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 Switching to GMS 2 from 1.99.525

I currently have two games on Steam and both have just been ported to GMS 2. I just wanted to thank the YYG team for sorting through the bugs and reports from everyone recently. While my concerns with the 1.x EA version tend to take forever to be addressed, I can see now that the GMS 2 beta is far more stable than it was a month ago. Due to this I have decided to completely move over to GMS 2 and plan to stay with it into the future.

The importing process was almost completely painless (aside from having to play around with the depth in some cases) and it really only took me around an hour total between the two projects. I absolutely love the new IDE. It is faster, smarter, and far more intuitive than GMS 1. I am able to load up a project with over 3,000 assets in just under 7 seconds and saving the project is instantaneous. Compiling seems to be a bit faster as well, likely due to the improvements made to file handling.

I've been using Game Maker since GM 6 over 11 years ago and have been in love with it since. Keep it up and don't let all the grumpy inflexible users hold back your creativity as you move forward. I think the direction GMS is taking is the best for YYG and all of its developers.

Thank you for the hard work and I wish everyone on the team the best of luck.