Demo The Color Coded Underground: A story-driven rogue-lite



A story-driven rogue-lite that is focused on color-coordinated critical hits and augmentations.

Strange things have been happening in the underground. Between people disappearing and strange creatures appearing, you find that you have your hands full when approached by Inverse, a dweller of the underground.

You're tasked with reaching the deepest parts of the underground to find the source of the chaos. By any means necessary.

Download and try it on!

I'm still looking for feedback, so please don't be afraid to let loose on the discussion page!


HI! Here's what I found!

Random npcs seem to randomly aggro a lot?

I went to the right in the starting area and was being shot at during the cut scene, and you can't do anything so just die.

You can walk into the wall in the hallway to the right in the main area.

walking over the card dealer makes you take damage before they are aggroed

I can't buy anything from the augmentation dispenser

Sometimes living NPCS will be below the bodies of dead ones

Weird origin issue with the first red gun (laser pistol I think?) where if you are right next to chairs/machines you can fire past them, does not work with my other guns, and only with specific machines. But you can fire past stools pretty easily if you're right next to them.

If you give chips to the guy on floor 3, then shoot him, you'll be locked into a cut scene with him saying "woah get back! Don't make me use this!" but he'll be shooting you. So if you shoot him after giving him chips you get killed.

Hope me finding some bugs helped! Would have found more but dying on floor 3 figured I'd call it.

A quick restart would also be nice so you don't have to get the starting cut scene and the warning about it being demo.