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Android Texture page 4096x4096 for mobile devices

I want to know how safe it is to use 4096x4096 for android and ios devices? In 2021 what percentage of devices don't support this size?


Eh, if you are like most people and upgrading your phone every 2-3 years, most phones will handle that. I honestly don't know why they even default to such a low number. But a call to swap it out also isn't going to hurt performance either.

I think phones have been able to handle stuff like that since 2012ish


I know the Tegra 3 (2013) does not support 4096x4096, it results in corrupted graphics.

Likewise Amazon Fire devices from 2016 and prior don't seem to support them either. But Amazon devices are the budget of the budget devices.

Generally you'd be able to support >90% of devices I reckon.