The Black Knight: Justice's Price


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Hello, here is a game that 2 of my friends and I had decided to do. The tiles were bought on the net. We wanted to go far with this game. So, for good advice, we will publish updates of the game. We hope for your advice. Thank you!!

For Now,
The player can switch between 3 weapons, spear, shord sword and bow.
The bow has a max arrows it can shoot.
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The boss animation stops when it hits ground. It could change or continue but looks funny when it just stops.

Pixel size seems too big for scene. Too blocky compared.

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honestly the violent shake when you hit enemies is a bit much for to happen every single time, and the level itself feels a bit empty in a way, like there's just a bunch of slimes on grass platforms and that's all like maybe have some different varieties of slimes and have more visual variety in the level.

cute artsytle tho, looks like its got potential to be really fun and engaging


For the game, I managed to program all the enemies. However, for the boss, I can not program it. I can not find a structure to program the boss. Would someone have a solution? For the first boss, I wanted to make a similar one to that in Castlevania.
Thank you!