iOS "The Bearded Hero" (Bulkypix) App Store Featured!



Hi :),
The Bearded Hero is a tricky puzzler made with GameMaker Studio by our two-man indie studio Team Square I/S. When the game was released, it was featured on the front page of the Apple App Store as a “Best New Games” all over the world!

The game is published by Bulkypix and is now completely free!

4/5 Stars - “A delightfully tricky little puzzle game that merges originality with the comfort of familiarity. In a world of a million and one puzzle games, it’s always refreshing to find an iOS game that balances recognizable influences with a breadth of originality, and The Bearded Hero – the debut from Danish indie Team Square – succeeds on both counts."

Pocket Gamer UK gave it a 6/10 star review.

• 35+ puzzle-filled levels to beat
• A charming but not-so-clever hero
• Lots of one-liners
• 7 wacky worlds
• Secrets to unlock
• Unique and addictive gameplay


You can download the game for free on iOS - it plays great on both iPhone and iPad.
"The Bearded Hero" on the Apple App Store

Please tell us what you think about the game! :)


Windows version please. Don't feel like playing it on my android, I want to play it on my pc.


Thanks Hamed! Have you tried it - and did it live up to your expectations? :)

Sorry Misty - it's only for iOS and we have no plans of supporting more devices.