Portfolio - Audio (Technical) Sound Designer looking for projects


Hey I'm Flo and I work freelance as a technical sound designer (and composer)
My skills are:

  • (Technical) Sound Design and Composing
  • Wwise and FMOD
  • Unreal 4 / Unity audio implementation using the unreal / unity audio engine or middleware (Wwise, FMOD)
  • Foley- and Fieldrecording with my own equipment
  • Sound Design and composition for game trailers and linear media
  • Vocal recordings and ADR; post-production for trailers and videos
I'm a certified Wwise Professional. I know basics of UE4 blueprinting and can implement basic FMOD and Wwise C# Scripting in Unity. You can see my demo reel here: https://www.balchaudio.com/

If you're in need of a sound human just give me a message on discord (s0ma#5359) and we can talk about your project.