TDS Online Project


Mr. Marx


I've been working on a project for a while. It's going to be a top down shooter with pixely sort of graphics. Multiplayer is allready in development, but still quite alpha, and I'm mostly just working on other things.

The point of this thread is to get some advice from the community, because currently I'm thinking of how to make things look a bit better...
test001.png test002.png test003.png test004.png

... As you can see in the thumbnail, the game room has some pixel errors on rotated objects and player sprite is basically just scaled twice, tileset is just resized in double (just for now). The thing is - I want to keep a fancy pixel style of the game, but make the pixel transitions less noticeable ... In that case, I supposed I could scale up those weapons, make the player sprite bigger and only then scale it up. It's also just that, that the weapon sprite is actually bigger than the character sprite, which isn't that great.

Another thing - Game view and port automically changes with the display size to maintain the original pixel aspect ratio all the time and it works just fine, BUT if you go to the controls page, you can see that as bigger the window gets, as more free space there is, and this emptyness just makes it look bad. On top of all, when playing a map in-game, you'll see more with a bigger display and so - everything on the screen will become smaller... So maybe for the level itself I could proportionally add limits to the viewport? Another thing - what about the main menu then? I don't quite want to keep everything so empty...

Basically, I just want to know what you think, got any ideas?

On top of all, I just wanted to show you guys my progress, so if you have any other ideas or tips, you can just spit 'em out :D

I also included the executable file (BUT AS FAR AS they removed twitter forum integration - my profile got deleted, SOOO..., I can't access all the features and my old profile, so you'll have to remove some spaces for the link):

mega . nz/#!fMNm1Zpb!M7d-3JrRWUqApBufvYw3ZwSP0_LkhCsKj4w5V0M5rNQ

* Note - Game will automically save an ini file in directory - "%appdata%/BloodyShootout" -, so that after you'll want to get rid of the extra game files, you can just delete that folder.