Team Request [TAKEN] Searching for a GameMaker dev who wants to build a plugin



I am Mathias, I am a developer at STOMT. We are a small team that has been working on our idea for the last months. STOMT is platform that allows you to collect feedback in-game. For that we've built Unity and Unreal engine integrations and a web widget.
The main advantages we are trying to provide are:
  • You increase playtime

  • The feedback you collect can be enriched with meta data you need (player and system information) to fix bugs faster and prioritize better

  • We combine it with community building
  • You prevent bad reviews on Steam
In the last months we were offering premium access to all indie devs for free. To support them on the one hand and to allow us to grow and improve the platform on the other hand.
What we learned is that a lot of indie devs use GameMaker: Studio. Unfortunately we do not have any expertise with GameMaker.
For this reason we are searching for someone who is willing to create a GameMaker integration for our platform. The integration should work similar to our existing integrations.
We have an open API that can be used and the code of the Unity, Unreal and Web integration is publicly available on GitHub and can be used as a reference. Moreover we are currently developing a C++ SDK to which I can give access as well.
It would also be a solution to display a webview that contains our webwidget or that displays our hosted widget page (get more information here).
Your integration would be advertised on our info pages and our GitHub pages and of course you will be credited for it.
If someone is interested in working with us and help us to deliver easy to integrate and scalable feedback solutions for all game developers, please let me know!
Just leave me a message at

Really looking forward to collaborate with you!