Windows The Duel King!

Link to the game:

The Duel King is a game i've made a while ago, to test the Gamejolt API.
It consists in a series of fights against opponents with one HP. The main character also has one HP, but 5 lives.
Every character has access to the same two duelist weapons: A sword and a gun.

  • 3 areas of gameplay: the jungle, the sea, the lava pit.
  • Highscore table if you have a gamejolt account
  • 5 different enemy AIs
  • Bouncing and dodging mechanics
  • The satisfaction of supporting a dev with a symbolic dollar
  • WASD: move, crouch, and jump like a ninja!
  • Mouse: move your sword and poke people/ aim with your gun!
  • Left click: flail your sword wildly / shoot bouncing bullets!
  • Right click (hold): equip gun
  • Space bar: slow down time like a chosen one!
Coming soon:
  • iOS version
  • Android version
  • HTML version