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(The art is inspired by Kingdom, but everything is coded and drawn by me. Made with game maker)

About me

Hello, I'm James, and I've been passionate about creating games. I've been on my game development journey ever since I was young.
Since I've started programming outside of batch, I've been using GameMaker regularly. I enjoy experimenting, which helped me develop a wide range of skills (not only just programming!). On top of this, I have a good understanding of shaders.
I've come to a point that I can pretty much tackle any task.

  • Studied Mathematics (Advanced), and Physics at High school.
  • Studying Computer Science, majoring in Cyber Security.

Games I've programmed
Mobile games

My experiments

(GIFs may take a while to load. Please be patient)

A scalable, destructible planet shader. Textures are 2D. The shader is designed to make it look 3D. The planet's crater wall colours and core colours are adjustable.

These 3 GIFs show off a space physics game. Blue on the tiles indicates hull stress damage and red indicates collision damage (Note: Thrusters appear red when they thrust). It supports saving/loading of ships.

Cloth material simulator.

A dissolve shader.

This simulates a shatter effect on a polygon. It generates a set of points that can be used to create polygons.

This simulates power coming from a generator in a wire. The power in the wire reduces the further away it is from the power source.

Why hire me?
  • I have provided great service to the community by helping novices. This has opened me to solving various problems.
  • I offer a wide range of skills, each with strong qualities. You can expect the code to be done in the right way, for the right requirements. Networking, shaders, physics; everything that GMS offers!


If you got any enquiries, don't be afraid to ask me. Prices are negotiable.
You can contact me through a PM, Discord (Bingdom#3597), or email: bingdom1[at]gmail[dot]com.
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Nice work Bingdom I remember playing Paint Bonanza and I thought it was very cool ;) I'm also a fan of the Kingdom games


I'm working on one of my own multiplayer projects.
I'm currently planning the system involved for networking, but the majority of the project is ready for netcode.

Please do not mind the placeholder menu elements.

Feel free to contact me for any questions. PM or Discord Bingdom#3597.
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I put this together in short time.

Seen a feature in a game, and want it in your own project? Feel free to contact me for quotes and enquiries!

PM or Discord; Bingdom#3597


Hey dude, do you have an email I could reach you on?

Also, the first image link in your sig links to a an error page saying "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server." for me at least. In the UK if that makes a difference.

Posh Indie

I hired @Bingdom to help me out with developing an input system that could be plugged into any game on any platform. The result? I am more than impressed. He delivered fast (Next day, actually), quality (Code organization and ease of use is perfect, delivered exactly what was asked for, etc), and he's a great person to work with. His prices are definitely fair, he maintains quick communication (I imagine if you are on his side of the earth it will be even quicker, which is amazing), and he continues to support what you purchased (Fixing bugs he finds, for instance).

I will definitely be in contact with you for future systems that work seamlessly with the input system (I have a few ideas in mind. Let me know if you have any interest in them and/or time for them). Thank you for helping me out. My time is very limited right now, but your service alleviates that issue. Glad to have worked with you, it was a very pleasant experience!
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I'm now on uni break.

Anyone who's looking for a programmer who can do networking, or write shaders, feel free to contact me.
PM here or discord: Bingdom#3597


Hey, due to time constraints, I'll be stepping down from freelancing for now.

Feel free to bookmark this page, add me as a friend on Discord, or even ask me questions.

I'll have more time on me in June 2020.


Binary Space Partitioning for dungeon generation!

(just the reserved spaces. You can use these spaces to create the rooms).