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Windows Tags Bug or Am I doing it Wrong?


The manual says:

"You can also add a tag to a folder group, which will apply it to all the assets within the folder. Once added, all tags will be visible under the Quick Access menu and also in the Filter options (as explained in the sections above), and so can be used to quickly filter the asset list and show only those items with the chosen tag or tags."


"It is important to note that assets that are created while tags are part of the active filter will be given those tags automatically. This means that if you are viewing all assets under the "Level 1" tag - for example - all new assets created with this filter active will also have the "Level 1" tag added to them upon creation."

However, neither of these are true in my current project or in a brand new project. The IDE will not find them or show the tags when tags are inspected and the code will not find it either. I'm using IDE and Runtime Is this just not working for me, am I doing it wrong, reading the manual wrong, or is the manual incorrect/it's a bug?
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