Windows Tan Lap Village - Farming Game


Hi GMKer,
Tan Lap Village
Not only game but also it's stories.
The concept of this game is to bring the culture of Vietnam, whether it is eating, festivals or traditions into the game. I will portray it as a game of growing vegetables, farming, which is similar to the famous games like stardew valley, harvest moon, but with a Vietnam touch.
The preliminary story of the game, it take place around the year 1995 - It is a time about memories as well as about life that I will tell you myself.
The story development will bring a lot of emotions: fun, happy and also full of tragedy with many details of each character in the small town.
This is just a rough concept of the game. In the future, the content or game system may change at any time.
If you are interested and would like to support me to encourage me, then you can come in to subcription. Thank you for your interest in my game :)
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