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OFFICIAL Tepi Retires


Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
I'd like to take a moment to announce to everybody that the longstanding GMC member @Tepi has decided to step down from their position as moderator on these forums. They have been an active and influential member of the GMC for many, many years, and have helped shape the forums over that time, not just as a moderator but as an active GameMaker developer, but sadly they must move onwards and upwards to pastures new.

As is customary, they will now join the ranks of the fabled GMC Elders, and on behalf of all the rest of the staff and all the users I'd just like to say thank you very much for the time and effort that you have spent on these forums. We hope you'll still pop in to check up on us and we wish you the very, very best in all future endeavours.


Firehammer Games
I have no idea who would replace Tepi, but I know I had seen Tepi on the GMC before. The biggest thing I remember Tepi for was 3d physics stuff, something like funnels/black holes comes to mind(sure that isn't all Tepi has done).