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Testing Networking game. Second IDE throws errors when first one saves


I've done a networking project a year ago where I had 2 IDE open and I did not experience this issue:

Networking project open in game maker, game is a server and client built-in. It's clearly a feature in the GMS - when I save in one instance, the other instance updates the files. You could see it since the second IDE would flash all the asset icons signifying the it refreshed them. Now granted the error is pretty obvious, it says "Process cannot access the files because it is being used by another process". And it happen while the first IDE is saving the assets when I press compile. So I speculate that the second IDE instance is trying to refresh (read the files) WHILE the first one is still saving. This error does not occur after the first IDE has saved so it seems like the second IDE does not know when the first one is actually done saving and ends up trying to read the project files that are not accessible since the first IDE is still in the process of saving.

Accepting the error message will occasionally throw this error:

So what is the issue here? Is there an option that I have missed that needs to be ticked to have the IDE wait until the it finishes saving before making the other one refresh? It's trowing this error every time I compile.