Sword Swing - melee atck


Hellow there,

currently i am developing a tower defense / heros defence / builder game.
When the building phase is done the player can hit the button "Next Day" and so a battle may occur.
= wave of monster comming to destroy the town and you have to use your heros to kill them.

atm i am throwing shuriken and it's fine but kind of simple,
I want to equip a weapon Left Hand and Another Right Hand and id like to make weapon like sword, spear, magic spells on so on.

Projectile = easy = instance_create the objet from player to mouse click
Melee = ????

How should i make a sword swing and hit the monster ?
An objet sword with an animated sprite ? (let's say 10 images)
An then pop the sword with instance_create at the right or left hand of my heros and what ?
Definitely can check out that tutorial video Bingdom posted.
Or if you want, you can just get your object's direction, and create an instance from the object to a certain offset in front of them.
Basically it would be a projectile only determined by direction that would travel a very short distance.


Hello , i donot want to make complicated animated spite atm because i donot understand how to handle two hitbox (one for the weapon and one for the player's body)
so i popped a obj_sword at the right of the player when his direction is right ... and tried to make a swing animation with spriter but it's kind of **** ...
let's watch the tutorial and learn :p


Ok i understood you have to launch à hitbox in à certains point of the atk animation. I sucks with animation.... so will be hard