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Poor input boxes make your game look and feel unprofessional, and can ruin the important first impression of a player. But they're a pain to program properly. With this text input extension you can avoid dozens of hours of UI programming, and get high quality text inputs in an instant!

This is the GM Studio 2 version of Text Inputs. Click here for the GM Studio 1 version.

  • Singleline and multiline text input.
  • Horizontal and vertical text alignment.
  • Text selection (with mouse, shift, Ctrl + A, and doubleclick).
  • Text navigation (with mouse, arrow keys, home/end and page up/down with Ctrl functionality).
  • Copying, cutting and pasting.
  • Local undo/redo memory. Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y (as well as Ctrl + Shift + Z).
  • Delete and backspace with Ctrl functionality.
  • Supports both monospaced and variable-width fonts.
  • Custom cursor sprite and cursor styles.
  • Commented and organized code.
  • Fast and optimized, made with efficiency in mind.
  • Logic and display separation.
  • Irrespective of room speed, dependent on delta_time (and easily convertable to other game loops if need be).
  • All GML.
  • Supports octothorps (#).
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How to change the text height?
Do you mean the height of the bounding area of the text? You can't change that, but what you can do is to set the height to a large value, and then obtain the current height of the written text with the input_text_get_text_height script (or whatever I called it), to draw an appropriate box behind it. If that's the goal. Not exactly sure what you mean.