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Mac OSX Technical question on building for Mac with remote worker from Windows PC


Hello everyone,

I have read a lot about the ability to build for Mac from a Windows PC, but I still have one question left unanswered if someone knows about it.

When using a remote worker to do the Mac build from a PC, which machine hardware will be used? PC or Mac hardware?

I'm asking that because my PC is a beast but the mac mini I will buy will be complete garbage spec wise compared to it.

Thanks. :)


Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
The PC will do the building... and yeah, Mac Mini's are a bit crap, but it's what I have and it gets the job done at least!


Ok thanks a lot Nocturne, so to resume it makes sense to do the SSH build from my beefy PC to accelerate the building process instead of doing it directly on the Mac.

I wanted to make sure :)


And yeah I will buy a 2014 mac mini and probably a second hand Iphone 8, both should last at least until the next MacOS update, if not two of them with a bit of luck. My main setup being already strong on Android/PC hardware as it's what I use daily.