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Question - IDE Texture Pages and Subimages



According to the manual, GMS2 will not split up a large sprite resource across multiple texture pages. Which makes sense, for single images. It's the word "resource" that has an unaddressed ambiguity:

If all of the combined subimages of one sprite resource do not fit on a single texture page (in, for example, the case of an extremely long animation), will those subimages be automatically split up across multiple texture pages? Or will the combined subimages be treated as a single large image and shrunk to fit?

Does this behavior change either way if "Separate Texture Page" is checked for that sprite?


Firehammer Games
I can confirm that a single sprite with subimages that don't fit on a single page will indeed split across to other pages. I also tested the "separate Texture page" button, and it ended up duplicating stuff. I was testing with 2 sprites, 1 64x64 with 5 frames, the other with 2 frames at 256x256. And the second one was giving me duplicates when I used a 1024x1024 texture page. It had the 2 frames on 2 separate sheets(at 256x256), and then had those 2 frames and the 5 frames of the smaller sprite on a 3rd texture page.

So, as far as the whole subimage issue, you should be fine. About the separate texture page settings, I think that is mostly useful if you are doing some certain stuff with shaders that needs an image to not be combined with other images on the texture, often needed if you do anything in 3d(and in fact the setting used to be called something like "used for 3d."