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Hello gamemaker community. Wanna hire me? It's pretty much free. I see who I can join.
I like to do pixel art, I also make games but they suck (fact).

Things I really can't pixel art:
-large backgrounds
-logos and text

Things I can pixel art a bit:
-gui icons and bars

I have social anxiety and autism, but i'll try.
I use Aseprite for pixel art,
and LMMS for music. (oh that's right, I make music too (but, that too, sucks))

Here's a quick video example with almost no real pixel art in it:
It doesn't matter how big your project is, but I need enough free time.
Don't expect much from me, but Ill try my best.

Oh, and I make a lot of typos and use textfaces a lot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
sorry for that


However you made that rocket ship shoot rainbow ink I would want your help on that. How to do and what not.
That actually looks pretty good. It's not quite the style we're using in my project, but if you're interested, PM me and I'd love to have you do a few sprites to see if it'll work out or not.

You can see my project here: https://cloakedgames.itch.io/valley-of-charon

If you can do even just a few sprites, that would be amazing, because I can't afford to hire someone, and I can't draw them myself. I might also ask a few questions about LMMS. (I'm writing the music myself, but I'm trying to find a free DAW for windows that can make good sounding MIDI music).


If you have time, I need some sprites for my prototype. If you are interested than send me PM and I will write you more about project.


There's nothing wrong with your work at all! What you have so far is pretty dang god, in fact! Your work shows great potential!

Also, the 'rainbow trail' effect is really great!
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