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Galaxy Goons


Horrendously unfinished. I had very little time, and the time I did have was lacking energy. Sorry if this entry upsets anyone, but I just had to participate. Couldn't help myself.

Arrows left and right to pivot, up arrow to thrust (like asteroids). "C" to shoot.
Once you've destroyed several UFOs, you've essentially played all there is to play.


have to say: me and my team worked hard on this game but this won't be the final product we plan for big things for this game we entered in this competition so we can get some experience I feel like we're going to have a big future later on down the track hopefully this reaches to the moderator or someone.
Gladiator: By Pirates of the Sea of Stars May not be 100% done, but it will have to do. Link:
Gladiator by P.O.T.S.O.S
Made for the GMC jam #8


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Okay, uploading just in the nick. Truth be told, the game was finished by the deadline, but just had to switch one song and change the credits at the last second.

Uploaded it to filedropper, hope it works.

Hold on, this version has a bug, dont download. New one should be up in 10 mins.

Friday did nothing, went to a concert but the music did not give inspiration. Was soft rock not the good metal I love.
Saturday started working on a game, it was gonna be called "BFG" where you play as a giant boss warrior who hates heroes. Working on the mechanized armatures was too much of a burden so I scrapped it.
Started a new game, where you are a helicopter pilot. Stayed up all night Sunday, falling asleep in the morning so I watched some...entertainment to keep me awake. Lo and behold I missed the deadline by 11 minutes, but Alice was gracious enough to give me a minor time extension. Most the game was done, just had to source the credits.
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