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What, when, where?
GMC Jam is a quarterly event held on the GameMaker Community that we organize to encourage people to experiment with GameMaker and make a game that will be interesting or entertaining within the limited timescale of 72 hours. It is entirely a community event - neither YoYo Games nor Playtech are officially involved in this competition, aside from providing forum space to carry it out.

The Jam has three phases:
  • discussion, held in the discussion topic; started about 2 weeks before the Jam (the discussion remains open during and for some time after the Jam, too)
  • development, the core of the Jam, the 72 hours when entries are made and posted in games topic
  • decision, when community members vote for their favorite games and provide feedback to specific entries; it lasts roughly 2 weeks after the Jam, before the results are announced
You're also cordially invited to join your fellow GMC Jam enthusiasts and regular participants on the GMC Jam Discord server.

This GMC Jam will run for 72 hours in the following timeframe:
February 23, 12:00 PM UTC - February 26, 12:00 PM UTC
Friday Noon - Monday Moon

Countdown Clock

GMC Jam Rules
The following rules will be used during this GMC Jam. The general Community Guidelines of behavior and conduct always apply. There have been no major changes since the GMC Jam #5, so you're free to skip over if you've participated in that Jam, but you're still advised to read it again for your own safety.

  • any GMC member is welcome to participate in GMC Jam and submit their entry
  • you may use any version of GameMaker to create an entry for the GMC Jam
  • each entry must be made by a single GMC member or a team of up to 3 people; people outside GMC can be in the team, as long as at least one GMC member is in that team
  • each participant can make or contribute to as many entries as they want, but they can only claim rewards for one of them (unless the reward is given specifically for the entry)
  • each entry must have a single post in this Jam's games topic (opened once the Jam officially starts), and no two entries can share the same post
  • the Games topic post can be used to present the entry progress; it can also contain a devlog
  • by the time the Jam ends, each Games topic post must contain a valid link to the entry's downloadable file

  • the entry must be an original creation made in GameMaker specifically for the Jam, within the Jam timeframe
  • this goes without saying, but no game engines besides GameMaker can be used for creating an entry for this Jam
  • the entry might use assets (graphics, audio, scripts, extensions, Marketplace resources etc.) created before the Jam, whether by team members or someone else; however, the credits should make clear where the assets come from and which were made before the Jam
  • the creators of the entry must have rights to all of the assets; unlicensed use of resources is not allowed
  • the entry must be available as a Windows executable file, exported as a stand-alone file or as a ZIP; installers are not allowed
  • the entry might be exported to other platforms as well (such as HTML5 or Android), but the Windows executable must be available

  • the Jam has a theme picked by the previous winner - a general idea around which the entry can be built
  • the theme is announced when the Jam officially starts, but letters of it are gradually revealed over the course of this discussion - members are allowed to guess what the theme might be
  • while incorporating the theme in the entry is not mandatory, participants are strongly encouraged to do so
  • the entry that uses the theme in the most interesting way can win best use of theme award

  • aside from the Jam-specific theme, the games can be rated on the concept, the presentation and the story
  • the concept is related to the core gameplay mechanics idea - whether the game rules themselves are creative and entertaing or not
  • the presentation is related to the overall polish - whether the entry provides the right experience through audiovisuals, and whether it's not disrupted by bugs and errors
  • the story is related to the events or motivation present throughout the entry; it can be told through dialogue and narrative, as well as implied through game design
  • the entries excelling at these categories can win best concept, best presentation and best story awards
  • furthermore, aside from entries themselves, their devlogs can be rated; the entry with the most interesting devlog can win best devlog awards

  • after the Jam ends, all entries are gathered in a single ZIP with all entries for everyone to download
  • once the ZIP is available, the voting begins, and it lasts approximately 2 weeks; a longer voting period may be chosen when more than 70-80 entries are submitted
  • the voting period may be extended upon request by at most one additional week; however, not every such request must be granted, and one should show a reasonable progress with reviewing/playing the Jam entries
  • the voting is carried out in the Jam's voting topic, where each voter makes a single post for their scores and reviews
  • any GMC member may vote, whether they participated or not, but participants cannot rank or award their own entries
  • each voter must rank and post a brief comment on at least top 3 games; also, they are free to and can rank more games, in fact, as many as they want or even all
  • each voter can vote for best use of theme, concept, presentation, story and devlog
  • each voter can vote for best reviewer, but in this case their opinion is entirely non-binding - the best reviewer is eventually chosen by the Jam host after the voting ends
  • if some voters or participants are found to be cheating, their entries may be disqualified and they might be excluded from future community events
  • shortly after the voting period closes (preferably within 24 hours), the votes are summed up, and the final results announced; after that, all prizes should be distributed where applicable

  • top 3 entries, as well as best-of award winners, get special banners and are featured in the Hall of Fame
  • creator of the highest ranking themed entry gets the right to choose the next Jam's theme
  • aside from regular GMC Jam prizes, other GMC members can contribute the community prizes by messaging the Jam host
  • do not post community prize offers in this topic as we might miss them amidst the discussion; you're free to do so, but also send a message to the Jam host so that the prizes can be added to the pool listing below
  • the community prizes can be given to any range of places, best-of winners, reviewers, personal favourites etc.
  • the community prizes can be nearly anything - custom graphics, soundtracks, gameplay videos, software keys etc.; as long as they are not monetary prizes and they don't break community rules
  • it is community prize contributor's responsibility to give the prize; they should make sure they can deliver their promise
If you have any suggestions or comments to make about the way GMC Jam works, please consider posting them in the GMC Jam Suggestions topic. It is from your feedback that we might make this community event even better and more fun to participate in!

Community Prizes
Want to add your community prize? Send a message to the Jam host the details!
(note that you will need to handle prizes distribution on your own after the Jam, please don't pass anything through me)

  • @CloakedGames will feature the author of the entry with best use of theme in his game (as an easter egg)
  • @dadio offers:
    • Commercial use license for all his 233 fonts on for everyone who participates in this Jam
    • Early access to "Cowgirls Vs Cthonimon" game to top 3 winners (once it actually comes out)
  • @JacobV offers a copy of Hollow Knight to the 1st place entry
  • @sylvain_l offers a TIS-100 Steam key for personal favourite entry

Spread the word!
If you would like to promote the Jam, please paste the following code in your signature. Also, please remember that your signature is effective only when you are posting around forums. You might want to go ahead and give feedback in Made with GameMaker and Work in Progress forums, or maybe participate in Programming and Community Tech Support discussions.

The wonderful Jam banner has been made by @dadio
The Discord server has been setup by @Ragarnak
The countdown clock is the courtesy of @Shadow Link

Let's get the discussion started!
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I might not be able to participate in this jam due to lack of internet accessibility. Last jam i couldnt for the same reason and now the problem still persist. All i know is i will 100% participate for this summer instead since I will get internet by that time. Good luck everyone.


Really hoping that next summer's jam will be in the summer vacation, last jam and this one start in the first week of my school block. I might participate this block but I'm not sure because of this.
I am open to do music for the jam for someone's team. I only have a day or so this time around, but that should be enough time to do 1 or 2 songs if I focus. I can probably produce synth stuff (for like, a space game or something), faster than anything else, but I work with real instruments too. If you're interested, hit me up. (Also, my Soundcloud is in my signature). Please note that I can't do sounds, though if you really want me to try I will.


Not sure if I will be able to join the jam, but I am curious about the theme, I have no idea what it is =p


The theme must be about pizza, spacewide explosions, or the like.

I like the "lemon" guess above



I'm convinced the "Allow you to win" is the end part. It makes a lot of sense, and has potential.

- E - - - - - - - L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E - - - - _ A L L O W _ Y O U _ T O _ W I N
Which means for that, we're really just guessing "- E - - - -". Which leaves us with 8274 possibilities, including the word LEAVES. I think the earlier mention of DEATHS, is quite a good guess. Also maybe LEVELS, JEWELS, JELLOS, JELLYS (@JellyJake112), DEVILS, DEMONS, DEMISE, or LEVERS. Plus over 8 thousand others. Honestly, DEATHS is still the best.


Okay. After some consideration, not all is lost. We actually can learn a lot from that singular apostrophe.

I am unable to find (or remember) any word with an apostrophe which has more than two letter after the apostrophe. If it's possessive, then it's just " 's ". Most others are 're, 'll, 'd, 't, or 've. Since, there is the letter "L", two spaces after the apostrophe, and we know there can't be more than two letters after the apostrophe, we can conclude (almost certainly), that there is a space right before the "L" in the hints, and the letter after the apostrophe must be a single letter.

Important to note, @HayManMarc reminded me that possessive plural ends with s', which works a bit different. Then we end with an S before the apostrophe and a space right after that.

- E - - - - ' ? _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
The question mark is then probably possessive S, or contraction T, D, or S. Or the word with the apostrophe is I'M, in which case the ? is M.

So we have:

- E - - - - ' S _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E - - - - ' T _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E - - - - ' D _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E - - - I ' M _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N

And possessive plural:
- E - - - S ' _ - L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
Now I'm going to try to find themes that fit this.
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Hm... that's true. I'll account for that as another possibility.

I'm busy listing every single contraction that fits. Because it's close to the beginning, there's actually not very many that are short enough. I'm actually fairly sure it must be used possessively and that would be a lot harder to actually guess. Probably won't end up being a contraction, but it gives us something to work with.

EDIT: Here's new update:

So if we take that further, and just plug in contractions so we can think on that better, here we go:

Also, we can add a space before each of the contractions, which really limits the words we can stick in the front.

- E _ C A N ' T _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E _ W O N ' T _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E _ I S N ' T _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E _ D O N ' T _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E _ D O N ' T _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N

Shouldn't, Couldn't, Wouldn't, Aren't, Doesn't, Wasn't, Weren't, Hasn't, Haven't, Hadn't, Mustn't, Didn't, Mightn't, and Needn't are all too long.

- E - - _ I ' D _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E _ Y O U ' D _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E - _ H E ' D _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E _ S H E ' D _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E - _ W E ' D _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E - _ I T ' D _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E _ W H O ' D _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N

They'd, There's, What'd, and That'd are all too long.

- E - _ H E ' S _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E _ S H E ' S _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E - _ I T ' S _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E _ W H O ' S _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E _ O N E ' S _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N
- E _ L E T ' S _ L - W - - O - - - - - - - N

What's, That's, There's, and Here's are all too long.

With this we can see that if it is a contraction (with the exception of I'M), the word at the beginning must be a two or three letter word with E as the second letter.

- E _
or - E -
Remotely possible words in this case: TEA, BED, BET, FEW, GEM, GET, HER, HEX, KEY, LED, MET, PEA, PEE, SEA, SEE, WET.
Two letter: BE, HE, ME, WE (Personally I think one of these is far more likely).

This is closer. Combinations needed next.

As for actual words in here: we know that the L is connected to the W, there is not space in-between. L can't be a letter on its own.

That leaves us with surprisingly few words.


Actually... getting those to fit above is fairly tricky.... Maybe "HE ISN'T LAW ...."
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