T.S.G.W.N.N (The Square Game With No Name) - My second minigame



Hi chaps!

I'm just over a month into my Game Maker adventures and I just wanted to share this small game i'm working on. It's now at a point where its playable but i have quite a few ideas for more to add so i class it as unfinished.

So being only my second title and being a newbie when it comes to game development the general idea of blob avoids green blocks is a rather simple concept yes but i set out on this game to see if i could make a way more refined product than my previous game (Tapeworm) and i really think i've succeeded here.

How to play:
You are the blob. Touch the screen to move there and avoid all blocks but red.
Green blocks will deduct lives.
Grey blocks will push you.
Yellow will make you 20% larger thus making it harder to avoid the green.
Red blocks are more like powerups and will either decrease your size by 20% (to a minimum of 60% of original size), add a life back (up to 5 lives) or double your speed for 3 seconds.
The game starts slow but from the 1000-2000 points mark things do start to get harder.

On my to do list:
Some things i think may need tweaking such as difficulty not being hard enough even when it does get tougher.
I'd like to add skins and a shop where your scores accumulate and are your currency.
I always love "nightmare" modes in games that are pretty ridiculous but hilarious at the same time and wanna give one of those a shot.
Create some better graphics for the android version. Core game is the same but damn my app store logo is rough.

The game has been submitted to the play store and i'll post a link here when it publishes.

Dropbox for exe is here https://www.dropbox.com/s/xj0vwoebvqcktz4/TSGWNN.exe?dl=0