Development That Grim Bleak Australian Action RPG I'll Die Making - EVICTION

Hey Everyone! my names Zach.
I'm starting a dev thread for my second game.
I'm the writer and artist, you can check out my last game "Nation Breakers: Steam Arena" (Made in GMS2)(Google or Youtube it)

EVICTION is an Isometric Action/RPG - dark scifi set in dystopian Australia gripped in a humanitarian crises and the horrors of human logistics.

Here's some assets for the eyes :)
This landscape is built in GMS2 with all 2D assets created in Photoshop.
Couple months from now, should have some footage!

ISO GRID draft.jpg
Raan test.png focus provisions inspector.png

Look forward to late night dev chats!
Peace! Zach
If you'd like to follow the dev on either FB or Insta - search "evictionthegame"

white logo small.png
I think you should put this in "work in progress". I'm a sucker for isometric!
Woops! Yeah just wasn't 100% where it fit. Will move.

I really struggled getting a solid vision on my concept for years, until I considered Isometric and it all fell into place :) the main reason I avoided it was the lack of atmosphere. The lack of sky etc. So really embarrassing reflections to capture the sky has opened up the depth and atmosphere problem :)