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    Completely inspired by Earthbound Tag, a Game Maker game made by darklink570 on 2005, Tag Online* is a free online multiplayer game of... tag! Who would have guessed, huh.

    To play the game, one person has to host and the others have to connect by typing his IP(you can use hamachi/evolve/tungle/whatever, in case you don't want to port forward). If the host want to play, he has to open another game and use "" as his IP. The port is 8000.

    *not sure if this is gonna be the final name of the game


    The credits are kinda big, since all the art/sounds I got on opengameart. And it seems they exceed the 10000 characters on the forum, so I had to put them on pastebin:

    Character Customization:

    Customize Screen.png

    You can create and save one character here. Note that, when you click on save, you also save the name/ip, so you don't need to retype it everytime you want to play.


    Options Screen.png

    Here you can rebind the controls(for now, only the keyboard controls) and change the master volume/put on full screen.


    One person is IT. He'll have a big IT text in yellow on his head. His objective is to tag someone. The other players must run and not be tagged. You should already know that if you had a childhood :p

    The IT has some powers to help him:
    The player have some powers as well, but can only carry 1 power, and needs to find the power first. The powers are on fixed locations on the map, and they are randomized. Everytime a player takes a power, it'll take some seconds before another one respawns. Those are the player powers:

    And both of them have this power:


    The default controls are as following:

    You can change them on the Options menu if you like. For now, you can also use a joystick to play, but it's not 100% done yet.


    For now, there are only 4 maps: The Forest, The Snowfield, The Dungeon and The Desert(hurray for the creative names). All of them are still WIP(specially the desert one)

    Stuff you can find on the maps:

    Some Screenshots

    Screenshot 1.png

    Screenshot 3.png

    Screenshot 4.png

    Download Link

    I still have some ideas for new powers, and I'm gonna make some new maps(even though I suck at designing them) and change stuff on the existing ones.

    All feedback and suggestions are appreciated.
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