain was spinning as I was trying to build the arrays and code the directions - lol. In the end, it's all working... so far.

Rusty has done some excellent (and fast) work making sprites and tiles. We'll end up with 5 different enemy factions consisting of: tank, MG infantry, RPG infantry, land mines, barriers, blockades, and a boss for each faction. (Plus, the player's tank!) Each character has 8 directions, but so far no animations except for the tread on the tanks. There's also propaganda flags and such that will be used to decorate the levels. He's working on water and bridge tiles, but to be honest, I don't know if I'll have time to get them in the game. Not only is he making the sprites, but he's helping me immensely by readily answering some code/design questions of mine as they surface. Having a good teammate really helps relieve the stress and tension of the jam. Well, it helps a little bit, anyway. lol

Here's a mockup Rusty made:

Also, in this 13 hours, I've shuttled my 10 year old daughter home from school, ate dinner and watched a show with her, and wrote this devlog. That's about 2.5 hours of not programming. Ugh. I just know it will come back to haunt me at the end of this. :p

Here's a 33fps gif of the build so far:

As you can see, I haven't fixed the track/tread animation yet. Oh -- and there's some sounds in there, too, but you can't hear them in a gif. The bullets are my temp sprites, as is the crosshairs and the red block. Also, the player tank will look different, eventually. The game will scroll vertically as you move forward (up the screen). There won't be any sideways movement of the view. Also, you cannot backtrack the level - only forward progress. I'm thinking I'll have the view start scrolling at about half way up the screen while moving forwards (upwards).

Anyway, that's all. I need to stop. Goodnight, GMC Jam. See you in a few hours.

DevLog 2
This game is entered right on the wire! It's not done, but it's mostly done, and quite playable. However, there's no fluff to this game hardly at all. No menu, options, intro, instructions.... So good luck playing it. lol

I don't even know if this is beatable. Oh, hell. It's totally beatable because I forgot to put in 'lives'. Maybe I can still do it. :p (Ha! I did it. Now there are lives. We'll see if the game is beatable. haha!)

Trying to program the AI really screwed me. But I learned quite a bit. Which is good, if I can retain it. No time to write up credits and include them here or in the game. I'll post them in the discussion thread.

Anyway, this log entry sucks. I'm racing against time to get it written. I'm done, now. Good luck to all of you and your games!

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Glitch in the Game
by Ruhar


A platformer where the world resets every 5 seconds. Danger lurks around every corner, but you can handle it with your bow and a bit of luck!

Devlog Day One (UTC-08:00):
Woke up. Made this post. My vote didn't win and I'm not sure what to make. I have classes in a few hours. I'll brainstorm and start working after my classes end.
The brainstorm was successful. I have a concept and a little over an hour before I have to leave for my first class. Opening GM:S to start working on the physics of the game.
Finished classes a while ago. Didn't get a lot done but more than expected. Finished the basics. I really need to work on the details of my concept because I don't have much of a plan other than the base idea.
Polished up some gamefeel. Feeling like things are going quickly. I have the physics of the game, at least one kind of enemy AI finished, a health system, death sprites, etc. I'm sure I'm going to have more than enough time to finish. Don't quote me on that though.

Devlog Day Two (UTC-08:00):
I've been working on and off today. Adding more characters and features. Making more rooms than the one room I had. I'm hoping I can complete all the rooms, character, and add all the text by the end of today.
Lots of girlfriend distractions today. I got enough done though. The game is going to have to be a more simple version of its intended creation. I'm alright with that. I'm going to be too busy to work on the game until probably around 01:00 or so. I'll try to get another hour or two in at that point before I go to bed. All I need to do now is add some text to the game to give it context, add one or two levels, add a boss fight, and create a cover. After that, I'll Polish if I feel like the game needs it and submit it. I'm guessing I have 7 more hours of work total. Tomorrow is going to be rough.

Devlog Day Three (UTC-08:00):
Well, my game is playable as it is. I still have to add sounds and I'd like to add a few small things but it looks like I'm going to finish in time. If not, it's playable and beatable as it is anyway. Can't wait to be done. Taking a break to eat.
Done, or at least I have to be. I'm not sure how to submit it nicely but I'll worry about that after I submit it at all. I'll try to get a better link and some screenshots up right after I save this update.
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Dormamu I've come to bargain!

1.Finished prototyping the movement.
2.Added some temporary visual cues
3.School Exams!!!
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Chronomatic Aberration
by Nallebeorn

You are the Wizard of Timey Wimey Stuff!
You are gifted with the power to create and manipulate time loops.

Legends speak of an all powerful CLOCK OF TIME
It is your quest to retrieve this artefact of immense Time-Keeping power.

I'm recording a time lapse this time, btw (with Chronolapse). I'll share it once the jam is over (and maybe at the end of each day as well).

First Day, 18:20:
I've done some groundwork, and now have working collision and a time-looping mechanism.

There's no real visual feedback yet though, so this gif doesn't showcase it all that well. But you can basically record an object's state during a time period, and then create a time loop out of that (which can then be closed, letting the object escape the loop and go back to normal).

I sincerely hope the art is merely placeholders, by the way :p
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Stardate 1/27/2017 9:28am. We have basically decided on a theme/story for the game. Gabbing about which mechanics we will use to complete it.

4:00 pm. We have finally hashed out all the details of which features we are going to utilize, and built out two mechanics so far. Getting ready to integrate the engine I cracked up with his very special time code.

7:51pm. I polished off the new mechanic and fully integrated both halves of the engine. Now stratigizing the final core components to complete rough draft.

stardate 1/28/17 12:28am. We argued about the games physics for about 2 hours and proceeded to not cooperate with each other for another hours. Finally have a roadmap for tomorrow done. Gonna try and squeeze out one more element before sleep.

2:20 pm. Slow start to the mroning, but have skeletons of basically every remaining object. With any luck level design starts in an hour or two,.

Day 3 3+am. So tired I got the time wrong in my video....

D3 3pm. Major rewrite last night, 2 new levels. All game mechanics built out. Probably not gonna have time to polish much, but at least Ill have an entry by the deadline.

Just incase I cant get a polished version up in time here is a runnable version.

So worked a few sprites in, cleaned up a few minor code issues, and published the game. Had an idea for a boss battle but didnt have time. Game is complete for now. Really thin we are gonna take this sample to the next level.

Best of luck to all others!

game works with either KB controls or gamepad.


left+right or left stick left+right move.
space or A jump
Q/E or LT/RT rotate
W or B rewind

esc/back exit game

F1/start reset room

have fun

Time Trials is a game of speed, coordination, and perspective. Went just a few moments past where you need to be and rewind time to make it happen. Run out of energy?? A full rewind is in order. Shift gravity to suit your needs, or let it shift you if your not fast enough. Many perils approach the player of this fast paced exploration platformer. Can you reach the end???
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The M

End of Infinity

Loop 1:
- 67 hours left -
I'm here and ready to go. It's a shame I've missed almost five hours but what can you do. At least I've an idea of what to make! Also, I've some weird issue with the spoiler tags...
- 66 hours left -
Time's End lies at the end of infinity. In this realm, the Time Keepers usher souls on their way to their next life.

- 63 hours left -
While the Eternal Fire burns, time flows. Should one get hold of a shard of the fire, that person would get powers that could undo time itself, resetting it to an earlier point. Souls that carry too much regret appear around the Eternal Fire. They follow the Threads of fate that links them to the fire and must be repelled lest they'll rip the time continuum apart.

- 61 hours left -
Jeremiah, the Fire Tender who keeps time flowing, has existed in Time's End for longer than anyone else. He takes his duty to protect the sacred fire very seriously and will strike down anything that threatens to harm it with his arcane magic. Though stern, Jeremiah cares deeply for his allies.

- 60 hours left -

Though the concept of day and night doesn't exist at the end of infinity, I believe it's time to take a break. Good night!
Loop 2
- 52 hours left -
Yeah, I'm breaking narration a bit more here. Then again, I spent breakfast thinking about narration so I guess it adds up. Ready for day 2!

- 51 hours left -
It's the little things that are important. Well, the big ones are pretty important too but it's the details that makes a game feel nice. Here's a gif with just a little more juice than the last one. See if you can spot the differences.

- 50 hours left -
A soul that reaches the Eternal Fire can steal some of its embers. This will let the soul leave Time's End and wind back its time. However, should the soul be purged before it can return the embers will slowly return to the fire. As Fire Tender, Jeremiah has the power to instantly recover fallen embers.

- 48 hours left -

Alone, one can only hold for so long. What of the other Time Keepers? What about you?

- 45 hours left -
Tobi, the Usher of Souls, was the third of the current generation of Time Keepers to arrive at Times End. With his powers, he's able to heard souls together, making combos easier to set up. Also known as the guardian of the gate, Tobi dictates when souls may enter or leave the void. Though powerful, once a soul has passed by Tobi, his attacks have trouble reaching it.

- 44 hours left -
Though the youngest of the Time Keepers, Mirabelle, the Youth, was actually the second to join the group. True to her title, Mirabelle brings energy to the void which strengthen her allies. As youth is fleeting, she drains the energy of all souls near her. She's really glad the Time Keepers are getting new members as she thinks Jeremiah's a boring old coot (she's still found of him, though).

- 37 hours left -
A friend invited me to a concert. It was great fun but cost 7 hours of development time. Worth it? Yes. Will I have to stay up half the night to be able to finish now? Probably also yes. We'll see what happens. :)

- 36 hours left -

Eva, the fourth Time Keeper, is perhaps the strongest of them all. She was given the title 'the Inevitable' as she represents the eventual end of all lives. Her force is capable of piercing through multiple foes at once and her aging touch weakens souls nearby, increasing the efficiency of the other Time Keepers' attacks.

- 35 hours left -
One guardian yet remain. Ellis, the Time Bender, last to take the vow. That's you, the player. You have the power to guide the other guardians and will be able to create distortions where time flows slowly. This lets you lock down lanes so that you can deal with them after you've cleared the other ones.

Well, that's for tomorrow. I've got until midnight, Sunday, to finish the game as I'll be busy the entire Monday. ~ 22 hours to go ~ See you in the morning.
Loop 3
- 15 hours left -
Dawn of the last day. Because I won't be able to do anything on Monday I decided to cut 12 hours from my timer to make it more accurate and exciting (there's technically 27 hours left of the jam)!

- 13 hours left -
Time bending distorts the space around the bend points. By channeling power into the time warps they can grow to cover larger areas. The energy inserted into the time warps seeps out over time as time tries to restore itself, shrinking the size of the areas. Beware: allies caught inside the zones will be slowed down as well!

- 12 hours left -
How would you introduce someone to to the absurd realm that is Time's End? Jeremiah does his best to welcome new Fire Keepers but with the increasing amount if lost souls, you sometimes have to let the introductions wait and focus on saving the world.

-11 hours left -

(there's no music yet, though...)

- 6 hours left -
Music is awful and only beaten by sound effects. Why? Because they take so much time to get right. They really add to the game though, shame I'm not done with them yet.

- 5 hours left -
This is a dialogue heavy game. Beware! (yes, that's all I've got to say at the moment...)

- 2 hours left -
The game is almost complete but needs sound effects as well as an ending. This is getting exciting!

- 1 hour left -
The game is almost complete but needs sound effects as well as an ending. This is getting exciting seriously scary and I'm close to panicking! ^^

- 0 hours left -
The game is almost NO! It's done. I'm out of time, it's complete. I wish I could work for the 13 hours that're actually left but I'm proud of this game dammit! It think it turned out well. Expect a post-jam version that smooths out any rough edges left. :)

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<Temp Title>
by Michael 'Maik' Forte

<no screenshot yet>

<no download yet>​

1:22AM GMT+8: Still having a hard time polishing idea -_-

Character Walk Rough Sketch

Character Jump Rough Sketch

Walk Cycle Pixel Art

Jump Cycle Pixel Art
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GAME TITLE: Fractured
DEVELOPMENT TIME: approx. 39h (UTC 3 pm 1/28/2017 - UTC 6 am 1/30/2017)
STORY (not in game):
Time has been fractured. The last mission to the moon (2058) one day suddenly never occurred in over 100 or more realities. Your mission is to fix it to the best of your abilities.

- gm tutorial explosion graphic
- minor sample effects from

Movement: Move mouse (no key controls or button presses for this)
Shield: Left mouse button
Pause: Spacebar
Exit: (in pause menu) Esc key
Main menu: left mouse button.
Sound control: (in pause menu) 'P' button

Helpful things:
Red boxes are speed boosters
Green boxes are time stoppers



I wish I had had more time to work on it. Unfortunately, work is a necessity. haha. I hope everyone Enjoys it, and I look forward to seeing what everybody else has done. :)
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By Mocgames998

It's a 3D racing game that
has weird time gimmicks affecting how you can finish the track. Get exploring.


TTScreen0.png TTScreen4.png TTScreen3.png
DEVLOG: (All New for 2017!)
Before the Jam:
Day -2:
-Composed some music for the game, composing myself again.

Day -1/0:
-Messing around with 3D for practice...

Day 1:
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM:
-Recoded a 3D engine for the game.
-Weird Arcade Car "Physics".
-Ultra Jaggy 640x480 resolution for that "retro" mode 7 (?) feel...
-Took pictures of toy cars, I'm not the best at drawing, remember? =P

12:00 PM - 3:30 PM:
-Croppin' Car sprites for the game, got the 'Novette' and the 'Sakurai' "cars" done.
-"Working" system where the the correct car sprites face the player.

Day 2:
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM:
-Was contemplating dropping out, but got sprite rotation working. (Thanks Snydr!)
-Path movement for one opponent.
-Fake terrain

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM:
-Added some graphical effects to the game (Flagpoles, the Finish line, "Water")
-Analog Movement with a controller implemented
-Music Playback, with split audio files for loop points and/or countdown sounds.

7:00 PM - 11:00 PM:
-Proper analog trigger use for accelerating & braking.
-The 'Nomula 1' has joined the race! Also, they drive so fast it's impossible to keep up with them, so stopping them is time loop gimmick #1...
-Now, the 'Poma1' has joined the race, meaning 3 (?) opponents is the minimum you're going to be facing in the game.

DAY 3:
9:00 AM:
-Don't remember what I did, but...
3:30 PM - 9:00 PM:
-Working Lap Counter and car placement; Yunno, the WHOLE POINT of racing...
-More graphical effects
-Some hud elements
-Working final lap music.
-It's possible to finish all 3 laps, now just needs some extra polish and it will be done I guess.

10:00 PM - 1:00 AM (Geez!)
-Pushin' myself to finish up the menus, added another game mode, added help files, etc.
-It's done!
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Time's Arrow
by Coolbot4k

<no download yet>
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1 + 1 = What!?
by Pandavim

<no download yet>

(UK time)
27/01/17 10:30pm - Created interesting main character animation and so I've programmed a simple platformer engine. Also thought of a few story ideas but I don't haven't completely decided yet.

28/01/17 11pm - Spent day making platformer engine, but I end up using a premade platormer engine anyway because of a glitch in my one... (will credit!)

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Into Oblivion Title.png
by miner7365

Download Link Oblivion by Miner7365.7z?dl=0

Day 1
1. 2:39 P.M, i just got back and i'm ready to jam.
2. 3:45 P.M, I have been spriting for basically a hour now, gonna start coding soon.
Day 2
1. 10:55 A.M. so, I have basically been working on improving the text system and starting to implement
2. 6:11 p.m. welp... I forgot this devlog existed... I basically got most of the core functions of the game done and i'm taking a break since I coded for 7 hours... i'll continue in a hour or two.
(also because apperently stripped throat decided to strike RIGHT ON the start of the second day and it made me feel like... death basically for a hour, so yeah, this jam is not going good for me in any sense of the word.)
3. 9:49 p.m. about a hour after i said that it decided to feel like hell again so i guess i'm done today... i only need to get a few more things done anyways and then polish it up and then I should be able to upload it.
Day 3
1. 5:42 p.m as with tradition, I forgot this existed again... welp, i'm uploading the game now since I implemented everything I wanted to, so feel free to play it if you wish, I might update it if I think of a feature I could add, but for now it's DONE.

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I've decided to create
spaces logo.png
Space S
The Chronomic Mines of Ceres.

This game is about a mining expedition on ceres gone wrong, but with the newly discovered time looping crystals there may still be hope for the team's survival

Day 1
Got alot done, all backgrounds and characters, controllers set up, basic game engine well under way, some items made, story line and conversations written.
dev log notes and plans day1

Got alot more done, the game is playable on a basic level, menu under way, save and load done, working on npcs and quests, then get the room transfer code to cooperate haha

MOD EDIT: link here:
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End of Time
~ A 2D RPG with a temporal twist ~

By Jacob_V
Download Here

Stuff I did beforehand: Basic platformer movement was imported and tweaked.
Stuff I didn't do: The sounds are all Creative Commons 0 from Freesound.
The lighting engine is prettylight by Nik Sudan.
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Temporal Loop

Current Dev Entry:

Randomly stumbled upon the GMC JAM #3 about 2 hours before it started. The Theme reminded me of a rough project I worked on way back in 2007, so I thought I would join.

Only got about an hour of Game Dev in after the new update to GMS2 installed. Managed to write my pretty basic platform code from scratch as I had to previous examples to borrow from on this PC.


Previous Entries:
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by Dalesome


Move: Arrow keys
Use: "X"​

Not finished, but as far as i got. . .

Going to give this a try :3.

... Will i finish?. . .

Day 01:
23:28: . . . *thinking*
23:45: I have a basic concept and idea of what I want
24:48: Planning out the room design
03:00: Finished setting up the room with placeholder objects
Finished the character and camera movement
04:00: . . . Zzz
Day 02:
10:20: Working on visuals, though I should be coding :/
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@FredFredrickson and I are collaborating on a little Victorian Sci-Fi game called...

Dr. Benjamin R. Bonheur vs Mere Moments Ago

  • Single Player
  • Game Pad or Keyboard controls
  • Genre: Beat 'em Up
Unfortunately, we have a couple game breaking bugs. For the most part, you're golden for a single play through. But trying to play again after a game over causes some weird runner bugs.

Also, we didn't manage to make any audio :(

This is it! We did it!

Dr. Benjamin R Bonheur vs Mere Moments Ago

Dr Bonheur is an interpid inventor who has just wrapped up his magnum opus. A terta-dimensional trans-positional extrusion device! It makes things travel... through TIME!

But just as Dr Bonheur was patting himself on the back, a blast of energy erupted behind him. He turned to find himself face to face with... himself!

Dr Bonheur +18 minutes gave Dr Bonheur +0 minutes a moment to collect himself and put up his dukes. Unfortunately, time travel is a dangerous business, and Dr Bonheur +0 minutes needed... needs... will need to be stopped before... uh... after he uh... bugger... just fight!

FredFredrickson and I started brain storming the idea as soon as we saw the themes. We came up with about 2 ideas per theme. Then once the final theme was selected, we just grabbed our better idea from that theme and did more freeform designing.

We came up with the title character and let that inform the style of the game. FredFredrickson painted up the character and created a first pass at the title card.

I cleaned up the title card, then got to work on the main level art... which in this case is just a single Victorian room.

In the mean time, we hashed out some basic design conceits to get an idea of what animations and assets we'd need.

I wrote some dialog stuffs in case we can record something. Otherwise, speechbubbles it shall be.

We got a lot done today.

FredFredrickson belted out a lot of character animations. We've got a few different idles, jab, cross, uppercut, block, block-break, dodge, stumble, stunned, knock-out, some celebrations, a super-move... I'm probably forgetting a few.

Animated front end. Can't quit out from the game back to the menu yet-- but FredFredrickson is getting me some UI elements so we can get that in there.

Core game play is coming together. The premise is, you fight yourself. And every time you clear the room, you get in the time machine and go back in time and fight yourself again +1 new you. Each round, the game records your tactics, then the new enemy uses those tactics against you, in addition to all the other enemies using their recorded version of your tactics.

AI is coming along. Nice and simple. It uses a simple crowd controller that causes every enemy to "blink" once per second, staggered. The blink allows them to assess their confidence and step up to challenge you. The bravest attacks as the primary. Any one else close enough and brave enough assists the primary. Anyone not feeling up to the challenge finds a place on the periphery of the room to wait his turn. Actual fisticuffs isn't turned on for the enemies just yet.

I also managed to get a versatile input system going that polls both the gamepad and keyboard-- it tries to determine what you prefer to play with and then adapts any onscreen prompts accordingly. You can switch mid-game from keyboard to gamepad and back if you want. Also, the enemies use virtual gamepads to fight you. So, like, it takes time for CPU to move it's virtual fingers to virtual buttons and press virtual analog sticks. Basically, this is an AI control style I like that minimizes the CPU's ability to cheat at inputs.

Ship it!

Number 1: we hit some serious buggyness with Game Maker Studio 2. I'm not one to be quick to blame the engine, but it is beta, so problems are inevitable. We were getting all sorts of weird instance/object index wrap over issues when restarting a room or the game. I am thinking YoYoGames might want to look at our project to ferret out some of these issues.

Ok, but dev log:

Martin created a ton of new FX. Had a good time getting those in.

In the interest of time (we have a big day tomorrow with actual work) we decided to cut some features and just wrap up this sprint. We really want to finish the game, though. We'll be back at it with a rewrite and incorporating all our cut ideas! We just have too many ideas and actual art assets made!

The early part of the day was spent creating a cut-scene scripting system. It's really just hacked together, but makes good use of timelines.

AI was heavily ironed out. Each new Dr Benjamin executes your last round's tactics faithfully. The only interruptions are if they fail to pull off a combo in time.

They attempt to circle you, and once they've gotten close enough and squared up with you, start throwing punches or getting ready to block.

They have a "confidence" system that dictates a lot of the fuzziness of their AI. For instance, if they are pummelling you, but you are relentlessly blocking, a player-is-blocking metric will increase until it outpaces the AI's confidence and he'll stop punching (at which time the player-is-blocking metric decreases) until he's confident again.

Similarly, if the AI goes into a block, he'll stay blocking until he feels confident you are done punching him :p

Just about everything else the AI does is based on their confidence level, though the last Dr. Benjamin will always face you toe to toe.

We also added a tutorial system at the last minute.

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Actual gameplay!!!
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Unnamed Game of some kind

Day one: (Not Garry's Incident)
4:00 PM - started a bit late because I am still used to the old GMC Jam's starting time and didn't notice it started until just a little bit ago...


By Aviox, AdamJD



- using xygthop3's "CRT Pixel Shader"


1/27 - 6:00pm - 1:00 am

  • hero movement
  • hero attack
  • hero time loop recording and playback
  • giant jumpy slime
  • initial tileset, hero, and slime graphics added

1/28 - 7:00am - 10:00 am

  • added collision system
  • finished adding y depth (so much more irritating in GMS2)
  • added shadows and height to everything

1/28 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

  • added dash ability
  • added more logic to slime boss
  • added trident summoning mechanic

1/28 - 4:45pm - 7:00pm

  • time loop cycle functional
  • slime boss time-loop functionality added

1/28 - 8:00pm - 1:45am

  • added portal
  • added spawn animation
  • added grain effect
  • added play / record hud
  • added new slime attack type
  • increased slime boss difficulty

1/29 - 8:30am - 12:30pm

  • added CRT shader
  • added pause
  • added rewind (restart level) effect
  • added next (next level) effect
  • added sfx

1/29 - 1:30pm - 5:30pm

  • added second boss - Reaper
  • added title screen
  • added ending screen

1/29 - 6:30 - 1:30am
  • bug smashing
  • various improvements
  • improved title screen
  • added junk
  • added intro
  • added title screen image
  • added lives feature
  • added music
  • final touches

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by Ixlegraw




Made in 72 hours
for the
3rd GMC Jam
by Ixlegraw


X - PRESS + HOLD - Create Timeline
- RELEASE - Loop Time



- Kill enemies by looping time while they are in your timeline
- Killing multiple enemies in one timeline will create combos
- More combos, more score
- Collect blue CHRONOSPHERES to increase your score multiplier
- Collecting a CHRONOSPHERE while looping time will create a TIME RIFT,
killing all enemies on screen

You stumbled upon a dazzling blue orb in one of your midnight
adventures in an abandoned laboratory. The moment you touched it,
a rift in time was created, and you were sent to a realm of
non-existence. During the warp, the blue orb infused itself
to your body, and you gained the power to control time itself.
But, this is not how things should be. The red CHRONOBREAKS have been
awoken by your power, and will hunt you down until eternity
to set things back to natural order.

Design by Wyli Olivete
Programming by Wyli Olivete
Art by Wyli Olivete
Music by Wyli Olivete
using LMMS
SFX by Wyli Olivete
using SFXR
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Dev log 01.6 - January 2017
Day -1: I get word of the game jam letters, and I dream upon them. They are revealed to me in the dream, but I forget what they are upon waking up.
Day Zero: The three themes are revealed unto me. I start brainstorming gameplay and stories for each 3 themes.
Day 1: I get to my therapist's office and we discuss ideas and brainstorm. I come up with an idea of having a gamejam game where you are trapped inside the internet and have to escape by participating in game jam 3, and you have 3 days. My therapist says he likes it but I end up sticking with my original idea, a kind of ahevedic them, attempting to merge the two memes.
Day 2: Working furiously, making graphics first. I use some old scripts and discover they have some collision bugs. Working fast and furiously I try to fix the bugs but to no avail. I only get the engine to be 99% bug free, not 100%. I end up conforming the geometry to fix the bugs and make it 100%. I go to the library and download classical music.
Day 3: Working so hard I start to get a headache and become foggy, drained, and delerious. Game is almost complete and 100% bug free. It is my dad's birthday and he knocks on the door. I live in a high crime neighborhood, and am paranoid of thieves, so I take my laptop with me.
I get home and we celebrate his birthday. There was a joy in the house. I go to play some music, and I figure, I might as well load up game maker to save time. Still delerious from being overworked, I realize I forgot to set my computer clock to the right time. Everytime I unplug my computer it sets the date to 2007. Game Maker locks me out and says I need the internet to validate my license. I am stuck in a literal timeloop. But I refuse to lose my temper and ruin my dad's birthday. It is the smash bros final boss midi. As the music plays I am caught up in a strange cacophony of happy singing to music that is offkey, as I try to ignore my whirlwinds despair, and I see the bright side. The importance of family. Legacy. And we try to put what is most important to us in games, art, cartoons. This is the substance of substance. Celebrating the holidays with family is more important than fame or prestige. I admit that I am a failure, a loser with a broken pc that fails them utterly, and I hold no anger towards the gmc, only myself, for being too drowsy and too big a failure to focus on my computer clock, sticking my own self in a litteral timeloop. I focus on the good side, that I created some good graphics and learned some tips and trikcs about game design and music. That music is important to us because of the spiritual aspect. And how we hold dear to our families. And that is what games are all about. That magical feeling of opening smash bros on your birthday. Game is not about fame or fortune or prestige. It is simply about making a quality project with magic and friendship in it. I wanted so badly to put smash bros music in my game, but it was against the rules.
I have no internet, so I run to mcdonalds. Mcdonalds is closed, so I run to burger king. Their internet keeps cutting off before I can validate my license. So I run home in the cold snow to see if my neighbor is awake. They are awake, but don't have internet. I call my friend, but their car just got impounded. I check the buses, but they don't run on Sunday. I call my other friend, and they say they can give me a ride to a 24/7 wifi spot. I soldier up and put on my gear, and I am not giving up yet. Even if I release a buggy, broken game, the world must know of it's saga.
I call my friend, they give me a ride for 10 bux. Lo and behold the internet works, and I register my GM license. I get home,set my clock to theright time. Gm de-registers it for no reason and so I'm back to square one. I start making a game in Gm8 from scratch. Quit working on level four and walk into the cold snow and am at mcdonalds. Computer is being laggy and took half an hour to get on. HAving to listen to annoying music as my internet immertinetly fails and haing to rereggister gm over and over again. Been 45 mins and Ican't even open game maker, can barely run a webpage, so if there are typos, nothing i can do. Lo and behold after 10hours ofsecurityprotocols I am able toopenmy project. 3 hours tminus.

Download link:
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Matthew Brown

Time Quest
by BionicFrog,
with art by SnickerToodles

<no screenshot yet>

Download Link

Well, it's finally done. There's definitely some more polish I would have liked to get in here, as well as a feature or two, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. It's currently 6AM here and I haven't gone to bed yet, so that's definitely all I can give it. xD Hope you all enjoy! ^^
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