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Monday February 25th, 2019 at 12:00 UTC

  • Any GMC member can take part in the GMC Jam. You must use GameMaker to create your game.​
  • Games must be made between 12:00 UTC on February 22nd and 12:00 UTC on February 25th, and posted here in the games topic.​
  • You may use resources such as graphics, sounds and scripts that were made prior to the jam, as long as the bulk of your work takes place during Jam weekend.​
  • You may create one post per entry in the games topic. You may create this post before your game is finished and continue editing that post to update your progress, in fact you are encouraged to write a devlog!​
  • All entries must have a download link in the Games Topic before it closes at 12:00 UTC on February 25th.​
  • All entries must work on Windows as a standalone executable / compressed zip folder. No installers please. Your entry can also work in HTML5 and on other platforms, but only the Windows build will be judged.​
  • All entries are encouraged to follow the Jam theme. It isn't mandatory to do so, but you'll often get more favourable reviews from your peers!​
  • You may participate alone or in a team of up to 3 members. See the "teams" section below if you're looking for teammates. Only one team member creates a post for the game in the topic - do not create multiple posts for the same game.​
  • Haven't got a copy of GameMaker? You can get a temporary license just for the jam here!

Recommended post format:

Game Title
Developer Name / Team Name
DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)

- maybe a screenshot here -

- your devlog here -
You can keep editing your post to write a devlog about your game.
You can also post in the discussion topic as you develop your game.
Do not post more than one post per game in the games topic.

As at the start of the jam the following people were looking for teams but be aware, they may already have teammates at this point:​

  • @OverLogic (GRArthas) is a Programmer looking for a Pixel Artist.
  • @iKiwed I'm searching for a team since I'm not a good programmer. I'm more like an artist and I do pixel art.
  • @John Andrews - I'm a skilled programmer searching for an artist, it can be pixel art, or normal art, as long as it's an artist.
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ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ
GMC Elder

A game in which the British conquer the world!

Programming, design, art, music: Allison James
Sound effects: Universal SFX
World data (Countries, capitals, 2018 population, shapes/positions, UK town names): Wikipedia

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Was finishing up a project I was working on, which took longer than expected.

As such I won't have an entry to this jam, but I will take time to play and vote on all games.
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ALPS by GameDevDan

The Alien Lifeform Protection Squad is an intergalactic squadron of do-gooders who roam from planet to planet preventing mass extinctions. But they face a moral quandary... what do you do if the inhabitants of dying planets don't want your help? Shoot them, probably.

Devlog 001 - 2 hours work
I have my concept all planned out from gameplay to storyline. I've come up with something simple to make and hopefully quite funny. I'm taking a very lighthearted approach this jam, especially with regards to the graphics. You can see what I've got so far in terms of sprites here:

Devlog 002 - 5 hours work
All of my graphics are finished and I have a veeeeeeeery basic engine. As you can see from this image I've got a scribbly-cartoony look going on but with dun dun duuuuuuuun.... FAKE 3D built in! I need to turn this into an actually fun and playable game rather than just a tech demo with wonky art :p

Devlog 003 - 8 hours 35 mins work
I've finally loaded all of the graphics into my game. 123 sprites with 519 separate subimages... I *think* I may have overdone the graphics for a jam game (AGAIN) - image

Devlog 004 - 15 hours 15 mins work
I've created an opening cutscene, a tutorial level and a level select hub with the start of a first proper level. I'm hoping to create 6 or 7 levels over the rest of this evening and tomorrow and round it all off with some sort of final boss but it might not be doable! A final cutscene would be nice as well but I think time-wise it's out of the question.

Opening Cutscene

Level Select Screen

Devlog 005 - 20 hours 35 mins work
My game is now completely "bookended" - which means it has an opening cutscene, tutorial, level select menu, some levels, a final boss and a finishing cutscene. Which is a huge relief because it means if I run out of time to polish I'll still have something to submit that people can play for a while :)

Next tasks: Adding audio, making the final boss actually challenging, and adding a few new types of enemies to later levels to stop the game from being a bit stale.

Devlog 006 - 25 hours 35 mins work
DONE! All audio added, game is complete from start to finish. PHEW.
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Everything's Better with a Trebuchet
by Ghandpivot

Day 1:
Started animating and building the main mechanics.

Implemented a smooth camera system and gave the trebuchet-man some reasonable tasks.
Put a lot of working into changing the trebuchet so that it can be released manually at any time, was a pain to properly align the boulder's spawn points and throw force with the animation at any given frame.

Day 2:
Spent the whole day improving the view system, making more levels, drawing storyboards, making audio and polishing. The game turned out great!
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The M

Bow before the Queen
The rest is history, yet to be written


So, no bees then... Well, I can still make the same game but with humans instead; I have to remove the extra 'e' from 'beefore' in the title but I can live with that. This game will be a management sim where the queen has to make decisions that will impact the nation and the ongoing war effort.

However, you don't control those decisions. Instead, your duty lies in deciding who gets to see the queen! She is a busy person and can only take so many visitors in a day so you will have to make priorities and juggle various court players.

For now, I've been drawing the throne room. It's work in progress, but at least it's some progress and it will be what you see for the duration of the game so I might as well put some effort into it.
My goal for today is to get the basic mechanics implemented. That means I have to draw most characters and animate the scenes, but most importantly I have to add the interface for choosing which characters to let through. That's what I'll start with. Before implementing anything I'll have to consider how I want this to look: because I decided to go with a very small resolution this time so I don't have much space to work with and there will be a fair bit of text to be displayed. It will require some careful consideration...

Here's the initial version of a character card. There will be a short comment stating the person's business next to the card and the spymaster might have a thing or two to say as well.

Oh, and I've got a day/night cycle ready because it felt like a good idea. That's what I get for trying to focus on one thing. :)

So far you can select cards but there is no limit to how many and choosing doesn't do anything... yet! Up next is adding a few notes about what you're signing so that choosing characters isn't as much of a random process.

I've got a basic outline of what I want to include in the game. There will be a total of 9 characters for the queen to interact with and what they have to say will depend on what events have transpired. I have drawn basic idle animations for all characters but I guess that given the game's title, I'll have to add some bows and politeness before I'm done.

Day 3
Looks like I've caught a cold. Some kind of virus thought my body was a great target for a conquest. Well, I can still work, thankfully, so I'm continuing with creating encounters between the queen and her subjects. Right now you can almost go through a whole day but for some reason everyone has transformed into the adviser. More to follow as we investigate.

It is finally time to start implementing the game aspect of this simulation. The queen will base her decisions on mood primarily, but also what she thinks is the current status of the country, unless she's tired in which case she'll have less thought behind her decisions. It's a lot of cases and the code's going to be really messy. :)

Some time later, I've added line upon line of dialogue and I'm no where near done. It looks like this might be another unfinished and untested entry. I will try to get a little more done before I call it a night and then we'll see if I can squeeze in a little time tomorrow before the deadline. I'd like to have an end state for the game so that you can at least see how long you lasted or if you succeeded with the conquest.

Day 4
I added a bit of music, did some re-balancing and added an and state that you might be able to reach if you're lucky enough. I haven't tested the game properly so balancing is probably still way off.

Oops, I spent way too much time getting dialogue sounds into a decent state. Guess it's time to publish this thing. I kind of like the end result but it feels like it's still missing some potential that a few more hours could bring out.
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By Studio Rainfall

Pilot a Ray F.2 "Haarokku", a planetary-orbital mecha, during the Callistan Independence War, as your branch of the ever-growing rebel forces - the Arkad - attempt to conquer different bases of the other coalitions across multiple planets and moons. Will Callisto finally gain independence from the Jupiter colonies?

feb23rd 2:40am (13:40 into the jam)
I have spent the first 10 hours of the Jam alternating between two interpretations based on dividing the theme into Con and Quest. After not getting any solid gameplay idea with either, I decided to step back and just use the military meaning, but try to at least put a good game on top of it. 13 hours in and I have... a logo, two more that I wont use, a single sprite of a mecha, and a bad pun I wont be using.

feb23rd 2:12pm (25:12 into the jam)
Oh god I woke up too late oh no time to rush

feb23rd 6:41pm (29:41 into the jam)
Got a camera to work, god I hate the new system, it adds a lot but it's also painful for smaller projects like a 3-days gamejam. Also sprite with very basic leg wobble and some cards that I might or might not use for the game. Also Elon Musk is my debug sprite, dw about it.
Gonna take a little break and watch some youtube to cool down after 4 hours of camera pain.
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Super Pancratio - Conquest of the Olympus

A Mythologically inaccurate procedural platformer, with a vertical shooter flavor.
You are called Pancratio, you are a random guy!
Zeus just destroyed your village. Because yes!
It's your time to rise in all your anger up to Zeus home and tell him a thing or two!

-For now, I just did the platforming collision stuff. Plus the camera controller.
-Added some graphics and sounds.
-Tiles are here!
-Since it's taking too much time, I'll skip the procedural generation part and start working on the enemies and attacks

I've built the game, but I cannot post links yet.
Search Super Pancratio on or remove the spaces here:

(I edited it to link properly ~ Alice)

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Is it against the forum to make a Hitler Dating simulator?
neck and back hurts from sitting for too long, gonna take a break and think about game :p
Computer crashed just now got it back up again :bash:
got lots of stuff done today, still more time to do stuff :p, plan for tomorrow is work more on ui and game menus
Im running into a lot of problems with my code, Thinking about quiting :/
On the bright side, the enemy tanks now shoot
11:24: Ive decided to just publish what I have as a proof of concept, wasnt really into it anymore and I wasnt really happy as to where I was going with it, Source code is available to
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A game Jam game completed in 21 hours​

Well it's up.... with a minute to spare - so close in fact I'm writing this after hastily adding the link before the due time. You control a nest of ants - set paths for the ants to follow and they will automatically pick up food, attack enemy ants and conquer enemy nests. Conquer all enemy nests to be victorious.

I've realised not all credits made it into final uploaded zip. Here they all are:

Ant template adapted from Angelee
Icons from
Food sprites by caeles
Music by The_United_States_Army_Old_Guard_Fife_and_Drum_Corps_-_03_-_The_Presidents_March from Free Music Archive
Sound effects by (from

Things I'm happy with
I learned how to manipulate views, ports, cameras and the gui layer with increased confidence. That side panel is actually a second view, so two ports side by side - it made programming button clicks easy as I did not need to worry about converting mouse coordinates, changing scale or detecting clicks on sprites as the button instances were right there on the screen and never moved regardless of what the 2nd view with its zooming/panning camera was doing.

I also got a better appreciation for efficient code practices. I was aiming to have 100s of ants in the world at a time. The ants are pretty basic, just following paths and moving to nearby enemies. There are no collision/movement issues - ants can walk everywhere. But still, updated a fog of war and having AI detecting and recording locations of food and nests was chewing cpu. I now appreciate that many actions can be performed every 0.2 to 2 seconds and the game is just fine.

The NPC does ok for a brute force attempt at making something that seems intelligent. It's not perfect but just by using a half dozen alarms the AI will do many actions at about the same pace as a human player (well at least I think so, but let's see what people who don't know what the controls are will think lol). This includes sending ants out once a food source is depleted, attacking enemy nests and purchasing upgrades. The AI doesn't cheat at all in the game - it's knowledge is limited by the same fog of war as the player and relies on the same food income to upgrade its ants.

Things that could be better
Art - I can't believe the talent of some GMC members. Many of you program, draw and make music better than I can do even one of those (I only program). I found any art asset that would suit but if it was 32 pixel wide, I enlarged them to the the size I needed and then blurred them to hide the fact they had been scaled- lol. Looking at this Jam's entries (based on a few screenshots mind), I doubt I could perform as well as GMC Jam 31.

The game is not complete - not even by Jam standards. There is barely even a title screen and just a wall of text for instructions. This wasn't the wrong approach though. Each to their own but I was surprised to see so many titles screens and intro cut scenes as the first things Jam entrants were working on - I definitely focused on minimum viable product here. But I'm a "game-play is king" guy.

So mechanics wise, I wished I had time to improve/add the following:
  • Ability to choose how many ants to send out per path (default is 5, but wanted 1, 5, 10 and 20 as options to quickly cycle through
  • Use of tab key to cycle between owned nests
  • Limit the number of paths to 4 at start and increase per nest conquered
  • A custom mouse icon showing releasing left click confirms path while right click will cancel current path (game has this, but doubt people will discover this)
  • AI should respond to nest attacks by pulling out any nest ants (they bend over and just take it currently)
  • Hide enemy ants under "grey" sections of fog of war. I actually swear this worked for a while and was only in the last 20 min did I see it no longer worked.
  • Random placement of food and nests for replay-ability.
  • Indication of food amount remaining in each "food node"
  • Improved tool-tip info for upgrades - what values are/what next upgrade will do, when an upgrade has been maxed out. Probably grey out upgrades when can't afford them or maxed out.
  • Ability to zoom out to see entire map (MAYBE). Kind of adds to tension not being able to see all nests at once.
  • Some improved ant avoidance - they are happy to sit on top of each other but would like to have seen a traffic jam of angry ants colliding- would slow combat down (for better or for worse)
  • Easier method to remove paths - something not requiring moving the mouse to the left panel.
Aesthetic Improvements:
  • Show paths as a a trail of pheromones - maybe some sort of particle effect or shader.
  • Ant attacks are the worst! have to be zoomed in to see the "damage" effect though.
  • Ant walking animation - they are completely static!
  • Fog of war surface clips when panning the camera - tried a few fixes with no luck.
  • In addition to sound cues and the overhead message, some indication about WHERE the attacks are happening.

6 hours spent today - thank goodness my wife took the kids out. I don't think I'll have a polished game by then end - probably will lack a title screen and sounds. Today added the GUI interface which allows for paths to be removed, food is actually collected now and the food resource can be used to purchase upgrades. Ants will attack enemies and return to the path if they are victorious.

Maybe 4 more hours tonight - need enemy AI to make this a game and not just a weird ant path maker. 4 hours for an RTS AI sounds tight - not done anything like that before. I think I'll just brute force it, make the AI do a random thing (purchase random upgrade, send ant out in random direction, etc.) every time a time goes off or something- not really intelligent decision making.

The camera zoom and pan, fog of war and path indicators are in. Ants also go into a random walk mode if the path does not return to the hill - which they die from starvation from eventually. Focused a lot on optimising the fog of war as much as I could - I hope for 400 player controlled ants to run ok on most of your machines.

Tomorrow will be my big push day - need to implement ant upgrades (purchased with food), attacking enemy ants, claiming new nest territory and the enemy AI.

Thinking some sort of ant colony game - a cross between Pikmin (which I've never played so just the version in my head) with Supreme Commander. You set paths for ants to follow, deciding how many should go on each path. They bring back food which allows you support a bigger colony. End goal is to remove a rival any colony, the conquest theme.
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By CardinalCoder64
The islands have been invaded by our enemies. We want you to go and take back what they stole!

Your shipmates have been captured, so it's up to you to save them so they can join you in completing the mission. Our enemies don't deserve that land, so let them know who's boss. I have no doubt that you can accomplish the mission.

Now go shoot your way towards victory, sailor!
- Music and sounds created
- Fullscreen capability
- Death screen ("Mission Failed") screen created
- Tons and TONS of bug fixes
- Tutorial screen created
- Fortresses stand on each island, once destroyed rescues one of your shipmates to fight with you
- Turrets created and calibrated
- Enemy boats created and circle around island
- Minimap added, with island icons
- Basic collision system complete
- Islands added
- Particle effects added
- Ships can shoot now :D
- Water effects added (and they're good! :))
- Ships follow the ship in front of them
- Camera assembled, zooms in/out depending on speed
- Ship movement calibrated
- Banner GIF created
- Game mechanics in development...
- Basic title screen assembled
- Banner created
- Name given: "VICTORY"
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Devlog 1:
I work for 24 of these hours, and I'll need sleep for 18 - 24 of these hours, so that leaves about 24 -30 hours of game dev.

I have an inkling of an idea, but no game play yet. Hmm....

Devlog 2:
This idea was too much for the time I had to spare. I got half of the game kinda done, I guess. It's a sort of a reverse tower defense, but I wasn't able to get the town defenses made. Makes for a really easy win, tho. lol

:bunny::banana::bunny: :potato: THIS ONE'S FOR YOU, DADIO! :potato: :bunny::banana::bunny:

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Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 3.21.17 PM.png
Title: Banana Toss
Art: Toque
Programming Toque

My first solo Jam. Im very happy with the results.

So I am going old school. I think some of you might be old enough to remember handheld games from the 70's and 80's. Trying to get the same mechanics as the old game.

Hunters are out for conquest and take over the jungle. Save the monkeys by throwing bananas.
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John Andrews

Living Enigma

by John Andrews
this is cancelled
Honestly I haven't been deving lately and jumping into the jam didn't help, lost interest very quickly so I'll cancel my entry, maybe for the next jam I'll do something o_O
This is what's done so far: boy punch bag, and goes shooty


12:15MM - Created the game project, no name yet, no ideas yet.

12:16MM - Idea gotten! Aliens wanna conquest the planet where you live, but you wont let that happen!

12:24MM - Drawn base idle sprite and block sprite

12:36MM - Drawn weapon sprites.

12:52MM - Drawn base moving sprites.

1:09PM - Created player object.

1:14PM - Improved drawing of the various parts of the player.

1:24PM - Finished programming player movement drawing.

2:06PM - Drawn sprinting animations & programmed player to display them

2:20PM - Drawn falling animation, made the player display it.

2:24PM - Created block object, programmed player to collide with it.

3:28PM - Drawn punch sprites & hit sprite.

4:26PM - Programmed punching, drawn dummy sprite and created dummy object, created entity object, hit object, melee attack hitbox object, and programmed them.

4:48PM - Programmed sprint punch.

5:58PM - Fixed many bugs

6:10PM - Drawn air kick, programmed player to do air kick-

6:28PM - Drawn & Programmed bullets & trails.

7:26PM - Fixed more bugs

9:27PM - Drawn player sprites.

9:41PM - Decided the name: Repeal
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I’m making Oh Canada, a game about Vikings wanting to go to Canada.
Devlog 1- due to me living near the American west coast, I had to wake up early. I am tired but making good progress

Devlog 2 - I got a nap and regained some energy. I created a title screen and am feeling pretty good about the project:)

Devlog 3 - Its the end of day 1. I completed the basic mechanics, most of the art, and some music. Tommorrow, I want to build most if not all of the levels
Devlog 4 - I created three new enemys; an octopus that stays on your mouse, a shark that fallows your mouse, and a sea serpent that fallows the player.

Devlog 5- I have finished making a few levels and an enemy boat

Devlog 6 - It is the end of day two. All levels have been finished. I have started making and end cutscene. I am considering making an opening cutscene, but i'm not set in stone yet.

Devlog 7 - I just uploaded my game. Despite the flaws, I am satisfied with it and have finished it to the best of my ability. Im looking foreward to next jam:).
Capture Viking.PNG CaptureCanada.PNGCapture Viking2.PNG

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Screenshot 1.jpg
Screenshot 3.PNG
(Created by Oliver Stogden, Battle Music by @matharoo)
Times are UTC

22nd February 2019:

14:00-14:30: Started work on the artwork, designed an island map, split it up into territories, saved each territory as a separate image to later import into GM.

14:30-16:00: Designed the 3 unit types that will be in the game, including their weapons. Hopefully I've remembered everything!

16:00-16:30: Added a couple of UI elements I had laying around for a resource bar at the top, and an end turn button, don't have time to program a menu system, so you'll launch straight into the game, it's turn based, so shouldn't be a problem.

16:40-17:00: Designing that terrible logo you see at the top of this post, and writing this devlog up to this point!

17:00-17:15: Designing environmental graphics, rocks/flowers/terrain tiles/couple of backgrounds.

17:20-18:00: Adding all the sprites and backgrounds to the project, creating a basic system to identify who controls the region and how many soldiers are in the region.

Screenshot at 4 hours into development:
Screenshot 4 hours into Dev.jpg

18:00-19:20: Adding graphical UI elements, end turn button, resources, amount of troops in territories.

19:20-19:35: Writing a sheet of valid attack moves, such as which territories can attack which.

Screenshot at 6 hours into development:
Screenshot 6 hours into Dev.jpg
Yes, it has been pointed out to me that I accidentally made the French flag. :D I also just noticed it's quite similar to the island of Hispaniola (flipped), but again, accidental. :oops:

20:00-21:20: Implemented a way to calculate trajectory of a projectile, will be useful for siege and arrow units. Did a test of a catapult. Improved one of the battle backgrounds with some variety. Wrote a to-do list to finish before the end of the jam.


Times are UTC

23rd February 2019:

08:45: Work begun on adding the "phase" system from Risk, Draft, Attack, Reinforce.

09:20: Draft phase completed for player.

10:10: Possible attack moves have been added to the game, allowing only adjacent territories to launch attacks.

10:50: Added colour coding to show which territory you're attacking from, and which territories are possible to attack.

11:25: Finished attack window, detailing how many troops the enemy has defending, and how many troops you wish to attack with.

11:35: Going on a 2 hour break to prevent complete breakdown.

14:35: 3 hour break it seems, got distracted by Twitch! Work started on the battles part of the game.

15:50: Swordsmen AI done, or at least I can't spare anymore time on it. Onto the Archer AI!

16:30: Archer AI mostly done, working on giving commands to units in the battlefield. Keeping it simple due to time. Retreat, stand ground, advance, that kind of thing.

17:55: Commands are mostly in, seem to work for both swordsmen and archers. AI will permanently use the "attack" command, because time.


Times are UTC

24th February 2019:

07:30: Wake up, read all the devlogs, and realize I probably should be further along than I am right now. :(

08:20: Added UI to battle mode to show how many troops each side currently has.

08:40: Game now detects when one side has won a battle, and gives attacked territory to them.

09:25: Greeted family for first time in 3 days.

10:10: Added window after victorious battle to choose how many troops to transfer to newly acquired territory.

10:15: Memory leak caused during battle, 3.7GB of RAM usage, my first time doing this, so proud!

11:10: Balanced the archers so they're not utterly trash compared to swordsmen.

11:30: Added a siege strike in order to further unbalance the game. Player only, no time to program the AI to do this.

12:05: Finished up Attack phase, need to quickly move onto reinforcement phase and then somehow throw together an AI to make decisions on what territories to attack in the 6 or so hours I have left!

12:40: Currently you can reinforce the enemies territories with your own troops, not the desired outcome!

12:55: Reinforcing phase seems to be done, onto the board-game AI!

14:00: Matharoo made a music track for the battle part of the game.

14:10: Draft phase is done for the AI.

14:25: Taking a short break for the sake of my brain, Attack phase AI is just.... ooof.

17:00: Spent ages trying to fix Attack phase AI, might be able to get it done before the deadline, but not sure. There's at least 4 major bugs happening when the AI attacks, if I can get them fixed before 10AM tomorrow, I'll keep AI attacking in, if not, then the AI will purely defend.

18:20: Came back to give it another go, found a silly error where I put a variable that was meant to increment inside an "if" check which meant it didn't. Caused so many problems.

18:40: First real playtest, gotten to turn 2 without anything going overly wrong, AI don't reinforce yet, had a UI button stick around that wasn't supposed to, but other than that!

19:00: Think the game is stable, has an exploit I found which can be fixed, and there is a bug I won't have time to fix, but it isn't fatal and only crops up occasionally. Time to read the devlogs now, and spend a couple of hours polishing it up as best I can in the morning.

19:30: Made a splash screen to credit Matharoo for the music.


Times are UTC

25th February 2019:

08:20: Added buttons to quit and restart the game.

08:25: Made command buttons light up depending on which is the active command.

08:30: Fixed a bug with the AI leaving their territory selected at the end of their turn.

08:45: Fixed a bug where drafted troops were not allocated to either side.

08:50: Explanation text added to parts of the game to help the player understand what's expected.

09:15: Wrote a help page that appears on startup to explain how the game works.

09:25: Final bug fixes, and compile.

09:40: Uploaded to itchio.

End of Development!
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At the brink of the ancient forest's destruction the elder tree calls upon a forest spirit for aid.

In this wave-based defense game, you control a forest spirit preventing attackers from defeating the elder tree.
Place various types of trees and mushrooms to hold them off for as long as you can!

Title screen.

A fresh start.

Escape - Exit game.
Alt+Enter - Switch screen mode.

Mouse - Move spirit.
Left Click - Place a plant.
Right Click - Remove a plant.

Mouse Wheel - Quickly change plant selection.
Number 1 - Select Kind Tree.
Number 2 - Select Spike Tree.
Number 3 - Select Tough Tree.
Number 4 - Select Life Shroom.
Number 5 - Select Shoot Shroom.
Number 6 - Select Poison Shroom.

#1 - There is power in kindness.
#2 - The Elder Tree is weak and could use some healing.
#3 - More poison is always more potent.

Thanks for checking out my entry!
Let me know what you thought of the game and how many bugs you found. :)
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Devlog #1
Reserving a title for "The Imperialist" It's about a taking over points of interest in the city ^-^. I wonder where i'll go for this.

Devlog #2 Completely changed my idea. Originally I was going for a top down action game, but had to change it due to time and scope constraints...

The finished version of the game... I still feel that there was more I could have added into it though.
But I sure had fun!
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Agressive Thread Vikings (Tentatively) Claim this spot for THE BANNERMAN.

…There's probably a 50% chance I won't finish, however. My schedule is really dicey.
Not going to bother with a devlog this time around, since historically it usually turns out to be one post on day one, and then successive entries where I basically just lose my mind and then have to apologize about it later.

EDIT: OOF. Well my final weekend schedule just came in. There's no way this one is gonna happen for me, alas. Good luck to everyone else!
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i thought the theme was contrast. So i was wrong about the theme sadly.

im putting my game here when and if its done.
Conquest Royale: Booty of Treasure Island

Story is you're shipwrecked and hijacked by pirates. They send you to an island with the rest of the pirates partaking in the annual Pirate Games where pirates on an island must battle it to the death while trying to find the Buried Treasure.

credits: turbosquid, free3d, kevin mcleod, eric maytas, boxcat, openclipart and pixabay


Day 1. Cant think of anything unique.
Day 1.1 Thought of something that isnt that unique, but givin me a good vibe, gonna do it lol.
Day 1.2 Changed my mind, realized idea was possibly hard. Gave up on jam and quit.
Day 1.3 More new ideas, all are generic, giving up.
Day 1.4 Unquit jam, have new idea, forgot new idea so much try to remember what it was.
Day 1.5 Idea remembered, beginning to proceed to build.
Day 1.6 Made menus first, because that is what matters most.
Day 1.7 Three hours of fail, not understanding that draw_getpixel must wait till the next frame.
Day 1.9 Terrain engine, and rudimentary collision system implemented (no time for big maths.)

Day 2.1 Woke up to another horrible morning, work on game regardless.
Day 2.2 Can't is becoming more complex as with cells interlinked interlinked, mind beginning to go into the etherrealms netherlands.
Day 2.3 Fighting against the darkside, trying to keep working hard on the game.
Day 2.4 Get a positive PM in my inbox, making me feel slightly better, going to work on game now.
Day 2.5 Finding assets is not easy. Browsing and can't find any free game ready palm trees on turbosquid. After an hour I find one on free3d models.
Day 2.6 Importing models is a chore.
Day 2.7 Can't find any fitting treasure chest models, so I get an unfitting one that is badly textured.
Day 2.8 Fixing bugs and adding stuff.

Day 3.1 Working all day.
Day 3.2 Working into the late hours of night.
Day 3.3 Working so much I had some jokes but forgot what they all were.
Day 3.4 AI is buggy and taking hours to fix. Decide to just delete the treasure chest collisions resulting in a bug where AI hide in crates, yet is better than the original AI bug.
Day 3.4.5 Listening to game music in background. Mario music, then Star Fox's relaxing Africa music. The music fits my game perfectly. As I run into the final bug of the game, the final boss music of Star Fox plays.
Day 3.4.6 Listening to Donkey Kong epic music of the jungle. Perfect music for my game, yet I am encumbered by not allowed to put in great music such as this into my game.
Day 3.5 Severely dehydrated. Wondering if I will lose consciousness.
Day 3.6 Spending hours browsing free songs. All the songs are unfitting. Feeling let down by all the free music online.
Day 3.7 Settle on trance music, even though I wanted pirate music. Can't find the relaxing Africa music I wanted either. Kevin Macleod had some good Africa music but it was only a few seconds long. Most of his other Africa tracks were boring. Nintendo once again prevails, whilst Indie music fails.
Day 3.8 Realizing my game is not the same as I envisioned at the beginning. Yet still pretty good.
Day 3.9 Uploading and deciding to give up adding any extra features. My eyes are red and giant sinus headache, feeling like I am the picture in my menus. Wishing for a 4 day game jam in the future.
Day 3.91 Right after I upload my game, I get a second wind and burst of energy, right after I no longer need the energy and wanted to go to bed.
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CE Studios

UNTITLED: An untitled adventure possibly about conquest or something? Idk...

Started working in GMS 2 after realizing a temp license was released and mucking about in GM:S 1.4 for about 30 mins. All I have to show for the first two hours is a start screen with a simple start button which takes you to the next room where a red box falls, stops falling on an invisible bridge, and walks across it before walking offscreen and getting destroyed. Might I add that I didn't get started until 11 hours after the official start time. Hopefully I can work something out!

Well it's been a pretty unproductive day as I could've gotten a lot more done if I had more time, however I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far. As of right now, gameplay is going to be pretty much a tower defense style game except you are attacking the tower. (If that makes sense...) You will purchase specialized troops with a set budget and have to siege a castle and break the door down to win the level. As of right now I have a basic fighter object who walks in a direction at a set speed, collides and attacks a door, and breaks it open and walks through it. This is the backbone of the game mechanics so I'm glad I've got it working.

This is all I have time for today as I have to help the gf with homework, so I'll be back tomorrow!
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Haven't started but ready....(this is where I post my game right? To enter the Jam??)
TItle: Tower Conquest
download: (Work in progess)
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Nizitowns, Purul3nt / The Llama Concept


Game: You spawn on the left hand side, the enemy minions are white and spawn on the right hand side Capture tower points using minions, collect coins and turn them in back to your spawn point (15 coins = 1 minion) and a new minion will join your side and fight for you. Capture all the points to gain majority possession points and kill the enemy AI to win.

Controls: Left click: Square select Right click: Move to target

Late start but we will get there.
Focused mainly on brainstorming.
Fleshing out movement, and tower mechanics.
Trying to find the feel for the graphics and the map layout.
UI positioning.
Friendly towers & tower attack/destroy functionality.
Death and re-spawn functionality.
Portals/spawning points Interactivity.
Desperately! need to refine the movement as it sucks on the collision side.
The first minion is alive and well
same as the towers
The map still needs work but it starts forming
A bit of rest to refill the batteries.
Gone through the first pass for the minions, so they can attack from both sides of the map, next step collisions and path finding.
Spotted a very irritating bug, but not that difficult to fix so this is on the next steps as well.
Map is getting alive and improving constantly.
A lot of rest to refill the batteries...
Bugs fighting for a big period of time, will think a lot next time to go for the quick spaghetti code approach.
Resource system in place we can buy more minions now.
Point system/win conditions
Main music track done.
Title screen first pass.
First pass of sfx.
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Spirit Walker

By Bingdom


I couldn't find any ideas when the theme was announced. I decided to sleep and hoped that I'd get better ideas when I wake up.

Got an Idea about creating some sort of space game. Wasted hours on trying to write a dithering shader, but alas, couldn't get it to work. I then decided to work on a different idea that isn't as dependant on a dithering shader.

My approach for this jam was to go for a more story-driven route, so my first idea may have not gone as well. I drew up character concepts for the protagonist. For now, I only have 1 character.

So far the programming and art sides of things have been going pretty smoothly. I even got dithering to work. At this point, the platformer movement was successfully implemented (I'd like to fix the weird dampening effect when the player lands from a high distance though)

I currently do not have a solid implementation of the theme. Hopefully, I can come up with something more acceptable than what could roughly be considered as "Capture".

Tomorrow I hope to generate some narrative, create the intro sequence, gameplay levels, more characters and their dialogue, and hopefully, make a start with sound.
I managed to complete the intro animation. I implemented a skip feature for those who don't like dialog. Things have been going very smoothly so far; I haven't run into any problems that were any more than trivial.

I also added some room transitions to further polish the game.

Added a bunch more levels and a hazard.

I also added some sound effects, and I'm really happy with how most of it has turned out so far.

To sum up today; I'm not exactly sure where the sudden influx of progression came from. Maybe because this time I'll have all 3 days completely available this time? Whatever it is, it's great to see my progress in the short amount of time I've had. Maybe it's the result of me being in a better overall mood? With the time I have available, I can easily implement 2 music tracks and the rest of the missing sound effects. Hopefully, then I can squeeze in more levels and more hazards to further mix up the gameplay

I'm really happy with my progress and I can't wait to see what people would think of this game. I think it's one of the best games I've made... and all (99%) done myself :D

Hopefully, I can get just as good results with music tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'd have enough time to draw individual characters. At least they'll have their own dialog.
Things didn't go as well as it did in day 2.
I did manage to add more levels and add a feature to a current hazard. Most of the sound effects I'm pretty happy with.

For the gameplay soundtrack, I struggled to get something I'm happy with. I muted it by default in case people didn't realise that you could, and got penalised because of it.
edit: nvm, I changed it. It's probably better than nothing.

Anyways, not much to talk about. Most of the time was spent playing around with Bosca ceoil and audacity.
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Pixle Cleaner's Pixel Conquest
"Conquering the world one pixel at a time"

by Bart

<< Download Pixle Cleaner's Pixel Conquest >>

No inspiration so no ideas today

The idea is slowly taking shape. This jam I'm going for a very basic concept instead of trying to cram too much in a single jam game.
Thinking about a slow-paced game in which you 'clean up' all pixels in the same way you scratch a lottery ticket. The goal is for the player to get to 100% completion in a level.
The difficult part will be getting the technical stuff working.
This went surprisingly well using buffer_get_surface and summing alpha channel values:

Still need to fine-tune this mechanic, since getting 100% completion is a bit hard to achieve at times.

Calculation of the completion of larger areas is now also working:

All right! Let's see what we can finish today.
The game seems to slow down quite a lot, so first thing to do will be optimization.
Trying to replace the naive coding approach with a more robust one.

Loosing focus on gameplay again... Still, the intro screen is finished and is looking quite decent. It also has a nice and funky background loop I quickly threw together.

Working on the main game background music and playing with the idea of writing a pixel vacuum cleaner shader that integrates with the game. This will probably be a bit too hard, yet still...
Currently you have two tools: a broom (of some sort) and a gun with 'pixel neutralizer'.
First need to continue work on game graphics now.

The result at the end of day 3:

All right! Start of the last (half) day.
Need to fix a couple of annoying bugs and redo the main game music since the recording is a mess. If there happens to be time left, I'll try to add some more stuff.

Ugh. One hour left and still so much to do.
I'll send in the game as-is, still it's in quite a playable state.

And it's done! (somewhat):

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got a late start but managed to get some work done. I've always wanted to make a card game but i'm going to simplify the combat mechanics into a sort of conquest seige type game / mini rts.

Pretty much finished with what I can before the jam ends, the mechanics are interesting but the combat is extremely basic. it's a fun prototype and gives me lots of ideas, I like the possibility of having lots of different types of troops and combinations. user interface and most game mechanics are extremely clunky but they work. Also made a little song loop for the game.
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Kingdom Conquest
by Braydee Johnson
Download at
Grow your Kingdom!

In Kingdom Conquest, your goal is to venture out and expand your Kingdom by conquering nearby land. The more time you spend on your Kingdom's territory, the more loyal it becomes. Your Kingdom's Loyalty provides a stronger hold for your Kingdom when defending what's yours. Don't explore too far without having close distance between your loyal Kingdom to back you up!

You collect resources as you expand by building Saw Mills and Stone Quarries. These resources can be used to build Barracks and other buildings. Barracks provide Units for your Kingdom; having these will allow you to conquer enemy buildings to further expand.

You may also attempt to separate an enemy from their Kingdom and watch their Kingdom fall! Be careful, enemies will attempt to do the same to you! If you can get in close and infiltrate their Kingdom, you may attack them directly at their core to bring them down for a swift victory!

Conquer land to expand!

Conquer forests and quarries for resource production!

Resources for days!

Use resources to build buildings!

Day 1 was super short. I got a late start and had some work I needed to (Gotta make the money). I'm excited about this theme. I've had a bunch of game ideas floating around, and I was able to mash a few together to get a working prototype started quickly. The game is a genre mashup of RTS/Town Builder games with the latest casual game trends. I started quickly on the graphics to get a feel I wanted to go for. Mocked up a few tilemap types. I made some isometric tiles that I liked in MagicaVoxel and exported those and started work on the isometric rendering. I ended up getting a tilemap rending in full isometric by the end of the night. Had some free time to even catch a movie! Sleep for a bit then back to the grind.
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So I decided to try to make something over the weekend. It will definately not be my best work but out of the whole weekend I may be able to work 4-8hrs on this project.
After debating a lot of ideas, I heard of other game jam starting on Saturday and when the theme came out I decided to join them into one single game (no spoiler yet). The mechanics is something i wanted to do for a while, and i almost used it for the last GMC.
I think I'll have trouble with the AI (not a good choice to have to develop an AI in a couple hours) and the game most likely will not have any intro or gameplay demonstration.

Late Saturday:
After about 3 hrs of work on the game I have a working prototype. Mechanic is almost done now I have to make it fit within the state machine I have planned. No AI yet, but I got some of the sprites done and at least it is looking good (not something I should have been focusing, but, I like pretty games).

Sunday Morning:
Ok, I got about 2 hours of progress in the game. I got the GUI working and aesthetically, that is as far as I will go for this JAM.
The mechanic is working very well. I was able to set-up planet depedencies for movements.
As far as the AI goes, nothing has been done yet (Does anyone have a good puzzle AI tutorial?!)

Sunday Afternoon:
About 2 more hours of work and I got a passable AI for the game. Now I just have to add some music and that's it!

Monday Morning Before Work:
I playtested a little bit. I'm not extremly happy but it is what I got and I've been wanting to do something lime this for a while, so it was a good experience!
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15.png 16.png

This will be my game for this jam. I didn't have time to finish anything I wanted (mechanics, sound, graphics, stability...). But I can't give it anymore time.
So this is it : a game about conquest.



Gay Wizard Freak
Mini Civilizations
Build an army and take over the world!​

Should have something playable shortly, still working hard.
I lost a lot of time due to illness and work, but I'm gonna submit something this time, I promise!

It's "playable" but there's no point... I ran out of time, but I had fun working on it! :D
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Simple Village Conquest
Simple Village Conquest by: Mikeey Bikeey and Nacky Slocker



This project took 35 hours to make. I don't know why
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Nizitowns, Purul3nt / The Llama Concept
DOWNLOAD LINK (when finished)
View attachment 23433
Late start but we will get there.
Focused mainly on brainstorming.
View attachment 23384
Fleshing out movement, and tower mechanics.
Trying to find the feel for the graphics and the map layout.
UI positioning.
Friendly towers & tower attack/destroy functionality.
Death and re-spawn functionality.
Portals/spawning points Interactivity.
Desperately! need to refine the movement as it sucks on the collision side.
The first minion is alive and well
View attachment 23387
same as the towers
View attachment 23388
The map still needs work but it starts forming
A bit of rest to refill the batteries.
Gone through the first pass for the minions, so they can attack from both sides of the map, next step collisions and path finding.
Spotted a very irritating bug, but not that difficult to fix so this is on the next steps as well.
Map is getting alive and improving constantly.
View attachment 23401
A lot of rest to refill the batteries...
Bugs fighting for a big period of time, will think a lot next time to go for the quick spaghetti code approach.
Resource system in place we can buy more minions now.
Point system/win conditions
Main music track done.
Title screen first pass.
First pass of sfx.
Having issues with the download link, Game available here:
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