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Question - IDE Temp folder accumulates to more than 11GB throughout the day


When I use Gamemaker for extended periods of time, the temp folder constantly inflates to the point where it takes up more than 11GB of hard drive space. Eventually my hard drive fills up and Gamemaker can no longer compile. When I go to clear the temp folder in the preferences it doesn't always work. If it doesn't work I have to restart Gamemaker and try again. This happens around 2 or 3 times a day.

My project file is currently only around 200MB. I'm using

Does this happen to anyone else? Is there anything I can do to keep Gamemaker from taking so much space? I realize I could buy more time by cleaning out the drive a bit, but that seems like a short-sighted fix that just sort of moves the problem down the road a bit.


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Every time you run your game, those 200 MB - give or take a few depending on compression and what is actually being exported - are going to be written to storage. That means you can run the game around 55 times before you accumulate 11 GB of written data.

If clearing temp files from the preferences doesn't work, deleting the files manually is a valid option too. You may also want to enable the setting that clears these directories automatically when you close the IDE, or write a script that does so and put a shortcut to it somewhere easily accessible.

Alternatively, you could point the caches to a separate storage drive if writing to the default one is not desirable. Note that this may come with a performance bump if that drive has lower performance than your system drive.


Ah, I was hoping there was a bug or some sort of setting I could change to keep from happening.

If it's behaving exactly like it's supposed to I'll go write a feature request to see if a setting can be added to limit how much space Gamemaker takes up with it's temp folder. Seems pretty wasteful to hold on to all 55 versions of the project.

Thank you for the quick reply!