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Discussion Switch from Desktop to Mobile


Easien Games

I have a question regarding the compatibility of the Desktop and Mobile version of GameMaker:Studio 2.

Some time ago I've started making a game with GameMaker 8.1. Now I have finished making all the backgrounds and sprites and I want to rewrite the code and publish the game for android.
But currently I don't have enough money for the Mobile version of GameMaker:Studio since it's pretty expensive.
So if I'd buy the Desktop version and would finish the game, could I then simply import the file to the Mobile version and publish it or would there be any complications?

Thanks for your answers!


If you buy Windows version, and later buy Mobile, you will be still using SAME IDE and SAME CODE. You don't need to import. The game will even probably work without changes (maybe resolution adjustments) if it only uses mouse. So after buy, just re-enter your login/pass in IDE, download what you need to work with mobile, and run game.