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 The default organization of the object event tab needs reworked...


Quite simply put, this is something that has been on my nerves for a while, and it seems like it should be a simple change. The default order of object events in the editor is pretty poor/nonsensical, it should be reorganized to better reflect the order in which events are executed. This would this make events easier to understand in GMS2 and would make organization better in general.


If changing the default view is not something YoYo want's to do, at least allow us to reorganize the order they appear in the editor manually.



This is a great idea but I think a bugaboo here is that the Draw and Step event order is not deterministic. IIRC it is going to be dependent upon the platform that the game is running on for some reason. So listing it in a deterministic order like this is likely going to be misleading to a certain extent.

I agree with the general concept that it would be nice to have the Draw and Step events ordered by order of execution though.


I have suggested this in the past as well, and that was the answer I was given. However, even so I think it couldn't hurt to at least order the draw and step events. Basically, okay, maybe it's not a specific order while running, but it makes it easier to use the IDE.