Steam The Adventures of Sullivan

We just released our first game ever on Steam, The Adventures of Sullivan!

Check it out here:

You play as Sullivan, a famous, and now retired bounty hunter, known for moon walking while fighting, defying laws of physics with fancy jump moves and air slides, and never backing down from an adversary. Our story begins when you are on your way to get a hamburger from a hip, local space pub, with your beloved cat, Claude Arthur Thatchmoore (C.A.T. for short). You are enjoying retirement, when something unthinkable happens. Henchmen of the feared and powerful cyborg bat pirates steal C.A.T. in an attempt to please their leader, who is fond of collecting all things cute and furry. Sullivan has no choice but to lay chase, and destroy anything in his way to get back his trusty sidekick, and friend.

The Adventures of Sullivan has:

- A Heartfelt story
- Fast-paced, twitch game play that rewards skill and agility
- Tight mechanics that include jumping, sliding, crouching and melee
- 7 levels across a wide variety of environments
- Environmental hazards that add extra challenge
- 18 unique weapons to use
- Over 60 different enemies each with their own unique attributes, guns and bullets
- Epic Boss battles
- Multiple paths to choose from on each level
- An original soundtrack, styled around electronic beats
- Pixel graphics, for retro gaming goodness
- Full game pad controller support
- Future DLC
- Ongoing updates post release

Bumper Car Studios is a two man team of brothers developing 2D games for digital marketplaces. We are inspired by arcade games and pixelated console titles from the 80s and 90s. We make retro themed games with modern gaming elements to create a familiar but fresh experience.



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The jump-jump-slide is really difficult for some reason, and it sucks that it's at the end of the part where you run away at the beginning. Other than that, I'm enjoying it so far! Music, graphics, and controls are solid.

Even after 6-7 tries, I can't get past that part... Maybe I'm just doing it wrong.
It seems a lot of people are having trouble with the jump-jump-slide. The trick is not to hesitate with the slide, trigger it right after the second jump.

Ironically this is the farthest jump in the game! We wanted to drive home the concept that the jump-jump-slide was a very necessary move. We might have to adjust the learning stage where that first gap is encountered.

You can also combine the jumping and sliding a little differently. Instead of jump-jump-slide you can save your second jump, and slide twice. Your slide stamina bar will refill just enough to do a jump-slide-jump-slide.

Either way, we might have to revisit that part where players are still learning the controls!
Our game has been out for a week now, and we've received a lot of feedback via the Steam community, message boards, and other indie gaming developers.

We have made some adjustments, as well as bug fixes to improve the players experience.

- Gun damage has been tweaked
- Enemy health has been adjusted
- Screen shake for your default gun has been removed
- Certain jumps in the game are a little less frustrating to make
- Bug where certain achievements being given early fixed
- Sound effect levels adjusted
- Game pad controls and sensitivity adjusted
- Various performance issues resolved

If anyone has a chance to play the game, and enjoys it, we hope you'll leave us a good review! We've only received a few at the moment and we're hoping to get a few more positive ones.
The Adventures of Sullivan has been reduced to $0.99! (From $4.99)

We received a ton of feedback from the public upon release of our demo, and the official release in August. YouTubers, streamers, steam members and other developers either reviewed our game on their platforms, on steam, or contacted us directly. After a lot of consideration, we decided we would rather have people play our game, instead of not trying it at all. We were never chasing dollar signs, we were chasing the idea of creating an experience others could enjoy. Something that inspired, excited, or even just passed the time.

There is no customization in our game. There isn't a new game+ mode. There's no multiplayer, or global scoreboard. There's no randomization or procedural generation. We offered full controller support (though keyboard and mouse is suggested) along with 20 achievements via a 2-3+ hour experience. While we thought $5 was a fair asking price, it's also the first game we've ever made.

There's nothing exactly *new* with The Adventures of Sullivan. We set out to make a shoot'em up game that was inspired by games like Contra, Mega Man, Metal Slug etc. Which we feel is exactly what we did. Mechanically, it's very straightforward and simplistic. It's not perfect, but we think it's far from terrible, especially as beginner/intermediate coders and artists.

Long story short, we're hoping more people might give the game a try at the new price point listed above. Regardless, it's a small dream come true to release a game to the public. We remember the days of downloading games like Half-Life, Team Fortress, and Counter-Strike (yeah yeah, all Valve titles) on the original steam platform almost two decades ago. Creating and releasing our own title(s) on the same platform wasn't something we ever thought was possible. So thank you yoyo games, and thanks to the community, and thanks to all the youtubers and bloggers providing coding and art tutorials to make something like this possible.

Thanks for reading.