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I have been wanting to make a development thread for a while but the game wasn't quite there yet. Finally I think I am at a good point to start logging my progress! So without further ado I present to you Surviving Titan, an open world, randomly generated sci-fi survival adventure game.

You crash land on the planet Titan, suffering from amnesia and with the ships scanners unable to detect any signs of civilization you begin the task of exploring the planet looking for any signs of intelligent life. You are accompanied by a survival droid, standard issue for any escape pod. Their job is to keep you alive.

The game features a completely randomly generated open world to explore, with 7 core biomes that piece it together. Each biome has it's owned unique landscape, resources and inhabitants (friendly or otherwise). Some crafting recipes require item's that can only be gathered from specific biomes so exploration is key.

Here is a rough image of the current world biome map, it is still actively being improved but getting there -

This game has a much large scope than anything I have ever made before, but also is alot more complete as I have iterated and improved mechanics from previous games. There are several tiers of crafting, with one of the final tiers giving you the ability to create a teleportation pad that allows you to move across the map almost instantly -

The game currently features several skills for you to level up, including -


Leveling up these skills grants you points that can be spent to unlock perks or crafting recipes as-well as other things. The system is not fully fleshed out yet but here is an example of what the final skill tree system might look like -

Here is a brief look at some of the higher tier items in the game and things you can discover -

I will be updating this thread with development and new features. If you have any ideas for the game please let me know.

That is all now now!
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This looks really cool! Although it doesn't look very alien? Titan is a moon of Saturn... the screenshots seem to be setting up a "But we were on Earth all along!" kind of twist. Or maybe you're just using some preexisting survival-game art.
Thank you for the kind words guys. The planet Titan is not really based on any astronomy, although I considering it at the beginning of the project. Just to be clear I am using an existing tile-set for the ground called timefantasy and modifying it for my needs.

I have a couple new gifs today! Here is one of the cuter creatures you discover on Titan -

And one of the more deadly! -

I am working on adding a couple new crafting objects that I am pretty excited about, one of them is a beehive so you can maintain bee's that produce honey/wax.

I will post an update shortly!
Hiya guys,

A couple new gifs today. I have been working on adding several new enemies to the game as-well as some general quality of life features.

Some environments require protective clothing -

New slime enemy type -

I have been testing it on an android tablet this week too which was fun, controls still need some work!

That is all for today!


This looks realy good! But as others have said - it looks like "survival on a desert island" instead of on another planet. Maybe try some simple things like changing the color of the water or leaves. Adding some odd looking rocks. Oh and deffo change the color of the ground to something else than "sandy beach" :D

Apart from that it looks awesome. I will try to give it a play this weekend and give you some proper feedback!

edit - just realised there is no playable build. Oops! :D
This looks realy good! But as others have said - it looks like "survival on a desert island" instead of on another planet. Maybe try some simple things like changing the color of the water or leaves. Adding some odd looking rocks. Oh and deffo change the color of the ground to something else than "sandy beach" :D

Apart from that it looks awesome. I will try to give it a play this weekend and give you some proper feedback!

edit - just realised there is no playable build. Oops! :D
I know where you are coming from, and I have had quite a bit of feedback with similar comments. I am going to think about it a bit more but perhaps will change the color palette slightly!

Most of the screenshots so far have been within the desert biome, but there is actually 6 other biomes within the game with varying terrain, some are more alien this this.

Here is a randomly generated world map, the desert is in the middle :)

I will be posting some more screenshots in the days few days featuring some of the other biomes!
Hiya guys,

I have been itching to post this update for a few days now, the last few weeks have been extremely productive with several new core features being added as-well as complete re-writes of existing mechanics. The games performance has been greatly improved by the re-write of the chunking mechanics, allowing much faster clearing and saving of resources in real-time so you never have to save the game.

This week I revisited the players status screen, from here you can view their skill levels, limb vitals and access their equipment and abilities screen. I think the layout still needs a little bit of work but displays just about everything it needs to -

At long last there are now breeding mechanics in the game, allowing certain animals to be farmed for their resources from the safety of your base -

Of-course this requires some way of getting the chickens to follow you, so I came up with 'Leashing'. This is a rare item that you cannot craft but once you have it does not degrade -

Other work that has been taking place is in some of the lesser-explored biomes such as the snowlands and jungle. I have been adding some new discoveries to these biomes and adjusting their resources. Here is some sneak peaks -

Lastly for this month I have been testing out some new, higher-tier weapons and their effects. This is the crossbow, it fires multiple low-damage rounds very quickly and has a slight stun/knockback effect. Is it overpowered currently? YES! Does it look cool? I think so -

I have finally set up a discord! While I am not posting too much there right now I would love for some of you to register and chat. Shortly I will be testing newer versions of the game and discord members will be first to know ->

That is all for today, if you have any idea's or suggestions for the game please message me!
Hiya guys,

I am now actively looking for testers! If anyone is interested please feel free to PM me or join the discord for the game ->

I will be rolling out testing on Android and IOS but this stage is windows only.

Many thanks.
Please consider joining the discord sever for beta testing! ->

Hiya guys,

It has been a pretty intense few weeks since the last update and I have been looking forward to finally posting some of the changes and features I have been adding. Life on Titan has gotten a bit more deadly recently, with several new boss's making their way onto the planet. Life has also gotten a bit more stable, with a complete overhaul of the way that enemies and objects are saved and loaded from the map, resulting in increased performance (especially in animal breeding), stability and no more having to save the game - the game now automatically saves every few seconds.

This week I added the ability to choose a skin in the character creation screen, there is currently two to choose from -

I have updated the way that pet AI and human survivors work too, they are now a bit more intelligent in the way that they follow you. They will also offer assistance in combat if needed.

I spent a large part of last week improving the way that the grasslands biome looks and feels. There is now far more foliage in the grasslands and greater diversity of tree's. There is still more to come but here is a quick preview -

This week I improved the digging mechanics too. Digging now detects the biome you are in which directly effects the loot you can receive, with some very special items (albeit very rare) to find -

Player housing is also something I have been tweaking. The original inception of the player built houses were instanced maps, however I felt this has no consequence and did not fit the survival theme of the game. I have since re-worked this system to now have a seamless transition between inside and outside of player housing. Certain enemies will attempt to break so it is important to have a strong door on if you want to protect your home -

Lastly I have been tweaking the games core questline. I don't want to give out any spoilers just yet but here is a quick tease of one of the games new quest areas!

That is all for this week. I would love to hear your suggestions and critique. Please consider joining the games discord for beta access too ->

Many thanks,

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Hiya guys,

I have a few more random gifs and screenshots for you today. I did a few weeks of open beta testing and spent most of that time without sleep bug fixing! Hoping to post a more details dev-log before the end of the month.

That is all for today.

Many thanks
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Hiya guys,

It has been a few months since the last devlog and I have been itching to post some content! I started to do some closed beta tests towards the end of the year and the feedback has been nothing short of amazing. Many bugs have been crushed and the game is starting to feel like a real complete package.

The first thing I wanted to showcase is the updated minimap. Icons and markers are much clearer now and the actually drawing speed of the minimap has been greatly improved -

Fishing now has a power bar indicator. You can use it to judge your cast distance, useful if you are casting into a shallow pond -

A feature I wanted to add for a while but was not too sure how to implement was NPC trading. Now if you have a friendship with an NPC they may offer you a dialogue option to trade with them. The items they offer change over different times of the day -

Something that I have intended to add to the game for a long time is controller support. While it is not quite complete yet I have added basic, universal controller support to Surviving Titan. It actually feels pretty nice to play on a controller and I am looking forward to developing this further -

I finally got around to implementing proper tracking for things like quests completed, survivors found ect. It's a really simply feature but I love being able to see the players stats on the menu-screen

That is all for this week. I would love to hear your suggestions and critique. Please consider joining the games discord for beta access too ->
Hiya guys!

Just a quick update, Surviving Titan is now available to wishlist on steam!

Please show your support and wishlist/follow the project :D

Many thanks,
Hiya guys,

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy on the world of Titan! I have been stress testing the game considerably to try and squeeze out as much performance as possible before launch. One of the main systems I re-wrote was the NPC system, which relies heavily on a parenting system. I managed to squeeze some extra performance out by reducing the time between calculating movement paths. Here is one of my stress tests -

And another more extreme example -

The dynamic weather system has been updated to be far less resource intensive, mobile users should notice a big difference.

Last week I spent most of my time adding gamepad support. It is almost feature complete and lead me to add a much requested feature - dynamic targeting. In the settings screen you can now toggle between keyboard or mouse targeting -

The skill tree finally received some love this week with some of the missing abilities programmed in such as the 'Jumper cables' ability you can unlock for SHARD. Upon death this gives you a 20% chance to be brought back to life by SHARD instead of returning to the escape pod, pretty handy!

Lastly I added a few new cave variations for you to stumble across. This one is full of spiders, weak passive creatures. However hurt one you might have a problem on your hands!

That is all for today. The game is now available on steam to wishlist, please show your support and hit the wishlist button today!

- Zero


I hope this doesn't come across as mean or judgemental but your character reminds me a lot of Callum from The Dragon Prince.

Is this meant to be a reference, or is this just an amazing coincidence? :p

In either case, don't take it badly. Game looks great! There's a ton of variety here, gives a great impression on the scope of the world. And congratulations on getting a Steam page. Good luck!
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