Released TetraLogical - Now fully released/live on Steam! - FREE Keys!


Firstly, I have to say, that although I know that GMS2 has it's faults, I've absolutely LOVED working with it, especially coming from another engine that is nowhere near as well maintained, functional, powerful, or user friendly! Am I right, @Toque ? ;) Oh yeah, I also showed Toque my game idea running in just a week of first playing with GameMaker Studio, it was *that* easy to get to grips with! (of course, speeding up the AI, debugging and adding masses of stuff, and generally having NO free time since, took all of the time I had since... heh heh...)

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to the guys who've helped me so far, with some of my technical queries / GMS2 bug confirmations, etc, and that after having pulled a few all-nighters, and sinking all of my spare time into my FIRST Gamemaker Studio game, it's nearing the point where I'm happy to perhaps release it as Early Access on Steam, mostly to gauge interest, get some pre-orders, and to perhaps provide some more motivation to cram it full of modes, even sneakier AI, challenges, achievements and enhancements!

The game already plays a full standard game to completion (ie. additional modes including hidden bonuses, Blitz, Deadline, etc are coming!) and is currently working on Windows and Android (my personal test builds run beautifully on my Samsung S7 Edge - Kudos, YoYo!), with Mac, iOS and Linux builds to come soon...

PS - I know that the UI layout etc needs work, but improvements are in progress... :)

PPS - I've currently got some Steam BETA access keys available if anyone wants to try the builds as they're regularly uploaded (the latest one has just been uploaded an hour ago from this post!) - just PM me for a key!

-------------------------- a 1-4 player brain/strategy game with a twist!

Using the tetramino pieces dealt to you per go (may change to 2 pieces to pick from), try to find the best-scoring placement on the board. Alternatively, it might be best to play a slightly lower-scoring move if it means messing up your opponents chances of scoring higher, or them placing their piece - so missing a turn! - can make for a vicious endgame!

You can currently choose from solo (time/efficiency/score attack), or up to 4 players, either human opponents or selected from 5 different CPU opponents, although dozens will be implemented in the final game - At present, they range from medium, to perfect (which you can still beat, if luck or cunning is on your side!), and the next level of harder, sneakier players will think ahead more, block good moves, and use bonuses if available)... (I'm also including some easier ones for younger players, with kind-of-auto-matching ones for kids, with the possibility of the CPU players making silly mistakes etc... :) )

Of course, once I get some networking code up and running, I'll hopefully be able to set up online (as opposed to local to the device) multiplayer too!

A bunch of levels are currently included (will feature LOTS of them as time goes on), you can choose to play with the level's correct colours, or over-ride them using random 7-colour rainbow tiles (see example below!), and more can be added with a level editor built-in, which will allow creating, modifying and sharing of pixel-art inspired user-created levels, in up to 16 colours, hopefully via Steam Workshop etc.

The game will also feature saving and loading for those larger, longer-playing levels... :)

Anyway, I'm pretty chuffed with how it's coming on so far, so wanted to share it and perhaps get some helpful feedback from my fellow GMS'ers.... :D

Here are some pics of TetraLogical so far!:-



Hey Japster,
This is looks so good. You have really taken this far. If you have a link or I can go have a look on steam.

Yeah enjoying the engine and the community here.

Happy to test it or buy it.......

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Many thanks guys!

@Toque I'll PM you a Steam code, no worries! :)

@frd - Can send one to yourself too, if you think you might want to try it out of course!

Thanks for the kind words - the basic idea is already pretty playable/competitive, but I know it'll really come into it's own once I start adding features to mix it up a little, for certain modes!


Nice job! So bright and colourful. :cool:
Cheers! - Truth be known, it might be a little *too* bright and colourful for some, hence I added an "Argh, my eyes!" dimming option... ;)

There'll be plenty of gameplay and gfx options on this game, that's for sure... :D


Well, lots of work done to the game, and my store page is live! Managed to produce an intro trailer, and just waiting for the latest build to be hopefully approved by Steam/Valve, for Early Access!

Already had some Wishlist'ers too! Nice!

Added a working level editor to create up to 499 of your own levels, unlockable (by beating CPU opponents) levels, now with 20 CPU opponents, FX for high scoring moves, and, amazingly, SKAVEN, of a certain cult classic jewel game, has very kindly agreed to let me feature his amazing music within my game!

Currently adding 100 or so meaningful achievements to the game!

Thanks for reading, all!



@Nocturne - Just hoping to possibly get this thread moved to released if you can please! :) my game is now OUT, and with a working level editor, more levels, and more features added all of the time, as it moves towards final / full feature release! :D

It's actually released NOW, as Early Access, on Steam, and so far, so good! - Lots of interest, several sales, reviews and kind comments (including a playthrough on Youtube!), and lots of wishlist additions...

As before, if any of my fellow GMS'ers fancy a full key, please, just PM me! - All I ask is that if you like it, then if you could possibly leave me a review on Steam (up to you entirely!), it would REALLY help me out!

Thanks again for the support all!

Den / Japster
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....and.... Just uploaded the latest build! - we now have better menu systems (and spruced up with some nice headings and submenus, plus re-organised for easier and more intuitive navigation), some new game mode teasers, 96 (so far) Achievements, and LEADERBOARDS! Over 50 of 'em, and growing!  

(...also started work on THREE great new game modes (hence the teaser menus) - BLITZ, LIMITED TURNS, and PUZZLE / CLEARANCE....) - which will of course all feature Leaderboards too...

So, for ALL existing levels, there is a dedicated Leaderboard to attack for the best scores VS the Master AI (Win Or Lose, it's uploaded and registered to see if it's your best for that level!)...

In addition to this, the game now saves and updates a global Leaderboard with your TOTAL *perfect* 100% Efficiency played games, AND your best streak of them (and of course, resets the 'streak' counter if you fluff one...)

PS - It ONLY counts (and resets!) your 100% streak (and only counts 100% Perfect games) if you are playing in either SOLO, or 1 Player Vs. any CPU at present... ie. so you're safe playing with your mates, or any combination of at least 2-3 CPU's, or 1-vs-1 when NOT playing the Master AI...  

BTW - The reason I can't count more than 1 or 2 player games, is of course, that it's FAR easier to get 100% Efficiency if you're playing far less moves in a game, ie. against more players...  

PS - Will also have a separate set of identical Leaderboards coming real soon, but for NONE-Downfall enabled games, and other modes!....



Just an update! - BLITZ mode is now in and working very well! - Also, Steam Leaderboard rankings are displayed at the end of a ranked game! (and also for all relevant none-Blitz modes too (Vs. Ai, timed moves, etc)....

Check it out! - I honestly think it's a blast, and a great additional mode to the game!

20190322210135_1.jpg 20190322210153_1.jpg 20190322210257_1.jpg 20190323232749_1.jpg 20190323232936_1.jpg


Hi guys! - just an update on progress - Sales-wise, features-wise etc, and a request for help!

Firstly, over the last few months, the game's undergone massive improvements, and I've now added ALL of the SOLO and VS modes I originally intended, to the game, plus MANY new features including per-level SAVE STATES!:-

(As always, if anyone here thinks they might like it, please just shout, and I'll PM you a *FREE* key for the full game!)

  • VERSUS Mode! - (STANDARD - RELAXED or TIMED modes, 2-4 players, any combination of CPU and/or HUMAN players!)
  • PER-LEVEL Save States in PUZZLE MODE (other modes to follow) - completely exit the game, and come back to a puzzle exactly as you left it, with the same pieces and time taken!
  • Over 100 levels to play on so far!
  • 21 CPU opponents
  • Inteligent computer help to allocate the best pieces in Puzzle Mode, near the end of your game!
  • Even more superb audio tracks from SKAVEN / SKAVEN252 - 15 in total now!

Now, on a slightly more depressing note, I'm not sure what I might be doing wrong, but...

...I've only had about 80 sales in 4 months... :( with Steam's community of 80 million?!

Now I know it's a bit of a scary 'maths/numbers' niche game for some (although Puzzle Mode is simply slotting in shapes), but 1 in a million appeal?...

...The strange thing is that those who HAVE *bought* and played the game, generally play it for a loooooong time (30, 70, etc hours) - but other people who haven't (lots of Curators, Reviewers, Twitch streamers who all asked for a free key (but didn't review it or even play it to my knowledge) etc), means that my MEDIAN play time is just 21 minutes, from taking all of the users into account, who didn't really play it (if at all)...

I've really tried pushing my game on social media, Steam 'Recently Updated' promotions, etc, and even tried giving away copies left right and centre (as I'm doing here), just to increase the use base prior to starting to add multiplayer, but I honestly, without spending a fortune on advertising, cannot think how to get my game out of this lack-of-exposure rut...

In summary. TETRALOGICAL is a *GOOD* game, I know it, I've had great feedback, and it's had some great reviews, people playing for 70+ hours, but without more sales and reviews, I'm stuck in "Steam is learning about this game..." hell, where it doesn't get pushed / included in any promotions, and none of the 100+ achievements I've added so far, count for any of my users, or would-be users.

Soooo.... ...If anyone has ANY experience of helpful avenues/ways in which to generate more exposure, I'd really, REALLY appreciate any advice or shared experiences, as at the moment after having worked on this game for a year, releasing it, and making it better and more fully-featured with each subsequent update, I'm feeling pretty disillusioned with the market / Steam, if I'm honest...

PS - I'm also looking into trying to sell keys on Humble Store / GOG, Itchio, etc, but of course a lot of my features rely on Steam API functionality, and some of those other markets hate anything linked to DRM... :(

Cheers all...

Den / Japster
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Tips is to try build up your fan base:

There is a lot of things you can do to reach people like a discord server, tournaments, you-tubers, bloggers...

Put it on more stores do have a positive effect too. But only for a while.
Thanks @The-any-Key ! - I'll take a good look at the info and linked site, really appreciated...

I've also submitted my game to the YoYo Showcase again - didn't seem to work last time.... @Nocturne - could you possibly please tell me if there's any problem with the submission? - thanks as always!

Cheers guys!

PS - I tried YouTubers and had plenty of requests from Twitch streamers and Curators - gave them keys, not one Twitcher has reviewed it yet, only a few Curators (from about 40 who asked), and now I find lots of my keys for sale on key sale sites... ie. sigh....

I'd mass ban the still unredeemed/unused keys, but I'm guessing it won't help, plus at least gamers would be playing it if they bought the (free) keys I gave out, from these unscrupulous people selling the keys they asked for, without giving anything back...
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