Android Texture Page


Hi guys,
Can anyone tell me how many texture pages is not too many for android? Or how many texture swaps in debug overlay?
Currently my android game has 7-8 texture pages per level each 2048*2048.
Im afraid its too many or too big to work fine on mediocre and low-end devices.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Forum Staff
The amount of texture pages you have is of no real relevance to performance, loading times aside. Benchmark how long it takes to load them - if you feel like it takes too long, you probably have too many. Their memory consumption can be calculated, on the other hand, and should be static depending on the texture page's size. Only keep the texture pages you actively need loaded and measure how much memory they are using. Compare that to your target audience's average memory to see what your system requirements are or, in other words, whether it's too much.

You have too many texture swaps once they're the cause of performance issues on low-end devices. Neither the exact impact they have on performance nor the headroom you have with everything else that's running in your game is something that can be measured (by us), so the only real answer here is that you have to test and determine this yourself. What used to be a "high-end" device a couple of years ago is now "low-end", so this is a continuously evolving stack of hardware that you might be potentially targeting.