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Texture2DLod doesn't work in vertex shader?


I can't get any colors from texture2dLod in vertex shader?
How we use texture2dLod function in GameMaker?
My example code like that in vertex shader;

attribute vec3 in_Position;
varying vec2 fragCoord;
varying vec4 Colour;
uniform vec3 iResolution;
uniform sampler2D tfm;
void main()
vec4 Position = vec4( in_Position, 1);
gl_Position = gm_Matrices[MATRIX_WORLD_VIEW_PROJECTION] * Position;
fragCoord = in_Position.xy;

vec2 uv = fragCoord.xy/iResolution.xy;

sum = texture2DLod(tfm,uv,1.).rgb;


You can't use the texture functions in the vertex shader in GM, not sure you can use texture2DLod in the fragment shader either.


Thank you for your answers. I know there are some mipmapping functions in GM2 But main problem in shaders in fragment shader we can not use texture2D(gm_BaseTexture) in loops with variables. (for a=0 ; a<width for example) Because GM doesn't compile it . texture2dLod isn't working in fragment shader either. I guess this feature is a must in future versions.