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Windows Testing problem: window goes fullscreen and cursor disappears


I posted this a while ago in conjunction with another error, but never received a response. Trying to test and publish an update to my game. Since I started work on version 1.1 (all work done in 2018), testing the game on Windows has been impossible. The game used to open in a small window with the aspect ratio of a smartphone screen (held vertically), and I could use my mouse in place of a finger for the touch controls. Now, however, the GMS2 runner window expands to take up the whole screen, and on top of that, the cursor disappears. This happens whether I am using the laptop display or a separate monitor, and this never happened when I was working on version 1.0. Has anyone experienced / found a fix for this?

Note that I just tried making a new test game, putting a few objects with sprites in it, and running it, and it worked just fine. It's only the existing project that won't work.
First, How Do You Have Your Game go into Fullscreen? in Code? or done through the Gms Settings
Settings is simple just check if the check box is filled for " Display Cursor ".​

code ?
after you have the window set to full screen use


But the real answer is in how you have the game enter full screen.
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NightOwl, a HUGE thank you! You're right--there were two boxes in the Windows options (graphics tab) that I'd never noticed before. I unchecked the "start fullscreen" box and checked the "display cursor" box, and it's back to normal!

Many thanks, friend.