That Grim Bleak Australian Action RPG I'll Die Making - EVICTION

**I started this thread in game development but more appropriate here, re-post apologies**

Hey Everyone! my names Zach.
I'm starting a dev thread for my second game "Eviction"
I'm the writer and artist, you can check out my last game "Nation Breakers: Steam Arena" (Made in GMS2-Google or Youtube it)

EVICTION is an Isometric Action/RPG - dark scifi set in dystopian Australia gripped in a humanitarian crises and the horrors of human logistics.
You play as Raa'n, an alien diplomate blamed for tragic disaster claiming tens of thousands of lives, setting of a rapid and deadly collapse in society.
Half the world thinks you're responsible, the other wants your help. You're on the run, attempting to clear your name and scrambling to preserve the
relations between Earth and your people. A powder cake hanging by a thread.

Here's some assets for the eyes :)
This landscape of an abandoned Australian suburb is built in GMS2 with all 2D assets created in Photoshop.

(Looking for programmers <3)

ISO GRID draft.jpg

Working on character asset prototypes now. Will show that soon :)
Raan test.png
focus provisions inspector.png

Look forward to late night dev chats!
Peace! Zach
If you'd like to follow the dev on either FB or Insta - search "evictionthegame"
In-game art of the "Roaming Staff", Raan's primary melee weapon.
A long flat sheet of composite alien material with rotating handle for elegant movement.
The Roaming Staff can be used in two forms, Broad as a single piece for heavy hitting or Twin, split apart for fast and agile moves.
Both in lethal or non-lethal ways.
The central handle splits apart on opposite sides of the handle plate on each side, offering different grip variations.
More on the Roaming Staffs unique material later ;)

raan twin staff concept.pngstaff concept.png

Hiring a programmer!, find out more here -
Last couple days have been testing a rotoscoping pipeline for character animations :)
Filmed with my phone and rotoscoping in Photoshop.
Will need to do some technical planning and make a permanent camera setup to have consistent angles and references.
Also building costumes looks like the go. Will save a lot of guess work.
I was wearing shorts and t-shirt in my reference footage, and converting those to long pants/long sleeve in the final took a time. Let alone drawing a whole character costume over the top.
The less you have to do from scratch, the better!

Update! This will be our last post here unfortunately. If you want to keep up to date with Eviction, find us on Instagram or Facebook for now. Just search Eviction - The Game :)

First off, the team has expanded! -
Lead Programmer - Yashar (Iran)
Music - Jarrod (Western Australia)
Creative Director - Zach (Myself, Western Australia)

Fundamental prototyping is going well!
Recently implemented;
- modular AI structure started - for NPC/Behavior to be fluid depending on context to characters state in story.
- enemy combat cover systems.
- enemy AI pathfinding.
- combat controls, melee attacks.
- Projectiles (mixture of Recasting and object collision method)
- Projectiles imitating vertical depth in Isometric with bullet impact effects on objects.
- Lighting systems (we started with a month long dive into making an elaborate Day-night cycle in 2D Isometric. The effect was great. But extrapolated over an entire game was not practical. So we
are opting for set lighting for areas, with slight shifts in tone, color and effects over time as apposed to realistic cycle. The full cycle we made was awesome though and all 2D so Ill share that to check out. The cost of this system was hundreds of frames per object - hence why it was scrapped ;))


Music is has been an early focus. To help keep a tonal aim and vibe going and build an identity for the game.
Jarrod has created a few test directions so far and the darker, ambient, horror vibe for our grim scifi looks to be the winning direction.
Here a test piece (there's a moment of silence after the start, ignore, its a bug... and somewhat helps the unsettling feel anyway haha)

Follow us on the socials to hear more on that soon.
Here some of the recent concept art too!

Peace! happy devving everyone.
Zach, Yashar


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